King Of Gods Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Defeat of Linlong
Chapter 51 – Defeat of Linlong

A bet?

Zhao Feng’s expression suddenly turned into one of extreme joy: “What do you want to bet?”

The two’s argument made people from the other families look at them in disdain. But many people present also knew that Zhao Ling admired Zhao Linlong and this time, Zhao Linlong had given Zhao Feng’s invitation to Zhao Ling. Therefore, Zhao Ling didn’t just admire Zhao Linlong he was also grateful towards him.

“Zhao Ling, both of you are disciples from the same sect. Why not be more peaceful?” Zhao Qin said.


Zhao Ling’s face turned red then white but his eyes still locked on Zhao Feng: “I bet you that Brother Linlong will win! Do you dare to bet?”

Obviously, Zhao Ling was absolute faith in Zhao Linlong.

“Why not? I bet that not only will Xin Wuheng win, he’ll also win within twenty moves.” Zhao Feng laughed.


The others within the pavilion looked disbelieving at Zhao Feng. From the current situation, there was a five-five win-loss ratio between Zhao Linlong and Xin Wuheng.

Where did Zhao Feng’s confidence come from?

“Good, good, good! The losing party will have to apologise to the other person.” Fire was almost spewing from Zhao Ling’s eyes.

“Sure.” On the other hand, Zhao Feng still remained calm.

The middle of the stage.


Zhao Linlong once again used his Shadows Step and floated around Xin Wuheng. Moments later, his after-images were destroyed. The golden figure once again appeared and swept towards Xin Wuheng’s lower body with extreme speed.


Xin Wuheng performed a leg skill and knocked back Zhao Linlong’s leg.

Blocked again?

Zhao Linlong was stunned.

“I don’t believe it!”

Zhao Linlong couldn’t believe that anyone could break his Shadows Step, and the opponent’s cultivation level was even lower than his.

Once again, Xin Wuheng was expressionless as he stood on the same spot, occasionally moving a few steps to counter Zhao Linlong. Zhao Linlong pushed Shadow Step to the max and not only did his attacks miss Xin Wuheng, Xin Wuheng also counter attacked, making him dodge in fear.

If his cultivation wasn’t higher than Xin Wuheng’s, he would’ve been fully suppressed.

“Zhao Linlong’s speed skill does indeed not have an effect on Xin Wuheng.”

Zhao Chi and Zhao Han looked incredulously towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Qin and Zhao Yufei once again curiously asked for the reason.

“Xin Wuheng has trained a hearing skill, which can tell the opponent’s attack route and position by listening to the wind. Adding the fact that Zhao Linlong is the one attacking first, there’s no threat at all.” Zhao Feng explained.

The others looked and they saw that Xin Wuheng’s ears were moving. If one didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t realise it at all. But with Zhao Feng’s left eye, it was easy to spot. He found that Xin Wuheng’s ears turned towards Zhao Linlong’s position, which meant that Zhao Linlong’s skill couldn’t confuse Xin Wuheng at all.

“Hmph! Brother Linlong will still win, but it’s just a matter of time.” Zhao Ling said harshly.

At this time, the two exchanged five hard blows. When they finished the fifth move, Xin Wuheng was purely focusing on defense. And on the sixth move, he started to counter attack.

Small Cloud Vein Hands!

Xin Wuheng once again blocked Zhao Linlong’s hands and at the same time, he used incredible speed and accurately to grab Zhao Linlong’s arm.


Zhao Linlong immediately released his Inner Strength to shake Xin Wuheng’s hand off. Even when he did that, a bloody claw mark was left on his arm. Every skill that Xin Wuheng learnt had reached the peak level or higher and even with Zhao Linglong’s sixth rank cultivation, he couldn’t block it.

“Xin Wuheng has reached an extremely high level in terms of control. By using the smallest amount of power, he can deal the most damage. That attack just then had hit one of Zhao Linlong’s acupuncture points… ” Zhao Feng’s left eye saw the whole scene perfectly.

Cloud Chess Foot!

This time, Xin Wuheng attacked first and he used an unknown step skill. It looked like he was moving backwards, but in reality, it was the opposite. The speed of this skill wasn’t fast, but it seemed extremely queer and every step contained unlimited insight.

From Zhao Feng’s point of view, that skill wasn’t a speed skill but a way to play chess.

“I’ve never seen such a skill.” The spectators all watching shook their heads.

Although it wasn’t fast, the weirdness of it made Zhao Linlong fumble.

