King Of Gods Chapter 419

Chapter 419 - Suspicion
Chapter 419 - Suspicion

When the three True Lord Ranks were in a dangerous situation, Zhao Feng had reached the peak True Mystic Rank with the help of the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

Because he had eaten the Tree Yao Essence Fruit in a rush, Zhao Feng wasn’t able to fully absorb the energy.

His Source of True Spirit couldn’t expand anymore as it had reached its limit.

To not waste anything, Zhao Feng sealed part of the Tree Yao Essence Fruit in the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit.

At the peak of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit, it was larger and pure than Zhao Feng’s. However, this Source of True Spirit was on the verge of being used up. But after the life force of the Tree Yao Essence Fruit went into it, it started to recover.

“The Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit is not only a second storage. It can also be burnt at critical moments.”

Zhao Feng also knew this was one of his cards, but there was no situation that needed Zhao Feng to burn it yet.

Burning one’s Source of True Spirit and Qi of True Spirit was different.

Burning the Qi of True Spirit would increase battle power dramatically and would harm the foundation if it continued for a long time, whereas burning the Source of True Spirit was destroying one’s own cultivation and one paid a heavy price. The increase in battle power would flip over several times.

If one burnt the Source of True Spirit too fiercely…. That was self-destruction.

After the breakthrough in cultivation Zhao Feng also paid some attention to the three True Lord Ranks.

“Shameless humans…. Stay behind.”

The Towering Tree Yao howled in anger and went crazy. It broke some of its own branches and roots to block off these humans that had stolen its ‘descendants.’

One had to know that the Towering Tree Yao was almost at the Origin Core Realm’s level and under its insane attacks, it was very likely that it would kill the three True Lord Ranks.

Amongst them, Ye Yanyu faced the most pressure because she and the little thieving cat took two Tree Yao Essence Fruits and was hated by the Towering Tree Yao the most.

Luckily, her hidden card was also very strong and was a Void God Protection.

The moon robed goddess behind Ye Yanyu was her master - Saint Moon Aunt Goddess.

“If it was a normal Origin Core Realm, my Void God Protection my Void God Protection can severely injure or kill it in one move. But the life force of the Towering Tree Yao is too strong and its roots span for several miles.”

Ye Yanyu didn’t attack straight away.

The Void God Protection could be used for defense and offense, and it could use one-tenth the strength of a King at the Void God Realm.

Compared with the latter, defense was safer right now.

With the Void God Protection, Ye Yanyu could hold her own against the Towering Tree Yao.

Even the Towering Tree Yao was shocked by the Void God Protection’s aura and its attack weakened a bit.

Sou Sou--

Zhuang Wan’er and Chi Gui immediately got close to Ye Yanyu and the three fought their way out.

Chi Gui also had a card up his sleeve and with an exclaim, he drank a mysterious liquid which made his body give off a dark glow and became light like a ghost.

With a clench of his teeth, he took out some ghosts from his ghost storage and with howls they were absorbed by Chi Gui’s dark glow.

This allowed Chi Gui’s body to become more ghost-soul based and physical attacks lost 70% of their original damage.


Zhao Feng was surprised and watched with interest. Although he could see some details, he couldn’t understand the process.

A while later.

The three True Lord Ranks finally fought their way out. The Towering Tree Yao had paid a huge price but wasn’t able to keep the three True Lord Ranks behind.

“After all, the forces behind these three True Lord Ranks are two-star sects of which any one of them can sweep across the Azure Flower Continent. Ye Yanyu’s master is even a King at the Void God Realm.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

He might be an overwhelming prodigy in the Azure Flower Continent. But amongst the geniuses who had better resources, skills, inheritances…. In every aspect, they were more than a higher level than the Ten Great Clans of the Azure Flower Continent.

“Since I’ve already used the Void God Protection, then I might as well use it all.”

Ye Yanyu’s face went cold as she turned around and pointed her jade fingers.


The moon robed goddess behind her which was slightly faded flashed through the air and brought a devastating power with it.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within a hundred miles radius instantly started to gather like the tide and a God seemed to appear.

“This aura….”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped and even his God’s Spiritual Eye trembled.

In front of this massive Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, the geniuses present felt they were as small as ants.

Everyone felt a pressure bear down on their soul. Even Zhao Feng’s powerful source of mental energy trembled and was unable to move.


A loud boom sounded across the canyon.

Zhao Feng saw the moon robed goddess figure clash heavily with the Towering Tree Yao.

The Towering Tree Yao howled in fear and protected itself with its branches as it released a crisp green light that clashed with the Void God Protection.

