King Of Gods Chapter 437

Chapter 437 - Void God Realm King
Chapter 437 - Void God Realm King

Mountains of an island in the limitless ocean.

There were three indescribable ‘powers’ that were like three balls of holy light which seemed to suppress gods and demons alike here.

The golden skeleton was filled with the air of death, the moon robed female was pure and holy while black air surrounded the King of the Wicked path.

The three Void God Realm Kings seemed to have locked the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby and a pressure from the soul suppressed the living beings nearby.

As time passed, the screen in front of the mountain started to change and all of the experts including the three Kings at the Void God Realm stared at the image of a mysterious canyon.

Slowly but steadily, the expressions of the three Void God Realms became solemn.

The appearance of the Eye of Heaven changed the expressions of the three kings and when Lu Tianyi arrived, the experts present started to cheer him on.

However, after the battle with the Eye of Heaven and the little thieving cat’s miraculous ability, it was unknown whether Lu Tianyi was alive or dead and the atmosphere dropped.

“That little cat has the ‘spatial escape’ talent.”

“If I’m not wrong in that instance, the cat hid within Lu Tianyi’s interspatial ring.”

The golden skeleton and Wicked Path King looked at each other with surprise.

After all, these two were at the Void God realm and had guesses just by seeing a blurry image.

Lu Tianyi was poisoned and his state was unknown. The moon robed female had furrowed eyebrows with wary.

Although Lu Tianyi wasn’t her disciple, Lu Tianyi’s talent and potential was definitely amongst the top in the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

It would be a huge loss for the Sect if they lost such a genius.

The golden skeleton and Wicked path King were surprised and were gloating.

In that clash in the mysterious canyon, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect had lost many True Lord Ranks and the casualties of the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace were less.

After a while, the images of the screen suddenly became blurry and twisted.

“Ruins Treasured Palace!”

A couple of the experts present exclaimed.

The Ruins Treasured Palace had landed exactly where Zhao Feng was at.

Immediately following that.

Shua Shua!

Lu Tianyi and Li Hong were sent back to the outside world into the air above the mountains.

The expression of the moon robed female changed as she saw Lu Tianyi and Li Hong.

It was obvious that the situation of the two True Lord Ranks made her even feel slightly troublesome.

“Rescue Tianyi first.”

The moon robed female lightly waved her hand and an arc of brilliant silver moonlight enveloped Lu Tianyi.


Lu Tianyi moaned out in pain even though he was unconscious.

Straight after that.


A youngling scorpion the size of a palm was restrained in a glow of silver moonlight and landed on the moon robed female’s hand.

Who knew what method the moon robed goddess aunt had used to take out the scorpion choked in Lu Tianyi’s throat.

“This youngling scorpion is a rare ancient variation beast.”

The moon robed female restricted the youngling scorpion then took out a crystal bottle and threw out a drop of liquid onto Lu Tianyi’s body.

“Sacred Spirit Purifying Liquid!”

The golden skeleton and Wicked path King were slightly moved.

After using the Sacred Spirit Purifying Liquid, the poison in Lu Tianyi’s body was soon removed and he escaped the threat of dying.

When Lu Tianyi woke up, he told the situation in detail.

“If I’m not wrong, then Zhao Feng knew the time when the Ruins Treasured Palace would descend.”

“Looks like the worst situation has happened. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit has already chosen an inheritor.”

“The inheritor is obviously an outsider.”

The expressions of the three Void God Realm Kings became more and more solemn.

Zhao Feng was obviously not the inheritor of the Purple Saint Ruins because he didn’t enter the palace first and had waited for a long time.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Zhao Feng was helping the inheritor of the Ruins and consolidating the flaw of the ruins.

The worst result was that the Purple Saint Ruins might switch owners.

“We don’t need to worry too much. If the inheritor can’t break through to the Origin Core Realm within tens of years. then they can’t truly control the Ruins.” The golden skeleton said deeply.

After all, the Purple Saint Ruins was a singular dimension and a True Spirit Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to fully refine and control it even with the help of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

“That’s right, our three sects only need to try and waste the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s energy and after all of its energy runs out, we can attack the Purple Saint Ruins without any difficulty.”

The man of the Wicked Path smiled.

The three Kings had already sensed the change of the Purple Saint Ruins and had their own guesses which weren’t too far away from the truth.

“The chance of a measly True Mystic Rank reaching the Origin Core Realm within tens of years is extremely low. Even Lu Tianyi of my sect wasn’t able to do so.” The moon robed female smiled faintly.

The difference between the True Spirit Realm and Origin Core Realm was like a chasm that separated heaven and earth.

For example, the Canopy Great Countries eight major forces had countless True Spirit Realm experts and some True Lord Ranks, but even a country this big didn’t produce an Origin Core Realm within the past hundred years. From this, one could see its difficulty.

