King Of Gods Chapter 462

Chapter 462 - Bait (1)
Chapter 462 - Bait (1)

Broken Moon Clan, in front of the Central Hall Division.

The disciples on the hill held their breath in shock.

At this instant in time, Lin Tong, who was in the sky, was the main focus.

Clan Master Haiyun, the Regulations Elder, and others of the upper echelons, as well as the two True Mystic Rank reinforcements, were filled with wariness and fear.

These two True Mystic Rank cultivators were injured in just one glance. One couldn’t describe how terrifying this genius was.

One had to know, Xiang Yunzi was a roaming cultivator that travelled the Thirteen Countries, and the number of those who could be compared to him could be counted on one hand.

The Seventh Core Elder was also extremely powerful and could defeat most other True Mystic Ranks with just his body. Most people under the True Lord Rank weren’t his match.

These two couldn’t block a single glance from Lin Tong.

“Lin Tong! How dare you betray the Alliance and join this brat!”

The Seventh Core Elder roared in anger as he wiped the blood dripping from his mouth.

Lin Tong, Bei Moi, and the Seventh Core Elder all belonged to the Iron Dragon Alliance.

Of course, the status of Lin Tong and the Seventh Core Elder was much higher.

Facing the Seventh Core Elder’s questioning, Lin Tong remained silent. However, when he turned toward the blue-haired youth below, helplessness seemed to appear in his eyes.

These details obviously didn’t escape the experts present.

“Even someone as scary as Lin Tong is willing to be Zhao Feng’s subordinate?”

Back at the Thirteen Clans Alliance Banquet, Zhao Feng and Lin Tong were on opposite ends since they both possessed an eye bloodline.

The Ancient Shrine that Lin Tong belonged to was a small chapter of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion that was left behind in the Thirteen Countries. Thus, the Ancient Shrine betrayed the Thirteen Clans the second the battle started at the Dragon Concealing Lake.

Lin Tong was definitely a core member of the Iron Dragon Alliance and he was even utilized by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that Lin Tong was most likely being “threatened” right now.

Furthermore, Lin Tong didn’t explain anything to the Seventh Core Elder.

“Hehe, this one is only here to apologize to Clan Master Haiyun. It’s best that no outsiders interfere.”

A light laugh came from the blue-haired youth. The hearts of Clan Master Haiyun and company shook.

It was hard to imagine how strong Zhao Feng would be if someone as terrifying as Lin Tong was threatened by him.

Unknowingly, the youth in front of them became respected.

No one dared to make any rash moves.

The Seventh Core Elder and Xiang Yunzi were both filled with wariness. They couldn’t see through him.

If a mere slave of Zhao Feng was enough to defeat them instantly, it was unimaginable how strong Zhao Feng would be.

Ta! Ta!

The atmosphere was silent apart from the casual footsteps of the blue-haired youth.

Finally, at a certain moment.

“He’s close…. That brat’s almost entered the range of the array.”

“Clan Master Haiyun! The Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array is ready.”

The heartbeats of the Broken Moon Clan upper echelons sped up.

The Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array was their final move.

“This Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array is an ancient array that cost a countless amount of materials and money to build. Furthermore, eight True Spirit Realms and sixty-four elites of the Sixth and Seventh Sky are needed to start this array….”

Eight experts of the True Spirit Realm were already prepared in front of the Central Hall.

Bei Moi was one of these eight True Spirit Realms.

“The array is complete!”

“Haha! That brat’s entered the range of the array!”

“If he moves a bit closer and enters the center of the array, he won’t be able to escape unharmed even if he was a True Lord Rank.”

The reinforcements and the elites of the Broken Moon Clan were overjoyed.

They had complete confidence in their Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array!

“Zhao Feng, don’t!”

Below the hill, Old Guan and Old Zhang shouted out. Old Zhang participated in the construction of this Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array so he knew the power of this array.

Unfortunately, their warning came too late.

Zhao Feng had already stepped into the center of the Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array.

This was the perfect moment to start the array, and everyone in the Broken Moon Clan was excited.

“Hehe, Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array? I heard Old Zhang talk about this a bit when I was learning in the Clan Mission Division.”

A light laughter came from the blue-haired youth standing in the center of the array.


Everyone’s heart jumped as they looked toward Zhao Feng in disbelief.

Clan Master Haiyun suddenly felt a strong surge of uneasiness.

This youth in front of them obviously knew about arrays. Not only did he know about the existence of the Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array, he entered it with a smile.

At this moment, the experts and the reinforcements of the Broken Moon Clan felt a coldness spread across their bodies.

This youth almost made them crumble.

Xiang Yunzi was filled with regret.

As he was invited by Clan Master Haiyun, he knew the plan to face Zhao Feng and knew how strong this array was.

However, reality exceeded his expectations.

All of this was because of this unfathomable blue-haired youth.

Back then, Zhao Feng managed to escape from this area with the title of “number one genius of the Thirteen Countries.”

Now that he was back, no one knew his true strength.

“Don’t be fooled by this brat. We can kill him if we work together!”

The Regulations Elder shouted.

“Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array, open!”

Eight experts at the True Spirit Realm circulated their Qi of True Spirit while the sixty-four elites of the Ascended Realm also put in their energy.



Eight bright lights, each dozens-of-yards long, locked down the area Zhao Feng was in like eight chains.

“Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array! So strong!”

“Each of the eight dragon-shaped chains are probably as powerful as a peak True Mystic Rank….”

The middle and upper echelons of the Broken Moon Clan were trembling with excitement.

Many of them would normally never see such a magnificent and powerful array in their lives.

Qiu! Qiu! Qiu!

Zhao Feng remained unmoving as the eight dragon-shaped chains instantly locked him in like a cage.


Two of the chains even wrapped around Zhao Feng’s legs.

“Unfortunately, I would only be threatened if it was eight True Mystic Ranks working together.”

Zhao Feng sighed somewhat regretfully.

His body released a transparent barrier of lightning and wind that pushed the two dragon-shaped chains aside.

Ding Ding Ding~~~~

Sparks flew everywhere as the eight dragon-shaped chains were flung away.

“The Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array needs ‘Eight Dragons to be One,’ but you aren’t in sync with each other and haven’t practiced enough, so you can only use sixty-to-seventy percent of its maximum power….”

Zhao Feng shook his head.

He slowly approached Clan Master Haiyun, who was in the center of the array.

“Junior! Don’t overestimate yourself~~~~!”

Clan Master Haiyun’s voice was already starting to tremble.

No one thought that Zhao Feng would be so strong that he could casually stroll inside the Eight Dragon Slaughterer Demon Array.

“Clan Master Haiyun, this one is only here to apologize. Why are you so nervous?”

Zhao Feng smiled with his hands behind his back. It seemed as if he really didn’t want Clan Master Haiyun’s life.

“Looks like the new generation is terrifying indeed….”

An ancient voice suddenly sounded from the side of the Central Hall Division.

This voice had a magical power that allowed everyone to hear it clearly even though it was in a deep and low tone.

“This voice…”

Lin Tong and Bei Moi’s expression both changed dramatically, while Clan Master Haiyun, the Seventh Core Elder, and company shook.

At this moment in time, the air seemed to freeze except for the ancient voice.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three black-hooded figures in the corner of the Central Hall Division threw off their robes and revealed their original appearances.

Three terrifying auras spread across the Central Hall Division.

Two males and one female seemed like Kings of Hell standing in front of the Hall.


One of them was a male in mystic robes who held a metal fan. His skin and clothes seemed to be metallic and they radiated a cold aura.


A streak of silver and gold flashed in the air!

Zhao Feng’s footsteps stopped.

Behind him, the mystic-robed man’s fan was only a foot away from Zhao Feng’s back.

The sharpness of this fan seemed able to cut Zhao Feng in half within a flash.

“True Lord Tiexiao!”

Clan Master Haiyun and the Elders of the Broken Moon Clan couldn’t help exclaiming when they saw this man appear.

True Lord Tiexiao!

This name was like a nightmare imprinted in the minds of the Thirteen Clans.

“Greetings to the three Palace Lords!”

The Seventh Core Elder revealed a look of overfilled joy.

“You Long, Tiexiao, Bi Ji. Three Palace Lords… how… how is this possible!!?”

Bei Moi’s face was filled with shock.

Before he left, the upper echelons of the alliance told him that three experts would support the Broken Moon Clan against Zhao Feng.

However, these three experts were the three Palace Lords of the Iron Dragon Alliance?

“Greetings, Palace Lords You Long, Tiexiao, and Bi Ji.”

Lin Tong’s forehead started to sweat coldly and he became uneasy.

Shua! Shua!

Along with True Lord Tiexiao, the other male and female formed a triangle that surrounded Zhao Feng.

The person with the strongest aura was Palace Lord You Long. He had long black hair and an actual black horn on his head. He was covered in a pure-black armor that radiated an old and mysterious aura.

His existence seemed to be a nightmare from hell.

On the left was Palace Lord Bi Ji. She wore an elegant dress and had the face of an angel but the body of a demon. Her aura was extremely enchanting, and every smile and action of hers seemed able to suck out one’s soul.

“Bei Moi, good job! Zhao Feng indeed returned to the Broken Moon Clan. Clan Master Haiyun, without your help, we wouldn’t be able to ambush this brat so easily.”

Palace Lord You Long’s hair blew in the wind as his voice boomed.

Time and space seemed to freeze at this moment, and no one from the Broken Moon Clan dared to even breathe.

Three of the four major figures of the Iron Dragon Alliance appeared in the tiny Broken Moon Clan.

“Three Palace Lords…. Looks like I was only bait.”

Clan Master Haiyun let out a breath, but he smiled bitterly at the same time.