King Of Gods Chapter 403

Chapter 403 - Feeding the Corpses
Chapter 403 - Feeding the Corpses

The Purple Saint Ruins was controlled by the three sects and other forces couldn’t obtain it.

The geniuses that entered here all belonged to their respective parties and had their own inheritance tokens.

An ‘outer genius’ not belonging to any of the three had entered this Ruins and would have to compete against an enormous group of other geniuses by himself.


With the little thieving cat’s ‘betrayal’, these problems were solved.

Although Zhao Feng had been captured by Ye Yanyu, his identity of being an ‘outsider’ had been solved.

At least he wasn’t trying to be captured by everyone now and Zhao Feng seemed to have entered the strongest ‘Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s’ side, and the enemies were helpless.

What he needed to do now was to use his identity as the ‘fourth person’ to watch the three sects battle and reap the rewards at the critical moment.

This was the general direction of the plan and intelligence and courage was the important point.

This plan was started by the little thieving cat.

It had purposely attracted Ye Yanyu to Zhao Feng and although this seemed dangerous, in reality it actually protected Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat knew what was in each other’s heart and acted out this show.

Of course.

There was an extremely high risk in this plan.

Once they were found out Zhao Feng would enter a desperate state never before; at least he had no chance of resistance against Ye Yanyu.

“The greater the rewards, the greater the danger.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled then returned to his emotionless state.

Every step was critical; a misstep could result in absolute failure.

However, Zhao Feng was calmer during this moment even though his blood seemed to boil with excitement and adrenaline.

At this instance.

The combination of the three True Lords and elites of the True Mystic Rank fought a fierce battle against the ancient giant scorpion.

The ancient giant scorpion’s defense was extremely powerful and even True Lord Ranks found it hard to break through it.

Its poison would also kill those at the True Lord Rank. Luckily Chi Gui from the Black Cliff Palace had two True Lord Rank ghost corpses that could do close combat.

The blood robed True Lord Rank waved his blade of the blood moon and the large blood coloured moon started to erode the ancient scorpions’ injuries.

As long as there was a little cut, the blood robed True Lord’s attacks would enter and even erode the insides of the body.

If it were a normal True Lord Rank, Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord Rank together would be able to finish off in an instant.

However, this ancient giant scorpion’s body and life force was extremely strong, and the two True Lord Rank ghost corpses could only do a tiny amount of damage.

The attack of the blood robed True Lord also couldn’t break through the scorpion’s defense directly and could only slowly erode it.

The main worker was Ye Yanyu.

Her Moon Flower Spiritual Sword Technique controlled the transparent water silver sword and every attack would represent the tens of thousands of beams of a sword.

Every time Ye Yanyu attacked, she would be able to leave a gash of blood on the scorpion.

If it were another True Lord Rank Ye Yanyu’s profound sword technique would be able to kill them in a move or two whereas the scorpion was only injured by seven to eight swords.

“This ancient scorpion is indeed worthy of being a rare beast with a pure bloodline. Even a half step Origin Core Realm expert wouldn’t be able to beat it head on.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but admire as he watched from afar.

This meant that the younglings inside the cave would be extremely hot-handed.

In theory, the battle power of these three True Lord Rank’s combined with the group of elite True Mystic Ranks would be comparable to seven or eight True Lord Ranks.

Ye Yanyu alone was on par with three to four normal True Lord Ranks and Chi Gui was comparable to at least two since he had two True Lord Rank ghost corpses.

This setup was still only able to suppress the ancient scorpion and not finish it off.

“The ancient scorpion’s only guarding the cave but if it wasn’t to run then the difficulty would rise by several times.”

Zhao Feng saw the situation very clearly as an outside.

Of course.

He couldn’t just watch; he needed to help as well.

Beng~ Sou- Sou--

A couple eye catching arrows of ice and lightning clashed heavily onto the giant scorpion’s shell and brought a gust of cold wind and lightning with it.

The power contained within these arrows of ice and lightning was close to the normal True Lord Rank.

Furthermore, every time these arrows of ice and lightning hit the target they would explode and although they wouldn’t physically harm the scorpion, it could slow them down.


Many geniuses turned towards Zhao Feng with some surprise.

Zhao Feng’s long-range attack was strong and could slow down the giant scorpion, very effective for the team.

The giant scorpion’s decrease in speed lowered its threat greatly.

Although those from the Black Cliff Palace hated Zhao Feng, they had to admit this guy’s help was just below the three True Lord Rank’s.

Only a small number of attacks excluding those from the three True Lord Rank could be on par with Zhao Feng’s and their efficiency wasn’t very high as they needed to watch out for the scorpion’s counter attack whereas Zhao Feng didn’t since he attacked from a long range.

