King Of Gods Chapter 543

Chapter 543 - Spatial Hole
Chapter 543 - Spatial Hole

Zhao Feng picked up the Demonic Hell Vine seed that could bring so much havoc and destruction.

Both Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader were full of wariness toward this seed.

“If I threw this seed into the Azure Flower Continent and fed it for a couple days, it might be able to destroy the entire continent.”

Zhao Feng put the seed into his interspatial ring.

This scene was obviously portrayed through the image and seen by the three Void God Realms.

Even to them, the value of that seed was immeasurable. In a battle between sects, that seed could break the balance and turn the tide.

“Zhe zhe zhe, that Demonic Hell Vine seed was acquired by Saint Moon Aunt Goddess with a lot of effort, and now it’s in the hands of an ant.”

“There’s quite a show to watch now.”

The golden skeleton and the demonic lord looked at each other gloatingly.

In the Tianlu Islands, the three sects competed with one another. Although they teamed up to face outsiders, there were still clashes between each other.

In the past several thousand years, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect always had the advantage. Only by teaming up could the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace barely resist them.

After everything that’s happened, the golden skeleton and the demonic lord were obviously happy to see the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess suffer.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong, stabilize this space. No matter how big of a price, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect is going to capture Zhao Feng alive.”

Coldness appeared on the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ face.

A coldness and a powerful pressure filled the air within a thousand miles. All of the experts from the three sects felt as if their thoughts were starting to freeze.

“You two, don’t just sit there. Help me stabilize the space and stop the hole from repairing.”

Her eyes gazed at the other two Void God Realms.

At the same time, within the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader were cleaning up the mess.

“After that battle just now, all the repair arrays have been broken.”

The skeletal Division Leader said.

The most important task right now was to construct the repair arrays. If they could fix all of the holes, the possibility of the three sects attacking the ruins would lower dramatically.

Right at that moment, Zhao Feng sensed three powerful auras flow into the mysterious canyon from a very faraway place.

These three auras made Zhao Feng’s soul feel heavy.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader’s minds started to tremble. They felt infinitely small in front of these auras.

“Zhao Feng, those three Void God Realms are trying to stop this hole from being repaired. They’re actually trying to expand it.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded.

Three Void God Realms.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader felt that if any one of those auras descended here “in person,” they would be killed instantly.

“So, that’s an aura of a Void God Realm. It’s far too terrifying.”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook.

“Even the Patriarch back then wasn’t this strong.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s body and soul trembled.

Both of their hearts dropped. The joy of victory disappeared.

Zhao Feng couldn’t even comprehend what type of existence they were up against.

“Relax, the Purple Saint Ruins is extremely far away from the Tianlu Islands. Those three are only using a spatial array’s power to send their auras here, and the array can’t withstand the full power of a Void God Realm.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled and said.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng let out a breath.

If they were to actually face a Void God Realm, even the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Mystic Ice Palace, and company would be nothing in front of one.

“Zhao Feng.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said in a solemn tone, “Do your best. Even if Void God Realm experts could come in, I can destroy the ruins with just a thought and send you and Yufei away before I do so. Even if those three Void God Realms had ten thousand guts each, they wouldn’t dare to come personally.”

“I understand.”

Zhao Feng felt a bit safer and admired the Purple Saint Partial Spirit. Even if they failed, he had a path of retreat.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit wouldn’t allow her inheritor to be harmed, and she wouldn’t leave the ruins to a bunch of bandits.

A while later, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader started to reconstruct the repair arrays. They continued to refine the cursed ghost-corpses as well.

The repair array was to stop the three Void God Realms from destroying the hole even more.

Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao teamed up to control horde after horde of beasts and force them to help.

The Eye of Heaven’s strength was extremely great, so it wasn’t hard for it to control several hundred True Spirit Realms simultaneously.

Compared to everyone else, Zhao Feng’s task was simple; he only needed to occasionally use the Eye of Heaven to control some beasts and find unusual things happening in the ruins.

With whatever time remained, he would sit on the Towering Tree Yao and comprehend his techniques.

