King Of Gods Chapter 561

Chapter 561 - Limitless Ocean
Chapter 561 - Limitless Ocean

Within the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, in a palace at the center of a lake, a pure and holy female was sitting. She was like a carving of the god of the moon and stars.

“You’ve finally appeared.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ heart started beating quickly as a cold smile appeared.


She took out the scorpion, which was now the size of a bull. Its eyes were red and cold and made those around it feel chilly.

A moment ago, its eyes started to struggle, then stopped.

“Send the order down: Zhao Feng is in the southern boundary of the Tianlu Islands, roughly around the Eight Desolate Mountain….”

“Which experts are around the Eight Desolate Mountain? Use the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s name to order them to capture Zhao Feng, and give them a big reward if they manage to do so….”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess took out a jade slip and the order was passed down.

Being a two-and-a-half-star sect, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was the biggest power in the Tianlu Islands.

Within an hour, the news had travelled outside the island that the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was based in.

One had to know that the island where the sect was located was several times larger than the Azure Flower Continent, and there were several dozen such islands in the Tianlu Islands.

Even the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess, a Void God Realm, couldn’t reach Zhao Feng without spending some time.


A wisp of mental energy flashed through the giant scorpion.

“This Zhao Feng’s reaction is pretty fast. He’s already broken the link with the scorpion.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ expression became dim.

At the same time, at an extremely faraway place above the limitless ocean.

“Looks like I’ll have to give up that scorpion.”

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and harrumphed. Forcefully breaking the pet contract with the scorpion injured him, but doing it made him feel safer.

Without the giant scorpion’s link, the three sects wouldn’t be able to sense his location anymore.

“I need to leave the Tianlu Islands as soon as possible.”

Zhao Feng had a solemn expression. He had learned about the situation here.

The strongest three forces in the Tianlu Islands were the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, the Black Cliff Palace, and Moon Demon Palace. They controlled dozens of “continents” as big as the Azure Flower Continent.

Now that he had appeared within their territory, nowhere was safe.

Luckily, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit sent him to the very edge of the Tianlu Islands.

“Tianlu Islands… Eight Desolate Mountain….”

A map and some information appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind, containing the positions of important places within the Cang Ocean.

The Cang Ocean was an ocean within the limitless ocean, and it contained several hundred islands, each the size of the Tianlu Islands.

The Azure Flower Continent was only a small piece of land in the “Azure Islands.” From this, one could see how big the Cang Ocean was.

Furthermore, there were also countless small islands within its boundaries. For example, the Eight Desolate Mountain.

“After passing through the Eight Desolate Mountain and several million more miles, I’ll be able to leave the Tianlu Islands.”

Zhao Feng’s body glowed with lightning.


A beam of azure-and-purple light flashed through the sky.

The limitless ocean wasn’t the same thing as a normal ocean.

“In this world, excluding land, everything is in a sea of mist. The higher one goes, the thinner the mist, and the lower one goes, the thicker the mist.”

Zhao Feng looked around as he flew. There were weird species here, as well as other threats from nature.

The lower zone of the sea of mist was extremely thick and formed water – the real ocean. Humans weren’t suited to live here.

In reality, the islands were only “specks” that were suitable for humans to live on.

After the Ancient Desolate Continent broke, the continent turned into a bunch of specks that spread across the earth.

Each of these “specks” became “islands” of different sizes.

For humans, the limitless ocean was desolate and barren. Only a small number of species and beasts could live here.


Zhao Feng’s speed gradually increased, and he was ten times as fast as he was on the Azure Flower Continent.

The gravity and resistance in the limitless ocean were extremely small. Even those at the Consolidated Realm and Ascended Realm could fly here easily.

However, the Yuan Qi here was extremely thin. Those with cultivations below the True Spirit Realm wouldn’t be able to survive here long.

“The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here’s too thin. Flying for long periods of time requires Primal Crystal Stones.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh.


After flying for dozens of thousands of miles, bubbles of condensed Yuan Qi started to appear.

