King Of Gods Chapter 576

Chapter 576 - Devoured
Chapter 576 - Devoured


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship pushed aside the water and sped into the air.

Boom! Boom! Boom~~~

Several whales jumped out behind them, just barely missing the ship.

The closest one was only several yards away from devouring the small ship.


As the ship entered the air, it slowly pulled further and further away from the limitless ocean whales. The whales had the advantage in the ocean, but the sky wasn’t their territory.

More than a dozen whales followed them into the air, but they couldn’t catch up to the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.


Everyone on the ship let out a breath.

“Since we’ve entered the air, the whales won’t be able to catch up now.”

Loulan Zhishui and company all started to relax.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader were able to face one or two whales, but an entire group of them was too terrifying.

“I didn’t think that we’d be able to see the legendary limitless ocean whales.”

“According to the legends, the whales are enormous, and the most precious part of their body is their heart blood essence.”

“Heart blood essence?”

The sailors discussed with excited expressions as they looked at a couple whales still chasing them.

Hearing them talk, Zhao Feng also revealed a look of interest.

In terms of lifeforce, a mature limitless ocean whale was even stronger than the Towering Tree Yao.

Thinking back to the benefits that the Towering Tree Yao brought Zhao Feng, the value of the limitless ocean whales was immeasurable.

“The heart blood essence is the blood essence within the depths of the whale’s heart, and when one bathes in it, it has the ability to raise one’s state of existence. It’s extremely effective for those at the True Lord Rank, and it can even affect a Sovereign.”

Loulan Zhishui explained the effect of the limitless ocean whales’ heart blood essence to Zhao Feng, and his eyes became fiery hot as he looked at the whales behind them.

Just thinking about how large and powerful one of those whales were, how strong would their hearts be?

Their heart blood essence was the equivalent of what the Wood Spirit Essence Soul was to the Towering Tree Yao.

The difference between them was that the Wood Spirit Essence Soul helped one’s soul whereas the heart blood essence helped cultivation and state of being.

“The power of my soul and mental energy have both reached the Origin Core Realm. The only thing I’m lacking is my cultivation.”

Zhao Feng’s heart thumped.

The heart blood essence was extremely tempting. It was perfect for him.

“Slow down a little bit.”

Zhao Feng decided. If the ship flew too fast, the whales would be shaken off.

Loulan Zhishui understood Zhao Feng’s intentions and carefully decreased the ship’s speed.

At the moment, there were still four or five whales still chasing behind the ship.

“After throwing off two or three more and leaving only one or two behind, we can think about attacking them.”

Zhao Feng used his Spiritual Sense to detect the situation behind.

Ever since the incident with the Eye of Death, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to easily use the God’s Spiritual Eye’s inspection abilities, so he usually used Spiritual Sense instead.

Although Spiritual Sense wasn’t as precise as the God’s Spiritual Eye, it was what most cultivators used.

As time passed:


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship maintained a certain amount of distance between the whales.

An hour later:

“Captain, these whales are slightly intelligent and are all bunched up with each another.”

Loulan Zhishui said.

Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly. He noticed that as well.

A mature whale could be defeated by the skeletal Division Leader and him, but two whales would be troublesome.

Even a Great Origin Core Realm would retreat from four or five whales.

Right at this moment:


A low roar came from the ocean nearby.

“What’s that sound?”

The sailors within the ship felt their blood toss and turn, and they were unable to stand steadily.


Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. His body became heavy, and he felt a dangerous sensation from the deep roar.


Just as he was about to use his Spiritual Sense to detect what was happening below, there was suddenly an unstoppable suction that came from the ocean.

“Not good! Run!”

Zhao Feng’s Spiritual Sense caught sight of an enormous whale. The black mouth alone was enough to devour a small mountain.

The sailors felt unable to breathe.


The aura from this animal even sucked in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby.


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship did its best to fly away, but the mouth widened and inhaled even more, decreasing the speed of the ship.


An enormous body flew out of the ocean. It was a massive limitless ocean whale that was ten miles long.


