King Of Gods Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Metal Wall Rebound
Chapter 56 – Metal Wall Rebound

Sending away Zhao Feng with her eyes, Qiu Mengyu lost herself in her thoughts. From the surface, Zhao Feng seemed like a young fourteen year old youth but the coldness, calmness and perception in his eyes didn’t seem like human. Even Zhao Feng himself didn’t realise that his bloodline as well as attitude had changed with the eye merging…


A scholarly clothed youth landed next to Qiu Mengyu, it was Qiu Changyi!

“Mengyu, did that kid leave so fast? Did the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City fail?” Qiu Changyi was slightly surprised.

“I failed… He doesn’t seem like a normal youth.” Qiu Mengyu shook her head.

Suddenly an old voice appeared: “Don’t worry Mengyu, I never expected it to work anyway.”

A grey robed elder appeared behind the two.

“Elder.” The two immediately greeted the old man.

The summit obviously had an elder overseeing the event and that elder was this old man. Not long ago, he had fought with the mysterious Guanjun Corps therefore his face was slightly pale.

“Mengyu you’ve already succeeded at delaying him for half the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. The second resolution has already been set up.” Killing intent shone within the elder’s eyes.

“Are you really going to do this?” Unwillingness appeared on Qiu Mengyu’s face.

“His potential is just too great. Once the Zhao family becomes too strong, the Qiu family will be destroyed.” The old man said.

“But Elder! If Zhao Feng dies, the Zhao family will link it to the Qiu family.” Qiu Chanyi was somewhat hesitantly.

“Hehe, dead geniuses have no value at all. Furthermore, he’s only from a branch sect and our plan is perfect. Zhao Feng will not die near the Qiu family’s grounds… ” A mysterious smile appeared on the grey robed elder’s face.


As he said that his figure disappeared into the darkness, his speed was even two times faster than Qiu Changyi’s.

“So unfortunate.” Qiu Mengyu and Qiu Changyi looked at each with sympathy within their eyes.


Zhao Feng walked by himself down the hill again. At this time, the summit had ended so there weren’t that many people on the way. Zhao Feng didn’t know why, but he had an uneasy feeling, as if he was being watched. A killing intent made his left eye twitch.


Zhao Feng silently opened his left eye. Suddenly, a faint azure light appeared in his eye. In the darkness, it was even more beautiful. Zhao Feng went into enhanced-vision mode again. The pitch black night was as clear as day to him. He could see everything in a ten mile radius, if it was daytime, the distance would have doubled.

The feeling of these super senses gave him confidence and calmness.


Under his scan, Zhao Feng suddenly saw a figure on a tree a few hundred feet away. That figure wore a grey robe and blended in well with the tree, normal people wouldn’t sense him at all. However, Zhao Feng’s eye saw clearly who the person was.

It’s him!

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped! He had seen this grey robed elder before, it was this person who fought the mysterious silver figure before.

“Not good! This person’s probably an elder of the Qiu family and he probably wants to kill me!” Zhao Feng’s mind raced.

His performance was just too outstanding, therefore even the high levels of the Qiu family had started to notice him.

“Luckily, I hid my real cultivation.”

Zhao Feng pretended he saw nothing at all and he used normal speed to return to the Zhao family. He was now getting closer and closer to the Zhao families territory. Zhao Feng felt weird, why wasn’t the opponent attacking?

He opened his super vision once again and surveyed his surroundings. There was a remote area six or seven miles into the Zhao sect’s territory. Zhao Feng knew that this was the last and only place they would attack.

Why would they attack near the Zhao families territory?

Zhao Feng’s mind spun and he immediately knew the answer.

If Zhao Feng died near the summit, this would obviously cause the suspicions of the Zhao family and they would put the blame on the Qiu family as the summit was within the the Qiu families’ territory. The Qiu families’ plan was to let Zhao Feng die in the Zhao sect’s own territory. This way the Zhao sect would have no proof and evidence to blame others.

What a smart plan!

Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Inner Strength and sprinted towards the front gate of the Zhao family.

“I just need to reach the grounds near the Zhao family. There’ll be many guards there and the Qiu family won’t have the guts to kill me then… ”

Zhao Feng came to a decision. Thinking up to here, his speed became even faster.

“This brat hid his real cultivation! His speed is even faster than Changyi’s… ” The grey robed elders’ speed also increased.

Six miles… Five miles… four miles…

Zhao Feng was getting closer and closer to the front gate.

