King Of Gods Chapter 454

Chapter 454 - We Meet Again
Chapter 454 - We Meet Again

On the dark-red ship, the black-robed youth – “Lin Tong” – became the center of attention.

The elites of the Iron Dragon Alliance were curious about this new face with an eye bloodline.

Only a small number of people knew Lin Tong’s history.

Back at the Alliance Banquet, Lin Tong was one of the Four Stars alongside Cang Yuyue, Xu Zixuan, and Ao Yuetian.

In this generation, no one dared to fight Lin Tong. However, both he and Cang Yuyue became stepping stones for someone else’s glory, and that person was standing on the mountain not too far away.

“Zhao Feng, although I lost to you last time, I’ll get my revenge now that I’ve returned from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.”

Lin Tong’s black eyes were twisted, mysterious, and dark.

A cold mental energy aura permeated the air and made the hearts of the elites nearby jump.

At the same time, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord retracted his sight. He was certain that Zhao Feng was the youth from back then and, facing Lin Tong’s “plea to fight,” the Blood Corpse Palace Lord shook his head, “You’re not his match.”

Lin Tong’s expression froze, shock and unwillingness appearing in his eyes.

However, the person standing in front of him was one of the four rulers of the Iron Dragon Alliance and a Protector of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

No one dared to question the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s words. His knowledge and experience were above the standard of the Cloud area.

Lin Tong was about to say something when the blue-haired youth suddenly turned and glanced toward the ship with a smile.

The experts at the True Spirit Realm possessed extremely sensitive eyesight and their hearts shook as they saw this scene.

The youth’s left eye was as broad as the ocean. Zhao Feng’s actions obviously raised Old Su’s attention.

“Looks like I’ve attracted too much attention by recovering.”

Old Su sighed, but Zhao Feng knew this wasn’t the true reason.

Zhao Feng had challenged the Iron Dragon Alliance.

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer, the Eighteenth Core Elder, and the Tenth Core Elder had all died because of him.

Zhao Feng’s threat to the Iron Dragon Alliance got the attention of the upper echelons.

What made Zhao Feng surprised was that he saw more than one familiar face.

Zhao Feng obviously had a deep impression of the Blood Corpse Protector. Their battle in the Scarlet Moon Cave was dangerous, requiring both intelligence and courage.

Lin Tong was also a powerful enemy in the Alliance Banquet two years ago.

Back then, Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, and Zhao Feng formed a “three-party standoff.”

“Old Su, you take the Dragon Killing Alliance members and retreat. I’ll play with these guys.”

Zhao Feng smiled. After waking up this time, the bloating sensation and the pain were very faint, and the pond within the dimension of the left eye almost reached ten yards.

His bloodline power was more controllable than before and had reached an entirely new level.

“Ok, I’ll organize the retreat. You be careful.”

Old Su knew a bit about Zhao Feng’s strength and didn’t reject his offer. After all, the Iron Dragon Alliance was extremely strong and, apart from Old Su, the others would only limit Zhao Feng.


Old Su’s figure disappeared from the mountain. His voice resounded across the valley as the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance quickly disappeared.

On the mountain, Zhao Feng was the only person left. He put his hands behind his back as his blue hair waved in the wind, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Palace Lord, the spawn of the Dragon Killing Alliance are retreating.”

“Hmm? There seems to be one person left behind to cover them.”

The dark-red ship broke into chaos.

Everyone from the Dragon Killing Alliance was retreating, including Old Su at the True Lord Rank, but the blue-haired youth stayed behind and confidently looked toward the people on the ship.

This scene made Lin Tong’s heart shake. What level was Zhao Feng at? Lin Tong couldn’t see through Zhao Feng and his ocean-like aura.

Just the courage Zhao Feng displayed made Lin Tong sigh.

If Lin Tong was in the same situation, he would obviously run as far as he could.

His opponent from the past stayed behind instead and confidently faced them.

This courage shook not only Lin Tong, but all the other experts on the ship as well.

“What an arrogant brat. He’s just an ant in front of a carriage.”

“Palace Lord, we should quickly slay this brat. The Dragon Killing Alliance isn’t far away.”

The True Spirit Realm cultivators on the ship were filled with killing intent and anger.

Zhao Feng’s actions had enraged them.

However, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s expression flickered and, although his face was filled with hate and killing intent, he didn’t immediately attack.

“Hehe, Blood Corpse Protector, we haven’t seen each other for such a long time. Hope you’re well.”

