King Of Gods Chapter 496

Chapter 496 - Little Thieving Cat vs. Big Lazy Cat
Chapter 496 - Little Thieving Cat vs. Big Lazy Cat

The silver-and-black cat’s appearance instantly caught the attention of many people.

From Empress Qin’s reaction, it seemed like this cat was quite possibly the one always with the Sage.

“Is the Sage exiting seclusion?”

The eyes of the visitors lit up and they were full of urgency and expectation.

The rumors said that there was a weird cat always with the Sage. Now that that cat exited the Six Warlock Divine Tower, did that mean the Sage had exited seclusion?

“This cat…”

Zhao Feng paused, and his eyes twinkled.

He had a cat himself, but more importantly, this cat’s laziness actually contained an indescribable intelligence that couldn’t be compared with normal beasts.

This was a similarity between the little thieving cat and this big lazy cat.

Furthermore, the timing of the big lazy cat’s appearance was extremely coincidental.

It came right as Zhao Feng and Empress Qin were locked on to each other, and Zhao Feng felt that this wasn’t a coincidence.

One had to know, he was just thinking about how to make the Empress angrier, and whether or not he should just attack her on the spot.

“Big lazy cat, when’s Master coming out of seclusion?”

Empress Qin stroked the silver-and-black cat’s fur, and she even took out some Spiritual Pills to feed the cat.

At the same time, she let out a breath.

In the standoff against Zhao Feng just now, Empress Qin felt a dangerous sensation come from him. Luckily, the big lazy cat’s appearance broke the tense atmosphere between them.


The big lazy cat was satisfied after eating some Spiritual Pills.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The big lazy cat leaned on Empress Qin’s body as it threw several old bronze coins into the air.

This scene made Zhao Feng’s pupils shrink.

After that, the big lazy cat waved its paws.

“You’re saying that Master’s just finished, but is tired and will see the guests a while later?”

Empress Qin asked.

The big lazy cat nodded its head and waved its paws again.

“Master wants to talk to me first?”

Hearing this, Empress Qin was overjoyed. She followed the big lazy cat and walked toward the Six Warlock Divine Tower.


With the big lazy cat leading the way, none of the experts of the Six Warlock Divine Tower stopped them, but the other visitors were all stopped outside the tower, including Zhao Feng.

“Priest, if the Sage can meet Empress Qin, may you ask if he can let us in too?”

These visitors were obviously unwilling.

“No. Only Empress Qin is invited. Without the Sage’s permission, no one can enter.”

The guards were unmoved.

“Lord Lazy Cat, please let us in.”

“Hehe, Lord Lazy Cat, I have some precious and rare beautiful cats for your pleasure….”

“Greetings Lord Lazy Cat, here’s some gifts for you.”

These visitors were obviously extremely cunning, trying a variety of methods to interact with the big lazy cat.

The big lazy cat never left the Sage’s side and had a close relationship with him.

This meant that he was the representative of the Sage, and everything might depend on one word from this cat.


The big lazy cat glanced toward the people in disdain and walked toward the tower.


The visitors all panicked, including Mo Tianyi.

Many of them had important matters that couldn’t be delayed.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. Liu Qinxin’s matter was extremely important. Even without mentioning any other aspect, it was a heart knot that needed to be fixed.

Miao miao!

A familiar provocative sound came from next to Zhao Feng’s ear.


The big lazy cat’s body immediately turned around.

A silver-gray cat, half the size of the big lazy cat and with eyes like gems, sat on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Ding! Ding!

The little thieving cat threw some old bronze coins in the air and glanced at the big lazy cat nonchalantly.

“Little thieving cat, is this lazy cat from your race?”

Zhao Feng had a weird expression.

After all, there were many similarities between the two, and if the two liked each other, maybe Zhao Feng could see the Sage quickly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat arrogantly waved its paws, gesturing that it was the “only one under the Heavens,” full of provocation as it looked at the big lazy cat.


The big lazy cat seemed to become angry as a coldness and a warning appeared in its eyes.

It bared its teeth and waved its paws, and it was hard to imagine what the big lazy cat was saying; “This is my territory. I’m the boss here.”

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat put away the old bronze coins, then flipped around and started waving its butt around toward the big lazy cat.

The big lazy cat paused. It was puzzled, but then it saw a streak of yellow piss come out from between the little thieving cat’s legs.

“Hahahaha! This thieving cat’s quite courageous. It even dares to piss in front of the Six Warlock Divine Tower.”

