King Of Gods Chapter 420

Chapter 420 - Step after step of danger
Chapter 420 - Step after step of danger

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was indeed worthy of being a two-and-a-half-star sect that had five of the ten True Lords.

Zhao Feng knew this and therefore, he killed Yu Luo to balance the three sects out.

Who would have expected that not much longer after Yu Luo’s death, another True Lord Rank came from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect who was even stronger with the cultivation of the late stage True Lord Rank and most of the reinforcements were at the peak True Mystic Rank?

“It’s Brother Li Hong!”

“Brother Li Hong must have met some fortune in the Ruins or else how would he have reached the late stage True Lord Rank.”

Envy and joy were written on the faces of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect geniuses.

Before they entered the Ruins, Li Hong’s ranking amongst the ten True Lord Rank was pretty far behind and even lower than Yu Luo.

However, after reaching the late stage True Lord Rank, Li Hong’s ranking was close to Zhuang Wan’er and Ye Yanyu’s.

“Li Hong, you’ve come just in time. We need more people right now.”

Ye Yanyu smiled like a white lotus blossoming.

At this point in time, everyone’s gazes landed on the mystic robed True Lord Rank, who was Li Hong.

Li Hong reaching the late stage True Lord Rank and bringing reinforcements boosted the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s morals.

However, the expressions of those from the Moon Demon palace and Black Cliff Palace was solemn.

“The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect now has another late-stage True Lord Rank. Will this generation be the same as the previous ones? The Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace suppressed by the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect even when teamed up together?”

Chi Gui murmured to himself as the white light in his eyes dimmed.

The Moon Demon Palaces’ side.

“The most troublesome geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect are Ye Yanyu and Lu Tianyi. Lu Tianyi has reached the half step Origin Core Realm and is undefeatable here.”

The dark moon symbol on Zhuang Wan’er’s forehead flashed as her purple hair blew in the wind.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect had two of the three strongest True Lords and Lu Tianyi’s strength was the highest without a doubt. Both Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er weren’t his match.

The only thing was that Lu Tianyi hadn’t appeared yet.

The mystic robed Li Hong led his group to meet with Ye Yanyu.

“Sister Ye, I was attracted here by the Void God Protection and indeed found you guys here.”

Although Li Hong was smug, he was still respectful towards Ye Yanyu. He had just reached the True Lord Rank not long ago and there was still a bit of difference between him and Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er.

“The Void God Protection’s power is devastating and everyone within a thousand miles radius can sense it. Looks like this canyon will only attract more and more geniuses.”

Zhao Feng didn’t speak much as he stood in the corner.

He suddenly felt gloating gazes look towards him. These gazes came from the two male disciples who had good relationships with Yu Luo and they had wanted to take Zhao Feng’s Tree Yao Essence Fruit but didn’t succeed.

“Hehe, Brother Li Hong’s relationship with Brother Yu Luo was very good. Back then, Brother Yu Luo even helped Li Hong before.”

“Even if Zhao Feng isn’t the culprit, Brother Li Hong won’t give him any good days if he wants to.”

The two male disciples gloated.

“Brother Li Hong, have you seen Brother Lu?” Ye Yanyu said with care.

Brother Lu.

The ears of the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect pricked up as they revealed expressions of admiration and respect.

Brother Lu was Lu Tianyi, the number one True Lord.

“The Towering Tree Yao has been injured, but it’s still very hard to kill it. If Brother Lu’s here, we would at least have a 60% chance.” Ye Yanyu said.

She and Brother Lu were similar and liked to travel alone. However the Wood Spirit Essence Soul’s value was too high and the fruit, branches and even skin of the Towering Tree Yao were treasures. It was about the same as killing a beast at the Origin Core Realm.

“I saw Brother Lu a couple days ago and he killed a beast horde, including several True Lord Ranks beast. However, he was pretty unlucky and was pursued by a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm whom he couldn’t beat and retreated….”

Li Hong sighed and shook his head when Brother Lu was mentioned.

Lu Tianyi was too high up. Normal True Lord Ranks couldn’t reach his level.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but cluck his tongue when he heard this. What kind of monsters did the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect have?

Normal True Lord Ranks would run for their lives when they saw an Origin Core Realm and this Lu Tianyi had fought them and was still able to escape.

“Of course, I also came here to tell you an important piece of information regarding the person that entered the Ruins Treasured Palace.”

Li Hong’s eyes twinkled.

Ruins Treasured Palace.

The expressions of those from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect changed.

Everyone knew that the person that had entered the Ruins Treasured Palace wasn’t any one of the ten True Lord’s and now Li Hong seemed to know something.

“Who is it? If it’s not one of the ten True Lords, is it someone from one of the smaller clans?”

