King Of Gods Chapter 547

Chapter 547 - Victorious
Chapter 547 - Victorious

“Get ready to retreat!”

Facing the uncountable number of Golden Lightning Birds, even Elder Shui Yun couldn’t maintain her calm.

The Green Sky Water Border could break at any moment, and, although Elder Shui Yun was strong and had an incomplete Earth-Grade weapon, her power was limited in comparison to the several thousand Golden Lightning Birds.

Furthermore, the skeletal Division Leader was managing the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and slowly crushing the Green Sky Water Border. The invisible power of the curse had already entered their bodies.

“Hehe, want to run? Do you think it’ll be that easy?”

The Eye of Heaven looked down with a faint glint.

Zhao Feng was in control of a king of the Golden Lightning Bird species.

Qiu Qiu Qiu~~~~

Several thousand lightning birds used ranged attacks to assault the Green Sky Water Border.

The Golden Lightning Bird King was even more dominating; its every attack caused the barrier to shake despite Elder Shui Yun’s powerful cultivation technique and incomplete Earth-Grade item.

“Yanyu! Lead the others and charge out! I’ll cover you!”

Elder Shui Yun’s hand radiated with a blue light.


The Green Water Fallen Pearl in front of her released a surge of water that swept across several miles. Everything within the area was filled with water, as if it had turned into an ocean.


The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s mist dimmed by more than half, and its power decreased.


Throngs of lightning birds in the sky were shattered and crushed.

This enormous attack also caused the hole, and even space itself, to tremble.

“An incomplete Earth-Grade weapon is so strong in the hands of a Sovereign?”

The Eye of Heaven in the sky seemed to be wary.

The blow just now by Elder Shui Yun was enough to wipe out the entire Broken Moon Clan and kill everyone within. Using one move to destroy an entire clan, was that still the power of a human?
The Towering Tree Yao not far away yelled as it was injured.

Even though Zhao Feng had told the lightning birds to maintain a certain amount of distance, a thousand of them were still injured or killed.

After using that attack, Elder Shui Yun’s face went pale-white, then red again. However, she didn’t stop at all in this critical moment.

“Die, you bastard!”

Elder Shui Yun was surrounded by a ripple of water as she killed the nearby beasts then charged toward the Golden Lightning Bird King.

Straight toward the Beast King!

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight!”

Zhao Feng focused entirely on controlling the Golden Lightning Bird King. He used its agility to his advantage as the two fought in the sky.

The other members of the three sects charged out.

Luckily for them, Zhao Feng was focused on controlling the Golden Lightning Bird King and fighting with Elder Shui Yun.

In the air, Elder Shui Yun and the Golden Lightning Bird King clashed, and the remaining waves of their battle swept across ten miles.

Due to the fact that the hole was a major weak point of the ruins, Zhao Feng directed the battle toward the outer edges of the mysterious canyon, and Elder Shui Yun had to follow. If she didn’t take care of the Golden Lightning Bird King, the others wouldn’t be able to escape.

“This woman is really strong.”

The skeletal Division Leader waved the black flag and made the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array absorb the blood essence of the beasts nearby before attacking Elder Shui Yun from below.

That meant that Elder Shui Yun had to fight two Sovereigns at once while also fighting one or two thousand beasts.

Above the mountain, the spectating experts held their breath.

The battle in front of their eyes was too shocking. Even someone as strong as Elder Shui Yun was in danger.

“Skeletal Division Leader, kill the others.”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded.


The skeletal Division Leader directed the array toward Ye Yanyu and the others while Zhao Feng also controlled a few lightning birds to stop them from running away.

“Shameless bastard!”

Elder Shui Yun’s face went cold as she glanced at the Eye of Heaven.

To protect the members of her group, she used an Earth-Grade weapon and a large-radius skill, causing her to expend a lot of energy, and currently, she was using large amounts of Yuan Qi as she fought the beast horde. Yet, while Zhao Feng controlled the Golden Lightning Bird King, he didn’t clash with her head-on and ordered the skeletal Division Leader to kill the others.


