King Of Gods Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Spiritual Palace Gold Token
Chapter 616 - Spiritual Palace Gold Token

Completing the hundred-win challenge within two days would become a record in the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone that would be unable to be broken within a thousand years.

Amongst the countless roars and cheering, countless gazes from experts landed onto Zhao Feng.

This strength and potential. If I was able to draw him to my side

There were many people from big forces and factions here.

Zhao Fengs talent and strength were rare even among two-star and two-and-a-half-star sects.

As for one-star clans, the strength Zhao Feng displayed already surpassed them.

Zhao Fengs strength has already surpassed over 99% of the Sovereigns within the Azure Flower Continent. Only someone at the Patriarchs level could

The skeletal Division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl had a solemn attitude. Facing Zhao Feng, who was getting stronger by the day, its attitude was starting to change.

Right now, it wasnt even thinking about how to go against Zhao Feng anymore. Instead, it was focusing on how to gain Zhao Fengs trust and continue working for him.

Inside the arena, some were happy, others werent.

I didnt think that kid would be able to complete the hundred-win challenge.

Dammit, I bet a dozen thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones on 90 wins.

Those that gambled were full of regret. There werent many that dared to put money on a hundred-wins, and even if they did, they didnt wager very much.

At the beginning stages of the hundred-win challenge, the ratio of return was one to thirty. On the second day, the ratio went down to one to ten, and after seventy wins, it went down to one to five.

Zhao Feng had put a million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones on himself, which was comparable to a hundred million normal Primal Crystal Stones.

According to the one to thirty ratio, Zhao Feng would receive a total of three billion normal Primal Crystal Stones.

Hahahaha, three billion Primal Crystal Stones is enough to buy a normal one-star clan.

Zhao Feng was full of happiness.

Even Li Yunya received some money. Earlier, he followed Zhao Feng and put a couple dozen thousand on him and was overjoyed by the 3000% return.

Zhao Feng, the Palace Lord will personally give you a reward soon.

The elder in red smiled and walked over with respect.

Before the challenge, he tried everything to stop Zhao Feng, but now, Zhao Feng had won everyones respect with his unparalleled battle-power.

On average, theres only one winner every century. What kind of reward will there be?

Zhao Feng couldnt help but become slightly excited.

An hour later, Zhao Feng went to claim his reward in the esteemed guest stands.

The future generation is prosperous.

The person who gave out the reward was the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord, and on his smiling face was praise.

According to the rules, the winner of the hundred-win challenge will receive a mid-tier Earth-Grade weapon, a Spiritual Palace Gold Token, and a billion Primal Crystal Stones.

The elder in red said.

Spiritual Palace Gold Token.

Mid-tier Earth-Grade weapon.

One billion Primal Crystal Stones.

Exclamations came from within the arena.

The Spiritual Palace Gold Token represents an esteemed and noble guest of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, and the holder can stay in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace for free. On top of that, they will receive 40% off in the markets run by the officials within the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone.

Li Yunya couldnt help but take a deep breath. The Spiritual Palace Gold Token had many benefits, including the ability to stay in any Void Ocean Spiritual Palace for free and receiving the welcome of an esteemed guest.

They would even get 40% off in the exchanges owned by the officials.

In front of the crowd, Zhao Feng took the Spiritual Palace Gold Token. On it was a special carving representing the utmost and supreme glory of the hundred-win challenge.

The mid-tier Earth-Grade weapon was also precious. One had to know that Earth-Grade weapons were extremely rare. Even some Sovereigns didnt have a single one.

The mid-tier Earth-Grade weapon has the highest value of the three prizes.

Zhao Fengs eyes flashed.

Even the skeletal Division Leaders Nine Deadly Yin Bone was only close to the mid-tier Earth-Grade.

This is the Earth-Grade weapon the Tyrannical Emperors Hammer.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord gave all the prizes to Zhao Feng at once.

The Spiritual Palace Gold Token, Tyrannical Emperors Hammer, and a billion normal Primal Crystal Stones.

Zhao Feng immediately gave his thanks.

After receiving the rewards, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord gave Zhao Feng a deep glance before disappearing.

He went too fast. Zhao Feng wanted to say something, but it was too late already.

He wanted to speak with the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord in private, but right now, there were too many forces and experts that wanted to meet Zhao Feng.

After spending an entire half-day, Zhao Feng was finally able to walk out of the arena.

Captain, you dont need to be in such a rush. The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord loves geniuses and will most likely summon you in private later.

Li Yunya smiled and said.

After returning to the hotel, Zhao Feng sat down and recovered his Yuan Qi.

Ive just broken through to the Small Origin Core Realm, and, although the quality of my Core Center is high, the quantity isnt enough.

Zhao Feng recalled his fights in the hundred-win challenge and started to think.

The size of his Core Center was ten times smaller than normal Small Origin Core Realms, and there was a faint glow to it. That usually happened when a Core Center was about to turn into a Crystal Core, but Zhao Feng only just reached the Small Origin Core Realm.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng had fully recovered his Yuan Qi.

