King Of Gods Chapter 546

Chapter 546 - Beast King
Chapter 546 - Beast King

“Eye of Illusion – Maze!”

The transparent Eye of Heaven seemed to become extremely attractive and alluring.

Fueled with the soul-strength of a Sovereign, the invisible power of illusions filled the air.


The members of the invading group felt their hearts shake and, in the next instant, the mysterious canyon disappeared and the dark mist faded from sight.

The group was teleported to an ancient city that was covered in white mist and had a complex layout just like a maze. Apart from Elder Shui Yun who occasionally struggled with the illusion, the others all started to try to find the exit in this maze.


The eyes of the skeletal Division Leader lit up, “What a powerful mental energy technique!”

Using this chance, the skeletal Division Leader waved the black flag and sent the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array toward the group.


The powerful mist full of hatred and curse-power succeeded in eroding the group’s members, but Ye Yanyu and company all harrumphed. Although they were in the maze, they instinctively circulated their Qi of True Spirit after feeling the power of the curse and the air of death.

At this moment in time, only Elder Shui Yun succeeded in resisting against the Illusion Maze.

In the outside world, above the mountains:

Not good!

The image that the three sects’ experts saw made their expressions change drastically.

“What a powerful mental energy illusion!”

“His illusion technique, after merging with the Towering Tree Yao, can threaten Sovereigns.”

Even some Sovereigns were shocked because Elder Shui Yun was quite strong among the ranks of the Small Origin Core Realms, and she specialized in defense.

If even Elder Shui Yun could only barely resist Zhao Feng’s mental energy illusion, then many other Sovereigns present were very likely to fall for it.

The stalemate was instantly broken.

The strength of Zhao Feng’s soul was already comparable to a Sovereign, and after merging with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, it was even stronger than normal a Small Origin Core Realm’s. Therefore, when he used the Eye of Heaven, he was able to instantly make the enemy fall for his illusion.


With the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s erosion, many peak True Lord Ranks of the group were starting to get injured.

“Hahaha! Zhao Feng, why didn’t you use this powerful move earlier?”

The skeletal Division Leader waved the black flag, creating dragons made from the dark mist that attacked the group, and it purposely aimed at Elder Shui Yun.

Of course, the skeletal Division Leader didn’t think about how many more terrifying methods the three Void God Realms had up their sleeves. The more strength they had, the better.

“Earth-Grade weapon – Green Water Fallen Pearl!”

Elder Shui Yun opened her mouth and spat out a slightly tattered pearl the size of a swan egg.

The pearl was surrounded in a beautiful haze of water and, the instant it appeared, all Spiritual-Grade weapons started to tremble in fear.

“That woman also has an incomplete Earth-Grade weapon!”

The skeletal Division Leader exclaimed as the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was absorbed by an immeasurable force.


A ripple of water spread across an area of a hundred yards and enveloped everyone in the group. The group’s experts then started to show signs of struggling out of the illusion.

“Hmm? This tattered Earth-Grade weapon can even calm others’ minds.”

Zhao Feng soon discovered another ability of the pearl.

“Green Sky Water Border!”

Elder Shui Yun reached out, and the barrier of water stabilized as it pushed out the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

After completing all that, Elder Shui Yun let out a breath.

So that’s how it is.

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart dropped.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy technique was incredibly strong and forced the three sects’ group into desperation, but Elder Shui Yun used an incomplete Earth-Grade weapon that had a strong protective ability.

“With the Green Sky Water Border there, even Sovereigns would find it hard to break through. Although my Illusion can threaten them, I can’t kill any of them, so it’s just a waste of my energy.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became grim.

Elder Shui Yun didn’t try to break through Zhao Feng’s mental energy illusion. After all, the latter specialized in eye-bloodline techniques and had a powerful soul-strength.

She used this defensive state to “ignore” Zhao Feng’s attack.

Under the Eye of Heaven state, Zhao Feng’s expenditure of energy would obviously be quite large, so he definitely wouldn’t be able to last very long.

“Hehe, indeed worthy of being elites of two-star sects.”

A light laugh sounded in their souls.


The Eye of Heaven in the sky suddenly disappeared and Elder Shui Yun let out a breath, but before she could calm down, another, even bigger Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky.

