King Of Gods Chapter 443

Chapter 443 - Iron Dragon Alliance
Chapter 443 - Iron Dragon Alliance

Stone Dragon Fort Domain!

The brown-robed Elder Jiang used his killing move and the faint roar of a dragon seemed to reverberate across space. The brilliant glow of yellow instantly lit up everything within dozens of yards.

Stone dragons, one after another, crushed toward Zhao Feng and created deadly destruction as they twisted and turned.

The devastating power made the True Force of “Third Highness” and company tremble.

True Spirit Realms were indeed worthy of being looked up to. Their methods made others watch in awe.

At this moment, the brown-robed Elder Jiang had burnt his Qi of True Spirit and was confident he could even stop normal True Mystic Ranks for a while to give Third Highness time to escape.

“Elder Jiang’s true strength has reached this degree? Can that blue-haired youth really block Elder Jiang’s attacks?”

Third Highness couldn’t help but look back while he ran.

He didn’t dare to go against Elder Jiang’s orders, but the blue-haired youth’s age was even lower than his own. What methods did he have to make even Elder Jiang panic in fear and put his life on the line for a chance to let Third Highness escape?

Third Highness felt unwilling and had a strong sense of questioning.

Boom Boom Boom!!

The dragons crushed toward the blue-haired youth and created loud explosions.

Third Highness and company had only run out a hundred yards.

“Is he dead?”

The other seven slowed down and looked back toward the area filled with dust.

All of them were filled with joy.

Maybe the blue-haired youth wasn’t very strong and was actually killed by Elder Jiang in one move.

“Without any resistance…. Is this real?”

Elder Jiang’s breathing rate quickened as his face went pale white.

The blue-haired youth in his sight had been killed in one move.

The sudden “victory” made Elder Jiang feel uneasy.

When the dust fell, the blue-haired youth had disappeared along with the wind and there were no traces of his aura.

“Hahaha, that so-called Chapter Leader is only so-so.”

“We’ve only heard of Elder Jiang’s Stone Dragon Fort Domain in rumors and it indeed lives up to its name.”

Third Highness and company’s worry turned to happiness as their footsteps stopped.

A hum of lightning flashed through the air.

“Not good, run~~~~!”

Elder Jiang seemed to sense something and yelled.

Third Highness and company were all stunned.

“Too late.”

Before they could react, a cold emotionless voice sounded next to their ears.


A faint flash of lightning condensed in the air above them.


Third Highness and company looked up in shock.

A blue-haired youth surrounded in waves of lightning had appeared above them.

“Third Highness, run! – Scarlet Moon Bitch, come and fight me!”

Elder Jiang roared with hate and regret.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with him and a ripple of lightning enveloped the six or seven people below him.

The azure lightning instantly rolled over a twenty to thirty yard radius and covered the group.


The six or seven people started to tremble.

Half a breath later.

Plop Plop Plop!

Third Highness and company fell to the ground in fear.

The numbing sensation made them unable to move even a finger. They could only watch as the blue-haired youth landed.

“You’re that Third Highness?”

The blue-haired youth walked up to the wealthy-robed youth and asked casually.

Amongst the group, this wealthy-robed youth was the strongest and his cultivation had reached the half-step True Spirit Realm. Thus, he was able to last half a breath.

“You can torture, kill me, or do whatever you want.”

Third Highness tried to calm himself down in front of the fear of death.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t plan on questioning them as this would take too much time.

His eyes turned toward the brown-robed Elder Jiang who was quickly closing in.

“I’ll ask, you answer. If you say half a false word, this Chapter Leader will chop off his leg.”

Killing intent appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. Elder Jiang’s footsteps froze. The wisp of killing intent from the blue-haired youth made him feel cold.

Most importantly, Third Highness was held hostage.

According to his analysis, the opponent had reached the True Mystic Rank at the least. There was no chance at all.

“You ask.”

Elder Jiang sighed heavily with bitterness and Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

The group fell dead silent, awaiting Zhao Feng’s “questioning.”

First question.

“Where is this?”

The blue-haired youth asked casually.


Third Highness and company felt as if their throats had been choked, but Elder Jiang didn’t dare respond slowly, “This is the edge of the Former Sky Rich Strong Country. Another several thousand miles southeast will be the closest city of the Sky Rich Strong Country.”

Sky Rich Strong Country.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. This wasn’t far off from his guesses.

This place could only be near the two strong countries as no one didn’t know Zhao Feng in the Thirteen Countries.

“Why is this called the Former Sky Rich Strong Country? What kind of existence is the Iron Dragon Alliance?”

Zhao Feng continued asking.

“Are you… not from the Cloud area?”

Elder Jiang was puzzled.

