King Of Gods Chapter 542

Chapter 542 - Demonic Hell Vine Seed
Chapter 542 - Demonic Hell Vine Seed

Zhao Feng’s actions caused the spectating experts to mock him.

“Has that brat run out of tricks?”

“Hehe, that Ghost Corpse Cursed Array won’t be able to last much longer, and once the vine king reaches the Origin Core Realm, the sea of vines will spread more than ten miles.”

In their eyes, Zhao Feng seemed to have admitted defeat and given up on the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

However, when Zhao Feng landed on the Towering Tree Yao, the expressions of Lu Tianyi, Ye Yanyue, Zhuang Wan’er, Chi Gui, and company changed.

The image of Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao teaming up back then was still fresh in their minds.

Zhao Feng’s figure was extremely small in comparison to the Towering Tree Yao.

“Human, what do you want me to do?”

The Towering Tree Yao didn’t dare to underestimate this youth.

“There’s not much time. I need to use your Wood Spirit Essence Soul again to defeat the vine king.”

Zhao Feng’s voice was urgent. The skeletal Division Leader couldn’t hold the vines back for much longer. Once the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was broken, the vine king would break through to the Origin Core Realm, then nothing would be able to stop the sea of vines.

“Zhao Feng, I can only last ten more breaths.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s panicked voice sounded.

Ten breaths.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook, and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit felt pressured as well. Zhao Feng only had ten breaths of time left to do what he needed to.


Powerful energy surged out from Zhao Feng’s left eye and filled the air.


A course of pure energy passed from the branches below into Zhao Feng’s soul.

Zhao Feng’s heart fluttered as a comfortable sensation appeared once more.

The strength of his soul was comparable to the Origin Core Realm, and with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, his strength had completely reached the level of a Sovereign.

Furthermore, under this state, Zhao Feng’s senses heightened to their peak. Previously incomprehensible intents were now easily understood.


In that instant, Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao seemed to become the center of the world as Heaven Earth Yuan Qi poured toward them. The power was countless times stronger than a True Lord Rank.

“Origin Core Realm intent!”

The skeletal Division Leader and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit were both shocked.

In this state, Zhao Feng’s soul-strength was completely comparable to a Sovereign, and the level of his intent was also comparable to the Origin Core Realm.

All of this was due to the Towering Tree Yao. It allowed Zhao Feng’s strength to rise by half a level very quickly.


Zhao Feng’s blue hair blew in the wind as an earth-shaking source of mental energy power landed on the vine king.

The vine king roared as its enormous body stiffened.

“Does he want to…?”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s heart moved.

In the outside world, the experts of the three sects saw his aim.

“Looks like his target really is the vine king.”

“The vine king’s body is enormous, and its battle-power is extremely close to a Sovereign. Even a true Sovereign might not be able to kill it.”

The crowd discussed.

Within the image, the vine king’s body stiffened, but soon started to struggle.

“Wait, Zhao Feng probably doesn’t want to kill the vine king.”

“Does he want to…?”

The hearts of those who understood shook.

So that’s how it is.

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes flashed.

It was certain that Zhao Feng didn’t want to kill the vine king. That wasn’t realistic.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng couldn’t even use the Jade Dragon Protection in that place since the hole was too weak.

“Hehe, Zhao Feng wants to control the vine king?”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ laugh made everyone come out of their daze.

The three Void God Realm Kings all saw Zhao Feng’s intent.

“Zhe zhe, this brat’s ambition isn’t small. There aren’t any beasts left to control, so now he’s targeting the vine king?”

The golden skeleton said playfully.

“The vine king’s strength is incredibly close to a Sovereign. One would need to have the soul-strength of at least a Sovereign to control it. Adding on the fact that the vine king is so enormous, even Sovereign beast tamers would find it extremely hard to tame it.”

The three Void God Realm Kings laughed. They weren’t worried at all.

They didn’t believe that Zhao Feng met the requirement of having Sovereign level soul-strength.

Time seemed incredibly slow at this moment because the vine king’s actions became stiffer and stiffer, and it wasn’t struggling as much now.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths… five breaths.

The expressions of the three Void God Realms changed, and the hearts of the experts shook.

“How… how is this possible?”

Some Sovereigns revealed incredulous looks.

In the image, the vine king had been furiously growing yet, five breaths later, the vine king seemed to become “calm.”


