King Of Gods Chapter 469

Chapter 469 - True Lord Rank (2)
Chapter 469 - True Lord Rank (2)

Cloud Sword Clan.

In the clouds, there was a multitude of buildings that jutted out like swords piercing the sky.

Amongst them, one of the buildings stood out. It gave off a piercing intent and seemed to be the ruler.

At this moment, this sacred area, the “Sword Pavilion,” was overflowing with blood.

In front of the Sword Pavilion.


A True Spirit Realm elder screamed as his sword fell onto the blood-stained ground.

There were four or five True Spirit Realm experts there with him that had been slain in one slash.

Apart from them, there were more than a hundred elites that had been killed.

Those within the Sword Pavilion were frozen. Everyone looked in fear toward a plain-robed female.

This plain-robed female seemed to radiate an invisible intent that pierced through everything nearby.

This scene was extremely similar to the number one sword genius from back then. The one who had crushed every genius of the Thirteen Clans under her feet.

“Cang Yuyue, no matter how many more people you kill, you can’t turn the tide of the Cloud area. Going against the Iron Dragon Alliance with your strength is suicide.”

A green-armored male puffed with a savage expression.

Streaks of sword-wounds had pierced through his Spiritual-grade armor.

This armored male’s cultivation had reached the late-stage True Mystic Rank, the same as Cang Yuyue.

However, in the fight just now, the armored male and several True Spirit Realms had teamed up and still couldn’t defeat the plain-robed female.

“Cang Yuyue’s way too terrifying. More than a hundred elites have been killed by her.”

“Everyone that’s opposed her is dead.”

The cultivators at the Sword Pavilion didn’t even dare to take a deep breath.

“Hmph, you don’t need to tell me. I shall go to the headquarters of the Iron Dragon Alliance later.”

Cang Yuyue said coldly.

After the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and the inheritance, Cang Yuyue’s Dao of the Sword had become sharper, and her path of killing was a hundred times stronger than before.

Cang Yuyue still felt lucky when she remembered the encounters she had in the Seven Sword Inheritance with the other geniuses.

If one wasn’t strong or decisive enough, they would have been killed in the Seven Sword Inheritance.

The reason she could return from the Seven Sword Inheritance was due to the fact that she had already nurtured the potential of sword intent, and she was extremely lucky.

“Hahaha, are you not scared the wind will cut off your tongue? Bitch, one day I will fuc-!”

The armored man roared loudly.

Cang Yuyue’s sword suddenly shot out, causing a piercing screech.


The armored male’s expression changed, and a green flame appeared on his body as he reached a terrifying speed.

The skill he cultivated contained the element of wind and had reached the extreme.

In terms of speed, he was even comparable to normal True Lord Ranks.

This was why he could keep standing up to now.


Cang Yuyue’s sword vanished.


However, a tattered green-bronze sword appeared. It gave off a cold and ancient aura, and it seemed to be immortal and supreme.

A chilling sword intent locked onto the armored male through both the physical and the mental energy dimensions.


Cang Yuyue shook her hand and a cold beam as thin as a spiderweb extended through the air. It seemed extremely slow, but it actually happened in an instant.


The armored man fell from the sky with a bloody gash that split his body in half.

Sword Pavilion.

The entire clan couldn’t help but take a deep breath as they looked at the legendary female that had returned from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


A woman dressed in white suddenly appeared in front of Cang Yuyue.

“Elder Bai.”

Cang Yuyue bowed with respect. This woman’s aura was on par with the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion. Cang Yuyue had not returned alone.

“Yuyue, your strength has stunned us. Although you’re only at the late-stage True Mystic Rank, your attacks can already threaten those at the True Lord Rank.”

Elder Bai praised and gave a high review. Cultivators of the sword specialized in offense, and Cang Yuyue was someone who had comprehended sword intent in addition to receiving the Seven Sword Inheritance.

“Unfortunately, there’s still a distance between Yu Tianhao, Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng, and company.”

Cang Yuyue didn’t have any arrogance on her face. Although her strength and talent were very high and she was the number one genius of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan, there was still an obvious gap between her and the overwhelming prodigies.

“Hehe, you don’t need to praise others. With your talent and comprehension level, you aren’t far behind. If you started from the same starting line, you might be comparable to those overwhelming prodigies.”

Elder Bai smiled and supported.

Cang Yuyue nodded her head, confident in her improvements.

However, the main reason she returned to the Cloud area was to save her Clan. In just an instant, the Cloud Sword Clan’s destiny had been changed by Cang Yuyue.

