King Of Gods Chapter 447

Chapter 447 - The Glory of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering
Chapter 447 - The Glory of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering

“Master is in seclusion and won’t see any guests. If you need anything, I can tell him later.”

Princess Jin’s voice was as soft as a stream and her eyes were like water. She wore an elegant medieval dress and seemed like a goddess from a picture.

Beautiful, but not sexy. Pretty, but not devastating.

Princess Jin had reached an incredible level of understanding beauty.

The males all forgot to breathe. Their footsteps stalled as they dodged Princess Jin’s eyes from the guilt in their heart.

“Ninth sister!”

Third Highness smiled as he met his sister.

“Jin’er… are Old Su’s injuries still not recovered?”

Elder Jiang asked solemnly.

Princess Jin shook her head with slight bitterness, “Master was schemed against by several True Lord Ranks and heavily injured. It’s already a miracle he survived.”

Hearing this, the group from the Sky Rich Imperial family was disappointed.

“Elder Jiang, who’s the esteemed guest that wanted to meet Master?”

Princess Jin regained her emotions and looked toward the group.

Only then did Elder Jiang and Third Highness react.

“Ninth sister, I’ll introduce you. This is Zhao… eh?”

Third Highness suddenly stopped speaking as he turned around.

When they turned around, Zhao Feng was gone.

Soon, everyone’s gaze moved toward the grass.

On the grass lay a blue-haired youth who slept quietly with a soft snore.

“He… fell asleep again.”

The group from the Sky Rich Imperials exclaimed but weren’t very surprised.

Over the past twelve days, they had already gotten used to Zhao Feng’s sleeping problem.

“Who is he?”

Princess Jin’s face was as calm as water, but the coldness in her voice showed her unhappiness.

Any youth that met the legendary “Princess Jin” would probably feel uneasy and not want to be disrespectful.

But this youth fell asleep when meeting her.

In the village, the expressions of the Dragon Killing Alliance elites were all stunned and colorful.

“Zhe zhe, this is the first time I’ve seen someone fall asleep in front of the number one beauty of the Sky Rich Strong Country.”

“Interesting. Princess Jin would definitely agree. However, with her upbringing, she won’t show it.”

The people present discussed and waited to watch a good show.

“Hehe, ninth sister, this esteemed guest’s situation is a bit unique…”

Third Highness smiled awkwardly and started to explain.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such an ‘esteemed guest.’ Although you’re the Third Highness of the Sky Rich Imperials, don’t you think you’re overdoing it by bringing a random stranger to the Dragon Killing Alliance’s headquarters?”

Princess Jin was still pure and holy, but the questioning in her voice made the atmosphere tense.

In terms of status, Princess Jin was only higher than Third Highness.

The people present weren’t surprised.

Princess Jin was the number one genius of the Sky Rich Strong Country and had participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Furthermore, she was Old Su’s disciple.

In terms of talent, Princess Jin had already reached the True Human Rank and she wasn’t even twenty years old yet. In the Cloud area, this was a prodigy.

“Ninth sister…. Brother Zhao was once the number one genius of the Thirteen Countries and helped us on the way…”

Cold sweat poured down Third Highness’ face.

Although Princess Jin was his sister, she had been picked by the Sky Wind Pavilion when she was young. Her status within the Sky Rich Imperials was also unique.

She had the identity of a Princess, she was a once-in-a-hundred-years genius of the Sky Wind Pavilion, and she acted as the button between the Imperials and the Clans.

In the eyes of cultivators, she was even more important than the past Sky Rich King.

At this moment in time, facing Princess Jin’s questioning, Third Highness felt a great pressure. With his understanding of his sister, he knew that she was angry.

Even the brown-robed Elder Jiang was sweating coldly.

With Old Su in seclusion, Princess Jin was his representative.

Zhao Feng knew nothing about what was happening in the outside world.

If there was no major movement or killing intent or danger approaching, Zhao Feng wouldn’t wake up easily.

The sleep this time was extremely different from last time.

“Take this human and cat away. No one is to go near without my orders.”

Although Princess Jin was soft and kind, her orders were decisive.

As soon as she said this.

Sou Sou Sou!

Several figures from within the village quickly surrounded Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

“Jin’er, don’t!”

Elder Jiang’s expression changed dramatically as he tried to stop them.

