King Of Gods Chapter 593

Chapter 593 - Power of the Bloodline
Chapter 593 - Power of the Bloodline

When all one hundred ghost-corpses formed the array, the power rose to a new level. Even the limitless ocean whale was killed by it.

At this point in time, the dark mist had formed ghostly flames, which forced the two Sovereigns into desperation when the flames were complemented with the skeletal Division Leader’s mental energy ghost technique.

One would have to face a terrifying amount of the curse’s power when they fell into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. The skin and flesh of the two Sovereigns were starting to rot while their energy and souls were being depleted.

“Hold on!”

The expression of the Sovereign Lord chasing from behind changed dramatically as he saw what was happening, and he released his aura.

He didn’t think that Zhao Feng would still have such a deadly killing move. Zhao Feng hadn’t used this move against the Metal Triangle Pirates or even in the battle against the Great Origin Core Realm pirate leader.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. Once this Ghost Corpse Cursed Array kills a hundred Sovereigns, its strength will rise dramatically.”

The skeletal Division Leader was even more excited than Zhao Feng himself. After all, all of the corpses were personally refined by it.

“Void Sky Yin Demonic Stab!”

The Earth-Grade weapon that was merged with the skeletal Division Leader’s body shot out.


A large, dark silver bone phantom flashed through the air, and it seemed to break through space itself as it pierced through one of the rotting Sovereigns.


A cry came from within the array, and the Sovereign’s body turned into a puddle of blood.

At the same time:

“Argh…. Save me….”

The other Sovereign was surrounded by dry white hands that were reaching into his body.


Zhao Feng waved the black flag and directed the array’s power, and soon, the other Sovereign turned into a puddle of blood as well.

In just a short moment, two middle-stage Small Origin Core Realms had died from the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


The energy and essence of the two Sovereigns were absorbed by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. This scene made the bones of the three chasing Sovereigns turn cold.

“Brat, how dare you kill Elders from the Gan Cloud Pavilion!?”

The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion suppressed the shock in his heart. He changed the environment with his Great Origin Core Realm aura as he charged toward the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

The other two Sovereigns were at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, so they weren’t weak.


The Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion thrusted out a palm that caused everything within ten miles to hum. The palm proceeded to smash into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


The dark mist formed by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array became fainter.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng waved the black flag and created more dark mist from within the array.

“Zhe zhe…. This Ghost Corpse Cursed Array isn’t what it was in the past. Do you really think it’ll be broken so easily?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s body crackled as the Nine Deadly Yin Bone merged back into its body.


It then used a secret technique and turned into a flaming bone giant.


The flaming bone giant caused flames of Yin and Death to whistle around with its every action, which still complemented the Ghost Corpse Array.

Over the last month, its bones were strengthened after absorbing the heart blood essence and merging with the Mystic Dark Crystal Bone.

Its battle-power was stronger than normal late-stage Small Origin Core Realms. On top of that, it currently had the support of the array and its secret technique.

“Old man, take my palm!”

The flaming bone giant released dominating flames as it thrusted out a palm toward the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion.


A loud explosion sounded above the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, and the shockwave devoured everything nearby. The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship below tumbled and fell into the ocean.


The skeletal Division Leader retreated a couple steps. It obviously had a slight disadvantage, but the excitement in its eyes increased. Thinking back to how it had no resistance at all against Lord Hu Suo, it had only been half a year since then and its strength had increased by such a huge amount.

“You two stall that skeleton, I’ll kill the brat.”

The Sovereign Lord ordered. He knew that Zhao Feng, who was controlling the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, was the critical point. After all, the array’s threat was too big and the skeletal Division Leader was harder to kill than Zhao Feng.

“As long as I kill that brat and take the spoils of war, I can finish off the skeleton.”

The eyes of the Sovereign Lord flashed.

“Brat, die!”

The Sovereign Lord swerved around the skeletal Division Leader and charged toward Zhao Feng, who was in the center of the Ghost Corpse Array.

“Zhe zhe….”

The skeletal Division Leader didn’t stop him; instead, it simply clashed with the two late-stage Small Origin Core Realm Sovereigns coming toward it.

In just a short amount of time, it already managed to suppress the two with its flaming bone giant form.


Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change as he waved the array flag, summoning mist-dragons to clash with the Sovereign Lord.


The Sovereign Lord thrusted his palm out and the power of the curse was shattered before it even got near him. However, Zhao Feng’s expression stayed the same as he kept using the power of the curse to crash into the Sovereign Lord.

