King Of Gods Chapter 449

Chapter 449 - Change of the Eye (1)
Chapter 449 - Change of the Eye (1)

Above the village, the dark-gray wires were like cold glittering spiderwebs that covered a one-mile radius.

The net created by thirty-six cultivators transformed those below into caged birds, unable to fly even if they had wings.

The members of the Dragon Killing Alliance despaired.

The Iron Cloud Death Net’s power was greater than they imagined and the first round of trying to break out ended in failure.

“The Cloud area is ruled by the Iron Dragon Alliance and the longer this drags out, the smaller the chance of escape.”

Princess Jin’s heart raged like a fire, but she pretended to be calm so that nobody panicked.

The Iron Dragon Alliance had the advantage and didn’t hurry to attack, obviously wanting to finish them all off at once.

The Eighteenth Core Elder – the fat baldy – squinted. His eyes occasionally flickered coldly.

“The spawn of the Dragon Killing Alliance have to break out if they want to escape, but I only have to defend instead of attack.”

The fat baldy lay against the mountain with a cunning smile.

Of course, he didn’t forget to release his Spiritual Sense to the village below. His target was the blue-haired youth, “Zhao Feng.”

If it weren’t for the fact that the Iron Dragon Alliance’s upper Palace Lord had sent a Rank One Killing Order, he wouldn’t have used the entirety of the Eighteenth Palace’s strength.

In reality, according to previous experience, those with a Rank One Killing Order weren’t something a palace could deal with alone.


The fat baldy’s Spiritual Sense locked onto a room.

Inside the room was a blue-haired youth who slept quietly. Next to him lay the snoozing thieving cat.

The killing outside didn’t seem to affect them.

The fat baldy couldn’t help but reveal a weird look. This super-young kid was the Rank One Killing Order’s target?

“Everyone, defend properly for the next wave of attacks from the Dragon Killing Alliance and get ready to attack.”

The Eighteenth Core Elder took back his Spiritual Sense and his smile became bigger, as if victory was already in his grasp.

He didn’t make any rash moves, continuing to defend with the Iron Cloud Death Net.

This was the easiest tactic, getting the best result with the smallest price.


The Dragon Killing Alliance started their second round of attacks, which were even more fierce than before, but they were met with the Iron Dragon Alliance’s counterattacks and left behind more than a dozen bodies.


The dark-gray wires soon repaired themselves like nothing happened.

Within the village, the True Human Ranks were Princess Jin, Elder Jiang, and a gray-robed man.

This meant that the Dragon Killing Alliance only had three pillars.

“Princess Jin, if Old Su still doesn’t make a move, we’ll die even if we can rush out. The Eighteenth Core Elder hasn’t even attacked yet.”

The True Human Rank gray-robed man wiped the blood from his mouth and shook his head bitterly.

The battle power of a True Mystic Rank was enough to change the tide.

“Jin’er, quickly make Old Su come out of seclusion or else the result will be unthinkable.”

Elder Jiang couldn’t help but urge.

Princess Jin cried bitterly in her heart. Her Master was at the critical moment of recovering, and if he exited in a rush there would be a lot of damage to his foundation.

Right as Princess Jin was troubled, a deep roar came from within the depths of the village:

“Jin’er, don’t panic. I will come out now!”

The deep voice seemed to come from the opposite side of the ocean.


A chaotic gust of wind blew around the village and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to move.

The overwhelming power made the Eighteenth Core Elder’s expression change dramatically and everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

“True Lord Rank!”

“Old Su from the Dragon Killing Alliance is really here?”

Panic appeared in the True Spirit Realm experts of the Iron Dragon Alliance, but it wasn’t the fear they should have when facing normal True Lord Ranks.


A white-bearded elder surrounded by a red and green flame floated to the skies above the village.


The elder thrusted out his palm and, with a burst of dazzling light, created a ten-yard-wide hole in the dark-gray wire.

“Old Su!”

“Old Su’s here!”

Joyful shouts came from the village.

This newcomer was the leader of the Dragon Killing Alliance, Old Su. He was one of the True Lord Ranks in the Cloud area that could be counted on one hand.

“This Su Tianchen was the Grand Elder of the Sky Wind Pavilion and led a resistance against the Iron Dragon Strong Country for many years.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that his foundation is damaged and his strength has now dropped to the True Mystic Rank, we would probably run in fear.”

The several True Spirit Realm experts from the Iron Dragon Alliance felt lucky.

“Hahaha, Su Tianchen, let this Elder see how much strength you still have.”

The bald fatty laughed as a white bone sword appeared in his hand. With a “weng,” the bone sword gave off a dark flame which made it more wicked and cold.

