King Of Gods Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Consecutive Battles
Chapter 611 - Consecutive Battles

The Elders represented the officials of the arena. The glory of the hundred-win challenge couldnt be claimed easily. It wasnt just a huge loss to the arena financially, it also concerned the arenas fame, and the meaning of the hundred-win challenge.

That Ye Moyus bloodline is too mysterious and powerful. My chances of winning arent high.

Li Yunya said.

If the difference between cultivation wasnt big, bloodline and weapons played a huge factor. However, weapons were considered outside help, whereas bloodlines could strengthen ones defense, speed, and other aspects.

Some bloodlines even had special abilities. Ye Moyu was an example.

Ye Moyus bloodline is only below those of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines like Jiang Fans, and his battle-power is enough to break through the difference in cultivation.

Zhao Feng analyzed.

That difference in cultivation was the difference between the Small Origin Core Realm and the Great Origin Core Realm.

For example, Jiang Fan from the Sacred Lands was only at the early stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, but his battle-power was comparable to the early stages of the Great Origin Core Realm.

On the other hand, Ye Moyus bloodline was only below those of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and his cultivation was almost at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm. His mastery of bloodline techniques was also better. Therefore, his overall strength might be even stronger than Jiang Fan from back then.

Hehe, Im not expecting you to beat Ye Moyu. All you need to do is waste his True Yuan and bloodline power.

The Elder laughed, and an invisible aura enveloped the three so that others outside couldnt hear what was being said.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng understood.

Consecutive battles?

Zhao Feng and Li Yunya exchanged glances with surprise.

Maybe the chance of Li Yunya winning against Ye Moyu wasnt high, but if there were two or three others comparable to Li Yunya and they fought in consecutive battles, the result might be different.

The rules stated that every challenger needed to win ten battles before being given the right to rest, unless there were no more people left.

What does little friend think? If youre able to expend 30% of Ye Moyus bloodline power or True Yuan, you will instantly become an esteemed guest of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Elder smiled meekly and said.

Li Yunyas heart moved, and he looked toward Zhao Feng.

Esteemed guests of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace had many special rights, including discounts at the markets owned by the officials.

Being an esteemed guest of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace wasnt just a title of glory there were tangible benefits. Even some Sovereigns would do anything to become one.

You go give it a try.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head, letting Li Yunya go test the waters.


The Elder was slightly surprised. Li Yunya, who was almost at the peak stage Small Origin Core Realm, seemed to listen to Zhao Feng.

On that very day, Li Yunya momentarily became a helper of the officials.

For the battles tomorrow, the officials had gotten together four or five experts. The lowest cultivation amongst them was the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, but their true battle-power was at least at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

On the second day, Ye Moyu arrived in the arena full of battle-intent.

The officials had gathered their powers and were prepared to stop Ye Moyus victorious streak.

There were also many bets. The money involved was a huge amount.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord in his purple-and-golden dragon-robes had arrived long ago.

Palace Lord, the battles today will be very exciting.

The Elder said respectfully.


The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord nodded his head faintly. He knew the rules of the hundred-win challenge extremely clearly.

According to the norm, after one won 50 battles, the fights that followed would be consecutive battles that followed one after the other.


The judge waved his hand.

Ye Moyu and his opponent clashed.

His first opponent was an agile lady who specialized in speed. Her cultivation was closing in on the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, the same as Ye Moyu.

Shua! Shua!

An agile figure and a ghostly figure flashed across the air and turned into blurs.

In this first fight, Ye Moyu didnt even use his bloodline power; he simply used speed to fight against speed.

Flower Teleportation Figure Flash!

The ladys figure started to blossom like a flower as it turned into dozens of figures. These figures flashed across the arena and surrounded Ye Moyu.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time he clashed with one of the ladys figures, it would shatter, and even if he managed to hit the real one, it would be replaced by another.

These flower doppelgangers have a connection with the real body? I cant spot the real or fake ones, and any damage to the real body can be negated.

Ye Moyu couldnt help but be dazed.

Shua! Shua! Boom!

Figures flew around him, and every time they clashed a light would appear.

That womans skill seems to come from the nearby two-star sect the Flower Palace.

So, its a technique from the Flower Teleportation True Bible.

Many people noticed its history.

Ye Moyus expression was slightly solemn. His first opponent was already so troublesome.

Hehe, even the experts from the Flower Palace are interested in the Night Shadow Bloodline techniques.

The Elder smiled smugly. Even if the lady couldnt win today, she would be able to expend a lot of Ye Moyus energy.

