King Of Gods Chapter 404

Chapter 404 - Professional Finder
Chapter 404 - Professional Finder

The other geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace were different from Zhao Feng who had fed all the other ghost corpses to these two green bronze ghost corpses.

On the way Ye Yanyu had slain many rare beasts with bloodlines which were great food for the two ghost corpses.

The ancient giant scorpion had a very pure bloodline which made the auras of the two ghost corpses stronger and their bodies underwent an unknown change.

Apart from Chi Gui’s two True Lord Rank ghost corpses, the other ghost corpses of the Black Cliff Palace probably weren’t able to be compared to Zhao Feng’s.

“The battle of these two green bronze ghost corpses is extremely strong and after adding the poison sack, even True Lord Ranks might die if poisoned.”

Zhao Feng put his consciousness into the Six Ghost Corpse Controlling secret technique.

This skill had the requirements on how to add poison to the ghost corpses.

Zhao Feng had some knowledge on medicine and the poison corpse was a type of ingredient. It wasn’t too hard to add it onto the green bronze ghost corpse.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t do so immediately.

Although the poison was extremely deadly, its poison has lost some power after leaving the ancient scorpion.

That was the first point.

The second point was that although this poison even critically threatened those at the True Lord Rank, it was only if the skin had been cut open and the poison could enter the body.

It was almost impossible for the green bronze ghost corpse to directly break through a True Lord Ranks defense, especially if they were on guard.

Therefore Zhao Feng didn’t immediately add it on.

Taking the poison sack was just the first step, there was many other factors that needed to be held onto.

The Black Cliff Palace side.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, if that kid put’s the poison onto the corpse, the threat will be much greater.”

The girl who originally owned the black lotus bit her lips and looked at Zhao Feng controlling the two green bronze ghost corpses with hate, fear and envy.

She never thought such a day would come when she handed the ghost corpses over.

With these two ghost corpses, no one under the True Lord Rank would be able to get close to Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng had this at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, he could easily destroy Tantai Lanyue’s spiritual pets.

“He’s just a newbie that’s just entered the Dao of Ghost Corpses and their true power won’t be fully unleashed. Although the poison sack is precious, its poison will lose a lot of power after leaving the body and is worth far less than the Yin Poison Mushroom and Blood Glass Fruit in the cave. The Yin Poison Mushroom is a top tier item for ghost corpses.”

Chi Gui said confidently.

In his heart Zhao Feng was unparalleled amongst those under the True Lord Rank and only those at the True Lord Rank could take care of him.

Compared with the poison sack he was more wary of Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng touched the black lotus and took back the green bronze ghost corpses.

As of right now the two ghost corpses had reached a limit and faced a strong bottleneck.

Furthermore, as the two had risen in strength very quickly they needed to have a solid foundation and when ghost corpses reached a certain level they would have intelligence.

Zhao Feng’s two green bronze ghost corpses already have a bit of intelligence and with the rise in strength, they also needed a rise in intelligence.

What Zhao Feng did was use his Eye of Ice Soul to send a small flow of coldness to help consolidate the impartial soul in the green bronze ghost corpse.

In front of the cave.

The three parties tidied up a bit and decided to scourge the spoils of war within the cave.

“Everything that we get now depends on our ability.”

The figure of the blood robed True Lord flashed as he disappeared into the cave.

The ancient scorpion had been taken care of and there probably wasn’t much danger in the cave. The three sides were going to split the spoils.

Compared with the other Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu had a lesser advantage as they had less people and the number of treasures they would get would definitely be less than the other two sides.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Yanyu took the little thieving cat and turned into a streak of light that charged towards the cave.

Her cultivation was the highest and her speed was also top tier and faster than the blood robed youth and Chi Gui.

On the way Ye Yanyu didn’t even give a single glance towards the normal treasures.

Surprise flashed in Chi Gui and company’s eyes.

“No wonder. Ye Yanyu works alone and therefore aims for quality and not quantity. If she can get all the top resources here, their value will surpass all the others combined.”

Zhao Feng understood.

Ye Yanyu had her own plans right from the beginning.

She was alone and adding on Zhao Feng, that was only two and definitely couldn’t be compared with the other two sides.


Ye Yanyu had given up on most of the normal treasures, only picking the best.

Both Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord would find it hard to do this but Ye Yanyu has this strength. The two combined might not even be her match.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on Ye Yanyu’s shoulder and occasionally waved the Mystic Snake Blood Whip to snatch some of the treasures nearby.

Both the eyes of Ye Yanyu and the little thieving cat were sharp.