A light laughter sounded from the mountain.

At this moment in time, the Dragon Killing Alliance was retreating, but both friend and foe alike could hear Zhao Feng’s voice clearly.

“What’s going on? It sounds as if this Zhao Feng knows the Blood Corpse Palace Lord from long ago.”

Both sides felt weird. Zhao Feng’s tone was as if he had interacted with the Blood Corpse Palace Lord before and might have even fought him.

Some were even suspicious that this youth was actually an old monster.

On the ship, the gazes of the entire Iron Dragon Alliance landed on the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, awaiting his orders.

“Old Su has recovered his strength. It’s not realistic to kill all of the Dragon Killing Alliance, but since this brat’s confident that he can cover them, we’ll play with him.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s raspy voice sounded in an elegant manner, and the hearts of the True Spirit Realm experts twitched.

Those familiar with the Blood Corpse Palace Lord knew that this meant he would go all out.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord remembered things very clearly, and once he remembered someone, he would torture them in an “elegant” manner.

However, wasn’t it a bit too exaggerated to send the elites of two Palaces and a Palace Lord just to deal with a junior?

“Zhao Feng, I admire your courage staying behind, but you will regret this decision for life.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord waved a blood-colored flag in his hand.


A chaotic gust of bloody wind swept toward the mountaintop.

“Send the order…. Capture Zhao Feng alive.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord stood at the head of the ship but didn’t immediately attack.

Even he couldn’t fully sense Zhao Feng’s mental energy aura, but he was sure that Lin Tong and company were definitely not his match.

If he didn’t have strength close to or comparable to the True Lord Rank, how could Zhao Feng dare to stay behind by himself?


The three True Mystic Ranks didn’t know what kind of feud the Blood Corpse Palace Lord had with Zhao Feng for them to use a force like this to settle things, but they instantly obeyed.

“Palace Lord, I will restrict his eye bloodline.”

Lin Tong suggested. Everyone knew the specialty of this Rank One Killing Order’s target.

Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline was terrifying. The Tenth Core Elder as well as the Eighteenth Core Elder had fallen to it.

This was why the Iron Dragon Alliance sent Lin Tong.

Sou Sou Sou---

The three True Mystic Ranks and a group of experts were led by Lin Tong as they turned into three streaks of light, closing in on Zhao Feng.

If one looked down from above, they would realize that the three True Mystic Ranks and company made a half-surrounding formation that closed in on the mountain.

“Master, even a Palace Lord from the Iron Dragon Alliance has come. Zhao Feng’s alone, it’s probably…”

Princess Jin looked back as she retreated.

She was uneasy, and she was unwilling to see the blue-haired youth face the Iron Dragon Alliance alone.

“Jin’er, relax. Zhao Feng’s just playing with them and I will pay attention too.”

Old Su smiled.

Playing with them?

Princess Jin’s eyes were full of shock. If was hard to imagine that these words would come from her Master’s mouth.

“Scarlet Demon Moon Eye!”

At this point in time, Lin Tong sent a distorting blood-colored moon with his eyes from several miles away.

Slaughter, bloodthirst, darkness, chaos…. Negative auras condensed in his eyes and became an invisible power that flashed through the air.

At this point in time, the True Spirit Realms around him all felt cold.

A blood-colored moon shone through the clouds and slashed toward the blue-haired youth.

Lin Tong’s every action was captured by Zhao Feng’s eyes, and he had to admit that the Scarlet Demon Moon Eye was indeed a profound eye bloodline skill for being able to condense negative powers together and create a dominant and cruel force that went straight into the soul.

Normal True Spirit Realms, and even some True Mystic Ranks, would instantly crumble in front of this attack.

In terms of power, Lin Tong’s eye bloodline could be compared to the cultivators of the three major eye families several months ago during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


The Scarlet Demon Moon Eye released a powerful mental energy blood-moon that attempted to erode Zhao Feng’s mental energy world.

Lin Tong and the other True Mystic Ranks revealed joyful expressions.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Feng neither moved nor revealed any signs of defending or evading.

“Hmm? What’s going on…?”

Lin Tong’s body suddenly froze, and his face turned from surprise to fear and panic.

Zhao Feng just ignored Lin Tong’s attack.

Within the dimension of his left eye, a ripple appeared in the pond that absorbed the blood-colored moon.

The calmest thing in the world was water. Water could absorb and envelope.

The powerful Scarlet Demon Moon Eye just now was like a stone that fell into the ocean, not accomplishing anything at all.