King Of Gods Chapter 391

Chapter 391 - Black Cliff Palace
Chapter 391 - Black Cliff Palace

The eagle-eyed man and company were all enraged and their eyes almost burst as they watched Zhao Feng steal their spoils.

The Blackpool lightning crocodile had cost them a lot of time and effort to kill. It had a faint ancient bloodline within it and the lightning bone and water heart pulse was rare.

Zhao Feng’s movements were fast and quickly took the two most important parts of the crocodile.

“This fucking bastard!”

Li Xiao who was recovering felt a fire engulf his heart and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

The eagle-eyed man’s face was ugly, and his body started to tremble with fury: “Put down the items and I’ll let you live.”


Zhao Feng didn’t bother with the three people and turned into an arc of lightning that flashed into the distance.

If it weren’t for the fact that the people from the Wind Snow Pavilion were bent on killing Zhao Feng they wouldn’t have been tricked.

Zhao Feng took these items without any guilt. If he had the strength he wouldn’t let them live.

The eagle-eyed man and other late stage True Mystic Rank obviously didn’t give up and pursued from behind.


Speed was Zhao Feng’s forte and with his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, it was even faster.

Of the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion, only the eagle-eyed youth was able to barely keep up with Zhao Feng, but he was the furthest away as he had been tricked.

After running a certain distance Zhao Feng put away the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus then used his Yin Shadow Cloak to camouflage himself and merge into the complex forest terrain.

To be safe he even activated his bloodline power to create two Yin Shadow Doppelgangers to puzzle the pursuits.

The Yin Shadow Doppelgangers could exist for a short amount of time and could move with the true body.

Once it was alone it could be easily seen through by spiritual sense but in the Purple Sacred Ruins, spiritual sense was restricted heavily and hard to determine whether it was real or fake until one got very close.


Zhao Feng successfully escaped and left behind the people from the Wind Snow Pavilion who became flies without heads.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye found around ten figures heading in this direction from dozens of miles away.

In the sky a black crow with dark red eyes full of coldness and cruelty surveyed the land dozens of miles around.

The weird black crow first saw the people from the Wind Snow Palace then looked coldly towards Zhao Feng with disdain.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped and felt that the black crow wasn’t simple as it could find him.

“Looks like I’ve been eyed by another force.”

A dangerous feeling surged in Zhao Feng’s heart as he looked at the black crow then the closing in figures.

It was obvious this black crow had the talent to see very far and could control every movement within dozens of miles.

Both Zhao Feng and those from the Wind Snow Pavilion didn’t escape the black crow’s eyes.

This was a battle of stealth and tracking.


Zhao Feng quickly pulled away from the figures closing. He would rather face those from the Wind Snow Pavilion than these people.

His God’s Spiritual Eye quickly scanned over these figures and found that their auras were all powerful and there was a cold mental energy that made Zhao Feng didn’t dare to inspect too closely.

After pulling a bit of distance, Zhao Feng made sure he wasn’t in the black crow’s sight.

The second step.

Eye of Heart!

Zhao Feng locked onto the black crow in the sky with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Wisps of invisible mental energy flowed into the weird black crow.

Although the crow’s bloodline wasn’t simple Zhao Feng’s near True Lord Rank mental energy was enough to control it.

Zhao Feng didn’t fully control it because it had most likely signed a blood contract with its owner.

Under the influence of the Eye of heart, Zhao Feng made the black crow ignore him.


In this black crow’s mind, Zhao Feng wasn’t a target anymore. This power was similar to hypnosis but obviously at a higher level.

The black crow stopped momentarily in the air for a breath or two before continuing to survey those from the Wind Snow Pavilion.

“Looks like the geniuses from the Wind Snow Pavilion are in danger now.”

Zhao Feng didn’t feel any sympathy.

If he made the black crow ignore everyone it would definitely make its owner be on guard.

At the same time.

Ten figures wearing dark clothes landed on a mountain twenty to thirty miles away.

One of them was a sharp faced youth wearing a black nose ring with an ugly face. He wore a black and gold robe with pictures of bones on it. There was a total of nine including human and beast shapes.

“Eh? I think there was a trace of mental energy just then that affected the ‘black demon crow’.”

The sharp faced youth put his hands on his hips as his green bean eyes lit up with a white flame.

A faint black ripple radiated from him to a ten miles radius. The beasts nearby including the ones in the air instinctively pulled away from them.

The nearby peak True Mystic Rank figures all felt a large pressure.

“Brother Chi Gui, with the ‘black demon crow’s’ bloodline power, how would it be influenced by others? Isn’t it perfectly fine right now?”