He knew that this youth was a True Mystic Rank expert with unfathomable strength.

Because he was asleep, Zhao Feng’s aura was very weak and unable to be detected.

The atmosphere became extremely solemn. Elder Jiang and Third Highness tried their best to stop Princess Jin’s orders.

“You’re going to stop my orders?”

Princess Jin’s face became slightly cold. She didn’t expect this to happen.

Why would Elder Jiang and Third Highness protect this youth and even take him to the core of the Dragon Killing Alliance?

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws as it sat on its owner’s body and surveyed the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance nearby.

“Eh? This cat…”

Princess Jin suddenly felt that it was familiar.

The little thieving cat merged with a memory from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Little thieving cat…. Blue-haired youth…”

Princess Jin’s eyes spun as she started to inspect the youth’s appearance.

Zhao Feng had laid down with his back to Princess Jin so she could only see a bit.

“He… he’s…!”

After looking closely, Princess Jin’s heart sped up.

“But, how is this possible…? How could he appear here?”

Her face was full of surprise and she couldn’t help but exclaim as she stared at the blue-haired youth on the grass.

This 180-degree change in attitude made the jaws of the people fall onto the ground.

Just a moment ago, her face was cold and tense.

In the blink of an eye, Princess Jin’s attitude had turned around.

It was said that understanding a woman was like trying to find a needle in the ocean.

At this point in time, everyone understood what it meant.

Princess Jin’s cheeks were red and full of excitement and joy. There was admiration from the bottom of her heart and a rare caringness.

Third Highness’ mouth was wide open and he suddenly realized that he didn’t understand his ninth sister.

This was the first time he had seen an expression of shyness and caring from Princess Jin.

“What secret does this Zhao Feng have for the number one beauty of the Sky Rich Strong Country to be moved?”

Even Elder Jiang, who was extremely knowledgeable, couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Elder Jiang. Third brother. It’s heaven’s will that you could bring him to the Dragon Killing Alliance.”

Princess Jin took a deep breath as her heart sped up. Her eyes were glued to the blue-haired youth and couldn’t be moved.

After that, everyone saw Princess Jin pick up the sleeping Zhao Feng, lay him down on a soft bed, and personally serve him.

In the village, the elites of the Dragon Killing Alliance questioned their eyes.

The goddess in their hearts – the number one genius of the Sky Rich Strong Country, Princess Jin – had personally served a youth her own age.

Zhao Feng smelt something good in his dreams and turned around, one of his arms lightly touching Princess Jin’s butt.

Princess Jin’s face turned red as blood before leaving Zhao Feng in a clean room and taking off.

Before she left, she glanced back at the sleeping Zhao Feng with care and emotion.

A while later, in a building within the village.

“Ninth sister, how do you know Brother Zhao?”

Third Highness asked impatiently.

At this moment, this was the question in everyone’s hearts. Even the old Elder Jiang was curious.

In their hearts, Princess Jin was higher than the sky. When did she ever put a youth in the Cloud area in her eyes?

“I know him, but does he know me?”

Princess Jin sighed.

At this moment in time, memories flew through her mind.

At the start of the memory, Princess Jin was standing in the ancient arena with several thousand other geniuses and was nothing in comparison.

In the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, a measly early stage True Human Rank genius like her was in the bottom of the group.

Looking at the others, she was extremely ordinary and couldn’t even be compared to the overwhelming prodigies.

In the group, she watched the performances of the five overwhelming prodigies and how they pushed this generation to a peak.

Without any doubt, she lost the first battle.

She lost the second.

She lost the third.

She didn’t even make it past the first stage of the “Battle of Five Zones.” She was severely injured midway and couldn’t continue.

Of course, she wasn’t willing to leave early because she still wanted to watch the clash of geniuses.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering continued.

She saw a rising dark horse become an overwhelming prodigy.

That youth had blue hair and a pet cat with him. The pair ignited the emotions of every corner within the ancient arena.

Turning the tide, miracle after miracle…. The youth in their sight ascended step by step.

Unknowingly, her eyes became teary and she cheered him on.

No one knew how much support the two got or how many fans cheered them on.

A thought usually happened in an instant. The images flashed by in Princess Jin’s mind.

She never would have thought that the legendary youth would be standing so close to her and she could watch his every inhale and exhale.