Immediately following that, an eye-burning moonlight lit up everything within several miles and sent a blast of airwave across ten miles.

“Not good!”

The disciples of the three Sects all used their Qi of True Spirit or secret techniques to shield themselves.

“What devastating power. Just the remains of it can kill normal True Human Ranks.”

Zhao Feng circulated his Qi of True Spirit and formed a layer of lightning around him. However, even then he felt it was hard to block.

Of the geniuses of the three sects, over half were at the peak True Mystic Rank and they had their own secret techniques or weapons that allowed them to block it.

The wave lasted for three breaths before weakening and everyone let out a breath and looking up, they saw that everything within ten miles was covered in smoke.

The blow just then was enough to destroy a small city just then and this was still when the Void God Protection had lost over half its power.

Under its peak, a blow from it was very likely to slay an Origin Core Realm Sovereign.

Sou Sou Sou---

The three True Lord Ranks flew back and gathered back with their respective geniuses.

“The move just then was enough to injure the Towering Tree Yao, but nowhere enough to kill it.” Ye Yanyu murmured to herself.

The life force and body of the Towering Tree Yao was too strong and its roots were spread across several times with the deepest going down ten miles.

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and saw that one area of the Towering Tree Yao was shattered. Even one side of the Towering Tree Yao was filled with injuries.

“Although it wasn’t enough to kill the Towering Tree Yao, one side of it is injured and there’s a flaw.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. The most valuable item of the Towering Tree Yao wasn’t the Tree Yao Fruit Essence but the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul could strengthen the soul and it was even beneficial for those at the Origin Core Realm.

If a cultivator at the True Spirit Realm was able to get the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, reaching the Origin Core Realm was only a matter of time.

For cultivators of the Dao of Soul, the Wood Spirit Essence Soul was an item from their dreams.

Zhao Feng obviously knew this, but he knew that he couldn’t get the Wood Spirit Essence Soul alone.

To get the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, they must kill the Towering Tree Yao. But the Towering Tree Yao could decide to destroy the Wood Spirit Essence Soul before it died.

At this moment in time, the three True Lord Ranks were injured and had no energy to attack the Towering Tree Yao.

Amongst them, Chi Gui was the one with the heaviest injuries. The mysterious mist thing that he drank and secret technique that he used turned him into a half solid half void state.

Even Ye Yanyu, who had the lightest injuries, was more injured than the fight at the cave before.

“Where did Yu Luo go?”

Ye Yanyu felt something was wrong and the geniuses sadly told the tale of Yu Luo’s death but didn’t purposely blame Zhao Feng.

After all, all of the geniuses saw how Yu Luo died.

“With Yu Luo’s personality, it’s possible for him to try and kill Zhao Feng and steal his treasures. But a True Lord Rank was fooled by a doppelganger and went within the range of the Towering Tree Yao’s roots….? Furthermore, Yu Luo isn’t someone that rash.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyebrows furrowed and only believed half of it.

Her sharp eyes that seemed to pierce through anything surveyed Zhao Feng. If it was someone who was guilty, they would feel uneasy and any change in their emotions would be seen by Ye Yanyu.

However, both Zhao Feng’s inner heart and surface emotions was extremely calm and Ye Yanyu could see nothing suspicious.


Ye Yanyu started to think. She felt that Yu Luo’s death wasn’t that simple. Although it was certain Yu Luo wasn’t killed directly by Zhao Feng, the latter might still have a connection to it.

After all, only Zhao Feng was close to Yu Luo.

“No one saw Zhao Feng make any move before Yu Luo died and at that time he was invisible…. meaning that no one saw him do anything.”

Ye Yanyu started to think and found some suspicious points.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye also saw Ye Yanyu’s change in emotions.

“This girl is extremely smart and even if the little thieving cat has successfully tricked her, she might still be suspicious.”

Zhao Feng found that although the rewards of his plan were getting bigger, the risk of being found out was also increasing.

He secretly made the decision that if there wasn’t any bigger fortune, he would sneak away from Ye Yanyu.

At this point in time.

Sou Sou Sou----

From the air came the sound of flying and amongst them was a True Lord Rank aura not much weaker than Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er.

More than a dozen figures appeared in the clouds.

“Not good, more reinforcements from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.”

The expressions of the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace changed.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned the figures and this group was even stronger than Yu Luo’s. The leader was a mystic robed youth whose cultivation seemed to have just reached the late stage True Lord Rank not long ago.

“One of the reasons why I killed Yu Luo before was because the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s strength was too strong and may disrupt the balance. Any now another late-stage True Lord Rank came.”