King Of Gods Chapter 442

Chapter 442 - Chapter Leader!
Chapter 442 - Chapter Leader!

In the desolate forest, Zhao Feng’s eyebrows were furrowed and he rubbed his temples. A wave of pain came from his left eye.

He didn’t know if it was just him, but the freezing pond in his left eye started to ripple. It was as if an ice mountain was about to melt.

“This feeling…”

Zhao Feng felt slightly tired.

He had a similar feeling before when the God’s Spiritual Eye went through a change, but it hurt more this time.

It was fine if he didn’t use his God’s Spiritual Eye, but once he did the pain would be tens of times to hundreds of times stronger.

Zhao Feng couldn’t confirm whether this was because he had overused his eye in the Ruins or his God’s Spiritual Eye was about to evolve.

Maybe it was a bit of both and it had started to undergo an unknown change.

The change in the God’s Spiritual Eye and what it would turn into was something Zhao Feng couldn’t control.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng was expectant and slightly worried for it. He didn’t know what the next change of the God’s Spiritual Eye would be.


Zhao Feng forcefully calmed himself down and circulated his bloodline power.


A cooling sensation rushed into the dimension of his left eye and blocked off the freezing pond.

In the next instant, Zhao Feng’s left iris became black again but was dim.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the cold of the freezing aura had disappeared and was replaced by a smooth, watery feel.

“My bloodline power’s element is indeed directly linked to the God’s Spiritual Eye.”

Zhao Feng found that the state of his bloodline was between ice and water.


Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power and sent a flower of ice and lightning into the air. A ripple of water-like substance bloomed like a crystal.

The change in power of the palm wasn’t much different, but Zhao Feng found that his control and usage of his bloodline power was more than twice as smooth as before.

Zhao Feng didn’t know whether the change in the God’s Spiritual Eye was good or bad, but he was confident that, even if he didn’t use his God’s Spiritual Eye, his battle power and hidden cards were enough to dominate the Thirteen Countries and two Strong Countries.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to easily use the God’s Spiritual Eye and wasn’t sure where to go.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto his shoulder and threw a couple old coins into the air before smiling and pointing toward a certain direction.

“Little diviner, I’ll believe you for once.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile. He half-believed and half-doubted the little thieving cat’s divination ability.


Zhao Feng turned into a blurry arc of lightning that sped toward a certain area.

According to the direction the little thieving cat pointed out, Zhao Feng flew several thousand miles at once.

In front were barren lands, but there was the occasional river and lake which made Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye feel familiar and close.

Zhao Feng obviously met some deadly beasts in this period, but he killed them with a flick of his fingers.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and could be considered a half-step True Lord Rank. Even if he didn’t use his God’s Spiritual Eye, he wasn’t scared of normal True Lord Ranks.

After getting a little tired, Zhao Feng summoned the Azure Swallow from the ancient metal ring.

The ancient metal ring was indeed a worthy present given by the Purple Saint Partial Spirit. It could store normal items as well as spiritual pets.

Because he didn’t focus on raising it, the Azure Swallow’s cultivation was only at the half-step True Spirit Realm, but its flying capability was much stronger than normal True Spirit Realms.

After flying another several thousand miles, Zhao Feng still didn’t escape the barren lands and was slightly angered; he was ready to pull out the little thieving cat and question it.

Right at this moment.

Sou Sou Sou----

From a canyon below, next to a long river, sprouted seven or eight figures.

These figures had considerable cultivation: the weakest was a Seventh Sky Ascended Realm, there were two half-step True Spirit Realms, and the leader was an expert at the True Spirit Realm.

“Bastard from the Iron Dragon Alliance, die~~~~!”

“How are they so fast? The people from the Iron Dragon Alliance have already pursued up to here?”

These figures seemed to have just found Zhao Feng and charged over with red eyes and killing intent.

Zhao Feng didn’t even know what was going on and was innocently being attacked.

He quickly scanned over these people and saw that the seven or eight of them were ruffled. It was obvious that they had fought a battle not long ago.

The leader was a brown-robed elder who was at the True Spirit Realm and was stronger than Master Haiyun from back then.

“Everyone watch out. Although this person’s extremely young, he’s at the True Spirit Realm.”

He couldn’t detect Zhao Feng’s cultivation, but he was certain that the latter was at the True Spirit Realm.

They had just fought several battles and their strength wasn’t at their peak.

The other six or seven people instantly became cautious. Although they had more people, they would still pay a huge price to heavily injure or kill a True Spirit Realm expert.

In a normal situation, they would lose over half of their people to win.

Zhao Feng’s expression turned from surprise to joy and interest after being surrounded by the eight people.

There were finally people!

Zhao Feng let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Zhao Feng become happy instead of shocked after being surrounded, the brown-robed elder’s face became more solemn and he cursed in his heart.

“Bastard, give your name before you die.”

