King Of Gods Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Suppressing The Crowd
Chapter 614 - Suppressing the Crowd

Void Sky Darkness!

Zhao Feng was covered in darkness and lost track of Ye Moyu.

Many spectators were familiar with Ye Moyus Night Shadow Bloodline. This bloodline allowed Ye Moyu to merge into the darkness and appear anywhere.

My senses are restricted in this domain, and not only has Ye Moyus speed reached its peak, his body is like moonlight, so all damage is reduced by half.

Zhao Feng didnt make any rash movements. Staying still was the best solution when the enemy was in the dark and he was in the light. Once Zhao Feng attacked and revealed a flaw, that chance would be instantly seized by Ye Moyu.

Traceless Dark Night!

A mysterious aura flashed across the darkness.


Invisible cold winds were already scraping across Zhao Fengs skin.

So fast!

By the time Zhao Feng sensed something, Ye Moyus attack had almost landed already. Because Ye Moyu had merged into his darkness domain, he could appear anywhere. It was similar to the little thieving cats abilities.


A ripple of water appeared around Zhao Fengs body instantly.


Ye Moyu felt like his attack was striking the ocean when it hit the ripple of water, and the power was greatly diminished.

Purple Destruction Wind Lightning Claw!

Zhao Feng reacted instantly as he swung, but he missed.


Ye Moyus voice sounded in another place.

Zhao Fengs eyes squinted. This Ye Moyu was indeed troublesome.

In the darkness domain, Ye Moyu was like a fish in water. He could appear anywhere and immediately teleport away after attacking. In this situation, he could attack his opponent while his opponent could do nothing.

Hes indeed strong; hes made Zhao Feng reveal his bloodline power.

The red-robed Elder smiled faintly.

No one had the advantage during the first clash.

The defense of Zhao Fengs Water bloodline is incredible. Even though my offense is much stronger in the darkness, I still couldnt injure him.

Ye Moyus figure merged into the darkness, but a smile appeared on his lips. He was at his peak state, and he was currently in the dark while the enemy was in the light. He held the initiative, whereas Zhao Feng had used some of his energy for no reason.

Interesting, but my aim is one hundred wins, so I need to finish the battles quickly.

Zhao Fengs eyes became sharp as his Water bloodline power surged outward, giving off a monstrous aura.


In front of this aura, Ye Moyus bloodline power trembled faintly and was suppressed.

Ye Moyu couldnt believe it. Apart from the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, what other kind of bloodline could suppress his Night Shadow Bloodline?

Everything happened too quickly.

Ice Imperial Seal, Ice Imperial Domain!

Zhao Feng roared as a transparent blue crystalline seal pressed down onto the ground.


The ice-blue seal expanded like a lotus and instantly became dozens of times bigger as it froze everything nearby.

A blue layer of light with ancient carvings gave off a forbidden coldness as it spread across the area.

My Void Sky Darkness!

Ye Moyus expression changed dramatically. His body became cold, and he could only watch as the darkness become sealed in ice.

Even he was starting to freeze in the Ice Imperial Domain.

Zhao Fengs bloodline power is even stronger than Ye Moyus Night Shadow Bloodline, and that power of Water and Ice is extremely pure.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords expression changed.

In the clash between bloodline domains, Zhao Feng instantly crushed Ye Moyu.

Ice Explosion!

Before Ye Moyu could escape, Zhao Fengs fist smashed onto the ground.


The area full of ice instantly turned into a whirlwind of ice shards that swept across the entire arena.

The array around the arena shook as frost appeared on its surface.


A rumpled figure was sent flying out of the arena by the terrifying coldness and spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.


When Ye Moyu fell onto the ground, his entire body was frozen.

The crowd broke out into discussion. Even someone as troublesome as Ye Moyu was defeated by Zhao Feng and thrown out of the arena.

Although I used some of my bloodline power, thats the most effective way.

Zhao Feng murmured.

Trapped within Ye Moyus domain and not using his Gods Spiritual Eye, he was suppressed and couldnt lock on to the opponent.

The seventy-second battle.

The judge continued to announce.

Each opponent after the seventieth fight was not simple. Everyones battle-power was at least at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm or even the peak stage Small Origin Core Realm.

These opponents were at least as strong as Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader.

To finish off the battles quickly, Zhao Feng had to use his Purple Destruction True Yuan or his bloodline power.

72 consecutive wins 73 consecutive wins 74 consecutive wins.

Zhao Fengs record kept on advancing, and the spectators were all full of excitement. They gave their utmost attention.

