King Of Gods Chapter 446

Chapter 446 - Princess Jin
Chapter 446 - Princess Jin

Speaking up to here, Third Highness couldn’t help but become secretly smug.

Princess Jin was beautiful and she had entered the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. He believed no one could resist this bait.

What made him disappointed was that Zhao Feng seemed to become more tired and only looked up when ‘Sacred True Dragon Gathering’ was mentioned but didn’t display too much interest.

If Third Highness was to know that this youth in front of him had not only went to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and became an overwhelming prodigy that was ranked number one or two, who knew what he would think.

Zhao Feng had never heard of Princess Jin before and only remembered Princess Linyue from the Purple Rising Great Country.

Of course, there were several thousand participants in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and those that Zhao Feng had impressions of were all at least in the top one or two hundred or those he had fought before.

More precisely said, only those ranked in the top hundred raised his interest.

For the current Zhao Feng, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was a glory of the past and didn’t have many challenges left. He was obviously not that interested in it anymore.

At this moment in time, the God’s Spiritual Eye was undergoing a change and Zhao Feng’s left eye felt unsuitable and became more tired.

He wanted to sleep.

“I’m tired from traveling, thank you all for your help.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed and said with a smile.

Hearing this, Elder Jiang, Third Highness and company all revealed looks of overwhelming joy.

Elder Jiang felt weird. Why did Zhao Feng suddenly change his mind and go with them?

He felt that this answer lay in the fact that Zhao Feng kept on rubbing his left eye.

Elder Jiang’s guesses were correct.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was evolving and he couldn’t immediately return to the

Thirteen countries. Secondly, he was interested in this Dragon Killing Alliance.

Without a doubt.

Zhao Feng returning to the Cloud area meant enmity with the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“Brother Zhao, if you please.”

Third Highness raised his hand and Elder Jiang summoned a flying eagle from the sky.

Zhao Feng didn’t decline and sat on the eagle’s back.

“We can’t stay here for long. We need to meet up with Old Su and Princess Jin as soon as possible.”

Elder Jiang controlled the flying eagle and soon flew into the clouds.

Zhao Feng didn’t ask for the address.

On the way, he asked the specific detail of the Cloud area and especially about the Iron Dragon Alliance and Thirteen countries.

Elder Jiang, Third Highness, and company answered everything.

However, as time passed, the sleepiness on Zhao Feng’s became heavier.

Miao Miao!

Zhao Feng swiped the ancient metal ring with his hand and a small grey cat slightly bigger than a palm landed on his shoulder.

A light flashed in Elder Jiang’s eyes. This was the first time he had seen an interspatial ring that could store spiritual pets.

This cat in front of him gave him an intelligent feeling and after summoning the little thieving cat, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and slept.

In the gusts of wind, Zhao Feng’s blue hair waved with a softness and mysteriousness.

The people from the Sky Rich Imperials were surprised.

They didn’t think that this youth who had defeated the Blood Sickle Slaughterer would enter sleep so casually.

However, Zhao Feng’s sleep was different from the God’s Spiritual Eye evolution last time.

On the journey, Zhao Feng would wake up every couple of hours or half a day but would fall asleep soon after.

The group from the Sky Rich Imperials was first surprised but then got used to it.

Zhao Feng’s ‘sleeping problem’ was accepted by them, even though they felt it was slightly weird.

Half a month later.

In an underground palace with dark red stones.

“Reporting to Palace Lord, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s mission ended in failure….”

A blood robed man appeared in the underground palace with respect.

In front of him was a throne but no one was on it.

Below the throne was a bath of blood which bubbled and smoked.


A flash of the color of blood appeared and an aura with a terrifying aura came into view.

The figure was filled with dark silver lines and was like a ‘blood-colored corpse’ which made others look up in fear.

“The Blood Sickle Slaughterer is only a True Human Rank member of the Iron Dragon Alliance and belongs to the Eighteenth Core Elder’s control. Why are you reporting this to me?”

The blood colored corpse sat down on the throne.

If Zhao Feng was here, he would recognize this ‘silver striped corpse’ as the 'Blood Corpse Protector'.

“Reporting to the Palace Lord, the Eighteenth Core Elder had already moved and is chasing after the Sky Rich Imperials and company. The Blood Sickle Slaughterer wanted to see Palace Lord several times but was rejected and said that the culprit’s strength was much stronger than the normal Core Elder.”

The blood robed man said uneasily.

According to the rules, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s mission should be reported to the Eighteenth Core Elder. Reporting this to the Palace Lord was ‘going too high up.’

“How did the Blood Sickle Slaughterer die?”

The silver striped ‘Palace Lord’ asked faintly and obviously had a faint impression of the Blood Sickle Slaughterer.