Even in the legendary two-star sects, the number of Origin Core Realms were few and the birth of any was worthy to be celebrated.

“Furthermore, it’s not like we don’t have any traces as well.”

The moon robed goddess’ eyes flashed.


The other two Kings at the Void God Realm turned towards the moon robed goddess aunt.

The moon robed goddess aunt didn’t say anything and instead lifted up the youngling scorpion.

“So that’s how it is.”

The golden skeleton and Wicked path King understood.

The trace was the youngling scorpion.

Because it was Zhao Feng’s spiritual pet, the two had a connection between them.

“This ancient variation beast will be raised by the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect. The stronger it is, the more powerful it’s connection with that Zhao Feng is. When its senses are strong enough, we can even detect where his whereabouts.”

The moon robed goddess said and put away the youngling scorpion.

At the same time, in an elegant hall within the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng and the disciples of the three sects all arrived. The disciples were wary of Zhao Feng and didn’t attack him.

In reality, after the battle, Zhao Feng had exhausted a lot of energy and didn’t dare to overuse the God’s Spiritual Eye.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond had extended up to nine yards wide and reached a bottleneck.

Zhao Feng sensed that once the freezing pond passed the ten yards mark the God’s Spiritual Eye might undergo another change and Zhao Feng couldn’t imagine what changes there would be.


The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared.

Only Zhuang Wan’er and a small number of True Lord Ranks were able to faintly see where Zhao Feng went.

“Even if this Zhao Feng doesn’t use his eye bloodline, his strength is stronger than normal True Lord Ranks.”

The disciples of the three sects let out a breath.

“Everyone act as they see fit.”

Zhuang Wan’er’s figures flashed as well as she headed towards the Northern exit. Her target was Zhao Feng.

The reason why she did this wasn’t that of just instinct but also her analysis.

Following Zhao Feng might result in unexpected benefits.

“This chick’s following me and not letting me go. She has no sign of any killing intent at all.”

Zhao Feng moved through the complex hall by following the map of the Purple saint Treasured Palace but he still couldn’t shake off Zhuang Wan’er.

Zhuang Wan’er’s strength was comparable to Ye Yanyu’s and was she stronger than the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

Without the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to overuse the God’s Spiritual Eye and his battle power wasn’t enough to beat her.

Soon after Zhao Feng and Zhuang Wan’er disappeared, Ye Yanyu stepped into the Purple Saint Treasured Palace.

As time passed, more and more geniuses entered the Purple Saint Treasured Palace. They weren’t just from the three sects but also geniuses from other clans that were subordinates of the three sects.

Even the three Void God Realm Kings couldn’t see the situation within the Purple Saint Treasure Palace.

Several days later.

Shua Shua!

Two geniuses from the three parties came out from the Purple Saint Treasured Palace. Once they were sent out from the Purple Saint Treasured Palace, they would exit the ruins.

These geniuses were sullen and disappointed.

The Ruins Treasured Palace was split into three floors.

Most of the geniuses only moved around on the Ten Thousand Imagery floor, which was the first floor.

If they could find a suitable inheritance, the Ten Thousand Imagery Treasured Palace was also full of fortune.

Ten Thousand Imagery meant that anyone could find a suitable inheritance.

In the outside world, in the mountains.

Shua Shua!

An occasional one or two geniuses would be sent out.

The number of people that had entered the Ruins Treasured Palace this time was more than the last a hundred times due to the Purple Saint Ruins ‘change.’

The three Kings at the Void God Realm watched closely to the change in the Purple Saint Ruins and were almost completely sure that the Purple Saint Ruins had an inheritor who was refining this space.

When any genius came out, the three Void God Realm King would question them but none of them had seen Zhao Feng after entering the Ruins Treasured Palace.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed by.

The Purple Saint Ruins was coming to an end and most of the geniuses of the three sects had been sent out.

Only Ye Yanyu, Zhuang Wan’er and a small number of geniuses, as well as Zhao Feng, weren’t sent out yet.

“If Zhao Feng is sent out…. Will he appear in the Tianlu Islands or return to where he came from?”

The moon robed goddess aunt suddenly had a thought. After all, the geniuses entering the Purple Saint Ruins all had their respective inheritance tokens whereas Zhao Feng didn’t.

At this point in time.

Azure Flower Continent, Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Two months had passed by and the occasional flash of light would appear on the arena, representing the return of a certain genius.


At a certain instance, an ancient azure door appeared in the clouds.

“It’s the aura of the Heaven Legacy Inheritance!”

The nine Sovereigns and experts of the continent exclaimed.


A youth stepped out from the Heaven Legacy Inheritance door. His cultivation had reached the early stage True Lord Rank.

“Yu Tianhao!”

Chaos broke out amongst the spectators, but the elders of the Ten Thousand Origin Clan had ugly expressions because Xin Wuheng had also entered the Heaven Legacy Inheritance but the latter hadn’t come out.