King Of Gods Chapter 483

Chapter 483 - Battling the Division Leader
Chapter 483 - Battling the Division Leader

In the barren desert, where the castle was located.

The black mist started to stabilize after some intense shaking.

The skeletal Division Leader let out a breath, not reentering the battle. Instead, it controlled the black flag, using the black mist to fix the cracks in the array. It placed great importance on the eye of the array, which was damaged by the Eye of Heaven.

However, the experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were currently being pushed back.

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue’s sword attacks destroyed everything in their path.

Sub-Division Leader Batie’s half-dead and rotting body had more than a dozen gashes, which were so deep that one could see the bones.

“Put in some more effort and kill the Sub-Division Leader now, or else it’ll become more troublesome once the array is fully repaired.”

Old Su and the Dragon Killing Alliance unleashed barrages of attacks.

Ding Ding Boom Bam~~~~~

Sub-Division Leader Batie’s injuries continued to get worse, and over half of his companions were dead.


Sub-Division Leader Batie’s figure suddenly flashed, leading the remaining people back to the castle without any regard for defense.

“Kill him! He’s only got one breath left in him!”

The experts of the Dragon Killing Alliance charged into the castle.

Unexpectedly, the skeletal Division Leader continued fixing the array and didn’t bother them.

The sound of battle appeared once more as they charged into the castle.

The castle was filled with white bones. The occasional corpse, skeleton, or ghost would appear.

“These ghosts are a source of power for the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array. Kill as many as you can.”

Elder Bai ordered.

The killing extended throughout the castle as everyone headed toward the eye of the array.

“Zhao Feng’s already told us where the eye of the array is with his eye flame.”

Old Su’s eyes were bright.

The group reached their destination, where they saw Sub-Division Leader Batie and three balls of ghastly flame next to the eye of the array.

“Kill them, then take care of the Division Leader.”

Elder Bai didn’t fear anything given how strong she was.

Next to her was Cang Yuyue. Although her cultivation just reached the half-step True Lord Rank, her sword intent was extremely powerful and her battle power was slightly better than normal early-stage True Lord Ranks.

However, the three balls of ghastly flame next to Sub-Division Leader Batie weren’t easy to take care of either, or else they wouldn’t have been used in an attempt to counter the Eye of Heaven.

Wu~ Wu~

The three balls of ghastly flame sent out beams of transparent green flames and a round of mental energy attacks that made the Dragon Killing Alliance panic.

Luckily, Cang Yuyue and Elder Bai were experts who had comprehended sword intent, which could attack the spiritual dimension.


A ghastly flame was soon destroyed by Cang Yuyue and the other two were badly damaged.

Old Su nodded his head in admiration. The two from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan had done a lot.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. Game over.”

A deep raspy laugh reverberated across the castle.


The skeletal Division Leader held its black flag and flashed to where everyone was at. It managed to fix the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array.

The hearts of the Dragon Killing Alliance members shook. This Division Leader finally made its move.

“Spawn from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, die!”

Elder Bai waved her robe and destroyed another ghastly flame before clashing with the skeletal Division Leader.

Ten Thousand Sword Destruction!

Elder Bai’s attack created thousands of sharp sword-lights that twisted and turned in the air, destroying everything in their path.

At this point in time, Elder Bai’s power had reached a level that exceeded the True Lord Rank level and, in terms of pure battle power, was comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

“Zhe zhe, indeed worthy of being Nan Jianfeng’s descendent.”

The skeletal Division Leader was slightly surprised. It waved the black flag in its hand with a “hu~,” devouring the last ball of ghastly fire into the black mist.


The ball of ghastly fire that was devoured turned into a dark flaming orb, about twenty to thirty yards wide, and it was filled with limitless black mist and fire that started to spread.


Elder Bai’s attack clashed with the dark flaming orb and a soul-shaking boom sounded.

A breath later, the dark flaming orb started to shake. It seemed to sync up with the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array, increasing in power.

Bam Bam!

Elder Bai’s attack was devoured by the flaming black orb and her face went white.

“Not good!”

The experts from the Dragon Killing Alliance exclaimed.


The dark flaming orb started to extend to seventy or eighty yards, merging with the array like a black umbrella-shaped screen.

The Dragon Killing Alliance group was slowly being closed in on by this black umbrella-shaped screen.

“Zhe zhe…. This Dark Ghost Night is my second plan to finish off all those who dared to come in the castle.”

The skeletal Division Leader laughed and waved its black flag to control the dark flaming orb, making it push everyone down to the ground.

“Ten Thousand Swords into One!”

“Heavenly Despair Chaotic Style!”


The group did their best to fight back.

However, when their attacks got close, they would be absorbed by the dark flaming orb and turned into energy.