Transparently white, dry hands wrapped around the Sovereign Lord’s body and kept reaching into his body, causing his expression to change. Even someone as strong as him, who had reached the Great Origin Core Realm, couldn’t ignore the effect of the curse.

“Hmph, the power of the curse can enter through anywhere. This isn’t just a simple mental energy attack….”

Zhao Feng let the Sovereign Lord charge over. Once the power of the curse entered his body and wasn’t healed in time, even someone at the Great Origin Core Realm wouldn’t be able to escape.

No matter how strong his state of existence was, there was definitely a big difference compared to a limitless ocean whale.

I only need ten breaths to kill this brat and I’ll still be able to retreat unharmed.

The Sovereign Lord thought. He was confident in his ability to kill Zhao Feng in ten breaths. He could even do it in only four or five.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of purple-colored wings suddenly condensed behind Zhao Feng’s back, causing his speed and agility to increase.


Afterimages were left behind along with the cover of the dark smoke.

The senses of outsiders would be restricted inside the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, but Zhao Feng didn’t have these restrictions imposed on him. He and the skeletal Division Leader knew the array as well as they knew their own hand.

“Cunning brat.”

The Sovereign Lord roared and sent a green palm phantom across several hundred yards, using a wide-ranged attack.

However, Zhao Feng’s reactions and agility were extremely quick, and he had the advantage in the landscape, so he managed to dodge several attacks.


A ripple of water appeared on Zhao Feng’s body.

Boom! Boom!

The attacks were slowed down and stopped when they landed on Zhao Feng’s body.

Even though he was slightly injured, his Water Bloodline soon healed him.

“What a powerful bloodline.”

The expression of the Sovereign Lord changed as he realized that he had underestimated Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s state of existence and body were stronger than even normal Great Origin Core Realms, and his bloodline had increased by leaps and bounds over the past half a year.

He had the Wings of Wind and Lightning for speed and offense, and he had the Water Bloodline for defense and recovery. With the help of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, Zhao Feng was able to stall the Sovereign Lord for a couple breaths.

However, at the end of the day, a Great Origin Core Realm was still a Sovereign Lord, and he soon pushed Zhao Feng into a certain area.

“Mystic Sky Dark Seal!”

A large, half-a-mile-long, dark green palm enveloped Zhao Feng’s location.


Zhao Feng’s face went red as his Wings of Wind and Lightning and his Water Bloodline were both suppressed.

His knees started to bend and his body started to shake. If it weren’t for the fact that his state of existence and body were even stronger than normal Great Origin Core Realms, and that his Water Bloodline had strong defense, he would have already crumbled.

“Hahaha…! Brat, give up.”

The Sovereign Lord roared in laughter.

A Sovereign Lord was a Sovereign Lord after all. If he couldn’t even take down a half-step Origin Core Realm, then he wouldn’t have any face left at all.

“Water Spirit Divine Change!”

Zhao Feng’s eyes became sharp as his body suddenly began to twist.


A light suddenly merged with Zhao Feng and turned his body into a liquid form, causing him to ripple like water.


The terrifying attack from the Sovereign Lord that landed on Zhao Feng seemed to pass through liquid.


The Sovereign Lord’s expression changed, “A liquid state? This brat can comprehend such profound Water secret techniques?”

The Water Spirit Divine Change was a highly profound technique even in the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, and it was hard for people to successfully cultivate it.

Under the state of the Water Spirit Divine Change, Zhao Feng was able to turn into liquid momentarily, and he was almost unparalleled in defense.


Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly rose and became a Water Spirit God.


Zhao Feng’s every action seemed to be able to flip the ocean as his strength rose to a new level.


Zhao Feng ignored the Sovereign Lord’s attack and threw out a punch that destroyed the power restricting him.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s Water Spirit Divine Change had already exceeded that of Elder Shui Yun’s from back then. This was mainly because his state of existence and bloodline were stronger than before, and he able to perform the technique more easily.


With a flash of light, the water giant descended from the sky.

The two late-stage Small Origin Core Realms were being suppressed by the skeletal Division Leader, and they were being weakened by the power of the curse.

The two ambushed Sovereigns were instantly slain. They couldn’t understand how Zhao Feng had the ability to come over and kill them while he was facing a Great Origin Core Realm.

But this was reality. Zhao Feng had completely ignored the Sovereign Lord’s attack.