King Of Gods Chapter 412

Chapter 412 - The Legendary Continent
Chapter 412 - The Legendary Continent

“.......... We’ll just capture him and torture out his secrets.”

The silver robed youth’s attitude was extremely forceful, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

He then released his True Lord Rank aura and purposely pressured where Zhao Feng was at.

“What senior brother says is correct. This person’s history is unknown and might be a spy from the other sects.”

“A genius not from the three sects but is able to enter the Purple Saint Ruins. We must force out the secret.”

The other males all jumped in and agreed.

Of the people present excluding Ye Yanyu, the silver robed youth Yu Luo had the highest status and led the other group.

“Aye, so this is how the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect treats its guests? I heard Goddess Ye was a righteous sect that strived forwards and wanted Goddess Ye to recommend me to enter the sect. But it looks like… aye, never mind.”

Zhao Feng revealed a heavily disappointed expression and Yu Luo and company all turned towards Ye Yanyu with frozen expressions.

“Brother Yu Luo, don’t interfere the business between me and him. I know most of his history.”

Ye Yanyu furrowed her eyebrows. She originally didn’t want to protect Zhao Feng, but because he had called her out, she couldn’t do nothing.

After all, the two had a deal and if Yu Luo and company were being very forceful, it was not giving her face.

“Sister Ye, since you have a deal with him, I obviously wouldn’t interfere but for the safety of the sect disciples we must ask how he entered the Purple Saint Ruins.”

Yu Luo’s expression softened and changed to ‘asking.’

“This one has no guilt. Ask whatever you want.”

Zhao Feng sat on the ground and purposely moved a bit closer to Ye Yanyu and the other girls. Yu Luo couldn’t attack him nor restrict his freedom. He could ask whatever he wanted.

Yu Luo’s eyebrows furrowed and thought: “Is this brat not scared of me?”

With his True Lord Rank cultivation, under normal situations, who wasn’t respectful towards him?

Furthermore, Yu Luo’s True Lord Rank aura seemed to be ineffective against Zhao Feng.

“Where do you come from? How did you enter the Purple Saint Ruins?”

Yu Luo immediately went straight to the point.

“I come from the great Azure Stone Continent and entered this Ruins because of a mysterious power which enveloped me and this cat as well….”

Zhao Feng’s actions was extremely arrogant and when he said the Azure Stone Continent, he was full of proudness.

“Azure Stone Continent? Continent?”

The geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were stunned. Continents were a legendary place and only Ye Yanyu had a mocked smile on her face as she already knew about Zhao Feng’s situation.

“Wait, what’s the highest star level of the strongest force in this continent and the highest known cultivation?”

Yu Luo reacted.

“The strongest is a one-star clan and the highest cultivation is the Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng said uncertainly.

“Hahahaha…. Frogs at the bottom of the well dare to call themselves a continent?”

The geniuses from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect laughed so hard their heads went backwards.

“As expected, you don’t know anything.”

Yu Luo’s disdain became more obvious.

“What? What do you…. All mean?”

Zhao Feng pretended to not know anything. After asking Qing Xiaoxue from the Wind Snow Pavilion, he had faintly realised that the Azure Flower Continent he was from wasn’t a true ‘continent.’

At that time, Qing Xiaoxue had said that: “.... some small islands call themselves ‘continents’ and are frogs at the bottom of a well.”

He said this to confirm what she said and purposely become underestimated.

It was obvious Zhao Feng’s thoughts were true.

Hearing that Zhao Feng came from a ‘continent’ the geniuses from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect obviously looked down at him in disdain.

“Haha, the strongest clan of your islands is only one stars and the strongest is only at the Origin Core Realm. It obviously can’t be the legendary continent.”

A girl next to Ye Yanyu who found this funny explained.

“I don’t believe this. I actually do come from a continent and was raised there.”

Zhao Feng pretended to go crazy and unable to accept this reality.

That girl jumped up in fright before smiling: “This is very normal. Many natives on the islands are limited in knowledge and think that the place they live on is a continent. When you enter the true world, you will understand.”

“Hahaha idiot, there’s at least a dozen of islands like yours under the Pure Moon Spiritual Sects control.”

The group from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect laughed.
Invisibly they had a ‘superiority’ to Zhao Feng and looked down or even ignored him.

This was what Zhao Feng wanted - to make these people feel unthreatened by him and obviously wouldn’t be cautious of him or restrict him.

“What’s going on?”

Zhao Feng still pretended to be unable to accept this and asked the girl from before.

