King Of Gods Chapter 553

Chapter 553 - Nine Deadly Yin Bone
Chapter 553 - Nine Deadly Yin Bone

Three days later, in the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng received some bad news.

“Lu Tianyi’s woken up?”

Zhao Feng murmured to himself as his blue hair blew in the wind. Although he was prepared for something like this, he didn’t think that Lu Tianyi would wake up so fast.

With Lu Tianyi’s battle-power and Elder Shui Yun supporting him, even Zhao Feng would be wary.


Zhao Feng used the Eye of Heaven and soon saw Lu Tianyi being healed by Elder Shui Yun.

As if sensing something, a barrier appeared around Elder Shui Yun.

Zhao Feng glanced toward Lu Tianyi and found that he was extremely weak and didn’t have much battle-power left.

After returning his consciousness back to the mysterious canyon, his eyebrows furrowed, “Elder Shui Yun’s healing abilities are too strong; it’ll be hard to defeat her. Apart from that, there’s also Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er. The combination of those two is comparable to a Sovereign.”

Elder Shui Yun was chosen for her stability, and reality had proven that she was a good choice. If it were a normal Sovereign instead of her, they would’ve been killed multiple times over by Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader.

“If Lu Tianyi recovers to his peak strength, things will be quite troublesome unless the Hundred Corpse plan is complete….”

The skeletal Division Leader said.

Only half of the Hundred Corpse plan had been completed, but with the skeletal Division Leader managing the array, there shouldn’t be many opponents at the Small Origin Core Realm that could fight it. At least it wouldn’t be much of a problem to battle with Elder Shui Yun.

“Another two or three months are needed to finish refining the hundred corpses.”

Zhao Feng shook his head. Once the Hundred Corpse plan was complete, he could easily kill a Sovereign, but that goal wouldn’t be able to be reached for a while.

“There’s one way we can increase our battle-power, but it requires outside help.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

Outside help?

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit understood.

“What outside help?”

The skeletal Division Leader didn’t get it.

Half a day later, in the center of the mysterious canyon:


A dreamy mist appeared as the Purple Saint Treasured Palace descended from the sky.


Zhao Feng stepped into the third floor of the Treasured Palace.

“Senior Purple Saint, are there any Earth-Grade weapons that would be suitable for it?”

Zhao Feng pointed toward the skeletal Division Leader.

“Earth-Grade weapon? Me?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s mouth went wide with shock.

“There are three normal Earth-Grade weapons. Let it choose one and try it out.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit waved her hand and three balls of light floated toward the skeletal Division Leader.

“You mean that… I can choose an Earth-Grade weapon?”

The skeletal Division Leader couldn’t hide the excitement in its heart.

Earth-Grade weapon. They were legendary weapons in the Azure Flower Continent.

One of the reasons why it was always suppressed was because it didn’t have an Earth-Grade weapon. If it had one, the skeletal Division Leader’s strength would rise dramatically.

A while later, the skeletal Division Leader confirmed its choice. It was a dark silver bone, around three yards long and extremely sharp.

“Nine Deadly Yin Bone: Earth-Grade weapon. It is suitable for those cultivating the Dao of Bone Strengthening. This bone can be merged into the user’s bones and increase their power and defense. When attacking, an air of ferocity can charge into the opponent’s soul. The more beings killed by it, the stronger the air of ferocity….”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit summarized the specialty of the weapon.

The skeletal Division Leader loved the Nine Deadly Yin Bone, and it was suitable for it.

An hour later, the Nine Deadly Yin Bone had merged into the Skeleton Division Leader’s gold-and-silver body.

The skeletal Division Leader’s body became darker and gave off a more powerful aura.

“Hahaha…. It’s indeed worthy of being an Earth-Grade weapon. Even if I don’t use the weapon itself, my battle-power has increased a lot.”

The skeletal Division Leader was overwhelmed by joy. A hundred years of cultivation didn’t give as much improvement as this one weapon.

Three days later, the skeletal Division Leader finally got the hang of using the Nine Deadly Yin Bone. The bone was extremely suitable for it, almost as if the bone was made specifically for it. Not too much time was needed to familiarize itself with its new weapon.

“Let’s go, we can’t let Lu Tianyi recover.”

Zhao Feng didn’t wait any longer.

On that day, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader found where Lu Tianyi and company were healing.

Before the battle, Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to control several beast hordes nearby and ordered them to attack Elder Shui Yun and company.


