King Of Gods Chapter 456

Chapter 456 - Blood Corpse Burn
Chapter 456 - Blood Corpse Burn

In the air, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s body – trained by his Corpse Strengthening Technique – was enveloped by a half-transparent azure flame, lightning and fire together. His whole body burned, leaving behind black scorch marks.

The powerful Wind Lightning Fire Eye even went into the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s mental energy world, and his screams made even Lin Tong’s heart jump.

It was hard to believe that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord – one of the four major figures of the Iron Dragon Alliance and an old monster from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion era – had been forced into such a situation by a single move from a junior.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised at the power of the Lightning Fire God’s Eye.

Thinking about it though, he understood why.

The Wind Lightning Stone Tablet that he was comprehending also merged its laws into his Source of True Spirit.

This meant that, inside Zhao Feng’s body, his Flame of True Spirit now had the extra elements of lightning and wind, forming a Wind Lightning True Fire.

However, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was extremely strong and wouldn’t be defeated by just this Wind Lightning Fire God’s Eye.

If it were a weaker True Lord Rank, they would at least lose a layer of skin, if they didn’t just die outright.

“Blood Corpse Refining Flame!”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s eyes seemed to jump with a bloody scarlet flame as his cold voice sounded across the mountains.


A bloody scarlet-and-purple flame appeared on his silver-striped body, accompanied by a gust of cold wind.

The bloody scarlet-purple flame instantly enveloped his body and started to push away the Wind Lightning Fire azure flame.


Zhao Feng found that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s aura rose dramatically, and his Corpse Dao True Flame was countering his Wind Lightning True Flame to a certain degree.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly and got ready to fire another Lightning Fire God’s Eye. Even if it couldn’t kill the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, it could at least trouble him for a while.

Yet, when Zhao Feng circulated his eye bloodline, a bloating sensation and sleepiness washed over him.

At the end of the day, the change in the God’s Spiritual Eye hadn’t fully stabilized and couldn’t be overused.

The Wind Lightning Fire God’s Eye put a lot of stress on his eye bloodline, therefore it couldn’t be used continuously.

Under normal circumstances, Zhao Feng could only use it three times in a row.

In just a short breath or two.


The corpse-flame on the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s body faded, and his injuries were healed to a degree where it wasn’t obvious he had been injured at all.

“What terrifying recovery speed!”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed. He realized that he had underestimated the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord was a Protector of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. His strength wouldn’t be that simple.

It was certain that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s mastery of the Corpse Dao was only higher than Mo Yu from the Black Cliff Palace, not lower.

Mo Yu came from a two-star sect whose strength and inheritance were extremely powerful, but he was still just a junior and not older than thirty years. Whereas, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord had lived for several hundred years and merged the Blood Dao and Corpse Dao together.

The Corpse Dao specialized in defense and resilience toward poison, exhibiting a strong life force, while the Blood Dao specialized in erosion and recovery.

With these two Dao combined, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s battle power exceeded other True Lord Ranks, coming close to the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion’s strength.

“Zhe zhe zhe… junior, you think that just one bloodline flame can kill me? If it were that easy, I would have died several hundred years ago in the hands of the Ten Great Clans.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord licked his lips and said in a dark tone.

Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change as he continued to float in the air.

This wasn’t outside of his expectations. If he killed the Blood Corpse Palace Lord that easily, it would feel surreal.

“Hehe, then let’s continue.”

Zhao Feng smiled instead of being surprised, disappearing with a “shua.”

In the next instant, the hum of lightning and screech of wind surrounded the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

The clash started once again.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord roared in anger. He didn’t think that Zhao Feng was so troublesome.

Although his mastery in the Dao of Corpses was high and he had strong recovery speed, allowing him to not fear a long battle, Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline still made the Blood Corpse Palace Lord uneasy.

The Wind Lightning Fire God’s Eye just then might have seemed to not injure the Blood Corpse Palace Lord on the surface, but in reality, it left an injury on his soul.

What made the Blood Corpse Palace Lord more surprised was that Zhao Feng didn’t seem to be very intent on killing his opponent and seemed to be playing around instead.

Zhao Feng used this battle to focus mainly on improving himself and consolidating his mental energy level while comprehending the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

“Junior, I’m not going to play with you anymore. As long as you’re in the Cloud area, the Iron Dragon Alliance will pursue you.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord showed signs of retreating. The injury to his soul from the Wind Lightning Fire God’s Eye was starting to hurt.

The opponent also had the advantage in speed and was just toying with him.

With the control in Zhao Feng’s hand, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord smartly retreated as he knew he couldn’t win.

