King Of Gods Chapter 424

Chapter 424 - A Wolf wearing the skin of a Sheep
Chapter 424 - A Wolf wearing the skin of a Sheep

The second Zhao Feng moved, he was spotted by several geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

Sou Sou!

The two male disciples that had an enmity with Zhao Feng moved to his left and right as they ‘protected’ Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng gave off a comforted look and Ye Yanyu’s eyes twinkled as she watched Zhao Feng’s figure move further and further away.

She felt uneasy and this uneasiness increased as Zhao Feng got further away.

Even since Yu Luo’s death, Ye Yanyu was instinctively wary and cautious of Zhao Feng.

At this point in time, all her attention was gathered on Zhao Feng and the blue haired figure became more and more mysterious.

As if sensing something, the blue haired youth turned around and smiled at her while looking at her in the eye.

The mysterious left eye seemed to full of limitless ice and it could see through all her secrets.

In that instance, Ye Yanyu’s heart shook and a coldness extended throughout her body as if she had been seen naked.

Zhao Feng looked deeply at Ye Yanyu once more before closing in on where the others were attacking the Towering Tree Yao.

“Brother Li Hong, quickly kill Zhao Feng!”

Ye Yanyu’s heart jumped as her eyes flashed coldly and an urgent voice sounded.

What? Kill Zhao Feng?

Most disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect looked at Ye Yanyu with puzzled looks. Weren’t the two working together?

Before Ye Yanyu was protecting Zhao Feng, and now she wanted to kill him?

The sudden change caused many people to be dumbfounded.

However, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was led by Ye Yanyu and they all listened to her.


The two males next to Zhao Feng roared with excitement as they attacked.

“Hahaha, Sister Ye, you’ve finally thought it through. This brat doesn’t suit my eye.”

Li Hong laughed as he turned around and charged towards Zhao Feng.

Although he didn’t understand why Ye Yanyu was doing this, he was definitely willing.

In reality, Ye Yanyu gave this order due to her ‘instincts.’

Thinking back to how Zhao Feng was first threatened then to how he used her to protect himself and survive amongst the three sects, she could see the situation clearly even if she didn’t fully understand it.

Firstly, Ye Yanyu couldn't see Zhao Feng’s true strength and his intelligence made her feel as if she was losing control.

There was another major point. No matter who Zhao Feng’s enemies were, they didn’t end well, even if their cultivation was higher.

Yu Luo died as he became Zhao Feng’s enemy. The two male disciples had been made fools of by Zhao Feng. Li Hong had wanted to kill Zhao Feng but he was tricked and lost face instead.

At this moment in time, Ye Yanyu suddenly became wary when Zhao Feng asked to help Li Hong and company and because of his last glance.

She was extremely decisive and the second she felt something was off, she ordered them to kill Zhao Feng.

“This woman’s instincts are extremely sharp. After Yu Luo’s death, she was already suspicious.”

Zhao Feng didn’t think that Ye Yanyu would be so quick to act. She was indeed fierce.

“Brat, surrender quickly!”

The two male disciples lept towards Zhao Feng from his left and right.

Looking down, Zhao Feng saw that he was already within range of the roots.

“Stall him!”

Ye Yanyu ordered as she flew over as well.

She knew that Zhao Feng was very fast and stronger than the two male disciples. The only thing that they could do right now was to stall Zhao Feng and win a couple breaths time for Ye Yanyu and Li Hong.

The expressions of the two male disciples became solemn as they listened to Ye Yanyu’s command and tried to stall Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s mouth was filled with mockery and a coldness as if he was looking down on ants.

Plop Plop!

The two male disciples fell down from the sky. Before their bodies even touched the ground roots shot out from the ground and wrapped the two.


Two screams came to an end as they became new fertilizers for the Towering Tree Yao.

The present geniuses widened their eyes.

What the hell just happened?

How would two peak True Mystic rank cultivators just fall into the ground?

Zhao Feng didn’t do anything at all, all he did was just ‘look’ at them.

“Mental energy eye technique. With just one glance, he made them fall down.”

Chi Gui, who was resting, exclaimed as he saw the truth.


The pursuing geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect all took a deep breath.

‘Zhao Feng, you killed two of our Pure Moon Spiritual Sect disciples and Yu Luo was indeed killed by you…. You hid deep enough.”

Ye Yanyu’s face was cold and the killing intent from her seemed to materialize.

Even a normal True Lord Rank couldn’t make two peak True Mystic Ranks die instantly with one glance.

Zhao Feng had hidden deep and was a wolf covered in sheepskin.

‘Brat, it looks like you’re the true culprit behind Yu Luo’s death. Don’t even think about running. Give me your life----”

Li Hong’s eyes were bright red and killing intent filled his face as his eyes bulged out.