“Wicked Sword Blaze!”

The Eighteenth Core Elder twisted his white bone sword.


A chaotic gust of wind accompanying red and green flames sped toward “Old Su.”

The fat baldy’s attack was extremely cunning and didn’t just focus on Old Su, purposely spreading toward the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

“Shameless bastard!”

Old Su roared deeply as green whirlpools appeared around him with a wave of his sleeves.

These green whirlpools quickly absorbed the fat baldy’s attacks and protected the others from the village.

The two’s battle power was close to the peak True Mystic Rank. The remains of their battle even threatened those at the True Human Rank and was a disaster for those under the True Spirit Realm.

To evade a terrible result, Old Su had to expend more energy and circulate more Qi of True Spirit.

Boom boom bam----

Old Su and the fat baldy exchanged heavy blows in the air.

In this period of time, Old Su negated all of the fat baldy’s cunning attacks but had to use more energy in the process.


A scorching green light shot up into the sky and forcefully pierced through the Iron Cloud Death Net.


The Eighteenth Core Elder harrumphed deeply as he was pushed back dozens of yards and a dribble of blood leaked from his mouth.

“Even though he’s dropped to the True Mystic Rank, he still has the mastery of the True Lord Rank. I can’t fight him by myself.”

The fat baldy wasn’t surprised.

Seeing the Eighteenth Elder be pushed back, the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance exclaimed in joy.

“Everyone, come with me and break out~~~”

Old Su instantly organized the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

Princess Jin suddenly remembered something and ordered someone to carry Zhao Feng over.

The fighting was ongoing, but Zhao Feng still slept deeply.

It was the little thieving cat whose eyes twirled around and inspected the friends and foes.

“Prepare to break out!”

Princess Jin protected Zhao Feng and started another round of offense.

With Old Su here, two holes were instantly ripped in the Iron Cloud Death Net.

The Eighteenth Core Elder smiled but didn’t panic when he saw this. He said, “If you’re not going to appear now, when will you attack?”

“Hehe, this battle’s too boring. This Elder almost fell asleep.”

The faint laugh of a woman sounded in the air.


In the night, a slender figure appeared on a tree.

Who’s there!?

The footsteps of those from the Dragon Killing Alliance stiffened as they turned around.

Behind them, a mysterious woman had appeared out of nowhere. Her voluptuous figure and black dress seemed to merge into the night.

No one knew when this mysterious woman had entered the village. Even Old Su, who was in a rush, didn’t realize.

“It’s you…. The Iron Dragon Alliance’s Tenth Core Elder!”

Old Su’s eyes flashed coldly and recognized the person’s identity. It was obvious they had interacted before.

Tenth Core Elder!

The hearts of both parties shook.

Everyone knew that the Iron Dragon Alliance had thirty-six Core Elders who were almost all at the True Mystic Rank.

However, amongst the thirty-six Core Elders, the first ten had terrifying methods and couldn’t be measured by the norm.

This Tenth Core Elder had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and, if this was placed in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering several months ago, only Yu Tianhao would be her match.

“Hehe, Su Tianchen, looks like your scars have disappeared, but you’ve only recovered 30% of your battle power.”

The slender black-dressed woman laughed lightly and disappeared with a “Shua!”

“Don’t even think about it.”

Old Su roared as he turned into a bright flash of light that appeared in front of Princess Jin.


A sharp dagger suddenly stabbed toward Princess Jin.

More precisely, toward Zhao Feng who was in front of Princess Jin.


At the critical moment, Old Su blocked the dagger.


The slender woman dressed in black once again disappeared. She appeared behind Princess Jin as her sharp dagger slashed out in an arc.

This time, her attack enveloped Princess Jin, Zhao Feng, and Old Su at the same time.

“There’s killing intent….”

Zhao Feng, who was dreaming, managed to open his eye a tiny bit and his blue hair started to ripple.


Old Su once again rushed over, and his body released a surge of green light as he took the blow for Princess Jin and Zhao Feng.

“Old Su!”


Princess Jin’s face went pale-white and her eyes went red.

Old Su’s chest was spotted with blood and his figure shook slightly.

“Su Tianchen, your flaw is the same as usual. If you weren’t so intent on your emotions back then, you wouldn’t have fallen into our trap.”

A mocking smile appeared on the Tenth Core Elder’s face.

At the same time, Zhao Feng, who was resting on Princess Jin, managed to open his eyes sleepily.

Maybe because he was woken up by an outside force, his left eye began to tremble. The freezing pond occasionally changed back and forth, from ice to water and then from water to ice. It would also become azure every once in a while.