King Of Gods Chapter 425

Chapter 425 - Ten True Lords
Chapter 425 - Ten True Lords

Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao soon came to an agreement.

In the forests, Ye Yanyu, Li Hong and Mo Yu from the Black Cliff Palace surveyed the Towering Tree Yao.

“Zhao Feng actually successfully teamed up with the Towering Tree Yao.”

Li Hong gritted his teeth. After just passing by the doors of death, his back was drenched in cold sweat and the geniuses of the three sects all found the change in the situation.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng stood on the Towering Tree Yao’s branches but the latter was calm and didn’t attack him.

“This person’s been planning it for a long time and is a wolf hiding in sheepskin. Several disciples of the sect were killed by him, including Yu Luo at the True Lord Rank. If it weren’t for my fast reactions, Brother Li Hong probably would have…..”

Ye Yanyu’s face was filled with killing intent and her chest heaved.

Ever since entering the Purple Saint Ruins, no one had ever made her so mad that she wanted to kill them herself.

From the start, Ye Yanyu seemed to be threatening Zhao Feng but in reality, she was his biggest ‘umbrella.’

If it weren’t for Ye Yanyu, Zhao Feng, an outsider wouldn’t be able to walk steadily and gain benefits amongst the three sects.

“If it wasn’t because of me, Yu Luo and them wouldn’t have died…..”

Ye Yanyu felt guilty and humiliated. Her jade hands were clenched together and her teeth almost pierced her lips.

However, her heart was strong and she soon calmed down.

Ye Yanyu knew that facing Zhao Feng who specialized in mental energy, any flaw in the mind would result in being used.

“Goddess Ye, before you came, the Wicked Teeth three almost all died at this person’s hands. He even escaped Chi Gui’s tracking skill without being injured.” Mo Yu said solemnly.

He had heard Chi Gui talk about Zhao Feng.

“Sister Ye, how would you be used by the brat with your intelligence?”

Li Hong took a deep breath and said in dissatisfaction. If it weren’t for her protecting Zhao Feng, the latter would find it hard to live so well.

“This is my fault but relax, I will kill him myself.” Ye Yanyu said coldly.

At the same time, she started to think abouth ow she fell into Zhao Feng’s plan?

In a spark, she realized the key point which was the most critical part of this plan or else Ye Yanyu wouldn’t have been used.

‘Little…. Thieving…. Cat!”

Ye Yanyu’s figure trembled as she spat out word by word.

This was the weirdest part of the plan. Zhao Feng didn’t even know Ye Yanyu before he met her. If the two didn’t know each other, why would Zhao Feng trick her?

The true key point was the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat met Ye Yanyu and purposely led her to it’s ‘original owner’ and seemed to threaten him.

“Little thieving cat!”

Ye Yanyu coldly spread her spiritual sense to detect the little thieving cat.

However, no matter where her spiritual sense went, through clothes and interspatial rings, she couldn’t find any trace of it.

Miao Miao!

A dark silver grey cat slightly bigger than a palm stood on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

The human and cat accompanied one another as if they were one.

“Little thieving cat, your plan was dangerous but the rewards are pretty good….”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and stroked the little thieving cat’s ears.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and made several actions, signaling the bitterness it had faced. Immediately following that, the little thieving cat spat out a part of the Life Returning Grass onto Zhao Feng’s hand.

“My Life Returning Grass, little thieving cat, how dare you steal it….”

Ye Yanyu’s face went green and red. Her eyes were enough to kill people. With her quiet and calm attitude, she had never been so angry before.

“The little thieving cat still places great importance on emotions and only stole one part of the Life Returning Grass or why would your interspatial rings still have stuff? En, it also told me not to kill you.”

Zhao Feng shook his head. Although the little thieving cat had tricked Ye Yanyu, it had only stolen a Life Returning Grass and completed what Zhao Feng asked for.

After all, Ye Yanyu was pretty nice to the little thieving cat.

‘I don’t need its pity. I will kill this brat myself. Little thieving cat, I don’t blame you as we all have different sides.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes became warmer when it landed on the little thieving cat.

When the two had paired up, the little thieving cat had given her a lot of luck and joyful times.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws again and seemed to ask her to do something.

“What…. You want me and him to…. That’s impossible!”

Ye Yanyu’s face went red and she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Although no one else understood, Zhao Feng still knew what the little thieving cat meant.

“Get in there.”

Zhao Feng expressionlessly threw the little thieving cat into the Spiritual Pet Bag by grabbing its ears.

After that, he didn’t bother with Ye Yanyu and company anymore and took out the life Returning Grass which he gave to the Towering Tree Yao.

