King Of Gods Chapter 490

Chapter 490 - Seeking Revenge on Flooding Lake?
Chapter 490 - Seeking Revenge on Flooding Lake?

The River of Rage was one of the three big rivers of the Northern Continent, and it passed by the Canopy Great Country. The raging river seemed to split the continent into two pieces.

The current was extremely powerful and could devour Ascended Realms with just one wave.

There were windstorms above the river that could rip flying beasts into pieces.

Even normal True Human Ranks wouldn’t be able to fly across this river easily.

There were all sorts of legends regarding the River of Rage.

Apparently, the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance once appeared here tens of thousands of years ago.

On this day, a weird scene occurred at the River of Rage.


A deep hum came from the center of the waves as a faint green whirlpool appeared.

When this green whirlpool appeared, the water became dead-silent, as if it was frozen.


The green whirlpool spun slowly, as if reaching the other side of space.

Several breaths later, the whirlpool suddenly stopped and, with a “shua,” a normal-looking man with closed eyes surfaced.

The River of Rage was enough to rip apart normal True Spirit Realms, but the location near the man was extremely calm.

“Azure Flower Continent? Looks like I’m back.”

The green-robed man opened his eyes. The normal-looking face had a pair of eyes that were mysterious and unfathomable, as if he had experienced countless lives and rebirths.

This man seemed only twenty or so years old, but gave a feeling that he was different from others his age.

If the other geniuses of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering were here, everyone would be shocked, including the five overwhelming prodigies.

This green-robed man was Xin Wuheng, who only just returned from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.

“There’s nothing left to care about here.”

Xin Wuheng stood still for a long time before sighing.

He didn’t leave the River of Rage, just flowing with the current.

Being one of the three large rivers, the River of Rage was said to reach the end of the continent and connect with the ocean.

“Outside the continent is the limitless ocean….”

Xin Wuheng closed his eyes and his small body was soon engulfed by the raging waves.

On the third day that Xin Wuheng was floating.


A large green-and-gold bird struggled to fly across the River of Rage.

Zhao Feng and company looked down at the opposite shore of the River of Rage.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance descended here tens of thousands of years ago and seemed to split the heavens and the earth.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but think about the past as he passed here a second time.

When he came here the first time, he didn’t know anyone and wasn’t familiar with anything.

This time around, he was relaxed and had a glint of power in his eyes.

“Chapter Leader, you’re really going to the Flooding Lake City?”

Die Ye asked once more.

The Flooding Lake City was one of the branches of the main Liu family, and Empress Qin of the Liu family was an important figure of the Imperials.

Over the past couple years, the fight between the Iron Blood Religion and the Imperials hadn’t stopped.

Simply said, the Liu family was the Iron Blood Religion’s enemies.

Even if there wasn’t this connection, everyone knew the relationship between Zhao Feng and the Flooding Lake City Lord.

“Since we’re going past there anyway, we’ll have to see them.”

Zhao Feng didn’t hesitate at all.

Firstly, he was here to prove his promise, and secondly, Master Teigan lived nearby.

Zhao Feng needed his help to craft a Wheel of Light and Darkness for First Elder.

Half a day later, the gold-and-green bird approached the Flooding Lake City.

“A flying beast at the True Mystic Rank!”

The guards on the city walls trembled in fear.

It wasn’t rare to see a True Human Rank, but those at the True Mystic Rank and higher were rare.

True Lord Ranks were figures that ruled their own places and were major powers. From this, one could see how precious a True Mystic Rank flying beast was.

There weren’t many flying beasts at such a level in the Flooding Lake City.

“Inspect them closely. They aren’t from the Flooding Lake City.”

The guards on the wall immediately told their higher-ups.

“Hmm? That blue-haired youth looks familiar.”

A few of the guards focused on Zhao Feng and instinctively turned toward a poster near the city wall.

The poster was slightly tattered, but a blue-haired youth and a little cat could be seen on it.

“Oh my lord!”

“The number one criminal of the Flooding Lake City? Am I dreaming?”

The guards were dazed. This was the first time a criminal had come without a disguise.

However, before the guards could react, the bird flew past.

A while later.

“Zhao Feng? You’re sure it’s him?”

A slightly excited voice came from a purple-armored youth.

“Young master Liu Yuan.”

The guards all bowed.

