King Of Gods Chapter 460

Chapter 460 - Return (2)
Chapter 460 - Return (2)

Broken Moon Clan, Clan Master’s building.

“…Zhao Feng has already entered the Thirteen Countries and is heading toward the Broken Moon Clan with a fierce attitude. This isn’t good for Master.”

Bei Moi expressionlessly announced a shocking piece of news.

The nearby black-hooded figures had auras as deep as the ocean. They had all reached the True Spirit Realm, but none of them said anything from start to finish.

“Hmph, that little brat wants to kill me?”

Clan Master Haiyun snickered coldly, “I already received some news half a month ago and asked a Core Elder from the Iron Dragon Alliance to come hold down the fort at the Sky Moon Mountain. On top of that, I’ve also hired a powerful ally to wait for Zhao Feng.”

“Master has already planned to perfection.”

Bei Moi revealed a rare look of praise. The news of Zhao Feng returning to the Cloud area wasn’t common knowledge. Only a small number of people knew the situation.

The Iron Dragon Alliance also locked down the information of the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s defeat and Zhao Feng’s exact strength, as this regarded the Iron Dragon Alliance’s face.

Of course, back then, Zhao Feng had already killed almost all of the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s forces. So, apart from a small number of people, no one knew anything in the first place.

Bei Moi praised the fact that Clan Master Haiyun reacted to just a few minor traces and planned for Zhao Feng’s arrival.

It wasn’t just luck that Master Haiyun had reached his current status.

“Oh, and these friends are…?”

Clan Master Haiyun’s eyes glanced toward the black-hooded figures behind Bei Moi.

“Master, after returning to the Cloud area, the threat Zhao Feng poses to the Iron Dragon Alliance is very large. The upper echelons of the Iron Dragon Alliance aren’t happy, so they ordered a couple experts to come with me and test out his strength.”

Bei Moi summarized calmly.

“Good, good, good, good, the Iron Dragon Alliance has placed great importance on both you and me. Looks like the heavens have decided that Zhao Feng can only come and never go back.”

Clan Master Haiyun’s smile became even brighter.

On the same day that Bei Moi returned, Clan Master Haiyun held a small celebration. Although it seemed relaxed on the surface, the Sky Moon Mountain actually became even more heavily guarded.

All the Elders of the Broken Moon Clan in seclusion came out. The Broken Moon Clan’s strength had reached a peak, and the bottom disciples could feel an unusual air of killing intent. But on the surface, the Broken Moon Clan was happy.

This was Clan Master Haiyun’s tactic of “looking relaxed on the outside, tense on the inside.”

Right at this moment, Yang Gan led his group and left the Clan as they headed off to finish the first of the forty-nine missions.

A large flying beast carrying two half-step True Spirit Realms and several Seventh Sky Ascended Realms surveyed the group from above.

“This is so boring. There’s no challenge for us at all watching over this bunch of brats.”

“Hehe, the Regulations Elder said that if any one of them tries to run we can kill them.”

Instead of being hard, Yang Gan’s first mission was actually very easy.

The mission was to collect a type of bird shit near the forests.

Outer disciples could do these easy and dirty jobs, but Yang Gan and company, who were inner disciples or even Core disciples, were forced to do this.

It had to be said that this was a test of patience, suppression, and humiliation.

“Everyone, keep it up. I believe that Brother Zhao will arrive soon and change the destiny of the Clan.”

Yang Gan said.

When mentioning “Brother Zhao,” the eyes of the group were filled with a colorful light.

Most of these disciples had a good relationship with Zhao Feng.

Back then, many people witnessed his growth to the number one genius of the Thirteen Clans.

“Brother Zhao’s future is definitely higher than Bei Moi’s.”

“But can Brother Zhao alone really save the Broken Moon Clan? Clan Master Haiyun has the Iron Dragon Alliance behind him….”

The disciples of the group were filled with half-joy and half-worry.

“It’s uncertain whether he can change the overall situation, but it shouldn’t be hard to change our situation.”

A deep calm voice came from Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was the first person to become Zhao Feng’s ally and they even entered the Floating Crest Palace together.

He was probably the one that knew Zhao Feng the best.

Half a day later.

Yang Gan’s group finished the first mission and was heading back to the Clan to hand over the task.

At this moment in time, shouts of fear and panic sounded in front of the mountain.

“Oh my god…. That person!”

“Hurry up and tell the Elders~~~~!”

The figures watching the entrance exclaimed.

In the air, the pupils of the two half-step True Spirit Realms and the several Seventh Sky Ascended Realms constricted.

“It’s… it’s actually him!”

The expressions of those on the flying beast were solemn.

At the entrance of the mountain, a blue-haired youth smiled with his hands behind his back as he looked forward.