Breaking Wind Finger!

In fear, Zhao Linlong used one of his strongest skills. The powerful finger seemed to go in an impossible route towards Xin Wuheng. The finger skill and speed skill miraculously compensated one another. But at the same time, Zhao Feng felt the “one with the Sky” feeling.

“What kind of situation is this… ?” Zhao Linlong’s pupil’s shrank.

Just then, Xin Wuheng’s attack gave him an unknown feeling. The opponent’s hand seemed to contain deep profoundness.


Zhao Linlong exclaimed and he used all his power to try to stop the attack.


Xin Wuheng’s figure was knocked back four to five steps. At the same time, Zhao Linlong gave a “hmph” as he arm lost all feeling. His right arm fell down powerlessly. Those watching held their breaths.

“Xin Wuheng’s attack is just too weird.”

Some of the people present didn’t understand what had happened, only a small amount of people saw something.

Under the tree.

“He’s able to merge a few martial arts together, what kind of genius is he?” One of the silver figures said deeply.

“This seems to contain profoundness from Holy Martial Arts… He doesn’t seem to be as simple as he looks like… ” The other silver figure said suspiciously.


How did this happen?

Cold sweat flooded from Zhao Linlong’s forehead. From the start of the battle, this was the first time it was obvious that he had the lower hand. The two had only exchanged seven blows so far.

Ten moves Xin Wuheng.

Could this saying never be broken?

Spatial Cloud Finger!

Zhao Linlong took a deep breath and finally unleashed his killing move.

Howling Tiger Fist!

Xin Wuheng remained expressionless and he actually used a middle ranked martial art. At this moment, a howl seemed to come from Xin Wuheng’s fist.


The finger and the fist heavily smashed into each other and a gust of wind swept up everything in a five to six metres radius. Zhao Linlong felt that the opponent’s fist was like a metal ball that was extremely vibrating.

All finger skills condensed one’s energy into one point and although the damage dealt was extremely powerful, the dangers were high too. For example, Star Finger was extremely dangerous to train; any minor accident could break Zhao Feng’s finger. Xin Wuheng’s fist contained a chaotic and powerful vibration.


Zhao Linlong had to retreat once again. This was the first time any one of them showed signs of losing. Xin Wuheng immediately closed in on him using fist skills, palm skills, foot skills… all of them were at the peak level.

The seventh move… The eighth move… The ninth move…

Zhao Linlong was fully suppressed and injuries could be seen on his body. If Zhao Linlong didn’t have the higher cultivation level, the exchanges before would’ve seriously injured him.


It was the tenth move…

“The tenth move!” Everyone held their breaths.

“Cloud Breaking the Heavens!”

Zhao Linlong put all his power into his finger. The finger left a purple-azure glow in the sky.

So strong!

The geniuses watching were shocked.

“The power of this finger is close to my “One-Line Star Finger”.” Zhao Feng’s expression slightly moved.

“Interesting.” Xin Wuheng faintly smiled and took a light breath.

As he did so, a dark grey Inner Strength appeared… The amount of inner Strength formed surpassed the limit of sixth rankers.

How did he do this?

“Sweeping the Wind and Clouds!”

Xin Wuheng waved his robe and with the sound of lighting, the stones below him were cut into pieces that then formed a tornado. That casual wave of his robe seemed to disturb the wind. This was the most powerful move Xin Wuheng had used!


The two intense moves clashed heavily forming a miniature tornado.

That moment.

Only two blurry figures were seen and they were covered in dust. The spectators were like wooden chickens.


So strong!

Everyone took in cold breaths. Compared to these two, every battle before it was like children’s play.

“It’s hard to believe that these people are only of the sixth rank.”

“The energy at the end was infinitely close to the Martial Master level… ” The important guests had seen more things and understood how terrifying Martial Masters were.


Zhao Linlong’s figure trembled then spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell down.


He used one of his hands to push himself up off the ground, the expressions of fear and unwillingness were still present on his face.


He not only lost, he was defeated in ten moves.

Ten moves Xin Wuheng!

Could this not be broken?

“How could Brother Linlong lose…? It’s only been ten moves… ” Zhao Ling seemed as if he had lost his soul.

Zhao Linlong had been his god.

“Lost in ten moves?” Zhao Feng was surprised himself.

He had thought that Zhao Linlong would lose, but not in ten moves. At this moment, the others all stared at him like he was some sort of beast.