King Of Gods Chapter 434

Chapter 434 - Battle across the Air
Chapter 434 - Battle across the Air

Purple Saint Ruins.

Within a densely populated area of branches.

Zhao Feng seemed to be a shell without a soul. His face was expressionless, but his blue hair waved in the air.

Next to him was a blood silver corpse with a savage expression. Its aura was comparable to the early stage True Lord Rank and it was like a loyal guard.

However, at this point in time, this True Lord Rank blood silver ghost corpse trembled uneasily.

Even the Towering Tree Yao protecting the two sighed in despair.

Several miles away.

Lu Tianyi’s slightly fat and lazy figure closed in step by step. His every movement and action caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several hundred miles to whistle and caused the wind to howl.

Every time he took a step he would move forward half a mile.

Lu Tianyi’s level had surpassed normal True Lord Ranks and everyone present was stunned.

Those from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect raised their heads proudly with expectation.

Ye Yanyu was amongst the group and murmured to herself: “With Brother Lu here, even the Towering Tree Yao can’t protect Zhao Feng.”

In terms of strength, Brother Lu wasn’t much off the Towering Tree Yao.

However, the Towering Tree Yao was injured and its strength wasn’t even half of its peak battle power and had a very obvious flaw.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yanyu looked up at the sky.

In the clouds.

A large blue air looked coldly down at the earth.

The existence of the Eye of Heaven brought an uneasiness and pressure on the disciples of the three sects. Even the True Lord Ranks felt it hard to resist the Eye of Heaven.

Unknowingly, Ye Yanyu felt uneasy as long as ‘it’ was still there.

Suddenly, Lu Tianyi’s footsteps paused and slowed down.

The mental energy pressure and coldness reached an entirely new level.

The disciples of the three sects hiccuped and everyone that looked into the eye felt a coldness enter their mental energy world.

“Everyone watch out! Don’t look at the eye.” Chi Gui exclaimed in a deep tone.

At this point in time, the power that the Eye of Heaven displayed was something that he could only look up to and the person facing this Eye of Heaven head-on was Lu Tianyi.

The remaining geniuses of the three sects were only slightly affected and they were several miles away.

However, even then normal True Lord Ranks didn’t dare to look at the Eye of Heaven in the air.

Before their senses were restricted, the disciples of the three sects couldn’t even see Zhao Feng and the only thing they see was this Eye of Heaven.

“This Zhao Feng…. Hiding in the back but can use this method to fight the disciples of the three sects.”

Chi Gui took a deep breath.

Luckily, Zhao Feng wasn’t focusing on them but on Lu Tianyi.

Zhao Feng at this time had his soul strengthened and much even stronger than normal peak True Lord Ranks.

At this critical moment, the Towering Tree Yao supported him without limitation.

Under the Eye of Heaven state, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye quickly absorbed the Wood Spirit Essence Soul and allowed his soul to increase rapidly.

“Kid… don’t let me come near you."

Lu Tianyi roared as killing intent materialized in his golden moon eyes. However, his thoughts and body seemed to have fallen into a freezing pond and he was extremely slow and stiff.

Every action of his would take several times longer than before.

What made Lu Tianyi infuriated was that although he had unparalleled battle power, he hadn’t even seen what the opponent looked like.

Fighting across the air was the Eye of Heaven’s best ability.

Anywhere the God’s Spiritual Eye could see, the Eye of Heaven could appear.

The legendary ‘killing people from a thousand miles away’ was a reality to Zhao Feng.

Furthermore, the God’s Spiritual Eye was full of unblockable methods.

The disciples of the three sects at the back looked at Lu Tianyi’s progress in shock. He would take a step then pause for a while as he slowly approached the Towering Tree Yao.

This was an invisible clash of powers.

Every step Lu Tianyi took, victory became one step closer.

“If Lu Tianyi gets close, I won’t be able to fight back.”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness was in the sky as he looked down. His mental energy level had barely reached a level where he could fight Lu Tianyi.

However, in terms of battle power, Lu Tianyi almost had the ability to challenge those at the Origin Core Realm. At least the Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch and Grand Elder of the Imperials weren’t his match.

Once Lu Tianyi got close, Zhao Feng would be in danger.

Luckily, Zhao Feng’s target wasn’t fighting Lu Tianyi and the disciples of the three sects.