Dark Night Moon Demon Sky!

A cold moonlight suddenly appeared from Ye Moyu as the image of a four-winged demon formed behind him. On top of it was a dark moon.


Ye Moyu spread his arms, and the ancient power of the moon formed beams of light.


The nearby figures instantly shattered.


The lady wiped blood from the corner of her mouth as she staggered backward dozens of yards and admitted defeat.

Indeed, worthy of the Night Shadow Bloodline; he can easily fight against my techniques. If it werent for the fact that he wanted to save True Yuan, I might not have been his match in terms of speed.

The lady didnt feel defeated after losing. After all, the Night Shadow Bloodline had a long history that could be traced back to the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Ye Moyu fought several more battles after the lady lost.

The second opponent the third opponent everyone he faced afterward werent weaker than the lady; their battle-power only became stronger and stronger.

The fifth opponent was a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

This one is called Li Yunya and would like to experience the Night Shadow Bloodline.

A scholarly youth appeared on the arena. The sixth opponent was Li Yunya.

What a strong opponent. His cultivation is almost at the peak Small Origin Core Realm.

The crowd broke out into discussion, and Ye Moyus expression was solemn as he used his bloodline technique without hesitation.

Void Sky Darkness!

Ye Moyus figure merged into the darkness nearby.


Li Yunya stood in the darkness and felt his senses become restricted.


Ye Moyu had merged into the darkness; he could now appear anywhere.

Within the Void Sky Darkness, Ye Moyus speed was comparable to Grandmaster Yin Kongs.

Seven Star Heaven Slaughtering Technique!

Li Yunya summoned his Earth-Grade sword, and meteorites seemed to fall from the sky. He used a large-scale attack straight away.

Hmph, in the Void Sky Darkness, my body is like the moonlight. Any damage received is decreased by half.

Ye Moyu snickered coldly.

His figure could easily fly through the Void Sky Darkness, and he would appear where the sword-beams were weakest and block them there.

Traceless Dark Night!

A mysterious aura shot toward Li Yunya.

Li Yunya had just used a large-scale attack, so his defense was slightly weak; he barely managed to block Ye Moyus attacks.

Boom! Boom!

A bloody gash was left on Li Yunyas back.

Sword Star Beams!

Li Yunya shouted as he turned from offense to defense. A beam of sword-light appeared, and this beam could protect the body or fly through the air and attack.

The fight was extremely intense, but from beginning to end, Li Yunya was suppressed.

Twenty moves later, a small mark was left on Li Yunyas throat and he admitted defeat. Although he lost, Li Yunya had caused Ye Moyu to expend a lot of energy.

Other experts appeared afterward as well, and all of them had weird and unique techniques that made Ye Moyu fight all-out.

Ye Moyus face was pale-white; he had used a lot of True Yuan after the seventh battle. At this moment, he had already used 60-70% of his bloodline power and True Yuan.

The eighth and ninth opponent were both extremely strong. They were even more powerful than Li Yunya.

Blood Wings Demonic Sovereign.

The ninth opponent was a blood-robed Sovereign who radiated a demonic and extremely cold aura of blood.

When this person appeared on stage, everyone broke out into chaos.

Blood Wings Demonic Light!

The blood-robed Sovereign had a black mole on his forehead. He clasped his hands together, and demonic bloody wings surged from his body. Their power was comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.


Just one palm alone sent Ye Moyu flying.


Ye Moyu spat out a mouthful of blood as he tumbled out of the arena.

At this moment, his True Yuan was completely empty, and he no longer had any power to fight back against the Blood Wings Demonic Sovereign whose battle-power was comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm.

Haha. You cant even block one move. Too weak.

The Blood Wings Demonic Sovereign laughed as he left the arena.

Ye Moyus hundred-win challenge ended there, and sighs of regret came from the crowd.

If Ye Moyu was at his peak state, maybe he could fight against the Blood Wings Demonic Sovereign, but his True Yuan and bloodline power had all been expended beforehand.

This Ye Moyu is a rare genius. Let him meet me later.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord said in a low tone.

At this moment, Ye Moyu had a grim expression as he gritted his teeth, This hundred-win challenge is not fair at all. Youre just using low tricks like consecutive battles.

Hmph, you cant even handle consecutive battles? The hundred-win challenge represents utmost glory someone who isnt scared of any tricks and has unparalleled battle-power.

The Elder mocked.

Right as Ye Moyu was feeling angry and cheated.

Let us welcome our newest hundred-win challenger Zhao Feng!