Through the previous battle, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline and strength had increased, his soul-strength was now completely comparable to a Sovereign, and with the help of the Towering Tree Yao, his understanding of heaven and earth was stronger than ever before.


Heaven Earth Yuan Qi spun around Zhao Feng as if he was the center of the world.

At this moment, Zhao Feng started to touch the level of intent of a Sovereign, and his cultivation speed was a hundred times faster than on the Azure Flower Continent.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit could feel Zhao Feng’s increase in cultivation.

“One with Nature.”

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered a familiar intent that he had stolen from Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng’s mysterious intent from back then was similar to a Sovereign’s. Basically, it was a simplified version of a Sovereign’s intent.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Did this mean that Xin Wuheng had already learned how to reach the Origin Core Realm a long time ago?

If that was the case, then Xin Wuheng would be able to break through to the Origin Core Realm infinitely more easily than others.

What kind of secret did Xin Wuheng have?

Zhao Feng instinctively felt that it was unusual for Xin Wuheng to not have returned from the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance.

Back then, Xin Wuheng’s targeted the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance from the beginning, and he seemed to know more about it than everyone else.

While Zhao Feng had free time to cultivate, the skeletal Division Leader and even the little thieving cat were busy.

The skeletal Division Leader needed to control the repair array and refine the cursed ghost-corpses, while the little thieving cat supervised the process; only it had the ability to interact with all the beasts and instruct them to do certain tasks.

“Currently, the Hundred Corpse plan is extremely important. It can greatly increase our battle-power.”

Zhao Feng told the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and the latter soon decided that Zhao Yufei would temporarily stop refining the ruins so she could take over the skeletal Division Leader’s job of managing the array.

Although she didn’t know anything about arrays, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit helped her.

That meant that the skeletal Division Leader could spend all its time refining the cursed ghost-corpses.

Time passed slowly, and the number of ghost-corpses steadily increased.

Fifteen… sixteen… seventeen… twenty.

The main materials were the ghost-corpses from the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground, which were the source of the curse.

On the other side, the three Void God Realms were using their power to attack the hole, but the repair array kept fixing it.

Zhao Feng sat on the Towering Tree Yao and entered a state of comprehension.

He didn’t really need to do anything around the ruins. All he needed to do was occasionally use the Eye of Heaven to control some beasts to help out with hard labor.

“My soul-strength is completely comparable to a Sovereign, and it’s reached the threshold of Origin Core Realm level intent. When I reach the peak True Lord Rank, I’ll be able to reach the half-step Origin Core Realm in a single step.”

Zhao Feng spent most of his efforts on comprehension, and soon, one month passed.

At this point in time, the skeletal Division Leader had already refined ten more cursed ghost-corpses, summing up to a total of twenty-five – one quarter of the plan.

“With these ten extra corpses, the array’s strength will greatly increase. Even normal half-step Origin Core Realms wouldn’t be able to survive.”

The skeletal Division Leader was confident.

In the air above the mountain, the aura of the Spatial Splitting Array was more complete and powerful.

A faint silver hole appeared in the center of the array like an entrance to a cave.

“My Lords, the spatial hole has been stabilized. We can send a group of people to the Purple Saint Ruins, but we can only send in one Small Origin Core Realm, and the total number of people is limited.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s slightly tired voice sounded, and the eyes of the three Void God Realms flashed as they started to discuss with each other.

“Send in a strong Sovereign – one that can easily crush several normal Sovereigns.”

The golden skeleton suggested.

“Hehe, that’s right. Although that other skeleton is also at the Origin Core Realm, it’s extremely weak.”

The demonic lord licked his lips.

The Black Cliff Palace and the Moon Demon Palace both recommended their own Origin Core Realm experts, since this trip might mean they could take the most benefits.

“My Lords, let me go.”

“Grand Elder, I am enough to take care of that blue-haired brat and skeleton.”

Several Sovereigns below spoke. This was a great chance to show off.

Indeed, the strength of a Sovereign from a two-star sect was far greater than one from the Azure Flower Continent, and all the Sovereigns here believed that they could kill several Sovereigns if they were as weak as the skeletal Division Leader.