King Of Gods Chapter 457

Chapter 457 - Bloodline’s New Power
Chapter 457 - Bloodline’s New Power

In the air, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s body released an eye-catching blood-colored light as if it were a blood-colored sun.

Boom Boom Boi~~

The dominating ray of light swept across a one-mile radius.

Zhao Feng’s blue hair was blowing in the wind as a barrier of water formed around his body, which slowed down and absorbed the blood-colored light.

At this moment in time, although Zhao Feng didn’t have control of the battle, he was as still as the ocean and as calm as a lake.

“Looks like the Eye of Water’s bloodline indeed specializes in defense.”

This result is what Zhao Feng was expecting.

In reality, Ice and Water were both similar powers, just in a different state.

Zhao Feng probably wouldn’t be able to face the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s secret skill head-on if not for the change in the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Hmph, do you think it’s that simple?”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s raspy voice sounded from the “blood-colored sun.”


The blood-colored sun that was the Blood Corpse Palace Lord suddenly became two or three times faster as he charged toward Zhao Feng.

“Does this Blood Corpse Protector not want his life…?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. His body went cold as he felt a sense of danger.

In his current state, what the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was doing was similar to burning his Qi of True Spirit. The difference was that the Blood Corpse Burn was more stable.


The water barrier rippled as Zhao Feng retreated. He circulated his Qi of True Spirit and his bloodline power to the maximum.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s face was twisted as he bit his lips and lifted his arm.


The blood-corpse arm shot out from the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s shoulder and charged toward Zhao Feng with doubled speed.


Zhao Feng jumped up in surprise after inspecting it with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord paid the price of an arm to use a power that surpassed his level.

“Blood Corpse Broken Arm!”

The broken-off arm turned into an eye-catching streak of light.

“Not good!! Scarlet Moon Secret Technique!”

Old Su, who was watching from far away, broke out into a cold sweat as he saw this attack.

At this critical moment, Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and locked onto the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s move.

However, speed reigned supreme in this world.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s move had reached a terrifying speed that almost couldn’t be dodged even by True Lord Ranks, unless it was someone like Lu Tianyi.

Although Zhao Feng’s thoughts could keep up, his body couldn’t.


The beam of light scraped across Zhao Feng’s body and flew past.

Boi~ Pa!

The beautiful barrier of water trembled as it turned dim and shattered.

Luckily, the Water Bloodline’s strong defense had decreased most of the damage.


Zhao Feng’s body flipped several times in the air as he was pushed back dozens of yards. A streak of blood leaked from his mouth as he stabilized himself.

He was injured?

Zhao Feng’s expression was a little ugly. He didn’t expect the Blood Corpse Palace Lord to pay the price of an arm to counterattack.

The injury that Zhao Feng received just now wasn’t very light, but his expression didn’t change. Due to his Life Returning Grass and Elixir of Life, he had two lives.


Zhao Feng suddenly felt a weird sensation coming from his Water Bloodline.

Di! Di!

A thin layer of transparent water washed over Zhao Feng’s body like the spring rain.

“This is…?”

Zhao Feng felt his injuries recovering quickly. The most obvious were the bloody marks on his body. They healed with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. New skin grew without even leaving a scar.


Zhao Feng was overjoyed. Although the Water Bloodline didn’t have the Ice Bloodline’s offense and couldn’t slow down the opponent, it had great defensive and healing abilities.

This bloodline was used to perfection on Zhao Feng’s body.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord also had recovery capabilities, but Zhao Feng’s Water Bloodline was obviously better than the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s.

“This brat’s bloodline can switch between ice and water. Such recovery speed…. How is this possible?”

Waves roared in the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s heart.

The God’s Spiritual Eye now allowed Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline to switch between ice and water, and whatever bloodline Zhao Feng had was just the “product” of his God’s Spiritual Eye.

When his bloodline went from ice to water, he had incredible healing and defensive abilities.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord had paid such a heavy price to damage Zhao Feng, but he recovered in just a blink of an eye.

“Hehehe…. All my injuries are now healed.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t contain his happiness.

On the other hand, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s expression was extremely ugly.

“Ri-… ridiculous!!”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, he didn’t lose his mind. He used the remaining power of the Blood Corpse Burn to escape into the sky.

At this point in time, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was heavily injured and missing an arm while Zhao Feng was uninjured. Waves appeared in his heart that couldn’t be calmed down, and he felt utterly helpless.

Zhao Feng stood in the air and didn’t immediately pursue him.

“The Water Bloodline has incredible recovery capabilities, but can it heal injuries to the soul?”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but ponder.

Most of his eye bloodline skills were based on the Ball of Ice Soul or the Dark Eye Incomplete Page.

The Ball of Ice Soul had led Zhao Feng to the gates of the Ancient Dao of the Soul, which in turn led his thoughts to whether he could heal the soul or not.