‘This is the Life Returning Grass. I believe I’ve completed half of my promise.”

Zhao Feng said.

“Life Returning Grass.”

The Towering Tree Yao was surprised and took it with a gust of green wind.

Its main trunk opened like a mouth and it ate the Life Returning Grass. The Life Returning Grass was indeed worthy of being a legendary treasure. Even the damage caused by Void God Protection started to heal.

“Kid, it looks like I’ve underestimated you. The Life Returning Grass is enough to heal half my injuries but the other half of the deal is that you need to push back these geniuses, which isn’t that easy.”

The Towering Tree Yao laughed.

Zhao Feng stood on the branches of the tree as his blue hair blew gently in the wind.

He didn’t move at all and seemed to be part of the Towering Tree Yao.

Only defend, don’t attack. This was Zhao Feng’s plan.

The Towering Tree Yao was Zhao Feng’s biggest protection and they had the advantage in the landscape.

The three sects didn’t attack straight away. Maybe it was because Zhao Feng’s ‘sudden betrayal’ brought too much shock to the three sects.

The five True Lords, Ye Yanyu, Zhuang Wan’er, Li Hong, Chi Gui and Mo Yu got together and started to talk.

“Amongst the True Lords, Chi Gui specializes in eye skills and we hope you can give it your all in the upcoming battle.” Ye Yanyu suggested.

Amongst the geniuses that entered the Ruins, Chi Gui’s eye bloodline could be said to be among the best.

Back at the cave, his secret technique had even injured Ye Yanyu.

“This brat’s eye bloodline is strong but he hasn’t reached the True Lord Rank in the end and I have confidence in an eye bloodline faceoff. However, I’ve still injured from using the forbidden skill before and I'm not 100% certain….”

Chi Gui cried bitterly in his heart. In reality, he was asking the other two sects for treasures.

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er looked at each other before taking out some treasures from their interspatial items.

These were enough to help Chi Gui recover.

“Thank you for all your help. Let me heal up a bit and then my Black Wicked Eye will be able to battle that brat.”

Chi Gui’s voice was raspy and the white flames in his eyes seemed to twist as a dot appeared in the middle.

Everyone was expectant of him as they had all experienced it. Even if it wasn’t able to beat Zhao Feng, it could still gain the upper hand.

They foresaw a great battle between the ‘Eye bloodlines.’

“I’m looking forward to this as well.”

Zhao Feng stood in the tree and none of the actions of the three sects escaped his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Chi Gui’s Black Wicked Eye was extremely powerful and Zhao Feng had experienced it personally when Chi Gui used the Dark Lantern Ghost Eye, which almost forced Zhao Feng into desperation.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng didn’t care about the price and finally destroyed the Dark Lantern Ghost Eye, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape.

If it was before, Zhao Feng didn’t feel confident to face Chi Gui’s eye bloodline head on as their difference in cultivation was too big.

However, Zhao Feng had grown rapidly in the ruins and his God’s Spiritual Eye became more powerful.

Sou Sou Sou----

The sound of flying came again and the air was filled with wickedness.

“Great, our Moon Demon Palace’s reinforcements are finally here.”

The geniuses of the Moon Demon Palace exclaimed.

The group from the Moon Demon Palace arrived and the leader was a bald man with black armor whose cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank.

Now the number of True Lord Ranks had reached six.

This wasn’t the end. Another hour later, more reinforcements arrived. Some were from the three sects while others were from the one-star clans under them.

As time passed, more and more geniuses started to gather in the mysterious canyon.

All of this was because of Ye Yanyu’s Void God Protection which allowed everyone within a thousand miles to feel it.

“There’s already over…. A hundred geniuses here.” Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

Two hours later. The number of True Lord Rank cultivators present had reached ten.

Amongst them, two or three had broken through to the True Lord Rank in the Purple Saint Ruins.

After all, there was a large number of peak True Mystic Rank geniuses and it wasn’t surprising for a couple to break through to the True Lord Rank in the ruins.

"Ten True Lord ranks, a hundred geniuses, all of them not weaker than an overwhelming prodigy of the Azure Flower Continent…. Luckily, that Lu Tianyi hasn’t arrived. I told the Purple Saint Partial Spirit to give him some trouble.”

Zhao Feng’s heart wasn’t calm. It was hard to imagine what kind of battle there was going to be.

The nervousness and trembling due to tension from the Towering Tree Yao couldn’t escape Zhao Feng’s senses.


If there weren’t any accidents, with the Towering Tree Yao’s current state, it would perish within a maximum of two hours.