King Of Gods Chapter 549

Chapter 549 - Zhao Feng’s Welcome Gift
Chapter 549 - Zhao Feng’s Welcome Gift

Lu Tianyi’s group had one Sovereign, three half step Origin Core Realms and ten peak True Lord Ranks.

The number this time was smaller than last time.

From this one could see that Zhao Feng’s repairing already had an effect but these people all had powerful auras and were stronger than others of the same cultivation.

“Zhao Feng, come out and die!”

Lu Tianyi’s eyes were filled with cold killing intent and he locked onto Zhao Feng straight away.

Battle intent surged amongst the members behind him.

It was obvious that this group was led by Lu Tianyi, a battle maniac.

Amongst the group was a beautiful young girl who had the symbol of a moon on her forehead and her purple hair blew in the wind.

Her every smile seemed to be filled with magic.

Mysterious, unique, special.

She was “Zhuang Wan’er” from the Moon Demon Palace and had entered the second floor of the Treasured Palace with Zhao Feng before and received a powerful inheritance.

“Lu Tianyi, we can meet up with Elder Shui Yun first and plan from the start.”

Zhuang Wan’er took out a jade pendant and put her Qi of True Spirit into it.

However, Lu Tianyi didn’t bother with her and glared at Zhao Feng with cold eyes.

Now that he had seen his foe, he was filled with hatred.

Thinking back how he had suppressed Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao, he had still lost.

He remembered the pain of the scorpion being stuck in his throat.


Lu Tianyi spoke in a deep tone: “I have a killing card on him and even without it I can kill him easily.”

After saying that his body started to radiate Yuan Qi and seemed to become the centre of the world.

Many people behind him licked their lips and the battle seemed to start.

Under this situation even Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao felt a massive pressure.

“What a strong aura….”

The Skeleton Division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl felt his heart shake.

He guessed that the second group of the three sects had probably arrived.

“Hehe, how can I not give you all a present?”

Zhao Feng sat still and wasn’t scared.

As soon as he finished saying this his God’s Spiritual Eye sent a whisp of mysterious mental energy into the ground.


The earth below Lu Tianyi started to shake and a loud roar came from below.


The ground in the middle of the mysterious canyon exploded and an ancient aura seeped out.

“Not good!”

The group became unstable and felt unable to breathe from the pressure.

Even someone as strong as Lu Tianyi felt their boy’s become heavy.

“Everybody watch out, there’s probably a Sovereign level beast hiding here……”

Zhuang Wan’er exclaimed and instinctively flew up.


A roar sounded from the crack.


A terrifying suction force came from the crack.



The group started to panic.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In the blink of an eye, half of the group had been pulled underground.

Wah! Wah!

Only a couple people were able to withstand the suction but all spat out blood.

Apart from Lu Tianyi, all the others were severely injured.

Amongst them Zhuang Wan’er wasn’t as injured but still spat out a mouthful of blood.

“That’s… that’s!!!”

The hearts of everyone trembled as they looked at the crack.


A ten yard tall stone giant crawled out from the hole and its body was created by a yellow brown stone.

This stone giant seemed to be of an ancient race and its cultivation had reached the Sovereign level. The pressure from it alone already caused the group to lose half their members.

“Hehe, are you satisfied with this welcome gift?”

Zhao Feng had a faint smile on his face.

How would he have not made any preparations after knowing that they would arrive here?

The outside world might be able to see the normal actions but this stone giant had been hidden in the ground and unable to be detected.

Without any preparations Lu Tianyi’s group suffered heavy casualties the moment they appeared.

Above the mountains in the outside world.

The expressions of all three Void God Realm King’s changed dramatically.

This second group was a turning point but the fight hadn’t even started and Lu Tianyi’s group had lost half their members.

Apart from Lu Tianyi and Zhuang Wan’er, all the others were severely injured and unable to fight at their peak.


Zhao Feng lightly said as he merged with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul to control the stone giant and charge towards Lu Tianyi and company.


The stone giant radiated a heavy pulling force as its fists smashed towards Lu Tianyi and company.

Bam! Boom!

Before the attack even arrived, one or two people were crushed by the power and killed.

“Fuck off!”

Lu Tianyi roared and sent an sea of gold lights that lit up everything within ten miles.

Ding Ding Ding ------

The stone giant was engulfed by countless lights but its body sparkles appeared on where it was hit.