Did this youth not know that the Sky Rich Strong Country had been destroyed and the Former Sky Rich Strong Country was now the territory of the Iron Dragon Alliance?

After some questioning, Zhao Feng now knew what the current situation of the Cloud area was.

Before Zhao Feng had left, the balance between the Iron Dragon Strong Country and Sky Rich Strong Country had been broken.

From the surface, it was because the Iron Dragon Strong Country had a new True Lord Rank, but in reality, all of this was caused by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Two years ago, when the Thirteen Clan Alliance Banquet was held, the Sky Rich Strong Country had been defeated by the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

To stop the Thirteen Clans from helping the Sky Rich Strong Country, the Iron Dragon Strong Country sent their experts and attacked the geniuses in the Alliance Banquet.

Zhao Feng still remembered how the Broken Moon Clan was chased.

On that day, Master Haiyun betrayed them and attacked the original Broken Moon Clan Master, resulting in the pure and beautiful Clan Master’s death.

On that day, First Elder burnt his Qi of True Spirit and lost an arm.

On that day, Zhao Feng led the survivors and escaped the pursuit of experts at the True Spirit Realm.

Finally, Zhao Feng took First Elder’s letter to find the woman called Liu Qinxin in the Canopy Great Country.

Before he left, Zhao Feng had been wanted by Master Haiyun across the Thirteen Countries.

Thinking back to these events, Zhao Feng’s heart was mixed.

Without the situation back then, there would be no current him.

This was also why Zhao Feng gave up the chance to stay in the Purple Saint Ruins and chose to return here.

“The Iron Dragon Alliance has control of the Iron Dragon Strong Country, while the Sky Rich Strong Country and Thirteen Countries are now subordinates. It could be said that the entire Cloud area has been overtaken by the Iron Dragon Strong Country and they are extending their forces outward to nearby strong countries…”

Elder Jiang’s voice was solemn when he mentioned the strength of the Iron Dragon Alliance and he paid attention to Zhao Feng’s expression while he spoke.

The blue-haired youth would occasionally have killing intent flicker and sigh.

Elder Jiang guessed that this blue-haired youth should have left the Cloud area before the Iron Dragon Alliance was created. This youth had a unique feeling toward the Cloud area, but he didn’t even know the situation of this place.

This meant that this youth might not be an enemy.

Elder Jiang let out a breath and closely inspected Zhao Feng but couldn’t remember him.

It was Third Highness who stared closely at Zhao Feng and exclaimed, “Are you the person who was wanted two years ago? The number one genius of the Thirteen Countries?”

Third Highness tried to recall the youth. The person who was wanted had azure hair and one eye, while this youth in front of them had blue hair and his left eye was dim.

“I didn’t think that there’d still be people in the Sky Rich Strong Country that remember me.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

“This means that we’re not enemies but friends…”

Third Highness was overjoyed.

“That’s right, we all come from the Sky Rich Strong Country and are the Iron Dragon Alliance’s enemies.”

“Third Highness and we are the Personal disciples of the Sky Wind Pavilion, the head of the Sky Rich Seven Clans.”

The other five or six people said with respect.

Zhao Feng recalled that the Sky Wind Pavilion was the Sky Rich Strong Country’s most powerful clan and was comparable to one of the weaker four major families of the Canopy Great Country.

Back then he had attended the Thirteen Clan Alliance Banquet and the Sky Wind Pavilion had been destroyed.

“This old one is an Elder of the Sky Wind Pavilion and not from the Imperial family. We’re trying to rise again but we’ve constantly been chased by the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

The brown-robed Elder Jiang’s face was filled with bitterness.

Zhao Feng now fully understood the situation of the Cloud area.

Put simply, the Cloud area was now ruled by the Iron Dragon Alliance and only a small number of people were resisting.

The situation was much more severe than Zhao Feng had imagined.

He even had the thought of whether he should go back to the Canopy Great Country and ask for support.

However, he quickly perished this thought.

Although the situation of the Cloud area was bad, Zhao Feng wasn’t the same as back then.

At this moment in time.

Sou Sou Sou----

The sound of flying appeared in the clouds.


Zhao Feng glanced over and saw a large blood-winged bird in the clouds. On it were more than a dozen figures and the weakest aura was at the Sixth or Seventh Sky of the Ascended Realm.

“Hahaha… spawn of the Sky Wind Pavilion, you won’t be able to escape today.”

The figures flew off the blood-winged bird.

The leader was a bony figure holding a blood-colored sickle. The person licked their lips and released an aura that dyed the skies red.

“Not good, that person is the ‘Blood Sickle Slaughterer’ who once slew a city full of tens of thousands of people and even destroyed a small Clan with a group of elites.”

The brown-robed Elder Jiang’s face went pale white.