King Of Gods Chapter 568

Chapter 568 - Take Me With You
Chapter 568 - Take Me With You

A few hours later, in the fields of the Loulan Family there stood dozens of people, young and old alike.

The cultivation of these people had all reached the True Lord Rank, and several of them looked quite fierce.

“Little friend Zhao, these people are all willing to become sailors, and they’re the best of the Eight Desolate Mountain.”

The Head of the Loulan Family smiled and said.

Zhao Feng nodded faintly. The Loulan Family was indeed worthy of being one of the three biggest families in the Eight Desolate Mountain; they were actually able to find so many sailors that fit his requirements in such a short amount of time.

He asked for sailors that were at least at the early-stage True Lord Rank, and they couldn’t be too old – hopefully, below a hundred years old.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng needed the sailors to be loyal, so the simpler the background they had, the better.

The duration of service would be twenty years.

Of course, Zhao Feng would give a heavy reward. The amount he would give every year would be several times greater than normal sailors.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng promised that, as long as they passed the one-year “trial,” they would each receive a piece of an Earth-Grade weapon.

Such rewards even made the Head of the Loulan Family click his tongue.

Earth-Grade weapon pieces were precious even for the Loulan Family, yet all these sailors would receive one just by meeting Zhao Feng’s requirements.

“These are just the rewards for the first couple years….”

Zhao Feng smiled. Hearing that, everyone was excited, but many were suspicious.

“Although the rewards are attractive, does he want us to become pirates?”

Some people murmured.

“Hehe, that amount of rewards is enough for me to become a pirate anyways.”

The majority of them were moved.

“I only need eight sailors. As for fighting, all of you are too weak.”

Zhao Feng said emotionlessly.

All he needed were sailors that could control the ship. Zhao Feng didn’t know how long the journey would be, but one thing was certain: most of his time on the ship would be spent on cultivating.

Zhao Feng then started to pick the eight sailors while the Head of the Loulan Family and Loulan Zhishui watched with interest.

As the list of eight sailors was almost decided and the picked ones were feeling joy:

“Family Head!”

A figure hurried over and half-kneeled toward the Head of the Loulan Family.

“Hmm? Eight Desolate Sacred City Alliance…?”

The Head of the Loulan Family took a special token and read the information inside.

After reading the news, the Head of the Loulan Family’s expression changed dramatically as he instinctively looked at Zhao Feng.


The Head of the Loulan Family pulled his daughter to one side.

“Zhao Feng? Someone wanted by all three sects?”

Loulan Zhishui’s face was covered in shock, and her eyelashes fluttered up and down.

“It’s definitely him.”

The Head of the Loulan Family took a drawing from the subordinate. On the drawing was a blue-haired youth, a skeleton, and a small cat.

“This… how is this possible? How could he be related to the three sects?”

Loulan Zhishui couldn’t believe it.

The blue-haired youth looked extremely similar to Zhao Feng, and he used a skeleton to the fight the pirates. The only difference was that the youth in front of them right now had normal-colored hair and normal eyes.

“Zhishui, this is something that only happens once in a thousand years, and the rewards the three sects are promising are enough to make the Loulan Family reach the sky….”

The voice of the Loulan Family Head trembled with excitement.

The three sects ruled supreme in the Tianlu Islands, and they even affected dozens of islands nearby.

As long as they could capture or kill Zhao Feng, the fate of the Loulan Family would be changed.

“Zhishui, I’m going to go tell the previous Head of the Family and Old Huang. Do your best to stall that brat.”

The Head of the Loulan Family ordered solemnly and took a deep breath, “The rise or fall of the Loulan Family depends on you.”

“But… Zhao Fan saved us.”

Loulan Zhishui was unwilling.

On one side was her family, and on the other was her savior.

Loulan Zhishui returned to Zhao Feng with mixed emotions.

“Lady Zhishui, I’ve chosen my eight sailors. I just need a butler and a vice-captain and it’ll be perfect.”

Zhao Feng seemed to be extremely satisfied.

With the eight sailors to manage the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, Zhao Feng wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore. Adding a vice-captain and butler was the skeletal Division Leader’s idea.

The skeletal Division Leader needed to craft ghost-corpses and cultivate as well; it couldn’t always be the one taking care of the small matters for Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng obviously agreed to that idea. The skeletal Division Leader was one of the strongest forces by his side.

