King Of Gods Chapter 489

Chapter 489 - Returning to the Canopy Great Country
Chapter 489 - Returning to the Canopy Great Country

The mist slowly started to fade, taking the skeletal Division Leader with it.

Old Su was unmoving and speechless. He didn’t calm down even after a long time.

He glanced deeply at the youth in front of him with a complex expression.

Probably no one would have imagined that Zhao Feng not only defeated the skeletal Division Leader, he controlled it.

It was laughable that they were suspicious of Zhao Feng “solving” the skeletal Division Leader earlier.

“Indeed, you wouldn’t leave if there was still danger in the Cloud area.”

Old Su let out a breath.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and took back the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

After leaving the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground, Zhao Feng put the skeletal Division Leader into the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

This was its own suggestion.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl’s environment was extremely suitable for ghost-corpses, and the skeletal Division Leader was practically a ghost-corpse itself.

Its body and injuries could recover much faster in the Ten Thousand Ghost Peal.

A while later, Zhao Feng and Old Su walked out of the secret room.

There were still many people present, including Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye, Lin Tong, and Princess Jin.

Everyone found that when Old Su came out, his clothes were wet and he seemed to be shocked, whereas Zhao Feng remained as confident and joyful as before.

Lin Tong, Princess Jin, and company didn’t know what happened, but even though they were curious about what Zhao Feng and Old Su talked about, they knew that some secrets would remain secrets.

“Chapter Leader.”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye walked over to Zhao Feng’s left and right.

Zhao Feng nodded toward Old Su, then signaled to Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye and journeyed back to the Broken Moon Clan.

“Brother Zhao does not need to worry; the Cloud area will be cleansed.”

Old Su sent Zhao Feng and company away with his eyes.

During the following days, the Cloud area’s situation started to change.

The Iron Dragon Alliance that once ruled had been defeated in a short couple months.

This was the end of an era and the start of a new one.

The Dragon Killing Alliance replaced the Iron Dragon Alliance and created the Dragon Killing Strong Country, mainly led by those that once belonged to the Sky Rich Imperials.

The Dragon Killing Strong Country conquered both the Sky Rich and the Iron Dragon Strong Countries’ territories, but its main headquarters was in the Cloud Country.

Although the Dragon Killing Strong Country ruled the Thirteen Countries in name, the true ruler was the Dragon Killing Alliance, which had their own intentions by placing its headquarters in the Cloud Country.

Several days later, Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, and Die Ye first returned to the Broken Moon Clan to say goodbye.

Broken Moon Clan, First Elder’s building.

“Master, you lost an arm when you saved us back then. I’ll make you a suitable replacement when I return to the Canopy Great Country.”

Zhao Feng looked at First Elder’s empty sleeve and promised.

As long as he could craft the Wheel of Light and Darkness, First Elder’s would not only recover, he would be stronger than he was in the past.

Zhao Feng also gave some pills and resources from the Purple Saint Ruins to First Elder, which healed First Elder’s hidden injuries and allowed him to break through to the peak True Human Rank.

The new Broken Moon Clan Master Yang Gan also successfully reached the True Spirit Realm a couple days ago.

The entire Broken Moon Clan’s strength had increased by several fold and it was now the number one clan among the Thirteen Clans.

Adding on True Lord Tiexiao, Lin Tong, and company, Zhao Feng estimated that the Broken Moon Clan was close to “half a star.”

“Feng’er, my only wish is for you to go further.”

First Elder sent Zhao Feng and company away with teary eyes.

No one knew when Zhao Feng would return after this departure.

Of course, Zhao Feng did some things before he left. The Dark Heart Seed in Lin Tong was consolidated, and a God’s Eye Mark was forcefully placed on him.

It was obvious that Lin Tong had the potential to easily break through to the True Lord Rank down the road.

“With the strengthened Dark Heart Seed and the God’s Eye Mark, even if there is any danger later, my Eye of Heaven can descend.”

Zhao Feng was obviously concerned about the future.

As his eye strengthened, he could allow the Eye of Heaven to appear here even if he was in the Canopy Great Country.

The God’s Eye Mark was to be a sensor, showing him where to appear.

“Chapter Leader, the situation here is stable. When will we leave?”

Jiang Sanfeng asked.

“There’s one last thing.”

A rare show of warmth appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng went to the depths of a mountain and met his parents, as well as some close relatives of the Zhao family.

Lord Guanjun was among them.

Back when Zhao Feng left the Cloud area, First Elder had already sent people to take care of Zhao Feng’s parents and Master.

Zhao Feng finally left after a couple days with his parents and Lord Guanjun.


