King Of Gods Chapter 474

Chapter 474 - Toying with Demons
Chapter 474 - Toying with Demons

Palace Lord You Long had a strange feeling when he raised his head. It was as if an eye was coldly looking down at his every action.

Suddenly, a blue “Eye of Heaven” appeared in the clouds and seemed to become one with the Heaven and Earth.


Palace Lord You Long jumped up in fright.

“You Long, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Sub-Division Leader Batie asked unhappily. He had just cursed at You Long and thought that the latter was about to retort.

Many figures in the building, including Protector Blood Corpse, Protector Youmo, and Protector Sanling, all looked toward Palace Lord You Long in shock.

Was he really going to go against Sub-Division Leader Batie?

Everyone was sweating for Palace Lord You Long, obviously thinking things wouldn’t go well for him.

“Sub-Division Leader, not good! That Zhao Feng’s probably already here, look~~~!”

Palace Lord You Long exclaimed and pointed outside.

Everyone turned their head and looked around.

There were no signs of anyone in the moonlight.

The experts present even opened their spiritual sense, but they found no traces of anything within a radius of a dozen miles.

A while later, everyone looked toward Palace Lord You Long questioningly.

“Why is it gone…?”

Palace Lord You Long seemed like he had seen a ghost. The Eye of Heaven faded away in the blink of an eye, as if it was just a feeling.

“Everyone, you must believe me. I know I saw Zhao Feng’s eye just now. He’s watching us with some secret method.”

Palace Lord You Long took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression.

When one reached his level, they would be confident in their senses.

However, the people inside the building were somewhat suspicious.

“Deputy Sub-Division Leader You Long, you’re saying that that brat Zhao Feng is secretly following us?”

A smile appeared on the Sub-Division Leader’s chubby face.

“His eye has left a deep impression on me. It wasn’t just a feeling.”

Palace Lord You Long stared outside, but the Eye of Heaven didn’t appear again.

“Hehe, Deputy Sub-Division Leader You Long, why were you the only one to sense it out of all of us here? Could Sub-Division Leader not sense it even with his cultivation? Or how about Protector Youmo, whose forte is in detection and has the best senses among us?”

The man in white, Protector Sanling, smiled.

Everyone agreed with what he said.

“I would like to believe what you’ve said. Oh, if only that brat dared to come…. I’m just scared he’s too afraid to come, hahaha….”

Sub-Division Leader Batie roared with laughter and created gusts of wind that blew the sand away.

The others all started to praise him.

Palace Lord You Long sat down with a sigh, defeated.

He couldn’t do anything if they didn’t want to believe him.

Furthermore, this group of experts didn’t need to fear anything within the Cloud area.

“In three days’ time, I will lead Protector Youmo, Protector Sanling, and a dozen others to the Broken Moon Clan. We’ll first wipe out the Broken Moon Clan, then take care of the Dragon Killing Alliance and other spawn. As for You Long and Blood Corpse, you two are responsible for cleaning up the remains….”

Sub-Division Leader Batie’s voice with filled with power. Although he had asked for the suggestion of others, he didn’t actually listen to anyone and went on with his plan.

Palace Lord You Long remained expressionless and silent.

He raised his head instinctively toward the sky outside.

Suddenly, his heart jumped once more, “It’s appeared!”

A large transparent eye appeared out of nowhere. The discussion within the building was immediately broken as everyone looked outside.

“What the hell?”

“Deputy Sub-Division Leader You Long, what are you doing?”

Everyone was dissatisfied. There was nothing outside.

Palace Lord You Long almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. The Eye of Heaven had disappeared in the blink of an eye. Before it disappeared, Palace Lord You Long even saw the playfulness within the eye.

“You Long, are you doing this on purpose?”

Anger appeared on Sub-Division Leader Batie’s face. If it were a normal member he would’ve killed them already.

Palace Lord You Long’s face went red and green as he tried to say something.

“It must be Zhao Feng purposely playing with me.”

Palace Lord You Long decided to not say anything even if the Eye of Heaven appeared again.

It was like the story of “the boy who cried wolf.” No one else would believe him anymore.

As expected, the Eye of Heaven appeared once more and gazed down coldly.

Palace Lord You Long’s heart dropped. He felt uneasy and pressured.

However, only he could feel this pressure.

Palace Lord You Long opened his spiritual sense and scanned everything within dozens of miles, but he could find no traces of Zhao Feng.