“What you’re doing is useless. My Dark Ghost Night is in sync with the Devouring Spirit Ten Thousand Withering Array and has infinite power.”

The skeletal Division Leader waved its black flag and said smugly.

“Argh! Ahhh!!”

There were already figures being swallowed by the Dark Ghost Night.

Only Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, and Old Su could manage to resist, but they obviously couldn’t last long.

A weird sound appeared outside the castle at this moment.


A gust of wind and a hum of lightning appeared from the edge of the sky.

“Everyone, don’t worry.”

A pair of wings, formed from wind and lightning, flapped behind a blue-haired youth’s back, and they were in sync with the Wind Lightning Yuan Qi in the air. He was like a descending God of Lightning.


The pair of wings behind Zhao Feng started to fade, and a ball of wind and lightning started to condense in his palm.

“Wind Lightning Tornado!”

The ball of wind and lightning started to rapidly expand. The center became infinitely deep as it spun downward with arcs of lightning.

“He’s faster than I thought….”

The skeletal Division Leader was slightly surprised.


A gold and silver bone-whip appeared in the skeletal Division Leader’s other hand. With a flick, a red-purple flame appeared, forming a bone dragon that clashed with the Wind Lightning Tornado.

Boom~~~ Bam!

The Wind Lightning Tornado and the bone dragon clashed together, making the castle’s array tremble slightly.

“What kind of inheritance did this brat get? How can a measly early-stage True Lord Rank have such strong battle power…?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s expression became slightly solemn as it flicked its gold and silver whip out many times, creating fiery bone dragons one after another.

“Wind and Lightning Crackling Strike!”

Zhao Feng swiped his hand and a large blade of wind and lightning, more than a dozen yards long, flashed through the air toward the skeletal Division Leader.

The skeletal Division Leader controlled the black flag with one hand and used the bone-whip to fight Zhao Feng with the other.

Bam! Boom~~

Zhao Feng’s Wind and Lightning Crackling Strike could kill normal late-stage True Lord Ranks, but it was easily dissolved by the skeletal Division Leader.

The skeletal Division Leader had reached a profound level. Its every breath and action seemed to merge with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and it was extremely similar to Lu Tianyi back in the Purple Saint Ruins.

“He has the comprehension of an Origin Core Realm Sovereign, but the skeletal Division Leader’s body is too weak, so it can only use 30-40% of its maximum strength.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye inspected the skeletal Division Leader once more.

In reality, the Eye of Heaven already performed an inspection, so Zhao Feng had an estimation of the skeletal Division Leader’s strength.

However, even then, the skeletal Division Leader was able to suppress Elder Bai, Cang Yuyue, Old Su, and another dozen or two True Spirit Realm experts on top of fighting Zhao Feng.

“Looks like normal attacks aren’t enough. It can continuously absorb the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi at a level that the True Spirit Realm can’t be compared to….”

Zhao Feng wasn’t too surprised.

After exiting seclusion, Zhao Feng’s breakthrough in his eye allowed his battle power to reach the peak True Lord Rank. When he fully circulated it, it was comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

However, this wasn’t his biggest improvement.


A pair of wings made of wind and lightning appeared behind Zhao Feng and, with a gentle flutter, allowed him to retreat a mile away in just a couple breaths.

He then stood there while the color of his eye started to change and his hair blew in the wind.

Changing eye powers?

The skeletal Division Leader revealed a look of shock.

In just half a breath, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye turned azure.

The azure left eye was like a limitless abyss, releasing a rising, terrifying aura.

At this point in time, the mental energy pressure from Zhao Feng became stronger and stronger, even surpassing the limits of the three Heavens of the True Spirit Realm.

“Such a strong soul. It’s almost at a Sovereign’s level….”

The skeletal Division Leader’s expression changed dramatically, but it suppressed the uneasiness in its “heart.”

Although it was an Origin Core Realm Sovereign at its peak and had a soul that was also at the Sovereign level, it was currently in a weakened state, and its soul was nowhere near as strong as before.

The time Zhao Feng took was more than twice as long as usual.

“Wind Lightning God’s Flame!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye sparkled with a wisp of purple.


A dragon-shaped half-transparent flame of wind and lightning seemed to teleport as it landed on the skeletal Division Leader.


The skeletal Division Leader harrumphed as half its body was hit by the fire. Lightning crackled around it, and this power even eroded its soul.

Zhao Feng’s soul had surpassed the half-step Origin Core Realm and was almost at the Sovereign level. The power of his eye was displayed in the spiritual dimension.

This attack damaged the skeletal Division Leader.


With the skeletal Division Leader dazed, the Dark Ghost Night screen was ripped apart by two terrifying sword blows.

“Spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, die!”

Elder Bai and Cang Yuyue charged upward and sent piercing strikes toward the skeletal Division Leader.