King Of Gods Chapter 435

Chapter 435 - Little Thieving Cat’s Turn
Chapter 435 - Little Thieving Cat’s Turn

This dotted little scorpion was the one that Zhao Feng had found in the cave.

This youngling scorpion’s bloodline rank wasn’t any weaker than the ancient giant scorpions and it was a varied type whose future was immeasurable.

“Although this scorpion’s strength can’t threaten those at the True Spirit Realm, its inherited all of the ancient scorpion’s poison and maybe even stronger.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

Theoretically, the poison of the youngling scorpion is able to kill those at the True Spirit Realm, but under the condition that it was able to slice through the opponent’s skin and draw blood first.

Another advantage of the youngling scorpion was that it was small and easy to be ignored.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Under normal situations, he would definitely raise this youngling scorpion by himself. It had the chance to become his left and right arms and status only below the little thieving cat.

Even if Zhao Feng couldn’t raise it himself, he could sell this youngling scorpion like on the Rising Dragon Auction which would sell for a high price.

However, at this critical moment, Zhao Feng had to make choices.

He had already lost a True Lord Rank ghost corpse trying to stop Lu Tianyi and win time.

The loss of the silver blood ghost corpse allowed Zhao Feng to understand Lu Tianyi’s strength more.

And now Zhao Feng’s two dark silver poison corpses and youngling scorpion might need to be sacrificed.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t hesitate too much because the benefits from the Towering Tree Yao was worth far more.

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul had strengthened Zhao Feng’s soul to the peak True Lord Rank and greatly increased the power of Zhao Feng’s eye. Most of the True Lord Ranks under the Origin Core Realm wouldn’t able to be able to stop Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

Furthermore, even though this was just a temporary rise, the Wood Spirit Essence Soul contained laws of life which were stored by the God’s Spiritual Eye.

With these benefits, Zhao Feng had a more than ten times higher chance of breaking through to the Origin Core Realm than other normal True Lord Ranks.

Compared with this, the loss of one or two True Lord Rank ghost corpses or the youngling scorpion was nothing.

Zhao Feng’s eyes were calm and made decisive choices.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared on his shoulder. Its size was only slightly bigger than the youngling scorpions.

“You want to attack?”

Zhao Feng communicated with the little thieving cat.

At this moment in time, Lu Tianyi had recovered and was closing in on the Towering Tree Yao. He thrust out his palm and a golden glow appeared which smashed through branches.

Booom Peng!

The Towering Tree Yao waved its branches chaotically as it fought back and tried to stop Lu Tianyi’s footsteps.

Lu Tianyi’s target wasn’t the Towering Tree Yao but Zhao Feng who was in the depths of the branches.

Amongst the Ten True Lord Ranks, probably only Lu Tianyi had the strength to charge into the Towering Tree Yao’s territory and try to slay Zhao Feng alone.

“Human, I can’t stop him for much longer.”

The Towering Tree Yao’s helpless and puffing voice sounded.

Due to the loss of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, its battle power was only half of its peak and couldn’t stop Lu Tianyi.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s consciousness once again disappeared from his body as a large blue eye appeared in the skies that looked down coldly and locked onto Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi’s figure trembled as his mind and body slowed down.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat disappeared from Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Shua Shua!

Along with it’s, disappearance was the youngling scorpion.

The two dark silver poison corpses stood on Zhao Feng’s left and right and didn’t attack.

“Little thieving cat, it’s up to you.”

Zhao Feng coldly gazed down at Lu Tianyi with his Eye of Ice Soul.

Under this state, the Eye of Ice Soul’s power was greatly increased and was able to slow down Lu Tianyi.

What made Zhao Feng surprised was that the little thieving cat not only could make itself invisible, it could also make the youngling scorpion invisible.

Although Zhao Feng had the Yin Shadow Cloak, an inheritance treasure which could stealth himself, it was limited to himself and couldn’t make others invisible with him.

From this one could see that as the little thieving cat grew, its abilities also became stronger.

Zhao Feng was expectant of what the little thieving cat would do to try and stop or slow down Lu Tianyi’s footsteps.

From the current situation, it was almost impossible to kill Lu Tianyi.

From the beginning to end, Zhao Feng focused on the words ‘slow down’, and tried his best to slow down Lu Tianyi’s approach.

Through the Eye of Heaven, Zhao Feng was able to faintly catch traces of the little thieving cat and youngling scorpion which were invisible.

“It’s almost impossible for those under the Origin Core Realm to detect the little thieving cat.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. It could be said that the little thieving cat was a natural thief that thrived in darkness.

Probably only Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could counter the little thieving cat’s talent.

Even when the little thieving cat was within twenty yards of Lu Tianyi, the latter didn’t realize anything.

At this instance, Zhao Feng’s heart tightened.