At this moment, the sailors had entered the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, but Loulan Zhishui seemed to be troubled.

“Lady Loulan.”

A firm hand patted her shoulder, and Loulan Zhishui’s body trembled as she looked at the pair of calm and pure eyes.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re Zhao Fan or Zhao Feng, you saved my life. You should get away from the Eight Desolate Mountain.”

Loulan Zhishui gritted her teeth and smiled bitterly.


Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically. There could be only one reason that Loulan Zhishui could call out his real name.

“Looks like I still underestimated the three sects.”

Zhao Feng sighed. He had been sent to the edge of the Tianlu Islands, so he thought that he wouldn’t be recognized as long as he didn’t stay too long.

However, it was obvious that the three sects had other methods to send information to the Eight Desolate Mountain.

“If you don’t go now, there won’t be any time left.”

Loulan Zhishui’s voice was full of panic as she pushed Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng looked at Loulan Zhishui once more and felt grateful.

“Get ready to leave.”

Zhao Feng immediately ordered the eight sailors.


The gray metallic ship started to sail, but right at that moment:

“Brat, where do you think you’re going~~~~!”

An old voice caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to whistle as the aura of an Origin Core Realm appeared.

“Not good! It’s the previous Head of the Family.”

Loulan Zhishui’s expression changed dramatically.

At the same moment, a familiar Origin Core Realm aura appeared from within the Loulan Family. Zhao Feng could tell that this aura was from the injured Sovereign from before, Old Huang.


Loulan Zhishui jumped onto the ship and grabbed Zhao Feng’s elbow.

“Lady Loulan… this…?”

The smell of a girl passed through his nose.

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised. One of his arms was on Loulan Zhishui’s neck, but he hadn’t done anything.

“Take me hostage and run.”

Loulan Zhishui said in an embarrassed tone.

Zhao Feng finally understood what she did, and he couldn’t believe her courage.

“You don’t need to do this….”

Zhao Feng shook his head faintly, but he didn’t reject her help.

It would indeed be much easier to just take her “hostage” and escape. After all, it wasn’t a simple task to fight against two Sovereigns.

Sou! Sou~~~

The previous Head of the Loulan Family and the Sovereign elder in multi-colored clothes arrived.

“Put down Zhishui!”

The Sovereign elder in multi-colored clothes shouted.

“Hmph, if anyone dares to come near me, I’ll kill her.”

Zhao Feng gripped Loulan Zhishui’s neck, which made her face go red. It was hard to tell whether it was from being unable to breathe or from embarrassment.


The previous Head of the Loulan Family and company exclaimed.

Zhao Feng laughed as he flew through the air with Loulan Zhishui in hand.

However, before Zhao Feng could even leave Eight Desolate Sacred City, another couple Sovereign auras approached.

“Previous Family Head, even if we don’t attack, the other forces of Eight Desolate Sacred City will.”

The expression of the Loulan Family Head kept changing.

“You mean…?”

The eyes of the retired Head flashed.

“Instead of giving him to someone else, why don’t we just do it ourselves? Giving up one daughter for the entire Loulan Family is a good deal.”

Insanity appeared in the eyes of the Loulan Family Head.

Thinking about the “reward” the three sects promised, the eyes of the previous family head also become fiery hot, which replaced any hesitation or struggle.


The previous Head of the Family looked deeply toward the current Head of the Family and waved his hand. If the father could give up his own daughter, what more did the grandfather have to say?

“Everyone, kill Zhao Feng!”

The previous Family Head and current Head of the Family charged toward Zhao Feng.


At this moment in time, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was heading toward the limitless ocean.

“Lady Loulan… your family doesn’t seem to care about your life.”

Zhao Feng was obviously quite surprised, and he let go of Loulan Zhishui.

If the Loulan Family didn’t care about her life, then Zhao Feng didn’t to use her as a hostage anymore.

“Fa… father….”

Loulan Zhishui’s face went pale-white with disappointment and extreme loneliness.

Her body swayed as she stood on the deck. At this moment, her entire family, including her father, were charging over without caring about her life.

“You’re still not leaving?”

Zhao Feng gently pushed Loulan Zhishui.

“I’m not going back.”

Loulan Zhishui bit her lips so hard that blood started to flow.

“Don’t you need a vice-captain? I can even be your maid or servant… I don’t need anything in return, just as long as you take me with you.”