King Of Gods Chapter 431

Chapter 431 - Pursuing Through the Air
Chapter 431 - Pursuing Through the Air

“Human, you indeed have a couple tricks. Already stopping their attacks by making just one move.”

The Towering Tree Yao’s joyful voice sounded.

Before this, it had faced the attacks from the seven True Lord Ranks and a hundred True Spirit Realm geniuses, which was very painful for it.

When Zhao Feng moved, he had indeed changed the situation.

At this point in time, twenty to thirty geniuses including two True Lord Ranks had fallen into Zhao Feng’s Illusion City Maze.

The Illusion City Maze was built on Zhao Feng’s eye of Illusion and was a wide ranged skill.

In terms of profoundness, the Illusion City Maze wasn’t higher than the Eye of Illusion but its difficulty was that it was a widespread mental energy skill and could entrap a large number of enemies.

Before this, Zhao Feng was restricted by his cultivation and didn’t try to make such a skill. Furthermore, this was the first time Zhao Feng had met opponents that tried to win with numbers.

Most of those he fought before were either by themselves or in a small group. The four eye bloodline skills were more than enough.

The Illusion City Maze was made under this situation.

“The Illusion City Maze is specifically made to fight a large number of people. No matter how many you bring, I’ll still make them stop and not walk a step further.”

Zhao Feng perched on the branch. His left eye was like a limitless abyss and his blue hair blew mysteriously and wickedly in the wind, showing off the nobility of his bloodline.

The thing was that Zhao Feng’s Illusion City Maze was placed near the gap in the Towering Tree Yao and those near it could be more affected.

On top of that, Zhao Feng was still slowly expanding his Illusion City Maze.

“Brother Tree, the more you help, the more powerful my eye bloodline technique.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng mouth.

As soon as he said this, Zhao Feng felt an even more powerful surge of essence soul enter his mental energy world. It was the Towering Tree Yao’s origin.


Zhao Feng’s soul was immediately cleansed like the rain of spring pouring down.

This feeling was like soaking in a spa pool. The hidden and deep injuries could all be healed.


Zhao Feng was overjoyed. With the Towering Tree Yao helping him, his comprehension of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul became twice as effective.

In this situation, his mental energy level started to close in on the late stage True Lord Rank.

The Illusion City Maze consolidated and expanded. The number of geniuses falling into the Illusion City Maze was increasing but the number struggling out was decreasing.

Plop Plop!

There were the occasional one or two geniuses that fell down and became the Towering Tree Yao’s fertilizer.

Zhao Feng purposely made exits and flaws in the Illusion City Maze. These exits and flaws were near the ground and those that thought they had escaped were actually walking through the doors of death.

“We must kill Zhao Feng to save the disciples.”

Ye Yanyu’s face went cold with killing intent as a transparent sword appeared in her hand.

She turned around to face Zhuang Wan’er.

The Zhao Feng today was different from the past. At least two late-stage True Lord Ranks were needed to have confidence.

Zhao Feng hid in the depths of the Towering Tree Yao and had the advantage in the landscape.

Normal True Lord Ranks would be flattened into pancakes before they even got close.

The main thing was that Zhao Feng was extremely strong and two of his three True Lord Rank ghost corpses killed anyone that they drew blood on.

Even under normal circumstances, only Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er could threaten Zhao Feng.

Facing Ye Yanyu’s suggestion, Zhuang Wan’er’s face started to hesitate.


Zhuang Wan’er’s voice was filled with helplessness.


Ye Yanyu was extremely surprised.

“Ye Yanyu, it looks like you’re filled with hatred and guilt. Kill Zhao Feng? Slay the Towering Tree Yao? How many more people will die if we do so? Is all of this worth it?”

Zhuang Wan’er’s voice was decisive.

Ye Yanyu paused.

That’s right, the three sects had paid too big a price to kill the Towering Tree Yao and the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect had lost three True Lord Ranks including Yu Luo.

At this point in time, the situation was getting even worse and Zhao Feng’s wide range mental energy illusion trapped a large number of people. Everyone had the chance to die.

“Everyone from the Moon Demon Palace…. Retreat.”

Zhuang Wan’er looked deeply at the blue haired youth in the branches before giving the order.

The geniuses of the Moon Demon Palace looked at one another before retreating and doing their best to take some of the others in the illusions as well.

Zhao Feng didn’t really mind about these retreating geniuses and focused mainly on those from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

“Everyone from the Black Cliff Palace retreat.”

Chi Gui had awoken and gave the order after Zhuang Wan’er.

