King Of Gods Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Guest from Province City
Chapter 59 – Guest from Province City

“Is the family giving me a confinement order?” Zhao Feng seemed to be splashed with cold water.

He had taken first place at the summit, and he was to receive this sort of treatment instead of being treated like a hero? He obviously wasn’t a retard, the people that had teamed up with the Qiu family were the two that died! That night when he returned, it was obviously planned. Qiu Mengyu invited him over to get them time to set up this plan. Once the plan was successful and Zhao Feng died near their own sect, how would the Zhao family react? Furthermore, a dead genius from the branch sect wouldn’t motivate the high level much to find the killer.


Elder Zhao said deeply: “As long as I’m alive, they have no evidence to do anything to you. I’ll make sure to find the truth!”

“Thank you for you care, elder.” Zhao Feng was full of respect and gratitude.

Truthfully, if Zhao Feng didn’t have Elder Zhao defending him, it wouldn’t be as simple as a confinement order.

Confinement order?

I don’t have the plan to go anywhere! So what can you do?

Zhao Feng laughed coldly within his heart and he couldn’t be bothered to explain.

He was just a branch disciple, the high level of the sect didn’t trust him. If he was to explain the truth, his hidden strength and cultivation would cause another whole range of problems.

Returning back to his house.

Zhao Feng calmly sat down and cultivated, now his injuries were almost fully healed. With his sixth rank cultivation, his strength was top tier in Sun Feather City, the only ones that could threaten him were Martial Masters. Apart from that, Zhao Feng didn’t put anyone else in his eyes.

“I will leave the Zhao family, leave Sun Feather City and see the outside world.” Zhao Feng had such a wish within his heart, he had lost his feel of belonging here.

From the day he had seen the mysterious girl at the canyon, he was full of longing for the outside world. Inside the dimension within his left eye, that palm of the girl was replayed back and forth. Up to now, he still hadn’t understood the profoundness contained in it.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. Zhao Feng calculated the days and realised that he just turned fourteen.

He had been training hard these days and Lightly Micro Step had reached the peak level. He realised that his understanding of high ranked martial arts got easier as he understood the One with the Heavens aura. It was similar to a Martial Master learning low ranked martial arts, obviously, it would be much simpler.

Zhao Feng felt that even Star Finger didn’t seem so hard anymore. Now, his Star Finger was not far away from late stages of the fourth level. On the day that Zhao Feng turned fourteen, a guest came to the Zhao family. At this moment, all the core members of the Zhao sect’s high level were there. Apart from Elder Zhao who was guarding the Martial Arts Library, all the other elders were present.

“What does my family have for “Master Ye” to come personally?” The head of the sect seemed looked at the figure sitting on the head seat.

The person sitting on the sect leader’s seat was a middle aged man around thirty five years of age. He looked like a mortal, someone that didn’t cultivate. But every action he made, every breath he took, shocked the elders. Only those of the seventh rank or higher could feel the danger emitting from the man although he had already concealed his aura.

“I heard that the Xin and Zhao family both have a very talented genius. I’m under orders from Lord Guanjun to investigate this.” After this was said, the breathing rate of everyone present increased.

Lord Guanjun!

Cold sweat poured out from Zhao Tiancang’s head. Being a city under the Guangjun Provinces’ City’s control, how could they not know who Lord Guanjun was?

The Zhao family was in just one of the twelve cities under the Guanjun province and the dictator of the province was Lord Guanjun!

His story was a legend itself. Lord Guanjun was one of the seven major lords, he had extremely high cultivation. Apparently, he had once solo killed two hundred thousand soldiers, slew eighteen martial masters of the seventh rank or higher, and killed the enemy general who was of the ninth rank. Apparently, Lord Guanjun slew five high tier deadly beasts in one blow, all of them stronger than the Two Winged Sword Teeth Tiger that Zhao Feng had met.

Apparently, he had reached the ninth rank before thirty years of age. Tens of years later, there were even rumours that he had reached the legendary Holy martial path! It didn’t matter whether or not the legend was true as Lord Guanjun was one of the powerhouses of this country!

What was the Zhao family compared to it?

And now.

This Master Ye had came to the Zhao sect under orders from that man. Instantly, the people present looked at each other full of excitement.

“We dare ask, who is the genius that Master Ye is looking for?” Zhao Tiancang wiped the sweat off his forehead.

This Master Ye was of the ninth rank and he had a high chance of being one of Lord Guanjun’s right hand man. Throughout Sun Feather City, there was only a tiny chance of having cultivators of the eighth rank. With Master Ye’s strength, he could kill Martial Masters as easily as he killed cats and dogs. It could be said that the Zhao family had no resistance against him.

“According to my information, the Xin and Zhao family both have a genius both. I don’t know their names… I just recently went to the Xin family but the result dissapointed me… ” Master Ye couldn’t help but shake his head.

Obviously, he didn’t get to see Xin Wuheng, who had disappeared after the summit. There was still no sign of him even after one month and apart from Xin Wuheng, the Xin family didn’t have any especially outstanding youths.

“Um… Without the name we don’t know which one you’re talking about.” Light flashed through Zhao Tiancang’s eyes.

Master Ye casually said: “That’s easy, just get out the most talented person.”

The head of the sect exchanged looks with the others. If they were talking about the most talented person, then they would have to choose between Zhao Feng and Zhao Linlong. But Zhao Feng had just received a confinement order and they had suspicions of him joining the Qiu family.

“Haha, could the Zhao sect not even know their genius?” Master Ye laughed as he released his aura.

That moment, the pressure inside the room increased. An unbearable pressure crushed towards Zhao Tiancang and co.

“There… There is one.” Zhao Tiancang quickly said: “We have an outstanding genius within our sect, he’s my son Zhao Linlong. He’s reached the sixth rank before eighteen years of old and he has gained some insights into Holy martial arts a few days ago.”

Zhao Linlong!

The other elders immediately nodded their heads in agreement. It was true that Zhao Linlong had the highest cultivation amongst the youngsters. Furthermore, he had gained some insights into the partial Holy martial arts, this was something that some elders couldn’t even do.

“Oh? Bring him out.” Master Ye seemed to be interested.

“Someone go fetch Zhao Linlong!”


Zhao Linlong clad in gold came into the room and greeted everyone present. When he found that the head of the sect wasn’t sitting at his usual seat, he was full of shock.

From the situation, it seemed that the elders seemed to be in fear of him.

“Hmm… eighteen years old, sixth rank, meh, average.” Master Ye nodded his head slightly, but he didn’t seem happy.


Zhao Linlong felt anger creep into his heart. The elders seemed to be stunned as well. After all, there was only Zhao Linlong who had reached the sixth rank before eighteen years old.

Obviously, they didn’t know that Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng had both reached the sixth rank with Xin Wuheng reaching the peak sixth rank. Zhao Linlong was almost eighteen and Zhao Feng had just turned fourteen. Even with his fifth rank cultivation, it was obvious that his potential was higher than Zhao Linlong’s.

“Show me some of your skills.” The man said expressionlessly.

“Yes, Master Ye.” Zhao Linlong couldn’t help but contain his excitement.

From the meaning in his step fathers eyes, he knew this was a chance to change his destiny.

Spatial Cloud Finger!

Zhao Linlong exclaimed and used his best move. At the same time, he used his Shadow Step as well. After showing his skills, Zhao Linlong seemed to be full of confidence. Every finger he pushed out seemed to blast through the sky.

“Good! Good!”

The elders couldn’t help but nod their heads and cheer for him. But on the highest seat, Master Ye sat expressionlessly. No one knew what he thought.