The skeletal Division Leader suddenly felt the pressure decrease a little bit. The vine king stopped attacking the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, but there were still vines extending outward.

Between the branches, Zhao Feng’s expression was solemn.

“This vine king’s mind is filled with chaos and destruction. It’s the reincarnation of a demon.”

Zhao Feng’s mental energy faced terrifying resistance when it went into the vine king’s mind.

At every moment, Zhao Feng needed to defend against the bloodthirsty and chaotic aura.

The vine king wasn’t a normal existence. Its every action was based purely on instinct. Therefore, there was a lot of resistance.

“In my current state, I would only have a 40-50% chance of controlling an Origin Core Realm beast, and the vine king is just as difficult.”

Zhao Feng kept sending out his eye-bloodline power. No matter what, he had the advantage at the moment.

For the moment, Zhao Feng had somewhat pacified the vine king and decreased the pressure on the skeletal Division Leader, but he couldn’t truly control the vine king.

Eye of Heaven!

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was circulated to the maximum and left his physical body.


In that instant, Zhao Feng’s consciousness jumped into the clouds.

A transparent blue Eye of Heaven emotionlessly gazed down at the earth.

In this state, Zhao Feng’s control and power had reached their peak.


A dominant and cold voice thundered in the dimension of the vine king’s soul.


The enormous body of the vine king shook, and it seemed to kneel in front of the God’s Spiritual Eye.

Immediately following that, the vines within two miles seemed to receive a message.

“The vine king’s stopped attacking, and it seems to have affected the nearby vines as well.”

The pressure on the skeletal Division Leader dropped by half, and it couldn’t help but look up at the Eye of Heaven with fear, wariness, and even some admiration.

“He succeeded!”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit and Zhao Yufei were overjoyed.


The Eye of Heaven suddenly disappeared after a few breaths.

“Hehe, skeletal Division Leader, you don’t need to worry about the vine king anymore. Focus on destroying the vines near the edge.”

Zhao Feng laughed and said, causing the skeletal Division Leader to return to reality.

At this point in time, the vine king and all the vines within a two-mile radius had stopped attacking. The vines further away were still growing instinctively, but not as fast as before.

In this situation, the skeletal Division Leader’s Ghost Corpse Cursed Array managed to stabilize and began to clear out the vines further away.

After merging with the Towering Tree Yao’s Wood Spirit Essence Soul, Zhao Feng controlled the vine king and some nearby vines to fight with the rest of the vines.

Although the vine king had the support of continuous lifeforce, it was being controlled by Zhao Feng.

Around half the time it took for incense to burn later, the vines within two miles of the vine king were all shattered into tiny pieces, and the skeletal Division Leader was using the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to clear out the remaining vines.

The vines at the edge didn’t have the vine king’s continuous support of lifeforce, so their growth was much slower.

In the air above the mountain, the expressions of all three Kings were ugly.

The plan of using the Demonic Hell Vine king had failed.

In the image, Zhao Feng actually controlled the vine king and turned the tide.

Soon, only the vine king and a little bit of remaining vines were left in the area.

“Decrease the size of the array.”

Zhao Feng met up with the skeletal Division Leader.

The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array started to focus on the vine king, causing it to start rotting.

“Zhao Feng, you’re not going to control the vine king?”

The skeletal Division Leader was slightly surprised. It thought Zhao Feng would turn the vine king into his own spiritual plant.

“The vine king isn’t very intelligent, and it’s extremely destructive. It isn’t easy to fully control it either. Furthermore, that plant was made to devour and destroy. The tiniest bit of carelessness will result in disaster.”

Zhao Feng explained.

It was already incredibly hard for him to control the vine king even with his current boost.

Time passed slowly as the vine king’s body continued to rot. The fifteen ghost-corpses in the array were extremely close to the peak True Lord Rank, so the power of their curse was quite terrifying.

Before this, they already absorbed the lifeforce of several hundred True Spirit Realm beasts, and now they had killed countless vines.

“Although there’s only fifteen cursed ghost-corpses, the power of the curse within is comparable to dozens of cursed ghost-corpses combined.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

An hour later, the vines were mainly destroyed.

The vine king’s size kept on shrinking, and it soon faded in color.

A hard, dull black seed was left on the ground where the vine king once stood.

It was a Demonic Hell Vine seed.