Many people were first stunned, then started to roar with laughter.

Empress Qin’s face became cold. She still had a fresh memory of the little thieving cat. Back at the Capital, this thieving cat helped Zhao Feng kidnap her.


The big lazy cat was immediately angry. It roared and sent a cold invisible intent toward the little thieving cat that made the hearts of some True Lord Ranks shake.

The little thieving cat’s actions obviously offended the big lazy cat.

A mountain couldn’t have two tigers, and this was the big lazy cat’s territory. How could it allow another cat to piss right in front of him?


A faint black shadow flashed through the air and, although the big lazy cat was fat, it arrived in front of the little thieving cat in an instant.

So fast!

The experts at the True Spirit Realm were surprised.

In terms of speed, the big lazy cat surpassed most of the people here.

The next moment.


The big lazy cat struck toward the little thieving cat. In terms of size and strength, it far exceeded the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat’s figure shattered. It was just an afterimage.


The big lazy cat was surprised as it suddenly felt a gust of cold wind come from behind.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was like a ghost that appeared behind the big lazy cat as it struck toward the big lazy cat’s head.


The big lazy cat harrumphed before quickly blocking the little thieving cat’s paw and pushing the latter back several yards.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat flipped in the air and landed steadily on the ground before disappearing once more.

It was obvious the little thieving cat had no advantage in strength.

The big lazy cat smiled mockingly before becoming a shadow and following the little thieving cat.

Only Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could see the little thieving cat clearly. All the other True Lord Ranks had to use their Spiritual Sense just to find some trails.

“This big lazy cat isn’t simple. It can catch up to the little thieving cat to an extent.”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

Back at the Purple Saint Ruins, Lu Tianyi and Ye Yanyu couldn’t find the little thieving cat if they weren’t on guard.

Ceng! Ceng! Sou! Shua!

A big cat figure and a small cat figure were clashing together back and forth in front of the Six Warlock Divine Tower.

The eyes of the visitors widened, but most of them couldn’t see any details.

“Zhao Feng’s indeed worthy of being an Overwhelming Prodigy. Just his cat alone is on par with the Sage’s cat.”

“Although these two cats are small, their strength and ability far exceed normal beasts.”

The True Lord Ranks had sharp eyes, so they could tell that the history of these two cats wasn’t simple.

“Zhao Feng’s cat can actually fight with Master’s big lazy cat?”

Hatred and jealousy appeared in Empress Qin’s eyes.

She knew the big lazy cat’s abilities. If she had one like it, combined with her strength and intelligence, she might be enough to control the fate of the Canopy Great Country.

However, there was a cat on par with the big lazy cat, and it was the pet of an enemy.

Bam! Pa! Shuuu~~~

The two cats flashed through the air, becoming faster and faster.

The big lazy cat had the power advantage, so it pushed the little thieving cat back whenever they clashed head-on.

On the other hand, the little thieving cat was more agile, so it would daze the big lazy cat with its paws.

However, the big lazy cat wasn’t normal; it was only slightly affected by the stunning effect.

Furthermore, as long as it wasn’t hit on the head, it wouldn’t be stunned at all.

Miao miao~~~~!

The little thieving cat suddenly screamed and waved its paws wildly, sending paw-shadows through the air.

The big lazy cat was shocked and started to lose the advantage. Even though its skin was thick and it was pretty agile, bloody marks would be left behind whenever it was hit by the paw-shadows.

“Hmm? This is the inheritance from the mysterious dagger?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up. This time, the little thieving cat didn’t actually take out the mysterious dagger, borrowing its intent instead.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that, if Zhao Feng could gain comprehension from the Ice Imperial Spear, the little thieving cat could also comprehend the mysterious dagger.

Comprehension? A cat that was just a few years old could do that?

Zhao Feng was more and more curious about the history of the little thieving cat.

At the beginning, the little thieving cat hatched from an egg. This was suspicious in and of itself, as cats were mammals, and mammals obviously didn’t come from eggs.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat’s battle-intent rose as it pushed the big lazy cat into the Six Warlock Divine Tower.

“Master, the two cats are now fighting inside the tower.”

The priests told the white-bearded elder who coughed up blood earlier.

The big lazy cat was the representative of the Sage and, now that it might be fighting with another cat of the same race, they didn’t know what to do.

“We don’t specialize in battle. That thieving cat’s history is as unfathomable as the big lazy cat’s, and it seems to be connected with the Dao of Life and heaven’s legacy. Maybe it’s the dancer of fate.”