King Of Gods Chapter 400

Chapter 400 - Breakthrough
Chapter 400 - Breakthrough

According to the promise Ye Yanyu would help Zhao Feng three times and without any hesitation, Zhao Feng used one of the times to increase his strength.

Although this mysterious canyon was full of danger and there were many geniuses around, who would dare come close with a late stage True Lord Rank here?

“Fine, I’ll guard you.”

Ye Yanyu was angry but found this funny at the same time and a mocked smile appeared on her face.

To her it didn’t matter whether Zhao Feng was at the early stages or late stages of the True Mystic Rank.

As long as she tried Zhao Feng couldn’t fight back.

The difference between was too big; they weren’t on the same level.

Therefore, if Zhao Feng reached the late stage True Mystic Rank or even the peak stages of the True Mystic Rank Ye Yanyu wouldn’t mind. Unless Zhao Feng could break through to the True Lord Rank, that would only bring her a little trouble.

Zhao Feng knew what Ye Yanyu was thinking hence asked her to help protect him while he broke through.

He closed his eyes as the energy from the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King was released and a pure surge of energy circulated around his body.

According to Ye Yanyu Zhao Feng had a 50% chance to break through after eating the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King and this was Zhao Feng’s conclusion as well.

In reality, the difference between the early and late stages of the True Mystic Rank was quite big and normal experts in the Azure Continent would take ten years in that environment.

However, this was the Purple Saint Ruins and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Purple Saint Ruins was more than ten times purer than the Azure Flower Continent.

Furthermore, this canyon was extremely ancient, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was ten times more than the other areas of the Purple Saint Ruins.

This meant that Zhao Feng was in a cultivating environment a hundred times faster than the Azure Flower Continent.

This was just the first point.

Secondly, the water heart pulse Zhao Feng had eaten before had increased his foundation and cultivation.

Thirdly, Zhao Feng had the mental energy of a True Lord Rank and this was the key point.

Once one’s mental energy level reached the True Lord Rank they could summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and this allowed Zhao Feng to rise in cultivation rapidly.

“Only by having the mental energy level of a True Lord Rank would I be able to fully absorb the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King or else it’ll just leak away.”

Zhao Feng became warier of Ye Yanyu when he thought of this.

Adding on these factors Zhao Feng only had a 50% chance and this meant that Ye Yanyu had seen Zhao Feng had the mental energy of a True Lord Rank.

“But she shouldn’t be able to see my God’s Spiritual Eye’s aura and the sealed Source of True Spirit within my body that I can burn any time.”

Zhao Feng thought.

Ye Yanyu came from a two-star sect and her cultivation, strength and knowledge were all high.

Although she had seen Zhao Feng had an eye bloodline she wouldn’t put it to heart. Chi Gui from the Black Cliff Palace also had an eye bloodline, but didn’t he go around in circles when he saw her?

Four hours later.

Zhao Feng had almost fully absorbed the energy from the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King and this credit came from his True Lord Rank mental energy. If it were someone else, they wouldn’t have any chance of hope.

After that Zhao Feng started to use the ‘core’ of the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King’s power.

As time passed Zhao Feng’s aura rose and Ye Yanyu stayed true to her word, only going around in a three miles radius to gather some resources.

There was the occasional genius that came nearby but immediately retreated when they sensed Ye Yanyu’s aura.

The nearby beasts were also chased away by here hence giving Zhao Feng a safe and quiet environment.

At a certain moment in time.

Zhao Feng’s aura had reached its limit.

With a ‘Weng’ he felt the Qi of True Spirit within his body flow smoother.

At the same time his body was filled with a powerful energy. Just his body alone almost had the strength of a True Mystic Rank.

After all, the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King’s core had the use to cleanse the body and supported the water heart pulse.

“My body and cultivation had both risen.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

He opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and saw Ye Yanyu and the little thieving cat were gathering some rare minerals.

“En, there’s still some time.”

Zhao Feng also put some time into the black lotus.

The black lotus was space where it could store ghosts and contained the air of death.

Amongst these the two green bronze ghost corpses were the strongest and their battle power came close to the peak True Mystic Rank.

Apart from that there was a bit more than a dozen other corpses, skeletons, etc that ranged from the True Human Rank to late stages of the True Mystic Rank.

Zhao Feng released the aura from his God’s Spiritual Eye and these ghosts trembled on the ground as Zhao Feng put his mental energy symbol onto them.

After doing this he then ‘fed’ them to the two green bronze ghost corpses.

The girl before definitely wouldn’t be willing to do this as the range of ghost corpses could handle a range of situations.

However, Zhao Feng needed two meat shields or bodyguards and therefore didn’t need to worry that much.

Zhao Feng specialised in mental energy and didn’t need the Yin spectres at all.

The remaining ghost corpses within the black lotus was soon eaten and the two green bronze ghost corpses absorbed the air of death, Yin, corpse etc.

“I just need a day and a half for these two green bronze ghost corpses to reach the peak True Mystic Rank battle power.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. He didn’t need to do anything now.

Perfectly at this moment.

Ye Yanyu and the little thieving cat arrived outside where Zhao Feng was in seclusion.

“I’ve wasted a lot of time guarding you.”

Ye Yanyu glanced coldly towards Zhao Feng and the latter rose and followed behind Ye Yanyu.

Ye Yanyu lead the way at the front towards the depths of the canyon and didn’t worry Zhao Feng running away.

This mysterious canyon had many items from the ancient times and some were extinct in the outside world.

While Zhao Feng was walking, his God’s Spiritual Eye would find some rare plants or treasures and he would take them.

At the beginning Ye Yanyu didn’t pay attention to it but after multiple times she realised that Zhao Feng found more treasures than her, a late stage True Lord Rank and understood why Zhao Feng said he would take all the things he found.

“Looks like his eye bloodline doesn’t specialise in battle but in support and inspection.”

Ye Yanyu didn’t put it to heart.

Being a chosen one of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, she had seen many geniuses with eye bloodline and amongst them many had been defeated by her.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly threw its old coins in the air then pointed in a certain direction.

Zhao Feng glared at it. Every time the little thieving cat lead the way there wouldn’t be a good outcome. Thinking about how he had entered the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground last time, Zhao Feng was still scared.