Sou Sou Sou—-

Suddenly, two figures came out from the front gate of the Zhao sect. From what they were wearing, they seemed to be from the Zhao sect. For Zhao Feng, this was good news as the person behind would have to be wary of these two. His left eye scanned over the two’s faces. The two were both middle aged and their cultivation had both reached the sixth rank.

One of the faces was extremely familiar.

“It’s him! Zhao Tianjian… ”

Zhao Feng was surprised. One of the two cultivators of the sixth rank was Zhao Yijian’s father, Zhao Tianjian! Zhao Tianjian and the other person casually came towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng instantly felt uneasy. If it was anyone else that came, then he wouldn’t be suspicious, but if one of them was Zhao Tianjian, this would immediately put him on alert.

“Stop him, then kill him as fast as possible!” Zhao Tianjian said to the other sixth rank warrior.

As it was night and there was still quite a distance between the two, Zhao Tianjian didn’t know that Zhao Feng had already seen his face.


The elder behind suddenly increased speed as the two groups came from either side. Zhao Feng felt the danger emitting from the elder, he wasn’t scared of Zhao Tianjian and co. but he was extremely wary of the Qiu families’ elder. The elder of the Qiu family had reached the seventh rank, he wasn’t a Martial Artist anymore, he was a Martial Master!

Lightly Floating Ferry!

Zhao Feng figure suddenly increased.

What speed!

Zhao Tianjian and co.’s expression changed as the two split up in two different directions blocking off Zhao Feng’s path. If they couldn’t quickly kill Zhao Feng, their identities would be found out.

If the fish didn’t die, it would be because the net had broken! (Meaning only one of them must die)


The two people from the Zhao family attacked Zhao Feng at the same time.

Cold Flowing Sword!

Zhao Tianjian’s blade immediately turned into a cold light. Zhao Feng obviously knew how strong Cold Flowing Sword was as he had fought with Zhao Yijian before who had also used this skill. But this time, Zhao Tianjian’s Cold Flowing Sword had reached the peak level and with his cultivation in the late stages of the sixth rank, the attack was even more deadly.

Emperor Wind Fist!

From the side came a deep whistling sound, the other middle aged man had attacked at the same time. Two peak sixth ranks fighting a fifth rank, this was obviously unfair. Furthermore, there was still the killing move of the Qiu family elder! Once an accident happened, the elder would be able to settle it with his seventh rank strength.

Lightly Floating Ferry! Lightly Micro Step!

Zhao Feng circulated these two skills to its max and he just barely managed to dodge the attacks.

First Stance of Star Finger!

Zhao Feng’s aura suddenly rose to the sixth rank.


An azure light was like a meteor as it flashed by and hit Zhao Tianjian’s sword.


Zhao Tianjian only felt his arm turn numb and his blade snapped in half. At the same time, a chaotic Inner Strength smashed into his body.


Zhao Tianjian immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood and his expression turned nasty: “Star Finger… How could you have learnt that? And your cultivation… ”

Star Finger!

This was the best of the best peak ranked martial arts. Once it was used, nothing could withstand it. Even Zhao Tianjian of the peak sixth rank had received internal injuries from blocking this skill head on.


Zhao Feng once again attacked and although these moves wasn’t his killing move Star Finger it still added injuries to Zhao Tianjian.

Emperor Wind Fist!

The other sixth rank sneaked up from behind to save Zhao Tianjian. The two never imagined that Zhao Feng’s real cultivation was at the sixth rank and that he had learnt Star Finger. If Zhao Feng wanted to kill Zhao Tianjian right now, he would have to take the attack from behind head on.


Zhao Feng didn’t care about the attack from behind at all and he used Star Finger once again. The faint azure light was beautiful in the night.


The finger hit his target.

“Ah… ” Zhao Tianjian’s body froze as a hole appeared in his chest.


The life of a cultivator of the sixth rank ended there. This was due to the fact that Star Finger was just too strong and Zhao Feng’s Metal Wall Technique added more power to this skill.

Emperor Wind Fist!

At the same time, the full out attack from other sixth rank warrior had reached his body.


Zhao Feng couldn’t dodge at all, the best he could do was shift his body so his vitals weren’t hit.


As the fist hit Zhao Feng, the middle aged man’s expression turned into one of relief and joy. The Qiu family elder far away had a smile on his face too, it was a worthy trade if they killed Zhao Feng in exchange for Zhao Tianjian.

“Metal Wall Rebound!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed as he gathered all his Inner Strength and put it into Metal Wall Technique. His whole body turned into a metal wall as it rebounded the attack.


Blood leaked from the middle aged man’s mouth as he felt a powerful vibration travel through his arm.

Teng! Teng! Teng…

The person groaned in pain as he was pushed back.