King Of Gods Chapter 428

Chapter 428 - The Third Kill
Chapter 428 - The Third Kill

In just a short moment, two True Lord Ranks had died to the poison corpses.

The seven True Lords and geniuses of the three sects were stunned by this sudden change.

Everything came too fast. Just a moment before, Zhao Feng was being suppressed by Chi Gui from their eye bloodline battle and with the arrival of two more True Lord Ranks, this was getting extremely dangerous for Zhao Feng.

Who knew that the situation would take a sudden twist?

Of the three True Lord Ranks, two were slain and the remaining, Chi Gui, was in extreme danger.

“Two poison corpses that have technically reached the True Lord Rank and have such a dominant poison…. How is this possible!?”

Chi Gui couldn’t believe his eyes.

How difficult was it to raise a ghost corpse to the True Lord Rank?

Chi Gui personally knew how hard this was. He had spent many years and resources to obtain two of them, whereas Zhao Feng had only stolen them from another Black Cliff Palace disciple and at that time, the two weren’t even at the peak True Mystic Rank.

“Earth Yin Poison Mushroom. He must have got the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom!”

Chi Gui suddenly thought of something and understood. Only the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom had the ability to raise a ghost corpse to the True Lord Rank so easily.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng also had the Sky Marking Stone, Deadly Yin Crystal Bone, and claws of the giant scorpion.

With so many top materials, these two corpses were armored to the bone.


Zhao Feng controlled the two dark silver poison corpses and made them charge towards Chi Gui.

“Not good… run!”

Chi Gui’s soul almost flew away from fear.

He knew how terrifying the poison of the ancient scorpion was. On top of that, Zhao Feng had the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom. With the combination of the two poisons, anyone that bled would die.

As long as the ghost corpses sliced through their skin, their lives were left behind.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye flashed with a coldness as he locked onto Chi Gui.

Chi Gui’s body froze and his thoughts started to slow down as his speed instantly became 60-70% slower.

Sou Sou!

The two dark silver ghost corpses came closer.

“Am I going to die here….?”

Chi Gui felt as if he was frozen in ice and the aura of death approached him.

With the Eye of Ice Soul locked onto him, he definitely couldn’t fight against the two dark silver poison corpses and would certainly die if his skin was cut open.

At this moment, Chi Gui regretted giving Zhao Feng the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone and Claws of the giant scorpion. These two strengthened the ghost corpses’ sharpness and poison.

If Zhao Feng didn’t have those two materials, the two ghost corpses would only barely be at the True Lord Rank level and would not be this threatening.

“Brother Chi…..”

The skinny Mo Yu from the Black Cliff Palace roared as he quickly flew over in this direction.


Chi Gui gritted his teeth and summoned the remaining blood silver corpse.

He only had two True Lord Rank ghost corpses, but one of them was smashed to smithereens by the Towering Tree Yao.

Of course, this blood silver corpses’ battle power was comparable to the early stage True Lord Rank and should be able to stall them for a while.

Shu Shu Peng Boom!----

The two dark silver poison corpses lept towards the blood silver corpse and started to tear at one another.

Under normal situations, Chi Gui’s blood silver ghost corpse could last a while against the two, but right now his thoughts were slowed down due to the Eye of Ice Soul and couldn’t fully control his blood silver corpse. Only 60-70% of its full battle power could be used.

In just a few blows, the two dark silver poison corpses were suppressing the blood silver corpse.

“If I can get this blood silver corpse, my overall strength would rise dramatically.”

A thought appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Chi Gui didn’t know that this thought allowed him to survive. If Zhao Feng really wanted to kill Chi Gui, he only needed to stall the blood silver corpse with one of the dark silver poison corpses then use the other poison corpse and his Eye of Ice Soul as well as Lightning Fire God’s Eye to attack Chi Gui. At that time he would have at least a 70% success rate.

However, Zhao Feng wanted the blood silver ghost corpse. He used his Eye of Ice Soul to restrain Chi Gui then started to push the blood silver ghost corpse towards the ground.

Peng Peng Boom---

Chi Gui’s blood silver corpse was soon forced near the ground.

Xiu Xiu Xiu-----

Roots broke out from under the earth.

“Leave this corpse, I still have uses for it.”

Zhao Feng told the Towering Tree Yao.

The dozens of roots instantly dragged the blood silver corpse into the earth.


Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied as he then controlled the two poison corpses to pursue after Chi Gui.

Chi Gui was affected by the Eye of Ice Soul from beginning to end and hadn’t run far.


Although Chi Gui’s heart hurt from losing a True Lord Rank corpse, at least his life was saved.

“Brother Chi…. I’ll save you.”

Mo Yu arrived and went to block the two poison corpses.

Bam Bam!

Mo Yu waved his arms and pushed back the two poison corpses.

“This person trains the corpse body strengthening technique and has a body similar to ghost corpses, almost fully resilient to poison.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved.