A scream came from the other side.

The first casualty finally appeared as a peak True Lord Rank fell.

Although the fallen True Lord Rank was even stronger than Tiemo, he died a horrible death.


The skeletal Division Leader waved the black flag and its gold-and-silver whip as it charged toward the group.

The curse had already started to affect them, causing their blood essence to slowly weaken.

At this moment in time, the skeletal Division Leader and the beasts had the upper hand.

“Water Spirit Divine Change!”

Elder Shui Yun’s face went pale-white, and cold intent appeared on her face.

Di! Da!

Elder Shui Yun was covered in a blue light that seemed to twist and turn in the air. Incredibly, her body seemed to merge as one with the blue light, becoming liquid-like.


Lightning struck Elder Shui Yun’s body, but her liquefied form seemed to take no damage.

“What kind of secret technique is that!?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. In that state, Elder Shui Yun’s body seemed to actually turn into water.


Furthermore, her body grew by a couple yards. In this state, she seemed to become a god of water and her battle-power doubled.


A flood of water rolled across more than a dozen miles, and hundreds of birds were dying every moment.

The Golden Lightning Bird King yelled in pain as it was hit, but Zhao Feng was still doing his best to use its agility to his advantage.

“Bastard, die!”

Elder Shui Yun was like a goddess as she summoned the power of nature.

Within a couple breaths, the Golden Lightning Bird King screamed as it was slain by Elder Shui Yun.

At this point in time, more than half of the lightning birds had been killed, and after the beast king died, the remaining beasts all started to run away.


Elder Shui Yun let out a breath as her body started to condense.

After returning to her normal state, her face became as white as paper and she felt fatigued.

It was obvious that, although the Water Spirit Divine Change had unparalleled defense, a heavy price was required to use it. Furthermore, she had already used a lot of energy before using it.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

The Eye of Heaven flashed with a purple fire.


A half-transparent purple-and-azure fire that radiated an aura of Destruction hit the weakened Elder Shui Yun.

“Not good!”

The experts watching in the outside world exclaimed.

The terrifying Wind Lightning Eye Flame instantly engulfed Elder Shui Yun.


Elder Shui Yun’s body fell from the sky and crashed into a mountain, creating a hundred-yard-deep hole.

This Wind Lightning Eye Flame was the strongest eye-bloodline flame he had ever used in his life.

“That eye-bloodline flame is probably enough to kill normal Sovereigns.”

The heart of the skeletal Division Leader twitched.

At this moment in time, Ye Yanyu, the other group members, and the spectators outside were dead-silent.

“Elder Shui Yun….”

Ye Yanyu and company glanced unwillingly at the hole.


A ripple of water appeared from within the hole, and a scorched figure flew out.

“That person…”

The figure was smoking and scorched. Was this still the virtuous Elder Shui Yun?


Elder Shui Yun managed to spit out as the scorch marks started to fade and slowly recover.

A while later, Elder Shui Yun caught up to Ye Yanyu and company, but her figure was still gruesome.

“Find a place to recover first.”

Elder Shui Yun’s body swayed, but she forced herself to heal the others.

At this point in time, more than half of the group had been injured or killed.

Zhao Feng used the Eye of Heaven to control some nearby beasts and teamed up with the skeletal Division Leader to pursue them.

“Zhe zhe zhe… bitch, I’ll make sure you understand what humiliation is once I catch you.”

The skeletal Division Leader kept on attacking them with a smug expression.

If this continued, it was very likely that Elder Shui Yun and company might all be killed as the former was extremely injured and her battle-power had dropped to the bottom.

Right at this moment in time, a voice sounded in the skeletal Division Leader’s head, “Stop.”


The Eye of Heaven disappeared.

“Zhao Feng, victory is waiting for us. I can catch that bitch alive….”

The skeletal Division Leader said unwillingly as it thought about how it had been utterly defeated by Elder Shui Yun earlier and now had the perfect opportunity to return the favor.

However, no matter how it groaned or moaned, it didn’t go against Zhao Feng’s order.

It knew that Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven’s control of the situation was better than its own.