The teamwork of the two and their speed in snatching treasures stunned and made Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord panic.

“We can’t let her get her way.”

“You guys go salvage the other treasures, we’ll stop her.”

Chi Gui and the blood robed youth ordered the others to take the other resources.

Sou Sou!

The two True Lord Ranks flew towards Ye Yanyu to compete for the other peak resources.

The situation now became clear.

The three True Lord Ranks had their eyes set on the best resources whereas the rest aimed at the mid-good treasures or good ones that had been missed.

After all, the three True Lord Ranks were competing against one another and would miss some good treasures from time to time.

Amongst them Zhao Feng was a professional ‘gatherer of missed items.’

His God’s Spiritual Eyes inspecting capabilities allowed him to see through walls and things that even the three True Lord Ranks missed.


Zhao Feng suddenly threw out an arc of lightning and blasted the mud off a wall and took out a black transparent stone.

“Sky Marking Stone.”

“This stone can strengthen the body and bones and even corpses when crushed into powder.”

The eyes of the nearby Black Cliff Palace disciples lit up as they rushed over but Zhao Feng was too fast and over half had been taken by him.

Shua Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng’s Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and his figure turned into several figures that were hard to be distinguished by those under the True Lord Rank.

Although he was taking the missed items, he had to maintain a certain distance between the three True Lord Ranks, not too fast nor too close.

If he was too close he could be hit by the remaining wave of energy from their battle.

If he was too far away Zhao Feng might miss some chances which would stop his plan.

Another while later.


Zhao Feng suddenly sliced open a wall and ripped two dark green gourds away.

“Green Spiritual Gourd, a mysterious item that can keep plants fresh and store eroding medicine…”

“So this is the Green Spiritual Gourd. I heard that a King at the Void God Realm once put his soul inside this as he was about to die and rebirthed and stole a body after a hundred years.”

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace stared at Zhao Feng with greed and jealousy.

Those from the Black Cliff Palace were wary and slightly hesitant as they had seen Zhao Feng’s terrifying eye bloodline before.

“Kid, hand over the Green Spiritual Gourd.”

Two geniuses from the Moon Demon Palace that didn’t care about the Pure Moon Spiritual Clan leapt towards Zhao Feng.

Although this Green Spiritual Gourd had no shocking power and couldn’t increase one’s strength it was a rare item and the legends of it gave it a high value.

Maybe even Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm or Kings at the Void God Realm would be interested in it and collect one or two.

Eye of Heart!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye faintly scanned across the two from the Moon Demon Palace and their figures instantly froze.

In the next instant.

Ding Ding Peng Peng-----

The two attacked one another, their eyes filled with limitless greed.

“Hmph, when you’re filled with greed, that’s when there’s a flaw in your emotions.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly in his heart.

When there was a flaw in one’s heart Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heart could even affect those at the True Lord Rank.

Zhao Feng picked up the two Green Spiritual Gourd’s and followed behind the three True Lord Ranks so that he wasn’t too far away.

The depth and space within this cave was bigger than imagined.

There was the occasional scorpion, snake, spiders or bugs that leapt out from time to time and geniuses would lose a layer of skin if not die if they met them.

Zhao Feng’s heart was calm and kept on maintaining a distance with the three True Lord Ranks while also picking up precious resources on the way.

“Hmm? Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye found some drops of dew near some bamboo shoots and moonlight seemed to shine on it through tiny holes in the walls.

In this large cave with battle sounding everywhere, it was extremely hard to notice these couple drops of dew.

“The Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew exists in humid areas with both the purification of the sun and moon. The rarer Sky Yin Bamboo shoots take ten thousand years plus to form.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t but feel lucky he had copied the Ten Thousand Plant Illustrations from the Broken Moon Clan. He would also memorise information about rare treasures and beasts wherever he went.

Therefore Zhao Feng had a ‘description’ of the items which could determine which item they were when scanned by the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“The Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew can not only balance the Yin and Yang within a body and increase cultivation. It can also increase mental energy and help those with high comprehension understand the laws of Heaven and Earth.”

The nearby geniuses noticed Zhao Feng’s actions and were surprised.

“What kind of luck does this brat have? He’s found rare treasures wherever he goes.”

“It’s probably not luck but something to do with his eye bloodline.”

The eyes of those from the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace were red with jealousy and almost tried to rob Zhao Feng.

There was also one or two here with eye bloodlines but their inspection powers were nothing compared with Zhao Feng’s.

“Great, with this Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew my plan’s success will be much higher. When my mental energy gets cleansed and increases in power it will be able to threaten those at the True Lord Rank.”