He understood that of the ten True Lord Ranks, only this person could block the poison of his ghost corpses to a certain degree.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s expression went cold as he turned his God’s Spiritual Eye onto Mo Yu.

In terms of mental energy, Mo Yu was far worse than Chi Gui and as the Eye of Ice Soul locked onto him, his thoughts and reactions slowed down.

Mo Yu trained in the corpse body strengthening technique and although his body was strong, he wasn’t very fast.

Now that he had been locked on by the Eye of Ice Soul, he became as clumsy as a turtle and every action of his was tiring.

Pa Pa Peng Peng---

The two poison corpses started to furiously claw and bite into Mo Yu’s defense. Mo Yu’s body was incredibly strong and under normal circumstances, hr could send one poison corpse flying with one first.

However, with the Eye of Ice Soul’s effect, his speed and agility weren’t even as good as some True Human Ranks.

At this point in time, Mo Yu was being attacked crazily by the two dark silver poison corpses.

A normal expert would walk through the doors of death when their skin was cut open, but Mo Yu’s body was similar to a corpse and was almost fully resilient to poison.

Of course, he wasn’t a true corpse and Mo Yu wasn’t fully resilient towards the combination of the poison from the giant scorpion and Earth Yin Poison Mushroom; his defense was just several times stronger than other True Lord Ranks.

After his skin had been cut open several times, Mo Yu’s body became slower and slower and a purple-black color appeared on his face.

“Brother Mo Yu!”

Chi Gui cursed as he saw Mo Yu fall into desperation. If it were him instead, he would have died several times over already. Of the True Lords, only Mo Yu could resist the poison for so long.

Lightning Fire God’s Eye!

A transparent azure flame glittered in Zhao Feng’s left eye.


A transparent lightning fire burned on Mo Yu’s body.


Mo Yu howled. The elements of lightning and fire countered the Dao of Ghost Corpses.

He wasn’t like Chi Gui who specialized in eye bloodlines which could even block Zhao Feng’s attacks.

The destructive Lightning Fire God’s Eye followed the Eye of Ice Soul and injured Mo Yu’s mind.

Bam Bam!

Mo Yu roared and waved his arms, pushing away the two dark silver poison corpses.

In this critical moment, he even burned his Qi of True Spirit to increase his battle power and escape.

The two dark silver poison corpses were hit by Mo Yu and the arms of one of the corpses broke.


Zhao Feng’s expression dimmed as his God’s Spiritual Eye was circulated to the maximum.

Eye of Illusion!

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

Lightning Fire God’s Eye!

Whoosh! Qiu--- Huang!

The three major eye skills landed on Mo Yu.

The first Eye of Illusion tugged Mo Yu’s consciousness and stopped him burning his Qi of True Spirit.

This lowered his defense.


Immediately following after was a ray of light that shot into Mo Yu’s body and injured his mind.


The last Lightning Fire God’s Eye immediately sent Mo Yu into a place where he couldn’t come back from.

“Senior Brother Mo Yu…!!!!”

Chi Gui roared as the other geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace exclaimed.

Mo Yu’s soul had been burnt by the Lightning Fire God’s Eye and he fell from the air, becoming fertilizer for the Towering Tree Yao.

In reality, before even Mo Yu had landed, his mind had been destroyed.

The six True Lord Ranks watching all took a cold breath.

When the three major eye bloodline techniques landed on a target, they would definitely die.

This was the first time Zhao Feng had showed his fierceness.

“The third one.”

Zhao Feng’s face was cold, but also slightly ugly at the same time.

After using so many eye bloodline techniques continuously, he had expended a lot of energy and this was with the God’s Spiritual Eye helping him. If it were another eye bloodline genius, they definitely wouldn’t last so long.

“Human, I admit I underestimated you. You were actually able to finish off three of the Ten True Lord Ranks so quickly. When you used your eye bloodline, even my Wood Spirit Essence Soul felt cold.”

Joy could be heard from the Towering Tree Yao’s voice.

Zhao Feng had finished off three True Lord Ranks and did it quickly.

Before this, the Towering Tree Yao only thought of Zhao Feng as a grain of hope but didn’t believe in him.


Zhao Feng’s figure returned to an area where there was a lot of branches and sat down with a pale face.

‘Brother Tree, can you give me the Wood Spirit Essence Soul now? It’ll help me recover and give me a greater chance to chase those enemies away.” Zhao Feng asked.

“You haven’t completed your promise yet. I know from experience how cunning you humans can be.”

The Towering Tree Yao obviously wasn’t dumb or else he wouldn’t have become a Yao.

“You know that I spent a lot of energy killing the three True Lord Ranks. The other seven True Lord Ranks won’t fall for it.”

Zhao Feng continued.


The Towering Tree Yao was slightly hesitant as it was scared to be calculated by Zhao Feng.

‘There’s another important point. If you give me the Wood spirit Essence Soul, I’ll be able to use stronger eye bloodline techniques which are critical for pushing the True Lord Rank’s back.”