The higher up it was, the further it could see.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng’s sight spread across the entire Purple Saint Ruins.

What’s Zhao Feng doing?

The skeletal Division Leader murmured in his heart.

Elder Shui Yun and the spectators didn’t understand.


A cold and emotionless voice sounded in the air.

In the next instant, an extremely strong source of mental energy was unleashed by the Eye of Heaven, which spread across the entire ruins.

Roar! Wu~~~ Si!!!

Tons of beasts within two thousand miles started to howl and roar.

A surge of beast hordes near the mysterious canyon started to charge toward the group.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth shook as countless figures of both big and small beasts charged over.

“So… many….”

Ye Yanyu and company only just awoke, and they couldn’t help but shout as they saw the waves of beasts coming from all directions.

In their vision, hundreds and thousands of beasts charged toward them without fear of death.


The hearts of Ye Yanyu and company shook as they used their secret techniques to slay the gargantuan beast horde.

Peng!!! Bam~~~~

A large number of beasts were instantly killed and pushed outside the Green Sky Water Border, unable to threaten them.


Elder Shui Yun found that part of the beast horde charged into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

It was obvious that, using these beasts, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s strength would rise dramatically.


The mist from the array became denser, and blood-colored flames appeared as its power continued to rise.

The invisible power of curses and hatred finally managed to slightly push into the Green Sky Water Border.

At the same time, flashing golden lights blinked in the sky alongside thunderous booms and the screeches of birds.


Elder Shui Yun’s pupils contracted as she revealed a look of shock.

In the air, thousands of Golden Lightning Birds were flying over. The weakest of these Golden Lightning Birds were merely at the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm, but there were dozens of True Lord Ranks.

And amongst the Golden Lightning Birds, there was one terrifying aura that caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to howl.

This beast king had a wingspan of forty or fifty yards; it was like a small mountain that left an enormous shadow wherever it went.

“A Sovereign beast!”

Ye Yanyu and company felt their hearts tremble. They felt lightning flash throughout the sky and piercing screeches that made their blood churn.

“What’s going on!!? Zhao Feng managed to control such an enormous beast horde.”

“How can he control so many beasts at once?”

The experts of the three sects had open mouths.

In the image, the Golden Lightning Birds could be counted by the thousands, and apart from the Golden Lightning Bird King, there were also dozens of True Lord Rank birds and several hundred True Spirit Realms.

Qiu! Qiu! Qiu! Qiu!

The Golden Lightning Birds were like bolts of lightning as they descended.

Boi~ Bo~ Bo~

The Green Sky Water Border that protected the group started to shake and become dimmer.


The Golden Lightning Bird King sent out an earth-shaking arc of lightning.

An attack from a Sovereign beast!

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart shook. The Golden Lightning Bird King’s strength was even stronger than the skeletal Division Leader’s own when it was at its peak.

Booom~~~~~~~~ Bam!!

The Green Sky Water Border shook as currents of lightning passed through it, making the experts of the three sects feel numb.

“How did Zhao Feng control such a massive beast horde?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s soul shook. Of course, it didn’t forget to use the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to absorb the blood essence from the beasts. The array finally started to suppress the Green Sky Water Border with the help of the Golden Lightning Birds.

At this moment in time, the tide had turned. The Eye of Heaven controlled countless flying beasts that covered half the sky.

“Hmph! By controlling just one beast ‘king’, he can order its entire species around.”

The Eye of Heaven was filled with coldness as it looked down.

Zhao Feng had only focused on the king among beasts, and the Golden Lightning Bird King had one of the highest number of beasts among its species.

This king was the ruler of its species, and Zhao Feng was easily able to control it after merging with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Another reason he chose this beast horde was that they were agile and quick.

Such an enormous number of beasts could destroy any force below a one-star sect or wipe out a great country and several strong countries with ease.


The Golden Lightning Bird King attacked several times more and, with the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array pressuring as well, the Green Sky Water Border dimmed and several cracks appeared.

“Get ready to retreat!”

Elder Shui Yun’s face went white as she sent down this order through gritted teeth. At this point in time, she couldn’t support the Green Sky Water Border anymore.