It was already a miracle for him to push a hundred disciples of the three sects back and slay many of the ten True Lord Ranks.


Zhao Feng ordered the blood silver corpse next to him to charge out.

Although he was trying his best, Lu Tianyi was still getting closer.


When Lu Tianyi got close around to a hundred to two hundred yards, the blood silver True Lord Rank ghost corpse lept out.

“Dammit, this brat…..”

Chi Gui’s expression was slightly ugly as this ghost corpse not long ago was his.

Seeing the True Lord Rank ghost corpse charge over, Lu Tianyi only faintly looked at it and didn’t put it into his eyes.

Although he was restricted by the Eye of Ice Soul, normal True Lord Ranks could still be able to be killed by a flick of his fingers.

Eye of Illusion!

The Eye of Heaven suddenly released a surge of mental energy into the air.

Lu Tianyi felt as if the Eye of Heaven extended to the other side of the world.


Lu Tianyi’s heart shook and he now stood in a limitless area filled with ice.

A prison of lightning and ice held him captive and chain after chain bounded him as his body kept on constricting.

“You’re that Zhao Feng….”

Lu Tianyi’s gold eyes constricted as he looked at the blue haired youth in front of him.

Even since their first clash, this was the first time he had seen the opponent and it was still a blurry one.

No one knew whether it was intentional or not, but Lu Tianyi still couldn’t see Zhao Feng’s face.

This meant that Lu Tianyi hadn’t seen the true Zhao Feng yet, but the opponent knew what he looked like.

Thinking up to here, Lu Tianyi felt how terrifying this person was. No wonder he could force the disciples of three sects to retreat and the ten True Lord Ranks to team up.


Lu Tianyi’s golden eyes glittered as a surge of sharp intent broke through Zhao Feng’s Eye of Illusion.

“What a powerful mental energy intent. It broke through my Eye of Illusion directly.”

Zhao Feng was moved as he looked down.

He had only felt such a similar intent from Yu Tianhao.

Although Lu Tianyi’s mental energy intent wasn’t as unique as Yu Tianhao’s, his mental energy level and cultivation was much higher.

At the same time, the blood silver corpse lept towards Lu Tianyi.

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

A ray of cold light hit Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi’s figure faintly shook as a powerful ray of cold force shot into his soul.

Under the Eye of Heaven’s state, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level and power reached a maximum.

Because of the Towering Tree Yao’s limitless support, Zhao Feng could last up to now and keep on fighting.


Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. This was a perfect opportunity for the blood silver corpse to attack Lu Tianyi.

At this instance. Lu Tianyi was hit by the Ice Soul Shooting Line and his body froze, unable to react.


The blood silver corpse opened its mouth and bit towards Lu Tianyi.


A faint golden Qi of True Spirit suddenly opened and sent the blood silver corpse flying.


One of the corpse's arms broke and its body almost split into two.

“How is this possible…. It can’t even break through the Qi of True spirit protection.”

Zhao Feng’s heart became solemn. Lu Tianyi was first imprisoned by the Eye of Illusion for a short instant and then hit by the Ice Soul Shooting Line and this opportunity was grasped perfectly by the blood silver corpse.

All of this timing was captured perfectly by Zhao Feng but he didn’t think that the blood silver corpse couldn’t even break Lu Tianyi’s protective Qi of True Spirit and almost broke instead.

From this, one could see how strong Lu Tianyi’s battle power was. He had almost reached the Origin Core Realm level. No wonder he could survive from being pursued by a beast at the Origin Core Realm.


Lu Tianyi waved his palm and the blood silver corpse was blasted to smithereens by a flash of a golden moon.


The True Lord Rank blood silver corpse shattered and a powerful wave of golden air swept across everything within a mile to two miles radius and even to where Zhao Feng was at.

“This bastard…. Using my ghost corpse as cannon fodder.”

Chi Gui behind gritted his teeth.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness returned to his body. His face was pale and shook slightly from the powerful gust of golden wind.

Zhao Feng was expressionless after losing one True Lord Rank ghost corpse.

Ceng Ceng!

Two dark silver poison corpses appeared close to Zhao Feng.

On top of that, a small scorpion the size of a palm appeared on his hand. Its body had dots on it, but its eyes were red and cold.