“Want to run? It’s not that easy.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly as he turned into an arc of lightning that chased after the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

Sou Sou!

Two powerful auras – one in front, one behind – flashed through the clouds and occasionally into the forests, causing dust to blow.

“They’re finally gone.”

Lin Tong, who was hiding in a mountain crack, was completely covered in sweat. He concealed his aura and prepared to run.

However, the second his footsteps moved, he felt something land on his shoulder that pushed him down.

Miao miao!

A silver-gray cat stood on his shoulder and an agile snake-like whip wrapped around his body.

“Why does Zhao Feng want me to stay behind?”

Lin Tong’s heart went cold. He couldn’t move, as he was restrained by the Mystic Snake Blood Whip, so decided to turn around and use an eye technique.


A cat paw slapped Lin Tong in the face and left a scorching red print behind.

Furthermore, although the cat’s paw wasn’t very strong, a “dazing” effect made Lin Tong’s head spin.

At the same time, Zhao Feng had flown dozens of miles in pursuit of the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

When one reached the True Lord Rank, they could fly at maximum speed for one or two-hundred miles and could even last up to one or two-thousand miles if they wished.

Zhao Feng wasn’t bent on victory, comprehending the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet as they flew.


An azure wind started to condense around him like a transparent shield and, under this state, the wind resistance Zhao Feng faced became smaller.

Waves of lightning spread from his feet, which pushed his speed even further.

These intents and laws were extremely compatible with nature.

“The laws of the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet are as deep as the ocean. It’s hard for me to comprehend even a hundredth of the Wind Lightning World.”

Half of Zhao Feng’s consciousness was immersed in the tattered Wind Lightning World.

Because of his God’s Spiritual Eye, he could do two things at once. Memorizing something after reading it once was only a basic ability.

Of course, this was also due to the fact that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s speed wasn’t faster than Zhao Feng’s, or else he wouldn’t have the energy to do two things at once.

“Junior, this is all your fault. Don’t blame me for going all out….”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord suddenly gritted his teeth as his expression turned dark.

Zhao Feng, who was chasing from behind, suddenly felt a chaotic and deadly aura turn toward him.

“Blood Corpse Burn!”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s skin suddenly released an eye-catching flame the color of blood that could be seen within a ten-mile radius.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s aura instantly rose to another level and seemed to turn into a blood-colored sun as a dominating and cold light swept across a radius of one mile.


Just as the light formed by the Blood Corpse Burn charged at Zhao Feng, his heart skipped a beat. The Blood Corpse Palace Lord had released battle power comparable to Ye Yanyu or Zhuang Wan’er.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was restricted and, due to the fact that his real cultivation hadn’t reached the True Lord Rank, a head-on clash wasn’t beneficial for him.

At this critical moment, Zhao Feng didn’t lose his cool.


Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly turned into a freezing pond as ice-blue blood started to circulate in a weird way within his body.

In an instant.


A magnificent figure wearing a crown and holding a black sword appeared. There was a throne below it as it formed behind Zhao Feng’s back.

Through the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng’s bloodline had reached an entirely new level that couldn’t be compared to the past.

Ice Lightning Raging Dragon!

Zhao Feng sent out a howling palm that caused thunder to rumble and wind to howl. His bloodline also caused the black sword to faintly move.

A soul-chilling coldness blew over as a chaotic dragon made of lightning and ice formed.

In the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng used this move to send the Wicked Teeth Group flying.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s usage of bloodline, technique, and cultivation had all risen.

Boom Boom Bam~~~~~

Two dominating forces clashed in the clouds.

Around half a breath later, a cold “light of blood” seemed to have the advantage and crushed over toward Zhao Feng.

After all, the Blood Corpse Burn was the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s killing move and required a heavy price to use.


Zhao Feng’s figure retreated by one or two-hundred yards as his blue hair blew wildly in the air.

Eye Change!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye once again changed into a calm blue.

“Let’s see this Eye of Water’s power.”

Zhao Feng quickly circulated the bloodline in his body.

Normally, water specialized in defense. Who knew what it would do when used by a bloodline.


A ripple of water formed around Zhao Feng and enveloped his body. On the surface, faint arcs of lightning flashed.

“Shuu Shuu Shu~~~~”

Beautiful ripples appeared after the light of blood landed on the water barrier, and there was no loud explosion. In fact, there was only an unusual quiet.

Zhao Feng’s figure seemed to be unmoving like the ocean.

What was more incredible was that mysterious lines seemed to surface on the water barrier that seemed to come from ancient times.

This power was more enveloping than the ice bloodline, slowing down and absorbing the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s attack.