Ye Yanyu’s face was tight. She was still unwilling to give up.

The Ruins Treasured Palace was the core of the Purple Saint Ruins and only by entering the Palace would they receive the true inheritance.

“None of them.”

Li Hong shook his head and spoke in a solemn tone: “You won’t believe what I’m about to saw. The girl that entered the Ruins Treasured Palace doesn’t belong to any of the three sides and might not even be a genius from the Tianlu Islands.”


“How…. how is this possible?”

The geniuses from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect shook their heads.

Even those from the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace nearby didn’t believe this.

“You mean….. An outsider?”

Ye Yanyu and company’s gazes all landed on Zhao Feng and the latter cursed in his heart.

Every eye was locked onto Zhao Feng because he was an outsider.

“Hmm? There’s also one here who doesn’t have the inheritance token of the three sects.”

Li Hong looked at Zhao Feng in surprise.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. What was going to happen sooner or later was finally revealed.

Right now, he was using a spectators perspective to get the most amount of rewards he could but danger always accompanied reward.

Although the little thieving cat’s plan was good, it was also extremely risky.

However, if it didn’t do this, Zhao Feng would find it hard to even live in the Ruins.

“Zhao Feng, what’s the relationship between you and the person that entered the inheritance?”

Ye Yanyu’s face went cold.

Her skin started to glow with moonlight and seemed to be like a goddess that had descended as she released her True Lord Rank aura.

“I don’t know. I was taken here by a mysterious power and was the only person. Oh, and that cat.”

Zhao Feng shook his head calmly.

His current situation was very dangerous and was locked on by both Ye Yanyu and Li Hong.

The three True Lord Ranks from the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace were also watching closely.

Ye Yanyu couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. She had already asked the little thieving cat about Zhao Feng’s situation before.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldn’t say he was connected to ‘Zhao Yufei’ or else it would be very troublesome.

He was almost certain the outsider that entered the Ruins Treasured Palace was Zhao Yufei because the Purple Saint Ruin’s target was ‘Zhao Yufei’ and Zhao Feng was accidentally taken in.

“The world is huge and there are many forces. If I can enter by accident, then other geniuses can as well. Maybe the Purple Saint Ruins has changed or it’s broken.” Zhao Feng said slowly.

“What you say is very logical. According to the seniors of the sect, the Purple Saint Ruins’ energy is running out after being here for so long and there may be weak points.”

The mystic robed Li Hong actually agreed with Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng was an ‘accident’, then there might be more ‘accidents.’

In reality, Zhao Feng was directing everyone’s chain of thought.

As long as he had nothing to do with the girl that entered the Ruins Treasured Palace, then his deal with Ye Yanyu was immovable.

After all, in this group right now, Ye Yanyu was still the one leading the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

“Looks like I need to split with these people soon or else when Lu Tianyi who’s ranked first arrives, the situation will be out of my control.”

Zhao Feng planned.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng found that the two male disciples who were pretty good with Yu Luo walked up to Li Hong and said something in a low tone.

“Yu Luo…. is dead?”

Li Hong’s heart trembled. This sudden news made him feel as if he had fallen into an abyss.

Yu Luo was someone who had undergone pain with him together.

At the beginning, Yu Luo was pretty strong in the Sect and took care of Li Hong who had just entered.

In a trial, he had even saved Li Hong’s life and the latter was very grateful towards Yu Luo. The two were very close and knowing that Yu Luo had died, Li Hong seemed as if he had been struck by lightning and was dazed.

“Fuck, looks like all my good luck’s run out. Li Hong and Yu Luo’s relationship is pretty good.”

Zhao Feng felt something was going to go wrong.

He finally understood why those two looked gloatingly towards him.

Knowing that Yu Luo had died, Li Hong’s heart seemed to be cut into pieces and he howled towards the sky.

Of course.

Being an expert at the True Lord Rank, he soon regained control of his emotions.

“Talk about the specifics….”

His eyes glanced coldly over Zhao Feng as he started to ask for the details. Knowing that Yu Luo died due to chasing Zhao Feng, Li Hong’s face went cold and his eyes started to go red with killing intent.

“Brat, I don’t care if you killed Yu Luo or not but if it weren’t because of you, he wouldn’t have died.”

Li Hong’s teeth bit his lips and they started to bleed as his eyes became full of hatred.

A powerful surge of True Lord Rank aura radiated from him and ripple of blue lightning appeared in the air. The lightning from it was even stronger than Zhao Feng’s Lightning Inheritance.

“This Li Hong cultivates the path of lightning and has merged water and lightning together. The skills from his two-star Sect is much more profound than the Lightning Inheritance.”

The more dangerous it was, the calmer Zhao Feng was as his God’s Spiritual Eye became sharper.