“The Blood Sickle Slaughterer was crippled in one move. The culprit is a blue haired youth and purposely left the Blood Sickle Slaughterer alive.”

The blood robed man said.

“Who dares to be this arrogant?”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s expression changed and even the blood robed man who told the story was surprised.

Ever since the creation of the Iron Dragon Alliance, this was the first time they had met this situation. An enemy purposely leaving someone alive to report back.

Such an arrogant person even made this Scarlet Moon Palace Lord feel shocked.

The Iron Dragon Alliance ruled the Cloud area and their forces were expanding.

Those that normally were pursued by the Iron Dragon Alliance did their best to run and hide and even if they couldn’t they did their best to kill them. Who would dare to leave someone alive?

This was provoking the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“What’s the history of this blue-haired youth?”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s face was filled with cruel killing intent.

“His history is unknown but according to our guesses, he is very likely the number one genius of the Thirteen Countries who had escaped, ‘Zhao Feng’ but the two don’t look too similar.”

The blood robed man said uncertainly and then took out a drawing.

This drawing was made by the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s summary before his death.

“Send down the order of the Rank One Killing Order across the Cloud area.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s cold voice resounded across the underground palace and the heart of the blood robed man jumped.

He would never have thought that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord would use the ‘Rank One Killing Order.’

The number of Rank One Killing Order’s sent by the Iron Dragon Alliance since the start of its creation could be counted with one hand.

Normally, only those at the True Lord Rank or those who humiliated the Iron Dragon Alliance would have the Rank One KillIng Order.

This was technically the highest wanted order for the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“This subordinate will now retreat.”

The blood robed man took back the drawing and was about to leave.


The Blood Corpse Palace lord’s eyes scanned over the drawing and exclaimed out loud.

“This is the blue-haired culprit’s drawing and was perfected dozens of times according to the

Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s description and is apparently 90% similar to the person.”

The blood robed man could detect emotions very well and handed over the drawing.

“This youth…..”

The Bloor Corpse Palace Lord took the drawing and his expression started to change as he remembered a piece of memory.

Could this Palace Lord, one of the deciders of the Alliance, know the youth?

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord stared at the drawing for a long time and felt it was very familiar to a youth.

Thinking back to the humiliation that youth had given him, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was engulfed in anger.

Back then at the Scarlet Moon Cave, the Blood Corpse Protector had just woken and was in a weakened state.

At that point in time, he had wanted to use Zhao Feng and company to use as a blood sacrifice but was instead defeated by Zhao Feng.

“Send the order to find out this youth’s history and I want him alive.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord took his gaze back from the drawing.

Several years later, Zhao Feng’s appearance and characteristics had changed so although the Blood Corpse Palace Lord felt that he was familiar, he wasn’t certain.

However, he would rather ‘kill by accident rather than let him go.’

Several days later, within the Sky Rich strong country mountains.


An eagle flew tiredly through the air.

Zhao Feng sat on the eagle and slowly opened his eyes and asked: “How many days have passed by in total?”

“Brother Zhao, from that day onwards, you’ve slept a total of twelve days and every time you woke up it was only for a short while.”

Third Highness said.

Sou Sou!

The eagle landed into a canyon surrounded by mist.

Half the time it took to make tea later.

A small village appeared in sight.

“Brother Zhao, this is one of the core strongholds of the Dragon Killing Alliance.”

Elder Jiang was scared that Zhao Feng would keep on sleeping.

Over the past few days, Zhao Feng’s ‘sleeping problem’ didn’t show any signs of changing but every time he woke up his left eye would turn to watery blue.

Zhao Feng’s icy cold aura started to become cool and his blue hair became softer.

Within the dimension of his left eye.

The nine-point nine yard frozen pond had almost fully melted into water.

“I can still last a while before I fall asleep. Hopefully, I can see the upper echelon of the Dragon Killing Alliance.”

Zhao Feng spoke.

“Third Highness, go tell Old Su quickly.”

Elder Jiang immediately said but soon after he spoke.

“Master is in seclusion and won’t see any guests. If you need anything, I can tell him later.”

A beauty wearing a blue dress walked out from the village. Her voice was as soft as wind and had an air of elegance to her. She didn’t lose her nobility and her looks were definitely top tier amongst the Cloud area.

Compared to her, the number one beauty of the Sun Feather City was like rice grains compared to the glow of moonlight.

“Princess Jin!”

The eyes of all the males present lit up and their footsteps paused.

'Princess Jin' was the quiet, elegance type of woman most men liked and she was once the Princess of a strong country.

Princess Jin had come back from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering not long ago and there were legends about her already.