Even Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao far away were attacked.

The countless golden lights were extremely sharp and seemed to be able to devour everything in its path.


A ripple of water appeared around Zhao Feng and stopped the golden lights whereas the Towering Tree Yao became filled with marks and holes.

This was just the remaining attack from Lu Tianyi.

“The stone giant’s defense is extremely strong and seems to have a bloodline similar to Shi Chengtian’s but more pure.”

Zhao Feng sighed.

Lu Tianyi was indeed worthy of being one of the three sects’ top geniuses. Just the damage alone just then was stronger than Elder Shui Yun’s.

Jiang---- Boom!

Lu Tianyi and the stone giant clashed together and sent waves of destruction across more than a dozen miles.


More cries came from the group.

Zhao Feng purposely directed the stone giant towards the others and in just a breath or two, only Lu Tianyi and Zhuang Wan’er were still alive.

The others had all died.

This situation was extremely horrible for the three sects.

“Zhuang Wan’er, you meet up with Elder Shui Yun first. I’m going to pay back for what he did to me back then.”

Lu Tianyi pushed Zhuang Wan’er out a mile or two.

Seeing that the others had all died, Lu Tianyi’s eyes went blood red and used his bloodline power, causing his strength to surge and push back the stone giant.

“Lu Tianyi is terrifying. Normal Sovereign’s in the Azure Flower Continent probably aren’t able to take a couple hits by him.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but cluck his tongue.

Back then he didn’t spar with Lu Tianyi but used the little thieving cat to throw the scorpion into Lu Tianyi’s body.

At this moment in time, Lu Tianyi’s battle power rose and even the stone giant who had an ancient bloodline couldn’t keep up.

“Unfortunately, this stone giant has been sleeping for too long and although its defense is strong, only 70% of its battle power can be utilised.”

Zhao Feng directed Lu Tianyi further away from the hole. Luckily most of the hole had been fixed and was able to withstand a clash between Sovereigns.

“Master, let me out. I should be able to take down this brat.”

The Skeleton Division Leader said.

Over the past period, the number of cursed ghost corpses had reached thirty eight and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Arrays’ strength would’ve risen to another level.

“There’s no need to rush.”

Zhao Feng shook his head with a smile.

After merging with the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, not too much of his energy was expended in controlling this giant.

This stone giant was the strongest existence in the mysterious canyon and was stronger than the Towering Tree Yao and the ancient scorpion.

Zhao Feng had detected its present last time he had came but didn’t dare to touch it.

To stop the second round of danger from the three sects, Zhao Feng had used a while to control the stone giant.

It could be said that apart from the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, no third person knew this secret.

Peng--- Booom! Bang!

Lu Tianyi and the stone giant fought and the victor wouldn’t be decided within a short amount of time.

In terms of battle power Lu Tianyi had the advantage but the stone giant’s defense was too strong and could take the blows of normal Sovereigns head on.

“Lu Tianyi’s too rushed.”

“We can’t blame him. Who knew that Zhao Feng would’ve prepared a stone giant?”

The experts watching sighed.

If Lu Tianyi decided to first meet up with Elder Shui Yun, the situation wouldn’t be this bad but being a genius, Lu Tianyi wouldn’t admit defeat so easily,

Furthermore, the person he hated was right in front of him.

Within the mysterious canyon, the fight had entered a fiery stage and although the stone giant was disadvantaged, it kept on stalling Lu Tianyi with its suction force.

Sweat started to appear on Lu Tianyi’s forehead.

His battle power was ignited through the use of bloodline power and couldn’t last too long.

“Earth grade weapon, Sky Tooth Wolf Moon Blade!”

A cold light flashed through Lu Tianyi’s eyes as a dark silver blade with the head of a growling wolf as the handle appeared on his hand.

It was a complete Earth grade weapon.

The second it appeared Zhao Feng felt the Ice Imperial Spear within his bloodline give off an excited feeling and some of its restricted power seemed to awaken.

“Complete Earth grade weapon? Is this your killing card?”

Zhao Feng felt the Ice Imperial Spear give off a chilling coldness and excitement appeared in his eyes. He didn’t think that Lu Tianyi would have a complete Earth grade weapon which could awaken some mysterious power in the Ice Imperial Spear.

Even his bloodline seemed to be ignited.