The cave that Elder Shui Yun and company were in was soon overrun by beasts.

Ghost Corpse Cursed Array!

Zhao Feng waved the flag and the mist surrounded an area of two miles. This time, Zhao Feng controlled the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array himself and timed it perfectly.

The instant Elder Shui Yun and company killed a wave of beasts, they fell into Zhao Feng’s Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


Fifty cursed ghost-corpses, an air of death, and the power of the curse were enough to turn a normal half-step Origin Core Realm into a puddle of blood.

“Green Sky Water Border!”

Elder Shui Yun took out her Green Water Fallen Pearl and formed a defensive barrier. However, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s power was stronger than before, so part of the power of the curse still seeped in.

Zhuang Wan’er and Ye Yanyu within the Green Sky Water Border both harrumphed. Their incomplete Earth-Grade weapons were able to block it for a while, but Lu Tianyi was extremely weak and the erosion of the curse made his face go pale-white.

“Earth-Grade weapon – Nine Deadly Yin Bone!”

The skeletal Division Leader stabbed out, and a bone of death struck the Green Sky Water Border.


The Green Sky Water Border shook and cracks started to appear.


The power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and the Nine Deadly Yin Bone instantly charged in. The former devoured life while the latter contained terrifying power that destroyed life.

In just a couple breaths, the Green Sky Water Border had become dim. Apart from Elder Shui Yun, the others were all injured.

“Hehe, an Earth-Grade weapon sure makes a big difference.”

Zhao Feng smiled. Although he had the Ice Imperial Spear, his cultivation hadn’t reached the Origin Core Realm so he couldn’t maintain it for long.

On the other hand, the skeletal Division Leader was a proper Sovereign. On top of that, the Nine Deadly Yin Bone and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array supported one another.


The figure of a sharp bone kept stabbing at the Green Sky Water border and punctured it with every strike.

Elder Shui Yun held on while Lu Tianyi and the other two struggled as well.

The skeletal Division Leader wanted to charge in several times but was stopped by Zhao Feng, as he was worried that at least one of them might have a Void God Protection or something similar.

Being within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, they had a strong defensive barrier that could partially block the power from a Void God Protection.

“This Zhao Feng’s too calm and wary.”

Elder Shui Yun gritted her teeth. She still had powerful secret techniques that were almost as strong as a Void God Protection.

Zhuang Wan’er had a Void God Protection, and although Ye Yanyu didn’t have one this time, she had methods to escape.

However, even though Zhao Feng had the advantage, he was still using the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array to slowly push forwards.

As time passed, the bodies of Elder Shui Yun and company became weak.

Elder Shui Yun’s body had almost fully healed, but after being continuously annoyed by Zhao Feng and having to heal Lu Tianyi and company, she only had 60-70% of her Yuan Qi.

Lu Tianyi was extremely weak and only had 30% of his battle-power.

Zhuang Wan’er and Ye Yanyu weren’t much better off. As the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and the Nine Deadly Yin Bone kept on eroding them, their strength decreased.

Finally, an hour later, the four started to run.

“Chase them!”

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader followed. After they pursued them, Zhao Feng would occasionally control beast hordes nearby to block them.

Four hours later, Zhao Feng successfully forced Elder Shui Yun and company into despair. In front of them was a faint purple mist. They had reached the edges of the Purple Saint Ruins.

There was nowhere left to escape.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader looked at each other and smiled. They had the absolute advantage. Because they were wary of the group’s hidden moves, they didn’t forcefully attack and instead kept exhausting their Yuan Qi.

“If we don’t get any support, we’re going to die here.”

Zhuang Wan’er was worried. Although she had a Void God Protection, it was a one-use item. Furthermore, the Void God Protection could only severely injure or kill Sovereigns head-on.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader were extremely careful and hid in the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. Killing them both at once would be extremely hard.

“Zhao Feng, the three sects just tried to open a spatial hole again, but it failed.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng let out a breath and smiled.

“Not good! There’s an expert that specializes in spatial laws that passed through the cracked spatial hole and entered the Purple Saint Ruins!”

A panicked voice sounded.


At the same time, a silver-eyed youth appeared in the center of the mysterious canyon. Behind him, a small silver-colored crack in the air disappeared.

Normally, such a small hole wouldn’t be able to fit a human through it, but this mysterious silver-eyed youth had broken the norm.