King Of Gods Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Thousand Year Record
Chapter 615 - Thousand Year Record

I didnt think that the last three opponents would be Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords.

Aye, if Zhao Feng wasnt so arrogant in trying to finish all the fights at once, maybe he wouldve had some hope.

Many of the spectators revealed regretful and sympathetic expressions.

At this moment, sweat appeared on Zhao Fengs head and his breathing rate increased.

One had to admit that Zhao Feng had a high chance of winning against normal Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords; after all, many opponents he had fought before have possessed the power of a normal Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord, temporarily or otherwise.

Ive expended over 70% of both my True Yuan and bloodline power.

Zhao Feng inspected his opponent. The elder had reached the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm; this was the limit within the rules.

Theres still three people left to beat the challenge. I need to finish them off as fast as possible.

Zhao Fengs eyes twinkled.


The judge waved his hand.

Iron River Mountain!

The elder thrusted out his hand, and bronze mountains seemed to jut out and change the landscape.

Boom! Boom! Peng~~~!

The elder focused on stability as he steadily crushed toward Zhao Feng.

Hmph, does that Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord have any face at all? Trying to drag out the fight with Captain.

Li Yunyas expression was filled with disdain and anger. It wasnt hard to see that the opponent only wanted to stall Zhao Feng, not win.

Water Spirit Divine Change!

A deep blue light glowed around Zhao Feng and caused space to twist. His body became liquid as ripples of water flowed over him.


In that instant, Zhao Feng became a Water Spirit Giant.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~

The elders attacks were like stones sinking into the ocean as they passed straight through Zhao Fengs body. Under the Water Spirit Divine Change state, Zhao Fengs defense was almost unparalleled, and attacks were ignored.


The Water Spirit Giant Zhao Feng turned to thrust out his palms, sending tsunami-like waves of water charging forward.

Mysterious carvings and patterns appeared within the deep blue light, and they gave off a powerful aura. As Zhao Feng kept absorbing the Ancient Dream Realm aura, his bloodline and body were undergoing an unknown change.


The elder was forced to retreat in the head-on clash.

After two or three blows, the elder spat out a mouthful of blood as he tried to hold on.

An ancient aura? Does this Zhao Fengs bloodline also come from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? How else could it be so strong?

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord started to think.

Right at this moment:


The defensive array on the stage shook as the elder was sent flying.

That is definitely from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

The elders expression was pale-white and full of shock. If he lost to some other random Small Origin Core Realm Sovereign, he wouldnt be able to accept that reality, but if he was beaten by a Small Origin Core Realm that had a legendary bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, there wasnt much face to lose.


Zhao Feng returned to his solid state and spoke in an emotionless tone, This ones bloodline inheritance is still a bit away from the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Zhao Feng had witnessed the true power of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline before.

In terms of suppression, Zhao Fengs bloodline aura was at the same level as the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, but Zhao Feng thought that there was still a difference between Jiang Fans bloodline and his own bloodline.

If I keep on absorbing the Ancient Dream Realm aura, my bloodline will be become comparable to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.

Zhao Fengs heart surged. He remembered clearly how his bloodline was suppressed by Jiang Fans, but now his bloodline was comparable with Jiang Fans from a year ago.

The ninety-ninth battle.

The gaze that the judge gave Zhao Feng was now different.

The atmosphere in the arena rose rapidly, and some spectators held their breaths.

Who wouldve thought that even a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord would be defeated by Zhao Feng?

Everyone had underestimated Zhao Fengs strength, including the experts among the officials and even the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.

Zhao Feng, youre indeed strong. I admire you.

A pretty and elegant red-robed woman said respectfully.

Unfortunately, your bloodline power and True Yuan have run out. Even if you can beat me, you cant win the hundredth battle.

The red-robed woman said regretfully.

She calculated that Zhao Feng only had around 10% of his True Yuan and bloodline power left.

Zhao Feng stood motionless with the same expression.

His state of existence was extremely strong, so his recovery speed was comparable to some legendary bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Flaming Phoenix Technique!

The red-robed woman saw that and quickly attacked. Her body was bathed in a flaming red light, and she seemed like a phoenix as she charged toward Zhao Feng with a shout.

In terms of offense, she was even stronger than the elder from before.

Water Spirit Divine Change!

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power without hesitation as he turned into a Water Spirit Giant again. This time, Zhao Feng felt an empty sensation after turning into liquid form.


The Water Spirit Giant was undefeatable as it suppressed the red-robed woman.


Mysterious patterns and carvings appeared in its palm that gave off an ancient and old aura.

