King Of Gods Chapter 452

Chapter 452 - The Only Way
Chapter 452 - The Only Way

“Of course, I understand why you came here….”

Old Su gave his thanks and praise, but then went straight into the topic.

Obviously, he was worried that Zhao Feng would fall asleep at any moment and speaking about irrelevant things would waste precious time.

“Oh? Does Old Su care to explain?”

Zhao Feng revealed some interest and was pleased by how Old Su acted.

Cough cough.

Old Su paused slightly as he circulated his Qi of True Spirit to forcefully suppress the old injuries in his body.

At the same time, he inspected Zhao Feng closely – this overwhelming prodigy of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Princess Jin obviously didn’t hide anything from her Master and, knowing this shocking news, Old Su was instantly stunned. He still hadn’t fully calmed down.

Old Su glanced at Zhao Feng deeply and understood that, as long as an overwhelming prodigy such as Zhao Feng wasn’t killed, he would definitely become someone who controlled the continent.

Maybe, after several years, Zhao Feng would even be comparable to the legendary Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch or Sword Saint Ye Wuxie.

“Firstly, the Iron Dragon Alliance is our mutual enemy. I believe that Brother Zhao won’t question this.”

Old Su finally spoke but he didn’t conclude right away.

“That’s right.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly. One could see the enmity from how he pointed the tip of the spear toward the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“If I’m correct, the reason you came back to the Cloud area is to save your Clan.”

Old Su said calmly.

Zhao Feng nodded his head calmly and signaled for Old Su to continue.

In reality, it wasn’t hard to guess this due to Zhao Feng’s past

“However, you’re alone and want to use the Dragon Killing Alliance’s power to understand and fight the Iron Dragon Alliance. Therefore, you came to us.”

Old Su smiled and looked toward Zhao Feng.

This time, Zhao Feng neither nodded his head nor disagreed.

“May I ask, what suggestion does Old Su have for me?”

Zhao Feng smiled. His left eye glittered with water and seemed very elegant.

Old Su suddenly realized that he couldn’t see through this youth, but he didn’t hide his thoughts.

“The suggestion this old man gives you… is to leave the Cloud area.”

Old Su said sharply.

Leave the Cloud area. This was Old Su’s advice toward Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng was surprised.

“The smartest decision is to return to the force behind you and cultivate for many years until you’ve fully grown and can change everything. At least, you need to be important enough to bring reinforcements.”

Old Su said solemnly.

Zhao Feng paused and started to decipher the meaning behind Old Su’s words.

He smiled and his thoughts toward Old Su improved. Old Su was honest and said everything directly.

Knowing the glory and fame Zhao Feng had achieved in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Old Su not only didn’t want him to join the Dragon Killing Alliance, he even encouraged Zhao Feng to leave the Cloud area.

Obviously, Old Su thought that it would be regretful if a prodigy like Zhao Feng died early.

“Old Su, you only need to tell me how to save the Broken Moon Clan and the true strength of the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Zhao Feng didn’t spend much time on the issue and quickly changed the topic.

Old Su wasn’t surprised and smiled instead. How could an overwhelming prodigy such as Zhao Feng give up so easily?

However, Old Su was confident that he had the ability to change Zhao Feng’s views.

“You might not know this, but the Thirteen Clans aren’t just subordinates of the Iron Dragon Alliance in name. They signed a Blood Pact two years ago when they surrendered.”

“Blood Pact?”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly.

Back when he was being pursued by Master Haiyun, he left the Thirteen Countries in a hurry and didn’t know the specifics of the surrender.

All he knew was that, amongst the Thirteen Clans, the Ancient Shrine was the first to betray them as they had some connections with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion already.

As for the other twelve clans, they all surrendered when True Lord Tiexiao descended.

“Back then, at the Dragon Concealing Lake, the upper echelons of the twelve Clans all signed a Blood Pact and made their forces subordinate to the Iron Dragon Alliance. You should know the power of a Blood Pact. It’s a force that belongs to the heaven and earth.”

Old Su sighed lightly when he spoke up to here.

“This means that, even if I return to the Broken Moon Clan, Master can’t help me. On the contrary, my return would cause more trouble?”

Zhao Feng’s expression was slightly solemn.

“That’s right. If you want to save the Broken Moon Clan, the only way is to charge straight into the headquarters of the Iron Dragon Alliance. As long as they’re destroyed, the Blood Pact will lose its power. This is also the simplest method.”

Old Su couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng when he spoke up to here.

How daring would it be to directly attack the headquarters of the Iron Dragon Alliance? It was unthinkable and unrealistic.

The reason Old Su spoke of this “unrealistic” method as the only way was to make Zhao Feng reconsider things.

However, Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change. His eye had a weird light when Old Su mentioned this method.

After a moment of silence.

“How strong is the Iron Dragon Alliance?”

Zhao Feng finally asked the most important question.

“How strong?”

Old Su shook his head and smiled, “The entire Cloud area – the two strong countries, the thirteen small countries, and their forces – are under its control. There’re four Palace Lords, thirty-six Core Elders, and other elites. Their hands cover the sky in the Cloud area and are starting to extend to nearby strong countries. Furthermore, this is only their strength on the surface. The Iron Dragon Alliance is backed by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. Who knows how many experts they still have?”

Four Palace Lords, thirty-six Core Elders.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he understood the upper echelons of the Iron Dragon Alliance.

Not long ago, just the Iron Dragon Alliance’s two Core Elders had already forced the Dragon Killing Alliance into a desperate situation.

The thirty-six Core Elders each controlled a Palace, and above the Palaces were Palace Lords.

Each Palace Lord controlled nine Palaces and were all definitely at the True Lord Rank.

“True Lord Tiexiao, the one who forced the Thirteen Clans to surrender back then, is one of the four Palace Lords.”

Old Su mentioned the Core Elders and the stronger Palace Lords.

Four Palace Lords.

What Zhao Feng really cared about were the four Palace Lords and the experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

After half the time required to make tea had passed.

“Thank you, Old Su. Going to the Iron Dragon Alliance’s headquarters is the simplest and most straightforward method.”

Zhao Feng slowly stood up and Old Su couldn’t help but pause.

Did Zhao Feng finally listen to him? But he felt something was amiss.

From the beginning, Zhao Feng didn’t have any fear and his words contained confidence.

As Zhao Feng was about to leave.

“Wait, you’re not going to leave the Cloud area?”

“Of course not.”

The blue-haired youth’s footsteps stopped.

“Have you already called for reinforcements?”

Old Su guessed.

“I alone am enough.”

Zhao Feng laughed and continued walking out.


Old Su’s finger pointed toward Zhao Feng and it started to tremble due to his anger.

Arrogant! Far too arrogant!!

Old Su took a deep breath and pointed toward Zhao Feng as he spoke in a trembling tone, “You’re one of the overwhelming prodigies of this generation, but ignorance will only make you fall into the abyss.”

Zhao Feng didn’t listen to him as he kept on walking with a powerful belief.


Old Su roared as his white hair waved. His True Lord Rank aura summoned the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby and caused the skies to change.

Power of the True Lord Rank.

Although Old Su’s strength had dropped, his mental energy was still there.

“Hehe, early stage True Lord Rank. This was Old Su’s peak power?”

The blue-haired youth in Old Su’s sight smiled. At this moment, he seemed to turn into the ocean; broad and limitless, deep and unfathomable.

An invisible wave of mental energy flowed across and seemed to freeze the room.

“You… you…”

Old Su’s heart trembled. He felt pressure just being in front of this aura.

This mental energy aura was stronger than any True Lord Rank he had ever seen. The opponent’s soul seemed to envelope the world and made Old Su’s soul shake.

The expression on Old Su’s face turned from fear and panic to overwhelming joy and disbelief.


Old Su glanced toward the youth in front of him with respect, “I didn’t think that your strength had reached this level. Looks like I’ve underestimated you.”

However, Old Su was still curious.

“You should be able to break through to the True Lord Rank easily. But just you by yourself isn’t enough to shake an enormous monster like the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Zhao Feng smiled but didn’t reply.

If it weren’t for the change in his left eye, he should be at the True Lord Rank by now.

Shua Shua!

A black pearl appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand and he gently tapped it.

Two deep howls along with terrifying auras appeared next to Zhao Feng.

In the grey mist, two dark-silver ghost corpses guarded Zhao Feng’s left and right.

“True Lord Rank!!?? How is this possible…? The Cloud area… even strong countries and great countries can’t train a ghost corpse to the True Lord Rank easily!”

Old Su almost fell over as his heart fluttered.

Zhao Feng nodded in satisfaction as he inspected the two dark-silver ghost corpses. After two months of being inside the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, their cultivation and strength was approaching the early stage True Lord Rank.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was also one of the items the Purple Saint Partial Spirit gave Zhao Feng and it had once been a sacred item of the Ten Thousand Ghost Emperor. Back then, the Ten Thousand Ghost Emperor destroyed several two-star sects with his army of ghosts.

Shua Shua!

The two True Lord Rank ghost corpses were quickly recalled.

Old Su still hadn’t recovered. The shock Zhao Feng gave him was more than what he had experienced in his one or two-hundred years of life.

“This is just the start…. When my eye bloodline fully recovers, anything and everything will be possible.”