Zhao Feng turned into a gust of wind and lightning that left with Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye.

Lord Guanjun’s face was full of pride when he sent his disciple away.


An expressionless youth appeared out of nowhere and stood next to Lord Guanjun.

“Master, I can’t stay with you anymore. I will need to leave the Cloud area as well.”

Bei Moi bowed toward Lord Guanjun.

Lord Guanjun felt satisfied. With disciples like Zhao Feng and Bei Moi, he could die without regret.

Back then, Bei Moi had to make a choice, and, although he was a disciple of Master Haiyun, Bei Moi’s loyalty still belonged to Lord Guanjun.

“I waited for a day to counterattack, but unfortunately, Brother Zhao is too strong.”

Bei Moi watched as Zhao Feng vanished into the sky.

This junior martial brother of his had climbed step-by-step, from an ant at the bottom of the clan to a miraculous star, until he reached a point where he could exchange blows with Elders of the Clan.

He had great success. Not only had he changed the fate of the Broken Moon Clan, he became a ruler of the Cloud area.

Several days later, the news of the Dragon Killing Strong Country being formed spread across the Cloud area.

The strongest power right now was the Dragon Killing Alliance, which stood above every clan and family.

Apparently, the First Elder was Zhao Feng, who had left not long ago.

He didn’t appear in the opening ceremony, but no one questioned his status or strength.

People would still talk about First Elder for years to come, even though Zhao Feng wouldn’t return for a long time.

Above the desolate lands, a large gold-and-green bird spread its wings and flew at a speed comparable to a True Lord Rank.

The bird was carrying three people as it slowly left the Cloud area.

“Chapter Leader, who knows how much of a shock you’ll create when you return to the Canopy Great Country.”

Die Ye laughed.

Even in an era like this, the number of geniuses that were as overwhelming as Zhao Feng could be counted with one hand.

Zhao Feng was only eighteen right now, while Yu Tianhao and Goddess Bing Wei were almost ten years older than him.

“Chapter Leader, your cultivation has reached the early-stage True Lord Rank. Apart from Yu Tianhao, probably no one is your match.”

Jiang Sanfeng said respectfully.

Zhao Feng received the news that Yu Tianhao had reached the early-stage True Lord Rank after returning from his inheritance and that his powerful aura stunned the older True Lord Ranks.

“Seems like Yu Tianhao reached the early-stage True Lord Rank half a year ago.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

Across the entire continent, only Yu Tianhao seemed to be comparable to Zhao Feng.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye both thought so too.

However, a calm and normal youth surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind.

“Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao both entered the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance, but only Yu Tianhao came out.”

Jiang Sanfeng said.

Xin Wuheng didn’t return?

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised.

In the eyes of someone else, if one didn’t return from the inheritances, they were dead.

Zhao Feng agreed, but there were always exceptions.

For example, Zhao Yufei. She didn’t return from the inheritance, and not only was she fine, she had great fortune in front of her.

Zhao Feng estimated that no one from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was as lucky as Zhao Yufei. Even Zhao Feng himself couldn’t be compared to her.

After all, she was going to control the entire inheritance.

One had to know that the Purple Saint Ruins was ranked above all the other inheritances.

“There’s three things I need to do after I return to the Canopy Great Country.”

Zhao Feng thought.

The first thing was to give the Elixir of Life to the mysterious elder of the Iron Blood Religion and return the favor.

The second was to craft a Wheel of Light of Darkness for First Elder.

The third thing was about his fiancée – Liu Qinxin.

There wasn’t much difficulty for the first two tasks, but Zhao Feng’s head hurt thinking about the third task.

He promised Liu Qinxin when he escaped the Flooding Lake City that he would marry her someday when he had nothing important left.

Currently, he had stabilized the Cloud area’s situation and now didn’t really have anything on his mind.

This meant that it was time to stick to his promise.


An elegant and calm goddess appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

He didn’t dislike Liu Qinxin, and he won a bet against her due to the flaw in her heart when he escaped. However, this also made him feel guilty and sympathetic.

At the end, he made a promise, even though he knew that Liu Qinxin might not believe him.

Two months later, the gold-and-green bird passed by a section of the Northern Continent and finally arrived at the borders of the Canopy Great Country in front of a raging river.

“The Flooding Lake City is in front of this river, right?”

Zhao Feng spoke.

“Chapter Leader, we need to pass through the Flooding Lake City to get back to headquarters, but the Flooding Lake Liu family…”

Jiang Sanfeng couldn’t help but hesitate when he spoke up to here. He knew that the “pursuit” of Zhao Feng from the Flooding Lake City Lord hadn’t ended yet.