The one receiving the guards’ report was Young master Liu Yuan, who had reached the True Human Rank.

If Zhao Feng was here, he would definitely recognize this person.

This was the person who had greeted him when he first came to the Flooding Lake City, and if weren’t because of this person, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have battled with Liu Qinxin.

When Zhao Feng escaped from the city back then, Liu Yuan came to pursue Zhao Feng, but was instantly defeated by Zhao Feng’s eye technique.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think you’d return here after two years…. An overwhelming prodigy?”

Liu Yuan took a deep breath and remembered the past with a complex expression.


A glint flashed in his eyes as he sped toward the direction the gold-and-green bird went in.

Yet, in terms of speed, the bird was at the True Mystic Rank and was obviously much faster than Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan tried his best but couldn’t catch up.

“An overwhelming prodigy? The criminal of the Flooding Lake City is just going to pass by like that?”

Liu Yuan was extremely unwilling. He didn’t even know why he wanted to catch up. Maybe it was because he had been defeated and wasn’t resolved.

Compared to that, Zhao Feng being a criminal was just an excuse.

In reality, if the gold-and-green bird didn’t stop, Liu Yuan definitely wouldn’t catch up.

Putting aside those at the True Human Rank, even most True Mystic Ranks couldn’t catch up.

Maybe the heavens listened to Liu Yuan’s internal scream, because the gold-and-green dot suddenly slowed down and landed in the center of the Flooding Lake City, which was the Flooding Lake City Lord’s Palace.

Back then, a sparring session was held here for the marriage.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three figures landed in front of the City Lord’s Palace.

The blue-haired youth had a rare look of fond reminiscence. After all, he had stayed here for half a year.

However, Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye didn’t have such emotions.

“This is the center of the Flooding Lake Liu family and the City Lord is extremely famous. He’s only been a True Lord Rank for two years but has already defeated several old True Lord Ranks.”

The two were uneasy.

The Iron Blood Religion and Flooding Lake Liu family were on opposite sides and Zhao Feng was a fugitive from them.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t do this even if they had a hundred guts.

On top of that, the poster of Zhao Feng was still on the wall.

“Eh? Isn’t that the son-in-law from back then?”

“Son-in-law? Zhao Feng’s back?”

Discussion broke out in front of the City Lord’s Palace.

After all, Zhao Feng had stayed here for half a year and many people recognized him.

“Chapter Leader… are you thinking of taking down the Flooding Lake City right now?”

Jiang Sanfeng felt uneasy.

More and more people gathered around and there were even experts at the True Spirit Realm.

However, they were wary of the cultivation of these three, especially Zhao Feng who had become an overwhelming prodigy.

It seemed as if Zhao Feng had no intentions of backing down or evading.

“Back then, Zhao Feng shamelessly ran away and was chased across the entire country. Now that he’s broken through to the True Lord Rank, does he want to take revenge?”

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye thought. Even Liu Yuan, who had caught up, thought so.

Back then, Liu Yuan could be said to have witnessed the entire process.

“The Flooding Lake City Lord forced Zhao Feng into the marriage, which ended up forcing him to join the Iron Blood Religion. Now that Zhao Feng’s become an overwhelming prodigy, he’s said to have the battle-power of a True Lord Rank….”

Liu Yuan’s heart jumped when he thought up to here.

Zhao Feng was definitely here to take revenge.

“Go tell the City Lord quickly!”

Liu Yuan couldn’t help but think what would happen if a True Lord Rank started to attack within the city.

On one side, he went to report to the City Lord, and on the other side, he made his own preparations.

“Brother Zhao, long time no see.”

Liu Yuan squeezed out a smile as he came over.

The title of “overwhelming prodigy” made others respectful.

Although Zhao Feng’s aura was subdued, it wasn’t concealed on purpose, and the elder generation members were stunned.

“Liu Yuan, you’ve come right on time. Go tell the City Lord that I wish to meet him. I’ve come to fulfill my promise of marriage.”

Zhao Feng’s gaze turned to Liu Yuan and smiled.

He obviously still remembered Liu Yuan.

If it weren’t because of him, he wouldn’t have entered the fight and be in all this trouble in the first place.

“What…? See the City Lord? Fulfill the marriage?”

Liu Yuan and company were stunned. Even Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye were dazed.

Wasn’t Zhao Feng here to seek revenge?