Purple Lightning Wind Ring!

Bright arcs of purple Wind Lightning gave off an aura of Destruction as they shot off in every direction.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Three late-stage Small Origin Core Realm experts were immediately sent flying and their bodies were scorched black.


The crowd all took in cold breaths.

This was just too crazy. That was three whole late-stage Small Origin Core Realms.

We cant continue like this. Expend his True Yuan one at a time.

The expression of the red-robed Elder changed as he ordered. Zhao Feng fought two to three people simultaneously several times. It was way too efficient.

The eightieth fight.

Blood Wings Demonic Sovereign!

A blood-robed Sovereign with a mole on his forehead radiated an aura of blood and evil.

Exclamations came from the crowd.

He was the one who defeated Ye Moyu in one move before, and he had reached the peak stage of the Small Origin Core Realm.

Blood Wings Demonic Light!

The blood-robed Sovereign snickered as demonic and bloody wings formed behind his back. The power contained within was comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm.

At this moment, even Zhao Feng felt a faint pressure.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blood-robed Sovereigns attack contained the power of the demonic wings, which caused the entire arena to glow with a faint blood-colored light.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of wings formed behind Zhao Fengs back, and a purple color glowed in his source of True Yuan.


A terrifying surge of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning swept across the entire arena, causing lightning to strike and thunder to boom as it gave off an ancient aura of Destruction.

A lightning dragon of Destruction seemed to roar in the storm.


The Blood Wing Demonic Sovereign screamed as his body was thrown out of the arena.

The eightieth fight was won in one move.


The Elder in red abruptly stood up, and his face was filled with solemnness.

Is this his true strength? Sending even the Blood Wing Demonic Sovereign flying in just one move?

Ye Moyus pale face was filled with shock.

One had to know that, when the Blood Wing Demonic Sovereign used his Blood Wings Demonic Light secret technique, his bloodline power was comparable to a Sovereign Lord for a short time.

81 consecutive wins 85 consecutive wins 89 consecutive wins.

Unstoppable. Zhao Fengs Purple Destruction Wind Lightning and bloodline power showed his true strength.

Every opponent after the ninetieth battle was at an entirely new level. Their battle-power was at least comparable to the Blood Wing Demonic Sovereign, and their bloodlines and unique abilities were all extremely famous.

91 consecutive wins 92 consecutive wins 93 consecutive wins.

Zhao Fengs victories werent easy anymore. He had to give his full attention and use unique abilities to win.

These opponents are all close to the Great Origin Core Realm in their battle-power, and theyre comparable to normal Sovereign Lords.

Zhao Feng felt pressured. If there were only one or two of these opponents, he wouldnt put them in his eyes. However, after fighting for such a long time, Zhao Fengs mental energy, bloodline power, and True Yuan were being used up.

Many of the later opponents could easily beat Ye Moyu.

94 consecutive wins 95 consecutive wins 96 consecutive wins.

Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!

Cheers came from the arena, and many spectators were waiting to witness the moment of history.

Hes too strong. Captains bloodline power and Wind Lightning techniques are still suppressing everyone even after the ninetieth battle.

Li Yunya was stunned.

However, after the ninety-fifth battle, sweat appeared on Zhao Fengs forehead. There were signs of fatigue on his face.

Although my Purple Destruction True Yuan is extremely strong, the quantity is even smaller than normal Small Origin Core Realms.

Zhao Feng realized the problem.

When he broke through to the Origin Core Realm, he absorbed the Heaven Earth Aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, and Zhao Fengs Core Center shrunk by ten times.


Coldness flashed across the Elder in reds face.

The ninety-sixth and ninety-seventh opponents battle-power was completely comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power as he waved his Imperial Ice Spear and used overwhelming power to defeat his opponent, but at this moment in time, over half of Zhao Fengs True Yuan and bloodline power had been used up.

Three more fights!

Theres only three more battles left. Can a miracle really happen?

The crowd was filled with excitement.

The ninety-eighth battle.

A faint smile appeared on the judges mouth.

Brat, it all ends here.

A strong surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that seemed to have fused with the universe descended from the sky.


After saying that, an elder appeared on the arena.

Great Origin Core Realm!

A Sovereign Lord? This has exceeded the challenges of the Small Origin Core Realm!

The arena was thrown off balance.

Hehe, according to the rules, experts a rank higher can appear in the last three fights.

The Elder in red smiled.

At this moment, the majority of Zhao Fengs bloodline and True Yuan had been used up. How would he face the three Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords?