King Of Gods Chapter 461

Chapter 461 - Terrifying Subordinate
Chapter 461 - Terrifying Subordinate

On the mountain, after a short discussion, the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan quickly made a decision.

“Zhao Feng, because you have the guts and courage to admit your guilt, your punishment will be decreased. Take Zhao Feng to the Central Hall.”

Clan Master Haiyun let out a long laugh and waved his hand as his eyes went cold.

As soon as his words finished.

Sou Sou Sou!

Several experts of the Clan, ranging from the 6th and 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm to the half-step True Spirit Realm, flew toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng smiled but didn’t speak, glancing toward the sky.

Plop Plop Plop!

The eyes of the disciples that attempted to capture Zhao Feng lost their light as they fell from the skies.

A cold and evil mental energy aura filled the air.

“Who’s there?”

The upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan turned toward the sky with shock.

In the clouds, a cold youth clad in pure black stood on a flying beast.

“This is the result of whoever disrespects my Master.”

The cold youth’s eyes were mysterious, and a ball of scarlet and darkness seemed to appear in his eyes.

“What a terrifying eye bloodline.”

The Elders of the Broken Moon Clan hiccupped coldly.

Not only was the youth’s eye bloodline powerful, his aura had also reached the True Mystic Rank.

One had to know that, apart from the two helpers the Broken Moon Clan had requested, the remaining Elders were all at the True Human Rank.

“Isn’t that flying beast the one that was surveying us?”

Yang Gan’s group was puzzled. Not long ago, the exact same flying beast was carrying the experts of the Broken Moon Clan to keep an eye on them.

In the blink of an eye, the flying beast was being controlled by the cold youth.

“Hmm? Doesn’t that youth look somewhat familiar?”

Some of the geniuses turned toward the youth.

“It’s him….”

Bei Moi’s heart skipped a beat.

“Lin Tong!”

Yang Gan took in a cold breath. Back at the Thirteen Clans Alliance Banquet, the name “Lin Tong” was a nightmare.

Apart from Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue, and a few other geniuses, no one was able to withstand a single glance from him.

Back then, both Yang Gan and Bei Moi were defeated by him in just one move.

Even years after the event, Lin Tong still struck fear in their hearts.

Now, Lin Tong’s achievements greatly surpassed Yang Gan and Bei Moi.

Lin Tong was extremely talented and he had a powerful eye bloodline. He could be said to be one of the top geniuses of the Thirteen Countries.

At this moment in time, everyone broke out into discussion with Lin Tong’s appearance.

“This Lin Tong is from the Iron Dragon Alliance. He’s even a core member of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, why would he…?”

Bei Moi didn’t understand. Both he and Lin Tong were considered to be from the Iron Dragon Alliance, but Lin Tong’s status was far higher than Bei Moi’s. He was accepted into the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. He even entered the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.

What made everyone more shocked was that even someone as strong as Lin Tong called Zhao Feng his Master.

“Lin Tong, don’t be disrespectful. I’ve come to apologize truthfully to Clan Master Haiyun.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he walked slowly toward the Central Hall.

On the way, no one dared to attack Zhao Feng.

Clan Master Haiyun’s eyes twinkled as he led the upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan to arrive at the Central Hall first.

Zhao Feng walked very slowly and saw many familiar faces on the way.

Halfway across the mountain.

“Zhao Feng, you little brat, why did you come back?”

Two white-bearded elders looked on with puzzlement and open eyes.

“Old Guan, Old Zhang.”

Zhao Feng revealed a warm smile. A sizzle of warmth appeared in his heart as he remembered the days when the two fought over who would take him as their disciple.

Zhao Feng had learned the foundation of pills and arrays from these two, but in the end, Zhao Feng didn’t choose the Dao of Pills nor the world of arrays.

“Zhao Feng, why did you come back?”

The two glanced toward Zhao Feng with unwillingness.

The two had high hopes and expectations for Zhao Feng, but they didn’t understand the latter’s current actions.

How could the two be willing to watch a prodigy like Zhao Feng fall?

“Please relax. How could I disappoint you?”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and turned around after saying this.

Old Zhang and Old Guan looked at each other with a look of surprise.

It wasn’t hard for them to see that Zhao Feng had reached the True Spirit Realm. Under close contact, they could tell that his aura was unfathomable, greater than any Elder of the Broken Moon Clan.

The two watched Zhao Feng walk away with solemn expressions.

In front of the Central Hall, Clan Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, and remaining upper echelons were waiting.

Above the Central Hall, the aura of lightning from the Floating Crest Palace lit up.

“Floating Crest Palace, long time no see.”

Zhao Feng smiled and nodded his head as an unbelievable scene occurred.

The Floating Crest Palace seemed to acknowledge Zhao Feng’s greeting and started to hum as if welcoming back an old friend.

The expressions of the upper echelons in front of the Central Hall were slightly ugly.

The Floating Crest Palace was the core inheritance of the Broken Moon Clan. What did it mean by this?

“Hahaha… To have entered this place… what an arrogant brat!”

A booming sound came from the sky.


A large figure stepped through the air and caused the winds to howl. The aura of this “Scarlet-Purple male” was dense and thick and radiated a terrifying energy that caused the True Spirit Realm Elders present to shake.

“True Mystic Rank!”

“It seems to be the peak True Mystic Rank!”

The Regulations Elder, Granny Liuyue, and other Elders all took in a deep breath.

“Seventh Core Elder!”

Clan Master Haiyun’s face was filled with joy as he greeted the newcomer.

The newcomer was one of the two reinforcements Clan Master Haiyun called for.

A few days ago, Clan Master Haiyun heard the news of Zhao Feng’s return and felt uneasy. After all, Zhao Feng’s miracles were famous across the Thirteen Countries. Who knew what kind of path First Elder had left for Zhao Feng. He might even be able to bring in reinforcements from strong countries, or even great countries.

Therefore, Clan Master Haiyun asked the Iron Dragon Alliance for assistance.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng had already killed two Core Elders of the Iron Dragon Alliance, so they sent the high-ranking Seventh Core Elder over.

Any one of the Core Elders was a being that Clan Master Haiyun could only look up to.

Furthermore, this Core Elder was ranked Seventh. On top of that, Clan Master Haiyun also hired a powerful ally.

“Hehehe, Clan Master Haiyun, you don’t need to worry~~~”

A light laugh rang from far away.

This newcomer was a middle-aged man dressed like a scholar. Ripples of silver came from his feet and he had a sword on his back.

“It’s Xiang Yunzi!”

“Clan Master Haiyun could even hire him!? This Xiang Yunzi doesn’t belong to any force. He’s a cultivator who roams the Thirteen Countries.”

Many elders of the Broken Moon Clan recognized the identity of this person.

In the world of cultivation, most experts came from a Clan or family, but there were exceptions. Some freelancers also had the chance to become a top-tier expert, although the chances were very low.

This “Xiang Yunzi” was such a person, and he had a good relationship with the Thirteen Clans.

Under normal circumstances, Xiang Yunzi acted peacefully and never participated in the clashes of the Clans.

However, Clan Master Haiyun managed to hire him, meaning that he definitely paid a huge price.

In front of the Central Hall, the appearance of the Seventh Core Elder and Xiang Yunzi made the atmosphere tense up.

However, compared to the Seventh Core Elder who was full of enmity, Xiang Yunzi appeared much more peaceful.

Xiang Yunzi had a smile on his face and spoke, “Nephew Zhao Feng, your Master Si Tumo knows me well. Since you’ve come back to the Broken Moon Clan with honesty and truthfulness, I hope that we can solve this problem without violence.”

Zhao Feng acted as if he didn’t hear anything as he proceeded forward.

He only had one target, and that was Clan Master Haiyun.

“Brat, even if you’re not planning to accept this, I’ll make you accept it.”

A scarlet-purple light glowed from the Seventh Core Elder as his aura turned fiery hot.

The upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan shook.

The thirty-six Core Elders of the Iron Dragon Alliance were all at the True Mystic Rank, and the top ten had battle power only below those at the True Lord Rank.

This scarlet-purple male was ranked seventh and was a rare Body Cultivator who relied on his physical body to crush others at the True Mystic Rank.

Even those at the True Lord Rank would be threatened in close combat.


Just as the scarlet-purple male was charging toward Zhao Feng in a wave of flames.

“Soaring Sky Cloud Slashing Sword!”

Xiang Yunzi’s eyes flashed as his sword was drawn. A brilliant arc of light intertwined with lightning, mist, wind, and clouds swept toward Zhao Feng.

At this point in time, the two True Mystic Rank experts made their moves.

However, right as the scarlet-purple male and Xiang Yunzi moved, they felt an uneasiness come from their soul.

In the air, on top of a flying beast.

“Scarlet Demon Moon Eye!”

Lin Tong’s eyes turned scarlet-black and two blood-colored moons appeared.

Bam Bam!

Two flashes of a bloody moon, filled with cold killing intent, hit the scarlet-purple male and Xiang Yunzi.

Wah Wah!

Xiang Yunzi and the scarlet-purple male both shook as they spat out a mouthful of blood.

The two raised their heads in shock, looking at the cold youth in black whom they had previously ignored.

The once most terrifying bloodline of the Thirteen Countries showed its power after two years.

“What a fearful eye bloodline technique.”

“In just one glance, two True Mystic Rank experts were injured. Lin Tong is a hundred times stronger than before.”

Discussion broke out across the place, especially for those who had once participated in the Thirteen Clans Alliance.

Bei Moi, who was standing in the back, couldn’t calm down, “This Lin Tong has indeed entered the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. He’s probably unparalleled under the True Lord Rank.”

It was hard to imagine how such a terrifying genius was only a slave and subordinate of Zhao Feng.