It was a half-step True Spirit Realm wealthy-robed youth who shouted.

Facing this situation, Zhao Feng instinctively used his Eye of Heart to question these people with the highest efficiency, but the pain from his God’s Spiritual Eye made him give up this thought.

Aye, he wasn’t used to the days of not using the God’s Spiritual Eye.

Zhao Feng sighed helplessly, but thinking about it, a smile appeared on his face.

In the past, he had the God’s Spiritual Eye and its abilities revealed everything in front of him.

The feeling of control was powerful but made the process lose its flavor.

And now? Zhao Feng didn’t dare to easily use his God’s Spiritual Eye and could experience the life of “normal people.”

This change in state of heart made Zhao Feng’s cold expression melt and become more playful.

“Oh well, I’ll let you all know who I am before you die… this Chapter Leader’s name is Zhao Feng.”

Zhao Feng pretended to be mysterious and gave his name.

Back then, Zhao Feng had participated in the Thirteen Countries Alliance Banquet and came first. His name was struck across the Thirteen Countries.

Although two years had passed, Zhao Feng still believed that his name wasn’t fully forgotten by the people.

Zhao Feng?

The seven to eight people paused slightly and a couple of them started to think but couldn’t remember any True Spirit Realm expert called Zhao Feng.

“No… never heard of him before.”

The people glanced at each other with puzzlement and surprise, then all turned toward the brown-robed elder.

The brown-robed elder was obviously very experienced and knew most of the True Spirit Realms in the Cloud area.

However, the brown-robed elder also shook his head and locked his eyebrows.

In the two Strong Countries, such a young True Spirit Realm genius would’ve been among Bei Moi and company who had entered the Sacred True Dragon Gathering months ago.

Seeing the expression of these people, Zhao Feng was very surprised.

Back then, he was considered famous across the Thirteen Countries, but these people didn’t even know his name.

This surprised him.

Only the wealthy-robed youth at the half-step True Spirit Realm murmured to himself, “This name seemed to appear two years ago on the wanted-dead list.”


“Chapter Leader Zhao… Chapter Leader!?” The brown-robed elder’s heart jumped as he stared at Zhao Feng with fear.

Across the Cloud area, True Spirit Realm cultivators were high up and usually all at least an Elder.

The title of Chapter Leader sounded like a mid-tier title, which was impossible for the Cloud area.

Only True Lord Rank cultivators from several hundred years ago, when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion almost united the continent, were given the title of Chapter Leader.

Especially in the past few years, the spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were starting to come back to life in the edges of the continent.

The Iron Dragon Alliance seemed to be backed up by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. This wasn’t a secret amongst the upper echelons of the Cloud area.

“Could this person be…?”

The brown-robed elder started to sweat coldly as he panicked with fear.

If his guesses were right, then even if his party was several times stronger, it still wouldn’t be enough to fill the gap in the opponent’s teeth.

Any one of the Chapter Leaders of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion would be enough to rule a side.

Back then, any Chapter of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion could destroy the Cloud area.

“That’s right, I’m Chapter Leader Zhao,” Zhao Feng said casually and didn’t disagree.

He was the Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion and, from the brown-robed elder’s reaction, he had his guesses.

This wasn’t the Thirteen Countries, and if this place wasn’t the Iron Dragon Strong Country then it was the Sky Rich Strong Country.

No one from the Thirteen Countries would not know Zhao Feng’s name.

After all, he had won the Alliance Banquet and gained a warrant from Master Haiyun afterward.

So, was this place the Sky Rich Strong Country or the Iron Dragon Strong Country?

“The Iron Dragon Alliance thinks too much of me to send out an expert of your level to kill us.”

The brown-robed elder took a cold breath and helplessness appeared on his face.

Zhao Feng’s aura was unfathomable and seemed to envelope the world. The brown-robed elder couldn’t see through it.

Hearing the opponent call himself “Chapter Leader,” the brown-robed elder was 50-60% sure who he was.

“Third Highness, quickly escape and meet up with Old Su and Princess Jin. Leave him to this old man!”

The brown-robed elder yelled as his Qi of True Spirit started to burn.

In that instant, a radius of twenty to thirty yards became covered with yellow light and crushed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was surprised as his body became slightly heavier.

To stop Zhao Feng, the brown-robed elder had burnt his Qi of True Spirit to give “Third Highness” and company a chance to escape.

“Elder Jiang, you-”

The wealthy-robed youth, or Third Highness, had red and teary eyes as he retreated with the other six people.

Before he retreated, he gave a deep glance toward the blue-haired youth. Who was he to make the powerful Elder Jiang feel despair?

Stone Dragon Fort Domain!

The brown-robed Elder Jiang roared as he burnt his Qi of True Spirit and thrust out several palms of yellow stone dragons that engulfed Zhao Feng’s figure.