Everyone within the ship took in a cold breath, and Loulan Zhishui was dazed.

In front of this power, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship had no chance to fight back.


Everyone within the ship started to scream as the sky was blotted out.


The ship entered the limitless ocean whale’s body. It was knocked around as it was swallowed down its body.

Everyone within the ship became dizzy, but only Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled calmly as he pondered.

After absorbing the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng’s body and bloodline were both cleansed and stronger than before. In terms of purely physical strength, he was comparable to a Sovereign.

Therefore, he was still able to maintain his calm in this situation.

“This whale is several times stronger than the other whales. It’s at least at the Great Origin Core Realm. Who knows how strong its lifeforce is? It’s probably around the Void God Realm level.”

Zhao Feng used his Spiritual Sense to look around.

In terms of size, this whale was more than twice as big as the ones from before.

“This one is probably a leader among the whales.”

Loulan Zhishui smiled bitterly, and Zhao Feng’s expression started to become solemn after looking around.

The battle-power of this whale definitely exceeded the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord and Lord Hu Suo.

“The size of this whale is far too big. Even if I used the Void Space Eye Slash, it wouldn’t threaten its organs.”

Zhao Feng’s heart fell.

For example, the heart of this whale was even bigger than a normal room, but Zhao Feng’s Void Space Eye Slash was only about a meter long. If the object was too big, Zhao Feng couldn’t attack it.

A single meter was nothing to the whale. At most, it would be like cutting open one’s finger.

Although the Void Space Eye Slash was Zhao Feng’s strongest eye-bloodline technique, there was no perfect technique in the world.

The size of the whale itself countered the Void Space Eye Slash and, to a certain extent, most single-target attacks.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng started to think.


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship fell into a sticky liquid.

“Not good, that’s the stomach acid of the whale!”

Loulan Zhishui exclaimed.

Stomach acid?

Zhao Feng’s Spiritual Sense felt an extremely strong eroding force. Normal True Lord Ranks would be digested instantly the second they touched it.

“Limitless ocean whales devour large amounts of beasts or humans or even ships and digest them within its body.”

An old sailor said.

The sticky liquid covered the entire ship. Although Loulan Zhishui and company did their best, there was nothing they could do.

The sticky liquid had stopped the ship and “sealed” it.

“Captain, what should we do?”

Loulan Zhishui’s face lost all color.

Zhao Feng summoned the skeletal Division Leader and started to discuss a plan with everyone else. After all, his knowledge of the whale was limited.

“How long can the ship last?”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye found that the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was slowly starting to melt.

“The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship is made from rare materials, so it’s extremely resilient toward erosion. Its defenses can even block a Sovereign for a while.”

“But the acid is also extremely powerful.”

Everyone started to talk and came to one conclusion:

“The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship can last up to one month at most.”

“If we have enough Primal Crystal Stones and keep the defensive array going, we can last two or three months.”

The sailors started to take action.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship soon glowed with a thin gray-blue light, which blocked the sticky liquid.

“Captain, the acid is extremely strong, so a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones will be used to maintain the array.”

Loulan Zhishui said urgently.

“Relax, stabilize the situation first.”

Zhao Feng’s voice was calm and without emotion.

He had taken a lot of Primal Crystal Stones from the Purple Saint Ruins.


The whale dove back into the ocean and devoured everything in its path.

In this area, the limitless ocean whale was one of the beasts at the top of the food chain.

“Master, I have a 50-60% chance of breaking through the acid with my body, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to escape.”

The skeletal Division Leader said, and Zhao Feng sighed. The skeletal Division Leader’s bones were the strongest amongst the group, and they were extremely resilient toward erosion. If even the skeletal Division Leader didn’t have a high chance of escaping, then the others probably wouldn’t be able to survive either.

An hour later, the whale dove into the depths of the ocean.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Boom~~~

Waves tossed and turned, and the number of powerful beast auras started to increase.

A dozen… a couple dozen… a hundred….

“...I think we’ve entered a horde of limitless ocean whales.”