Of course, this was just an idea. Zhao Feng still needed to research his bloodline further.

A few breaths later, Zhao Feng took back his thoughts. He sent the Blood Corpse Palace Lord away with his eyes as a smile appeared on his face.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord let out a breath, “Why isn’t Zhao Feng following?”

The result would be uncertain if Zhao Feng continued to chase him, but what was certain was that the situation wouldn’t be good for the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, who was missing an arm.


A while later, the sound of flying could be heard.

The latecomer was a white-bearded man – Old Su – who let out a breath after seeing Zhao Feng was safe.

“It’s hard to imagine that a genius capable of killing all the forces led by a Palace Lord from the Iron Dragon Alliance was born in the Cloud area.”

Old Su’s emotions were complex.

It appears he had underestimated this youth yet again.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was fine and had an easygoing expression, Old Su knew that his worrying was useless.

“If the two of us had teamed up, we would’ve had a high chance of killing the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.”

Old Su couldn’t help but feel regret.

If he knew Zhao Feng was so strong, Old Su would have stayed behind and killed the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

It would be a huge loss to the Iron Dragon Alliance if one of their True Lord Rank Palace Lords died.

“I don’t have any interest in killing him right now. We’re just playing with the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes squinted as the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s figure finally disappeared.

Hearing this, Old Su rolled his eyes and was speechless.

It seemed as if Zhao Feng still hadn’t shown his full strength, and that killing the Blood Corpse Palace Lord wasn’t even difficult.

But thinking about it, Zhao Feng hadn’t even taken out his two True Lord Rank ghost corpses.

This youth, who had returned from an outside inheritance, had a soul as broad as the ocean and an unfathomable bloodline.

Who knew how many hidden cards he still had?

Old Su couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He couldn’t imagine Zhao Feng’s level or his thoughts.

“Killing the Blood Corpse Palace Lord won’t affect the overall situation much. My target is to destroy the Iron Dragon Alliance.”

Zhao Feng’s heart was calm.

Sou Sou!

Zhao Feng and Old Su went back.

“Old Su, I’m going back to the Thirteen Countries now,” Zhao Feng said.

He would neither enter this alliance nor lead it.

All Zhao Feng needed was the Dragon Killing Alliance’s information, as well as their ability to take care of the small hassles that would follow.

A while later, Zhao Feng landed next to a cliff.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw Lin Tong, who was bound by the Mystic Snake Blood Whip, in front of Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng….”

Lin Tong hiccupped coldly.

Zhao Feng returned emotionlessly and safely, which made Lin Tong’s heart shake. Zhao Feng didn’t seem injured from the battle with the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, which means the Blood Corpse Palace Lord probably lost.

“Where did you get your new skills and eye techniques?”

Zhao Feng questioned.

Lin Tong became uneasy and his face showed a struggle with uncertainty.

“You should know that your eye bloodline has no chance against mine. I can get the answer I want from your mouth without any energy.”

Zhao Feng said slowly.


Lin Tong gritted his teeth. He didn’t doubt Zhao Feng’s words. Their eye bloodlines weren’t on the same level.

Of course, Lin Tong didn’t know that Zhao Feng wouldn’t dare to use his God’s Spiritual Eye right now. He needed to wait until he slept again.

“What’s the connection between you and the Moon Demon Palace?”

Zhao Feng asked coldly out of nowhere.

“Moon Demon Palace!? How do you know the Moon Demon Sacred Palace? That’s the core of the Scarlet Moon Inheritance!”

Lin Tong exclaimed.

“Scarlet Moon Inheritance? You came back from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance?”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. No wonder Lin Tong had such cultivation and such drastic changes in his eye bloodline. It looked like he entered one of the four big inheritances – the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.

But, what was the connection between the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, the Scarlet Moon Inheritance, and Moon Demon Palace?

Half a month later, in a desolate desert.


A faint dark-blood-colored light landed inside an ancient castle in the desert.

When the blood-colored light faded, it revealed the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s weak figure.

At the same time, a large bloody blue bird descended from the sky.

The bloody blue bird’s aura had reached the True Mystic Rank and it caused winds to blow chaotically with its wings.

“True Lord Tiexiao… it’s you?”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s footsteps stopped as he glanced at the two figures on the bloody blue bird.

Sou Sou!

Two figures jumped off the bloody blue bird.

One of them was a youth holding an iron fan. His skin glittered with a metallic feeling and gave off a cold aura.

“I just came back from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering… Hmm? Blood Corpse Palace Lord, what happened to you? Why are you so severely injured?”

This youth was obviously “True Lord Tiexiao,” the one who forced the elders of the Twelve Clans to sign a blood pact at the Dragon Concealing Lake two years ago.

Next to True Lord Tiexiao was a black-robed youth with an emotionless expression.