Zhao Feng’s body flashed with lightning and he seemed like the God of Lightning as his Yin Shadow Cloak flapped as his speed jumped up.

In terms of speed, Zhao Feng wasn’t much slower than Li Hong of the late stage True Lord Rank.

Shua Shua!

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng turned into more than a dozen figures. Some of them were illusions while others were Yin Shadow Doppelgangers.

When Li Hong arrived, the figures had all gone in different directions and Zhao Feng’s true body was concealed in the forest.

‘He actually ran away….”

Li Hong’s face became twisted under his immense killing intent.


A faint figure of Zhao Feng suddenly appeared near the ground as ran off.

“Bastard, die----”

Li Hong released his anger and rage and he leapt towards Zhao Feng.

In this instant, all of his emotions had been released and he forgot about the danger on the ground.

As Li Hong was going closer and closer to the ground, the roots below started to get ready.

“What’s going on? Why is Li Hong doing the same as Yu Luo before and charging towards the ground?”

“Yu Luo was filled with greed and Li Hong lost his mind due to his anger.”

The spectating disciples of the three Sects felt something was wrong.

“Li Hong, watch out!”

Ye Yanyu’s expression changed drastically as she yelled.

Her voice was like thunder as it boomed in Li Hong’s mind.


Ye Yanyu waved her hand and a beam of moonlight rushed through the air and destroyed the figure of Zhao Feng.

It was only a Yin Shadow doppelganger.

Li Hong awoke from his dream and realized that he was extremely close to the ground and almost within range of the roots.

Qiu Qiu Qiu!

The roots broke through the earth and shot towards Li Hong.

Li Hong roared and sent beams of water and lightning as his figure turned into an arc of lightning that pushed aside the roots and flew into the skies.

At the last moment, Li Hong had used a secret technique to escape.

“So close!”

Li Hong who had just escaped death was covered in cold sweat.

“Unfortunate…. Just missed this opportunity.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful as he stood on the ground.

His Eye of Heart was about to trick Li Hong but it was disabled by Ye Yanyu.

In that instance when Li Hong was filled with rage, a flaw had appeared in his heart and Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heart took advantage of it. If Ye Yanyu didn’t arrive in time, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect would have lost a late stage True lord Rank genius.

The weird thing was that Zhao Feng stood on the ground but he didn’t receive any attacks from the Towering Tree Yao.

Ye Yanyu coldly locked onto where Zhao Feng stood. Her state of heart, as well as other abilities, were obviously stronger than Li Hong’s.

Zhao Feng understood how terrifying Ye Yanyu was and so he continued to travel towards the Towering Tree Yao.

“Why isn’t he being attacked by the Towering Tree Yao?”

Ye Yanyu’s eyebrows furrowed but she didn’t pursue Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was within the attack range of the Towering Tree Yao but he wasn’t attacked by it. No one else had this special ‘right.’

Ceng Ceng Sou!

Zhao Feng continuously jumped and landed on the Towering Tree Yao’s branches.

“What the heck…. Why isn’t the Towering Tree Yao attacking him?”

“This guy’s not just weird.”

The geniuses of the three sects stared with bulging eyes as they watched Zhao Feng walk easily among the branches of the Towering Tree Yao.

The Towering Tree Yao seemed to ignore his existence.


Zhao Feng landed in the inner areas of the Towering Tree Yao and nodded his head faintly: “Towering Tree Yao, let us fight together.”


The branches of the Towering Tree Yao rattled as it spoke through mental energy.

“When Lord Purple Saint said that there were reinforcements, I thought it would at least be a True Lord Rank. Aye, but it looks like it’s just you.”

The Towering Tree Yao was somewhat disappointed.

“Hehe, Towering Tree Yao, if I can help you beat this group of people and help you recover by half, how will you repay me?”

Zhao Feng smiled.

The Towering Tree Yao obviously didn’t think of its reinforcement much. However, this was normal as Zhao Feng’s cultivation was not high enough. Only those at the True Lord Rank or higher would enter the Towering Tree Yao’s eye.

“There’s five True lord Ranks and dozens of True Mystic Ranks. You think you can beat them alone and help me recover by half? Junior, you overestimate yourself and underestimate the power of the Void God Protection.”

The Towering Tree Yao said.


Zhao Feng interrupted the Towering Tree Yao: “If I really do this, can you let me cultivate a bit with your Wood Spirit Essence Soul?”

“Hmph, if you really can do it and help me through this, what’s wrong with me letting you cultivate using my origin Wood Spirit Essence Soul?” The Towering Tree Yao agreed instantly.