Specialising in eye bloodline, he understood how terrifying Zhao Feng was right now. Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline was immeasurable. Chi Gui had never seen something more terrifying. Probably only the Eight Great God’s Eye could suppress Zhao Feng’s.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level had surpassed normal early stage True Lord Ranks and with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul supporting him, his energy was continuous.

Apart from Zhuang Wan’er and Ye Yanyu, probably no one else would be able to take an eye or two from Zhao Feng.


Ye Yanyu bit her lips and forced down the anger and unwillingness in her heart.

Maybe all three sects combined could kill Zhao Feng and even the Towering Tree Yao, but how many people will live to see that?

The price and reward weren’t comparable to one another. It was because of this Zhuang Wan’er gave up. After all, the vengeance of the Moon Demon Palace and Zhao Feng wasn’t big.

“Sister Ye, are we really going to…. ?”

Li Hong was extremely unwilling.

“I want to kill him ten times more than you, but how many others will have to die for Yu Luo and company’s death?”

Ye Yanyu shook her head bitterly. She knew that she couldn’t kill Zhao Feng anymore when Zhuang Wan’er retreated.

Only she and Zhuang Wan’er combined had a 50-60% chance of killing Zhao Feng. Only Lu Tianyi had the ability to kill Zhao Feng alone.

“Hahaha…. All these humans are retreating?”

The Towering Tree Yao laughed. His joy was indescribable.

Everyone from the three sects had fallen back, leaving behind ten to twenty bodies.

At this point in time, only six of the original ten True Lord Ranks had gone. Zhao Feng’s Eye of Illusion left one more True Lord Rank behind.

The expressions of those from the three sects were dark.

“A small half of the ten True Lord Ranks had fallen.”

Just thinking about this made the hearts of the geniuses go cold.

Zhao Feng stood on the branch and sent away the geniuses from the three sects with his eyes. When they retreated four to five miles out, he spoke: “Brother Tree, don’t stop. We’ll hit the dog that running away.”


The Towering Tree Yao believed in Zhao Feng’s strength and understood that the three sects might come back after a while.

It would be best to cripple the enemy.

‘These people have already retreated out four to five miles and out of my roots range. How will you take care of them?”

The Towering Tree Yao asked.

“There’s one move I can try.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

With the Wood Spirit Essence Soul supporting him, Zhao Feng decided to use that move.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng took a deep breath and became one with nature and focused all his energy.

This was the comprehension he had stolen from Xin Wuheng and he felt as if this intent had exceeded the limit of the True Lord Rank.

At the same moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye started to condense his aura.


An ancient, immeasurable, terrifying aura radiated from Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao under Zhao Feng’s feet became uneasy: “This aura seems to come from ancient times. Could this be from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races…. That’s impossible!”

The Towering Tree Yao’s Wood Spirit Essence Soul flowed in Zhao Feng without control.

“Hehe, so that’s how it is.”

The mysterious youth releasing the ancient aura suddenly laughed lightly.

Immediately following that, the Towering Tree Yao felt as if Zhao Feng’s body had lost his soul.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness lept out from his shell and stepped into the clouds.

At the same time, the geniuses of the three sects had retreated five to six miles, out of the Towering Tree Yao’s roots’ range.

“Everybody relax. That brat won’t dare to come out even if he had another one hundred guts.”

“This bastard only relies on the Towering Tree Yao’s protection. If he dares to follow, he’ll find his own death.”

Unwilling voices sounded from amongst the group.

However, at this instance, everyone felt an uneasy pressure.

There seemed to be an eye in the sky that coldly watched their every move.

The uneasiness and pressure became stronger and stronger.

Some of those with lower cultivation felt their body go cold and as if they had been stripped naked and thrown into a pool of ice.

“Oh my god, that’s….”

A couple geniuses looked up instinctively and instantly became paralyzed. Their voices trembled and became dazed.

More and more looked up to the sky and seemed to be struck by lightning.

Unknowingly, a transparent blue Eye of Heaven had appeared in the sky and watched coldly to the earth below.

“That eye….”

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er’s heart shook.

Everyone below the True Lord Rank trembled from the pressure.

“This eye again…. What kind of powers does it have?”

Chi Gui took a deep breath.

Although this was the second time he saw the Eye of Heaven, the power the eye brought the first time was nowhere as strong as this.

However, the aura and momentum this eye brought was something that Chi Gui could only look up to. Instinct told Chi Gui that this eye had power that he couldn’t imagine.

This was what Zhao Feng was testing out.