A youth as thin as a stick said respectfully.

“Oh well, never mind that, we’ll finish off the targets first. These people have inheritance tokens and its aura seems to be a subordinate clan of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.”

“Chi Gui” with the pierced nose nodded his head.

With a wave of his hands five figures flew out. Two of them were at the peak True Mystic Rank, three late stages of the True Mystic Rank. Each one of them was stronger than normal overwhelming prodigies of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The five figures were like ghosts in the dark that soon locked onto the area the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion.

“Not good! That’s the black demon crow. The Black Cliff Palace is coming! Retreat!”

The eagle-eyed youth’s expression changed dramatically and was tensed up.

Black Cliff Palace.

The four from the Wind Snow Pavilion panicked and immediately retreated.

However, the Black Cliff Palace had already almost surrounded them.

The black demon crow in the air suddenly expanded to two or three yards then summoned black fumes and attacked.


A weird black fume enveloped the area those from the Wind Snow Pavilion were at.

The fumes made those inside lose direction and limit their sight. This black fume even contained a poison that created illusions.

At this moment in time.

Zhao Feng had already run out dozens of miles and hid inside a forest while inspecting the situation with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

The black fumes the black demon crow unleashed even affected Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye, but he was still able to see the overall scene.

In the first round of attacks the black crow attacked the weakest Qing Xiaoxue and Li Xiao.

Li Xiao courageously protected Qing Xiaoxue but facing the black demon crow’s furious attacks and due to him being in the fumes, in just a few exchanges there was several bloody gashes on his body.

The five geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace then charged into the black fumes.

“Looks like none of the Wind Snow Pavilion will be able to escape.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

While he retreated he occasionally opened his God’s Spiritual Eye to spectate.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. Wu! Roar!”

From the area of black fumes came weird laughs and the roar of beasts.

Zhao Feng looked closely and saw a bronze corpse about two yards tall with lines of silver around it.

Apart from this there was also a beast the size of a small mountain and a pitch-black skeleton.


Li Xiao screamed as his heart was pierced by the black demon crow and fell in a puddle of blood.

Qing Xiaoxue fainted and the remaining two burned their Qi of True Spirit as they fought crazily.

A while later.

Zhao Feng had pulled a hundred miles away from the black fumes and couldn’t clearly see what was happening anymore.


At this time the black fumes faded leaving behind several corpses.

Of the four from the Wind Snow Palace only the peak True Mystic Rank eagle eyed youth had barely escaped after burning his Qi of True Spirit and losing one of his arms.

The remaining three had all died and their bodies were ravaged. The most complete one was Qing Xiaoxue, but her skin was filled with red and green marks as it was exposed.

Even for someone as calm as Zhao Feng, his heart went cold.

To complete this the Black Cliff Palace had only sent half their people and of the five, only two or three had attacked.

“This sucks, the Wind Snow Pavilion only had this many items? The chick was pretty good though.”

Shua Shua Sou!

The youth with the pierced nose “Chi Gui” led the other four over.

The black demon crow obediently sat on Chi Gui’s hand.

“I’ve read the black demon crow’s memories and there was another person here. That person not only escaped from the black demon crow’s line of sight and even eroded the crows heart to avoid being tracked.”

The voice of the pierced nose youth sounded as if it came from the grave.

Hearing this the expressions of the others changed.

“How is this possible!?”

“Apart from us, the Black Cliff Palace, who else has this ability in the Purple Saint Ruins and successfully hid from Brother Chi Gui’s blood pact crow?”

One had to know that this youth with the pierced nose had reached the early stages of the True Lord Rank and he could easily kill the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion alone.

Apart from the Ten True Lords, no one could make Chi Gui attack in the Purple Saint Ruins.

“I’ve very interested in that person. But the weird thing is that in the black demon crow’s memories, it seems like his aura doesn’t belong to any of the three parties.”

Chi Gui extended his tongue and lips his ugly face.

“What, is there others apart from the three forces here?”

The people obviously didn’t believe this.

“I have a strange feeling as if that person is watching our every move… I’m going to pull that person out.”

Chi Gui’s eyes turned ghostly white as he looked into the distance.

At the same instance.

Zhao Feng had escaped over a hundred miles and was slightly relaxed as he looked back at that area.

At the point Chi Gui was watching over here and Zhao Feng’s eye clashed with Chi Gui’s ghostly white eyes. The second he did so he felt a coldness erode into his mental energy dimension.

“He also has an eye bloodline and is a special control type.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped and although he was certain that Chi Gui hadn’t found his exact location, he still knew the whereabouts.

This was an invisible battle between eye bloodlines