Even my Flaming Phoenix Bloodline is being suppressed?

The red-robed womans blood boiled.

Ten moves later:


The red-robed woman was thrown out of the arena, and the crowd started to enter heated discussions.

99 consecutive wins! The hearts of countless spectators surged with excitement.


The instant Zhao Feng turned back to his physical solidified form, his body wavered unstably.


Li Yunyas expression changed dramatically.

On the arena stage, Zhao Fengs face was pale-white, and he managed to barely stabilize himself after his True Yuan and bloodline power ran out.

Both my bloodline power and True Yuan have been all used up.

Zhao Feng used his strong willpower to stabilize himself and try to recover as much as he could.

At this moment in time, the arena was dead silent. Many experts watched Zhao Feng, who had reached the peak of ninety-nine wins.

Was all this effort going to end in nothing?

Zhe zhe, brat, if you werent so arrogant, maybe you would have beaten the hundred-win challenge.

The red-robed Elder let out a breath. At this moment, Zhao Feng had no energy to fight anymore, and the last person was a monstrous existence on top of that.

How regretful.

A tall, black-clothed man appeared onstage. His eyes shone like stars, and he had a perfect face.

Duan Tianjun!

Its him! The person who won a hundred years ago!

A small amount of people recognized the man in blacks identity.

So, its him!

Some older experts remembered his stories.

A hundred years ago, Duan Tianjun defeated the hundred-win challenge with the cultivation of the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

Twenty years ago, Duan Tianjun broke through to the Great Origin Core Realm and defeated three Sovereign Lords, shocking an era.

Stories came from the crowd.

At this point, Duan Tianjun became a light that stole away the gazes that were supposed to be on the protagonist of the challenge.

Zhao Feng, I saw your fight from before. If you were at your peak, we could still have a proper fight, but unfortunately

Duan Tianjun shook his head. He admired Zhao Fengs battle-power. If it werent for the fact that Zhao Feng wanted to finish the hundred fights so quickly, he wouldnt have ended up in such an awkward situation.

Even Duan Tianjun took four or five days time to complete the hundred-win challenge a hundred years ago.

Furthermore, the fighters then werent this strong.

Duan Tianjun, theres no more doubt about victory or defeat anymore.

Zhao Feng smiled confidently. Even though his bloodline power and True Yuan had run out, he seemed to be full of confidence.

Hearing that, everyone once again broke out into chaos.

Could he have another hidden card? But hes run out of bloodline power and True Yuan.

The expression of the Elder in red froze. Even the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord revealed a thoughtful look.

No bloodline power or True Yuan.

According to the rules, special items such as Void God Protections couldnt be used.

Wait, this Zhao Feng hasnt used much of his soul power!

The thoughts of the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord spun.

Normal people would ignore the power of the soul, but the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord was a half-step King who was in the process of evolving his soul.

Right at this moment, onstage:

Eye of Illusion!

The hair of the youth blew in the wind as his left eye emitted a limitless coldness that gave off an extremely attractive power.

Duan Tianjuns heart shook.


In the next instant, his consciousness was distracted again.

Onstage, Zhao Fengs left eye looked toward Duan Tianjun, who was struggling and becoming full of cold sweat.

Two breaths later:


Duan Tianjun fell to the ground, exhausted. His face was filled with limitless humiliation and helplessness.


The entire arena broke out into noise.


Only then did the elder in red sense that Zhao Fengs soul was stronger and more condensed than normal Great Origin Core Realms.

My soul has become much stronger and condensed after absorbing the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, and its even slightly stronger than this Duan Tianjun. If I fully use my Gods Spiritual Eye, not many people at the Great Origin Core Realm cant block it.

Zhao Fengs blue hair and left eye returned to black.

His eye!

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords heart shook. He had only seen such powerful eye-bloodlines in the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

That brat hid himself so deeply.

The elder in red couldnt help but take in a cold breath.

No one would have imagined that Zhao Feng had hidden his most powerful eye-bloodline. If it werent for the fact that the last person was too strong, they might not have even gotten to see Zhao Fengs true strength.

The miraculous winner of the hundred-win challenge Zhao Feng!

The judge returned to reality and announced in a loud voice.

He didnt just beat the hundred-win challenge; he also defeated a previous winner of the hundred-win challenge!

To be able to win the hundred-win challenge in just two days time. This is definitely a record in the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone that wont be broken in a thousand years.

Countless voices sounded in the arena.


The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord stood up and was looking closely at Zhao Feng.