“Hehe, when the Desolate Continent shattered and turned into a trillion dust, every speckle was an island. Apart from the islands is limitless sea, including your continent or our Tianlu Islands are all specks in the limitless void.”

The girl explained.

Zhao Feng knew a bit or two about the Desolate Continent and the battle of ancient gods from reading records.

In that era the world only had one Desolate Continent that was formed from chaos.

In that era every being there was a legend to the current era.

Peng Peng!

When the Desolate Continent was mentioned, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye jumped.

Through some parts of dreams Zhao Feng guessed that the God’s Spiritual Eye came from that era.

“The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust….”

The sound of when the God’s Spiritual Eye first merged with him also proved the current situation of the world.

The kind-hearted girl told Zhao Feng the situation of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace all came from the Tianlu Islands and these two were the absolutes in this area. They led up to several hundred one-star forces together.

The geniuses that entered the Purple Saint Ruins came from the three sects and the ten strongest one-star forces under them.

This meant that every genius had a force at least comparable to the ‘Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’ behind them and surpassed the ten Great Clans of the Azure Flower Continent and the three sects was more than a level higher than the ten clans of the Azure Flower Continent.

Every force was split between five stars and every difference in one star was like the difference between the Heavens and Earth.

A one-star difference could be dozens of times or even a hundred times stronger.

For example, the one-star clans that were under the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were like masters and their slaves.
“The Azure Flower Continent is probably an ant in these two-star sects’ eyes.”

Zhao Feng had successfully made these people underestimate and look down on him, but his heart was slightly bitter.

If he hadn’t entered this inheritance he probably wouldn’t know he was still a frog at the bottom of a well.

Yu Luo and soon gave up on questioning Zhao Feng and lost interest in him.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect sent out some of the geniuses to look for treasures around the mysterious canyon while others stayed behind.

“That’s right, Sister Ye, there’s a very important piece of information that I forgot to tell you.”

Yu Luo suddenly remembered something.

“Important information? Apart from the Ruins Treasured Palace whose place isn’t known, what other piece of information is important to me?”

Ye Yanyu said.

“It’s the Ruins Treasured Palace.”

Yu Luo’s face tightened: “According to our sects’ disciples the Ruins Treasured Palace had appeared before.”

“What!? The Ruins Treasured Palace has appeared before?”

Ye Yanyu was shocked and her expression seemed to contain a bit of defeat.

Ruins Treasured palace?

Hearing this Zhao Feng’s heart moved.

He knew a thing or two about the Ruins Treasured Palace when questioning Qing Xiaoxue.
The Ruins Treasured Palace was the core of the inheritance but didn’t appear every time the ruins opened.

Only by entering the Ruins Treasured Palace would one be able to receive the true essence of this place.

Compared with that this mysterious canyon was like wild grass.

“According to previous experience the Ruins Treasured Palace will appear only once every ten times and according to the Elders, the stronger the bloodline of the geniuses, the higher chances of the Ruins Treasured Palace appearing.”

Ye Yanyu’s beautiful eyes flashed unwillingly.

“In our generation the bloodlines of geniuses on the whole surpasses the previous generations and the chances of the Ruins Treasured Palace is actually quite high.”

“Dammit, someone entered the Ruins Treasured Palace before us.”

Some of those present gritted their teeth in hatred.

“Who would the person that entered the Ruins Treasured Palace be? Which one of the Ten True Lords is it? Could it Brother Lu or Zhuang Wan’er from the Moon Demon Palace?”

Ye Yanyu seemed to be unwilling to admit defeat.

“It’s not Brother Lu or Zhuang Wan’er. They’re still in the normal zone. That person isn’t even one of the Ten True Lords.”

“Who would it be? To actually enter the Ruins Treasured Palace before the Ten True Lords?”

Ye Yanyu was surprised and in disbelief because the Ruins Treasured Palace had appeared many times and had a certain aim.

For example, a genius that entered had average talent but because was suitable for the Purple Saint Ruins, received its inheritance.

They had confirmed that the person wasn’t any one of the Ten True Lords.

“That person might have entered the Ruins Treasured Palace but it’s not like we don’t have a chance.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but interrupt.

“The Ruins Treasured Palace appears usually once every ten times and after appearing once, it’s chances of appearing again will lower to one percent.”

A girl said with a sullen tone.

“Ah? Doesn’t this mean we have no fortune with the Ruins Treasured Palace?”

Zhao Feng didn’t expect this at all. The reason why he entered the Pure Moon Spiritual Sects side was to enter the Ruins Treasured Palace.