Twenty yards… fifteen yards…. Ten yards…. The little thieving cat took the youngling scorpion and closed in on Lu Tianyi.

Only when the little thieving cat was five or six yards away did Lu Tianyi seem to detect something.

After all, his cultivation had reached the half step Origin Core Realm and had almost exceeded the True Spirit Realm. Even though he was locked on by the Eye of Ice Soul he sensed something.

Lu Tianyi’s actions didn’t escape Zhao Feng’s eyes.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. He knew how terrifying Lu Tianyi was and just the circulation of his protecting Qi of True Spirit was able to kill some weaker True Lords.

At this point, all Lu Tianyi needed to do was release his Qi of True Spirit and it was enough to kill the little thieving cat and the youngling scorpion.

The little thieving cat’s true battle power was at most only close to the True Lord Rank and specialized in its talent and abilities.


The little thieving cat and youngling scorpion suddenly revealed themselves and charged at Lu Tianyi.

Five yards… four yards… three yards…

The little thieving cat quickly closed in.

The youngling scorpion’s speed obviously wasn’t as fast as the little thieving cat’s but the latter had used its Mystic Snake Blood Whip to wrap around the youngling scorpion and quickly flew towards Lu Tianyi.

The distance of four to five yards was less than half a breath for the little thieving cat.

Facing the sudden appearance of the little thieving cat, Lu Tianyi wasn’t able to dodge or evade as he was locked on by the Eye of Ice Soul.

“Hmph, another coming to die.”

Lu Tianyi’s mouth curled in mockery. He didn’t even think about evading because his speed was decreased and his protective Qi of True Spirit was still there.

Once the little thieving cat and the youngling scorpion got close Lu Tianyi could kill the two just with his protective Qi of True Spirit.

“Little thieving cat, you should know that you can’t break through Lu Tianyi’s defense with your power.”

Zhao Feng’s eye still remained in the sky and looked down.

Sou! Xiu---

As the little thieving cat and youngling scorpion arrived in front of Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi was ready and released his Qi of True Spirit into a golden wave of light that swept across dozens of yards, enough to kill normal True Lord Ranks.

Zhao Feng’s heart reached his throat.

His God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely precise in analyzing strength: the little thieving cat and youngling scorpion had no power to fight back against Lu Tianyi.

Putting them aside, even Zhao Feng might be instantly killed by Lu Tianyi if the latter got close.


Lu Tianyi’s boy released a surge of gold light that turned the leaves and branches of the Towering Tree Yao into dust.

The area surrounding Lu Tianyi seemed to have evaporated and the Towering Tree Yao moaned powerlessly at the same time.

“Little thieving cat!”

Ye Yanyu who was spectating from behind exclaimed with an ugly expression.

She had a special feeling towards the little thieving cat even if it had teamed up with Zhao Feng and calculated her.

She felt unwilling and sad at the little thieving cat’s death.

“Bastard Zhao Feng, how can you be so cold-hearted to send the little thieving cat to its death?”

Ye Yanyu bit her lips and looked at the Eye of Heaven in the sky.

The Eye of Heaven was just a larger version of Zhao Feng’s left eye.

At this instance, the Eye of Heaven was cold and emotionless. It was as if the death of the little thieving cat and youngling scorpion didn’t bring any emotion into Zhao Feng.

The Eye of Heaven still released a cold energy that locked onto Lu Tianyi.

“Hahaha….. You can send all the cannon fodder you have.”

Lu Tianyi laughed.

Although his speed was limited, he still approached Zhao Feng bit by bit.


Lu Tianyi saw a blue-haired youth in the depths of the branches. It seemed soulless and didn’t move.

Next to the blue haired youth were two dark silver poison corpses.

A gruesome smile appeared on Lu Tianyi’s face as he started to laugh.

“Brother Zhao Feng, the Ruins Treasured Palace will descend in three breaths.”

A soft voice of a female sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and let out a breath.

From this moment onwards, in the count of three, the Ruins Treasured palace would descend and Zhao Feng’s mission would be complete.

However, Lu Tianyi would definitely be able to get close to Zhao Feng in three breaths time.

Zhao Feng estimated that even if he survived the two dark silver poison corpses wouldn’t be able to.

“Zhao Feng… no matter how cold and calculating you are, you still can’t escape death.”

Ye Yanyu’s face was filled with cold killing intent. She then saw the calm Eye in the sky which didn’t have any panic at all.

The Eye of Heaven even had mockery within it.

“Little thieving cat, you are indeed smart.”

A sound reverberated across the mental energy dimension.

In the next instant.

Miao Miao!

A small grey cat the size of a palm appeared right in front of Lu Tianyi.


How is this possible?

The geniuses of the three sects behind all watched with bulging eyes.

Immediately following that.


The youngling scorpion was flung out by the little thieving cat’s whip and went straight into Lu Tianyi’s laughing mouth.