There are certain Yuan Qi areas in the ocean, but usually, powerful beasts or other species live there.

Zhao Feng was wary. He usually didn’t get too close to the ocean when he flew.

Whoosh! Whoosh~~~~

Several black figures jumped up from the ocean. They had powerful auras that were stronger than someone from the Azure Flower Continent.

Looking close at them, they were black water snakes, each as thick as a barrel.

These black snakes could charge out of the ocean and fly in the air since the gravity and resistance here were so low. Furthermore, they weren’t normal snakes.


The black snakes seemed to sniff something and charged toward Zhao Feng dozens of miles away.

“These water snakes are all at least at the True Mystic Rank.”

Zhao Feng didn’t retreat. He wanted to test out how strong they were. Patriarch Hong had told him that True Lord Rank was the minimum requirement to travel around the outside world, but it would be extremely risky for them.

Patriarch Hong suggested to Zhao Feng that he should reach the half-step Origin Core Realm first, but Zhao Feng obviously wasn’t at the half-step Origin Core Realm yet.


Zhao Feng sent streaks of wind and lightning through the air.


The black snakes were cut into pieces and their bodies fell into the ocean.

“As long as one’s strength hasn’t reached the Origin Core Realm, they can’t threaten me.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Gulu! Gulu! Gulu!

The ocean within a hundred miles suddenly started to toss and turn.


Zhao Feng felt slightly uneasy, but because he couldn’t use his God’s Spiritual Eye, he didn’t understand what was happening.

He used his Spiritual Sense to detect his surroundings and jumped up in fright. His Spiritual Sense was restricted in the limitless ocean and couldn’t detect very far.

Gulu! Gulu! Gulu!

Tens of thousands of beasts – mainly water snakes – surged out from the ocean.

Sou~ Sou~ Sou~~~~~~

The smaller of these beasts were the size of a palm while the bigger ones were the size of a small mountain.

All of them could fly in the air briefly.


More than a dozen of these beasts had auras comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm, and the others were all at the True Spirit Realm.


Zhao Feng’s eyelids twitched as more and more beasts appeared.

Wind Lightning Tornado!

Zhao Feng used his attack with the widest area and swept away everything within one or two miles.

Waves of beasts fell into the ocean and turned the water red, but that only caused more and more beasts to appear.


Zhao Feng heard several deep roars come from the bottom of the ocean. There were probably several Sovereign beasts heading this way.
In just a short while, tens of thousands of beasts within a thousand miles were charging over.

“Master, this is probably your first time here. This is the territory of the ocean beasts, and one can’t start a slaughter here or else countless beasts will chase after you.”

The skeletal Division Leader was woken up by the disturbance.

Zhao Feng knew that he fucked up.

“I’ll run away first.”

With the skeletal Division Leader giving him directions, Zhao Feng flew higher and dodged the beasts, but he couldn’t fly too high.

There were terrifying winds above that could rip even Sovereigns into pieces.

Furthermore, the higher one went, the thinner the mist was, and one would face the scorching flames of the Ancient Golden Crow.

Even Void God Realm experts would turn to ash if they had to face the light of the Ancient Golden Crow head-on.

“Human, where are you trying to run?”

A beast that looked like a human spoke in the human language and held a spear in one hand.


Zhao Feng didn’t bother replying as he charged more than a thousand miles away and tried his best not to fight; only then did the number of beasts decrease.

“The Yuan Qi here is too thin. Humans can’t fight here for very long.”

Zhao Feng felt that his True Force was being depleted quite quickly. This meant that he had to rely on Primal Crystal Stones to help him recover.

At the same time, a boat around ten meters long appeared dozens of miles behind Zhao Feng.

The color of the boat was extremely similar to the ocean and seemed to merge with it. It travelled silently and couldn’t be sensed.

“Boss, there seems to be a dumbass ahead with the cultivation of a late-stage True Lord Rank. He dares to enter the limitless ocean alone?”
Several nasty figures appeared onboard.

“Looking at that brat’s poor outfit… rob him? We probably wouldn’t get anything at all and might even reveal our location instead.”