It was hard to imagine what kind of secret technique this Eye of Heaven was.

Palace Lord You Long didn’t think that this Eye of Heaven was watching just himself.

Within the building, as time passed, there was finally a second person that felt the presence of the Eye of Heaven.

Protector Youmo suddenly felt a pressure and an eye that seemed to watch her. She instinctively raised her head toward the night sky outside.

However, this one glance made her fall into a limitless abyss.

The Eye of Heaven released a mental energy power that merged with the darkness.

Protector Youmo suddenly roared and waved her hand, summoning liquid that splattered over everyone within the building.

Sou Sou Sou!

The liquid contained a terrifying erosive power that could turn normal True Spirit Realms into a puddle of water.


Bone-chilling screams came from within the building.

This was a stronghold of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and its Protectors were among the top battle-powers.

Almost ten people were injured by Protector Youmo’s attack, and five or six died.

“Protector Youmo, what the fuck are you doing?”

Protector Sanling, Protector Blood Corpse, and company were all hit.


Killing intent appeared in Protector Youmo’s eyes as she waved her jade-like hand, summoning a twenty-yard-long black python.


The building they were in crumbled and the array’s power wasn’t strong enough to block the True Lord Rank beast’s attack.

“Dodge quickly! This black python’s comparable to the True Lord Rank.”

“What the fuck is wrong with Protector Youmo? Quickly restrain her!”


Protector Youmo and the black python stared to attack the entire temple.

Ceng! Sou Sou!

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion quickly evaded in panic.

Protector Youmo and the black python were both comparable to two True Lord Ranks. Protector Blood Corpse and company ran away faster than rabbits.

“Hmph, everyone should believe me now.”

Palace Lord You Long snickered and looked toward the sky.

“Oh my god….”

“That eye….”

The members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion drew in cold breaths.

The Eye of Heaven made their hearts tremble.

Hu~~ Boom~~~~

Protector Youmo and the black python started to attack everyone in sight.

“Stop her!”

Sub-Division Leader Batie roared as a large axe appeared in his hand. It was two or three yards long and pitch-black, and it released a bloodthirsty aura.

Dominating Heaven Slash!

The large axe slashed through the air and the wind pressure that was created made it hard to breathe for the other members.


The small-mountain-sized black python was cut in two by Sub-Division Leader Batie.

With a boom, the python turned into a small mountain of meat.

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members watched with shock.

Sub-Division Leader Batie’s power was terrifying and the black python that was comparable to the True Lord Rank was cut into pieces like a cucumber.

One had to know, large beasts had a strong lifeforce and a lot of time and energy were required to kill them.

For example, the Towering Tree Yao within the Purple Saint Ruins was so.

However, Sub-Division Leader Batie specialized in heavy weapons and was an exception.

Several breaths later, after the initial chaos, Protector Youmo was restrained by the others.

This time, Sub-Division Leader Batie didn’t do anything. His heavy weapon was too strong and would accidentally kill or injure someone. The black python’s threat was too big and it had to be put down with one axe.

After all the chaos, the temple they were in had been destroyed. In the moonlight, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion members were standing around.

The expressions of Sub-Division Leader Batie and the other members were all very ugly.

Many of them glanced up toward the sky uneasily, but the Eye of Heaven disappeared long ago.

“You Long, if you already found the brat, why didn’t you tell us!?”

Sub-Division Leader Batie roared.

Palace Lord You Long almost exploded from anger as he yelled back, “I already warned you twice, but who was the one that said, ‘I’m just scared that he won’t come’!?”


Sub-Division Leader Batie howled as he raised the giant bloody axe.

“Sub-Division Leader, please calm down.”

Protector Sanling, Protector Blood Corpse, and company’s expressions all changed.

“Sub-Division Leader, now’s not the time to fight. That brat’s eye bloodline specializes in finding flaws in emotions. Protector Youmo was tricked by him just now.”

Protector Blood Corpse quickly warned.

Hearing this, the hearts of the other members shook.

Everyone saw what happened to Protector Youmo.

Among the group, Protector Youmo specialized in mental energy techniques and controlling beasts. Yet an expert such as her had been controlled by the Eye of Heaven?

“Search! Dig up the ground if you have to and bring that brat here!”

Sub-Division Leader Batie’s eyes were filled with hatred as he roared.

An hour later, the members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had searched over a hundred miles, but there was no sign of any unusual auras or other traces of any kind.