The numbing and decreasing speed effect was something the other geniuses couldn’t do.

Even Ye Yanyu nodded her head. From Zhao Feng’s current display, he could at least become an Inner disciple in the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

The only thing was that his history was unknown.

As time passed by.

The giant scorpion’s injuries deepened, and the blood robed True Lord Rank’s eroding attack entered its organs.

Zhao Feng’s arrows of ice and lightning furthered its decrease in speed.

Ye Yanyu was very smart and first tried to cut off the scorpion’s tail and its limbs to unbalance it.

At the end the scorpion couldn’t withstand the intelligence and teamwork of the group and its attacks became weaker.

Most importantly, its tail and legs had been chopped off, so it couldn’t run even if it wanted to.

“It can’t fight back for much longer.”

“We finish it within one hour.”

Everyone’s battle intent rose, and their attacks became stronger.


Finally, the giant scorpion the size of a small mountain fell onto the ground.

Before it died it counter attacked fiercely and ripped two Moon Demon Palace geniuses that were a couple yards away into pieces.

Another genius from the Black Cliff Palace was poisoned by it and died within a couple breaths.

Everyone felt lucky. The last counter attack from the scorpion could even instantly kill True Lord Rank’s.

The silver striped skeleton of Chi Gui’s had been cut into half but luckily it was a dead item and so could be recovered with enough materials.

Zhao Feng had already flashed out of sight the second the giant scorpion arrived and hid between a crack in the mountains.

When the giant scorpion died Zhao Feng instantly charged towards the corpse.

Ye Yanyu glanced towards Zhao Feng with thought. The last counter attack from the scorpion seemed to be in Zhao Feng’s direction.

While they fought Zhao Feng’s ice and lightning arrows obviously infuriated the scorpion but unfortunately, he was too far away.


The three sides started to discuss how to split the rewards of the ancient scorpion.

Ye Yanyu wasn’t very interested in the scorpion’s body apart from the most precious inner core and claws. Her key focus was the younglings and the treasures in the cave.


Zhao Feng had already taken out a sharp knife and cut through the broken skin to take out a black sack the size of a fist.

This was the ancient scorpion’s poison sack.

“En, I only want this.”

Zhao Feng put the poison sack away.

The reason why he put so much effort in before was because of this.

Ye Yanyu was a pure righteous goddess and definitely wouldn’t be interested in this dirty poison sack.

“This is the poison sack of the ancient scorpion and its value is only below the scorpion’s inner core.”

Those from the Black Cliff Palace were instantly unsatisfied.

In reality, the poison sack was very useful for those of the Black Cliff Palace.

They trained the Dao of Corpses and Ghosts. When poisonous items were added onto them, it was like adding wings to a tiger.

Without a doubt the poison sack of the ancient giant scorpion was perfect, but Zhao Feng’s speed was too fast.

His God’s Spiritual Eye had already locked onto the poison sack’s position and instantly took it.

The Black Cliff Palace could do nothing.

Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu had played a major role in killing the scorpion and everyone had seen how Zhao Feng was able to reduce the casualties.

Ye Yanyu didn’t say anything as she wasn’t interested in the poison sack.

Furthermore, according to the deal before whatever Zhao Feng got was his. He had put in a lot of effort and taking the poison sack was understandable.

After all, Zhao Feng was now half on the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s side and it was better if the poison sack was in his hands than in the Black Cliff Palace’s.

Seeing Ye Yanyu didn’t react the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace couldn’t delve further.

The body of the giant scorpion was as big as a small mountain and apart from several precious parts, the flesh was also valuable, only that it was enormous and not easy to take away.

Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng touched the black lotus and summoned two green bronze ghost corpses to eat the flesh of the pure bloodline scorpion.

“Shameless bastard!”

“These two green bronze ghost corpses were originally ours but was taken by this brat and he dares to use it so openly?”

The expressions of those from the Black Cliff Palace weren’t very well and they looked at Zhao Feng with gritted teeth and burning eyes.

Zhao Feng wasn’t moved and did everything possible to increase his strength.

After taking the poison sack Zhao Feng’s plan became clearer.

“After eating the flesh of the scorpion, these two ghost corpses are now completely on par with peak True Mystic Rank’s and this poison sack is specifically prepared for the two.”

Zhao Feng squinted his eyes as he inspected the two ghost corpses.

The bodies of these two ghost corpses were strong and a faint jade blood streak had appeared on their skin. With every bite their auras became stronger and stronger.

Compared with this, the ghost corpses of the same rank of other Black Cliff Palace disciples were much ‘skinnier’ and not as well treated as Zhao Feng’s.