This youth had obviously been here for a while. He was inspecting the mountain as if he had a special feeling toward it.

“Zhao Feng! It’s really him!”

The figures on the flying beast exclaimed.

“Zhao Feng, Clan Master Haiyun has given the order for your death across the Thirteen Countries and yet you dare come here to die?”

“Traitor Zhao Feng, give up!”

The Regulators and the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan yelled, but none of them dared do anything.

Who didn’t know about this youth’s miracles and fearsome rumors.

The title of number one genius of the Thirteen Clans still belonged to the Broken Moon Clan and was immovable.

“Hehe, can you please tell Clan Master Haiyun that the traitor Zhao Feng is here to repent for his sins.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly with his hands behind his back.

Hearing this, everyone broke out into discussion.

At this instant, the disciples, the Regulators, the experts on the flying beast, and even the group that completed the mission were dazed.

Repent for his sin?

The jaws of the disciples from the Broken Moon Clan almost fell down.

Many people knew that Zhao Feng was a wanted man in the Thirteen Countries and that he had escaped from the Cloud area.

Since he already escaped, why did he come back? Was he sick in the head?

“This... how is this possible?”

“Brother Zhao… came back to repent for his sins?”

Yang Gan and company felt as if a bowl of cold water was poured on them.

Just a moment ago, they were thinking about Zhao Feng’s miraculous return. But in the blink of an eye, they had fallen from heaven to hell.

As if sensing something, Zhao Feng suddenly turned around to face Yang Gan and company and smiled faintly.

This smile was full of warmth.

Yang Gan, Lin Fan, Yang Qingshan, and company froze.

Apart from Lin Fan, everyone else was filled with disappointment.

“Brother Zhao might not be truly surrendering.”

Lin Fan had an instinctive feeling that came from his understanding of Zhao Feng.

He knew very clearly about Zhao Feng’s control, intelligence, and calmness.

“We meet again, brothers and sisters.”

Zhao Feng’s left eye rippled with calmness similar to the spring rain.

When seeing the mysterious left eye, the group felt unusually calm and safe.

At the same time, Sky Moon Mountain, Clan Master’s hall.

“Reporting to the Clan Master, Zhao Feng has arrived at the front of the mountain and says that he wants to repent for his sins.”

This shocking news spread like wildfire across the entire Broken Moon Clan.

Within the hall, Clan Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, the other Elders, and the Division Leaders were all stunned.

“Repent for his sins? Are you sure you didn’t mistake him for the wrong person?”

Bei Moi’s mouth was wide open.

Zhao Feng surrendering?

He wouldn’t believe this even if someone killed him.

“He has blue hair and a blue eye. He also has that cat…”

A Regulator from below said respectfully.

That cat.

Bei Moi’s eyebrows twitched as anger built up. That person was definitely Zhao Feng.

Back then in the Floating Crest Palace, the little thieving cat had tricked him.

“Hmph, we’ll see what this Zhao Feng is up to.”

Suspicion made Clan Master Haiyun’s eyebrows rise, but he still stood up.

A while later, Clan Master Haiyun and the upper echelons of the Clan looked down from above.

In their sight was a blue-haired youth with his hands behind his back. On his shoulder was a little cat waving a white flag.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved the white flag with joy.

A white flag meant surrender in both the mortal world and the world of cultivation. This scene made the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan have colorful expressions.

This was especially the case for Bei Moi. His face twitched and he almost choked when he saw the little thieving cat wave the white flag.

“Traitor Zhao Feng has returned to the Broken Moon Clan to ask for Clan Master Haiyun’s forgiveness.”

Zhao Feng smiled and slowly walked toward the clan.

“Stop right there!”

“Traitor, since you’re repenting for your sins, give up!”

The nearby disciples and Regulators acted as if they were facing a powerful enemy. Anyone could see that Zhao Feng’s cultivation had reached the True Spirit Realm. Normal people didn’t dare to attack him.

“He’s really surrendering?”

Clan Master Haiyun’s eyebrows furrowed.

Zhao Feng acted in a calm and confident manner, which was even more dramatic than before.

Clan Master Haiyun’s heart began to feel uneasy. Through his Spiritual Sense, he confirmed that Zhao Feng was at the True Spirit Realm, but didn’t know what Rank Zhao Feng was at.

“Hehe, Clan Master Haiyun, aren’t you looking for me? Are you not happy that I’ve come back?”

Zhao Feng’s smile became even brighter as he gave off a harmless feeling.

On the mountain, the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan started to enter a discussion.

“What does Clan Master have to fear? We’ve set down an Eight Dragon Demon Slaughtering Array at the Central Division. Even if he has the ability to flip the skyn he won’t be able to escape.”

“Hmph, this brat is courting death. How can we not welcome him?”