His recovery was so quick because of his powerful bloodline, which was comparable to a few legendary bloodlines from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

He then started to organize his wealth. He temporarily gave the Spiritual Palace Gold Token and a couple billion Primal Crystal Stones to Loulan Zhishui and the skeletal Division Leader to use.

With enough Primal Crystal Stones, the strength of the hundred cursed ghost-corpses and the sailors would rise quickly, and Zhao Feng placed a lot of importance on the hundred ghost-corpses.

Right now, with the skeletal Division Leaders help, a small number of the cursed ghost-corpses had already reached the half-step Origin Core Realm.

The next day, Zhao Feng entered the esteemed guest rooms of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace by using the Spiritual Palace Gold Token.

Thinking back, Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin, the two from the Sacred Lands, had stayed in such rooms.

Zhao Feng started to wait in the esteemed guest rooms.

Three days later:

Captain, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord summoned Ye Moyu two days ago.

Li Yunya reported.

Hearing that, Zhao Fengs eyebrows furrowed. He didnt understand; he completed the hundred-win challenge and surpassed Ye Moyu in every aspect.

With the Eternally Sealed Palace Lords love for geniuses and sharp eyes, he should have summoned Zhao Feng first, but the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord did nothing else after summoning Ye Moyu.

It shouldnt be like this.

At the beginning, Li Yunya didnt understand either, but after thinking it through, he started to have his own guesses.

Master, it doesnt matter what the reason is. With your status, you have the right to see the Palace Lord regardless.

Li Yunya suggested.

Thats right. I cant wait any longer. Ill go to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord myself.

Zhao Feng knew that he didnt have much time.

Firstly, the Pursuit of Death was still ongoing.

Secondly, once the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord entered seclusion, it was normal for someone at such a level to take a couple months or even half a year.

He couldnt wait any longer.

On that very day, Zhao Feng went to greet the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord in his palace.

Spiritual Palace Gold Token!

The hearts of the guards outside the palace shook and revealed respect.

Quick, quick, quick! Go tell the Palace Lord!

Two of them recognized Zhao Feng as the miracle winner of the recent hundred-win challenge.

A while later, news came of the Eternally Sealed Palace Lords agreement.

All of this was expected. After all, Zhao Fengs battle-power was comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm, his bloodline power was close to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and he had the glory of the hundred-win challenge.

Inside a quiet and calm garden of the palace:

Hehe, I wonder what this Zhao Feng has to say.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord smiled with his hands behind his back. Next to him stood an elegant male Ye Moyu.

Over the last few days, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord had given a couple pointers to Ye Moyu, and Zhao Feng coming made Ye Moyu feel pressured.

Palace Lord, why did you not summon Zhao Feng? He surpasses me in every aspect.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords eyes twinkled as he said in a low tone, If Im correct, this Zhao Feng should have a complicated background; he probably comes from a big family with at least a few Void God Realm Elders.

Hearing that, Ye Moyu understood.

Thats right. If one didnt have a strong force or expert behind them, it was hard for someone to achieve so much at such a young age.

If Zhao Feng has a big force behind him, then it would be hard for the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord to use him.

Ye Moyu understood. No wonder the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord wasnt very welcoming toward Zhao Feng. Simply put, Zhao Fengs potential was actually too high, and this measly Void Ocean Spiritual Palace wasnt enough to contain a dragon like him.

This Zhao Feng has a faint Void God Realm intent on him. Its obviously a protection by an Elder.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord murmured in his heart. Being a half-step Void God Realm, he could faintly sense Zhao Fengs soul aura.

Zhao Fengs figure soon entered the Eternally Sealed Palace Lords sight, and Ye Moyu retreated.

Greetings, Palace Lord.

Zhao Feng was extremely respectful toward the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.

Not arrogant nor in a rush. That state of heart is hard to obtain.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord secretly nodded his head. Zhao Feng could be said to be a perfect genius in every aspect, and he could be compared with those from the Sacred Lands.

After sitting down, Zhao Feng casually talked with the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.

Palace Lord, I need your help. If Palace Lord is willing to help, I will remember it and repay it back several times later in the future.

Zhao Feng soon got to the topic.

Oh? What does a genius that won the hundred-win challenge need help with?

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord smiled and wasnt surprised. Being a Palace Lord of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, he had a lot of power, so there were many people who came to him for help.

Sometimes, even Void God Realm experts would find him.

there is also the Spiritual Zone Teleportation array within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace

Zhao Feng summarized why he came, and the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord understood instantly.

It seemed like this Zhao Feng wanted to go to the True Martial Sacred Lands, and the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array would save him a lot of time.

You should know that the Zone Teleportation Array isnt open to the public, and the place youre asking to go is the True Martial Sacred Lands. The Sacred Lands are closed off from the outside world and cant be easily entered.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lords eyebrows furrowed, and he seemed to be troubled.

Zhao Feng waited uneasily. If he went by ship, it would take him at least five or six years, and he would need to constantly face the Pursuit of Death along the way.

After thinking for a while, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord spoke, Zhao Feng, you arent a member of the Sacred Lands, and you have an unknown background. If I go against the rules and help you, itll be a big risk for me as well.