“What’s the current situation of the Thirteen Clans? I heard that Zhao Feng is back.”

Cang Yuyue questioned.

After a while of listening, her expression started to become solemn. Everyone found that she was very curious about Zhao Feng.

Some from the Cloud Sword Clan knew that Cang Yuyue had lost to Zhao Feng back then. Now that she had returned to the Cloud area, maybe she would challenge him to reclaim the title of number one.

“Defeated three True Lord Ranks by himself?”

“Zhao Feng… has already become so strong?”

Cang Yuyue’s heart sped up the more she heard. Even Elder Bai was full of surprise.

Elder Bai Shang had watched the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. At that point in time, Zhao Feng was still far away from the True Lord Rank.

“He’s indeed worthy of being an overwhelming prodigy. Probably only Yu Tianhao is on the same level in the entire continent.”

Elder Bai Shang couldn’t help but sigh. She had to admit that the five overwhelming prodigies’ strength had reached a stage where they were even stronger than some of the older generation, especially Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.

However, Zhao Feng had disappeared mysteriously for several months.

“I’ll challenge him before I leave the Cloud area, no matter how strong he is.”

A powerful surge of sword intent appeared in Cang Yuyue’s eyes.

As if being pressured by Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue’s sword intent seemed to keep on climbing.

Elder Bai Shang nodded her head. Those that trained in the sword needed an unbreakable will in order to keep on improving by battling the heaven and earth.

Cloud area, Thirteen Countries.

In just a month’s time, the entire situation had changed. Almost half of the Clans had escaped the Iron Dragon Alliance’s control, and the beginning of everything was the Broken Moon Clan.

Zhao Feng had defeated the three Palace Lords and forced True Lord Tiexiao to surrender. He had also destroyed the blood contract.

Before entering seclusion, Zhao Feng had also ordered some experts, with Lin Tong leading them, to help the other two “Moon” Clans, the Lin Moon Clan and the Silver Moon Clan.

Zhao Yufei had asked Zhao Feng to help the Lin Moon Clan back in the Purple Saint Ruins.

Broken Moon Clan, Lin Moon Clan, Silver Moon Clan, Cloud Sword Clan… all these Clans had escaped the Iron Dragon Alliance’s control and regained their freedom.

In this period, the Dragon Killing Alliance, led by Old Su and the elites of the Sky Rich Country, started to proceed toward the Thirteen Countries.

The Thirteen Countries were no longer part of the area controlled by the Iron Dragon Alliance, with the Broken Moon Clan acting as the center.

Old Su helped the Clans regain their freedom while also cleaning up the Iron Dragon Alliance’s forces within the Thirteen Countries.

Everything was progressing smoothly.

According to their deal, Old Su was responsible for cleaning up and gathering information.

On this day, at the Broken Moon Clan.


An aura at the True Lord Rank descended onto the Sky Moon Mountain.

“Who is it!?”

True Lord Tiexiao, who was guarding the mountain, roared.

“True Lord Tiexiao, I hope you’re doing well.”

A white-bearded elder floated to the front of the Broken Moon Clan.

“Old Monster Su, it’s you?”

True Lord Tiexiao had an ugly expression.

Even before the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had entered the Cloud area, the strong countries these two belonged to were on opposing sides.

“I have an important piece of news that needs to be discussed with Zhao Feng.”

Old Su soon entered the topic with an urgent tone.

If a normal expert wanted to see Zhao Feng, it would be almost impossible, but this was Old Su, a True Lord Rank that was also the leader of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

However, it wasn’t going to be easy passing True Lord Tiexiao.

“Don’t you know that Zhao Feng’s in seclusion and won’t be seeing anyone?”

True Lord Tiexiao’s face was cold.

“This news is very important for the Cloud area.”

Old Su rushed.

True Lord Tiexiao didn’t say anything and pointed toward a hall in the mountains.

Old Su felt that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in that area was extremely sensitive. A ball of wind and lightning occasionally caused thunder to boom and rain to fall.


A deep hum sounded in the air, as if wind and lightning were synced together and a monster was devouring this ball.

Half a day later, the ball of wind and lightning started to compress into a whirlpool that created waves of lightning.

“He’s reached the last part?”

True Lord Tiexiao inspected closely. Over the past few days, he had been paying attention to Zhao Feng’s situation.

“He’s breaking through to the True Lord Rank?”

Old Su had a weird expression. The sky rippled with lightning and wind, and there was a destructive aura that caused the Qi of True Spirit within Old Su and True Lord Tiexiao to become heavy and uneasy.