King Of Gods Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Breaking Past A Hundred Breaths
Chapter 619 - Breaking Past a Hundred Breaths

Zhao Feng kind of understood the Golden Mountain Sects situation through Old Lis explaining.

Most of the elites of the Golden Mountain Sect were in the True Martial Sacred Land, and the other forces nearby had gathered in the True Martial Islands Zone

Zhao Feng, we will be sending some experts and geniuses into the True Martial Sacred Land two months later. Because you have a guest token, you can come with us.

Old Li said.

Thank you, Senior.

Zhao Feng nodded his head, and Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui had envious expressions.

Later that day, Old Li took Zhao Feng and company into the Golden Mountain Sects stronghold.

Their treatment wasnt bad; they were given a large house.

One had to know that there were many two-star sects here, and every inch of land was incredibly valuable.

Even the Golden Mountain Sect had a limited area.

Elder Li, whats that brats history? Is it enough to waste a precious guest token of our sect? Usually only those at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm or unique masters that have been invited to our sect have that right.

A Great Origin Core Realm male said angrily.

In the Golden Mountain Sect, normal Sovereign Lords were only Outer Elders, while true Elders with actual power were like Old Li they had reached the half-step Void God Realm at the least.

That brats talent is considered not bad even in a Sacred Land. We can take him in as our disciple.

Another Elder said, but Old Li shook his head, Its just a ten-day guest token. Furthermore, if that brat can use it well, its value for the Golden Mountain Sect is immeasurable.

Old Li didnt want to talk much about Zhao Fengs background.

How could he not see Zhao Fengs potential and talent? However, true prodigies in the Spiritual Sacred Lands usually came from three-star forces.

In a room within the house, Zhao Feng sat down and cultivated.

Over the past few days, he had been strengthening and consolidating his Core Center.

With his current state of existence, body, and soul, his cultivation was increasing rapidly.

As long as he could raise the quantity of the Core Center, Zhao Feng would have no bottleneck during the Small Origin Core Realm.

Large amounts of resources with the Wind and Lightning elements were quickly expended. Luckily, he was extremely wealthy after earning so much in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

Using that help, Zhao Fengs Core Center was starting to strengthen.

Of course, he didnt give up on exploring the Ancient Dream Realm. Every couple of days, he would enter the Ancient Dream Realm and absorb the aura, mainly into his eye.

He could now last more than ninety breaths in the Ancient Dream Realm, and the amount of aura he could absorb was more than ten times greater than the amount he could at the beginning.

Therefore, Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline power was increasing by leaps and bounds every day.

A month passed. Zhao Fengs soul-strength was now comparable to the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm, and it was more condensed than before.

In the dimension of his left eye, the lake had expanded to sixty yards.

When the lake expands past a hundred yards, the Gods Spiritual Eye will undergo another change.

Zhao Feng felt a sense of summoning from somewhere.

At this moment in time, the effect of the Ancient Dream Realm aura on his soul was greatly diminished. Zhao Feng estimated that, the closer he got to the Void God Realm, the less of an effect the Ancient Dream Realm aura would have until it eventually would have no effect at all.

Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm once more.

As his state of existence and soul both became stronger, Zhao Feng could last longer in the dimension.

Seventy breaths eight breaths ninety breaths.

Zhao Feng was able to easily last up to ninety breaths.

Ninety-five breaths ninety-six breaths ninety-seven breaths.

Finally, when he reached ninety-seven breaths, the pressure Zhao Feng received became so great that he barely managed to take a step before exiting the Ancient Dream Realm.

It was like holding your breath underwater: the longer one lasted, the greater the pressure on your lungs.

Ninety-seven breaths. My goal of a hundred breaths is within sight.

Zhao Feng wasnt injured this time since he didnt go all out. He entered this time mainly because he wanted to consolidate his foundation.

Over the last month, he used a large amount of precious resources, and his Core Center was approaching the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm.

One had to know that Zhao Fengs Core Center wasnt even as big as normal Small Origin Core Realms, but the strength of his True Yuan was close to a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

On the fortieth day after arriving in the True Martial Islands Zone, Zhao Feng was about to enter the Ancient Dream Realm once again and break through the hundred-breaths barrier.

Little Friend Zhao Feng.

Old Lis voice sounded.

This was the first time he had come to find Zhao Feng.

Old Li.

Zhao Feng came out and greeted the white-bearded Old Li.

Zhao Feng hadnt gone into deep seclusion after arriving here because he knew that he would be entering the True Martial Sacred Land soon.

Its like this; theres still twenty days left till the Golden Mountain Sect sends in another group into the Sacred Land, which includes about ten of our geniuses.

Old Li smiled and said.

After saying that, he raised his hand.

Nine geniuses of the Golden Mountain Sect stood behind him. To be able to enter the Sacred Land meant that they had good potential.

The lowest cultivation amongst them is the peak True Lord Rank. Most are at the half-step Origin Core Realm, and theres also two Small Origin Core Realms.

Zhao Feng looked over them.

The talent and potential of these geniuses surpassed the Overwhelming Prodigies from the Azure Flower Continent.

The age of some half-step Origin Core Realms didnt exceed fifty, and the two early-stage Small Origin Core Realms werent older than fifty years.

As long as one didnt exceed the age of fifty, they were usually still considered part of the younger generation. This was because a True Lord Rank could live up to three hundred years, and an Origin Core Realm could live for several hundred years.

Little Friend Zhao, these are all juniors of the sect. You can give them a couple pointers before going to the Sacred Land.

Old Li smiled and said.

You juniors should interact with Little Friend Zhao when you have time.

At the same time, he gave a signal with his eyes toward the geniuses of the Golden Mountain Sect.

Yes, Elder.

The nine geniuses of the Golden Mountain Sect replied at once.

They didnt dare to go against the order of an Elder who had actual power and status. Furthermore, most of them admired and respected Zhao Feng anyway because of how high his cultivation was given his age.

It wasnt hard for Zhao Feng to guess Old Lis intentions; he wanted one or two to form a relationship with Zhao Feng.

Brother Zhao, which expert is your master?

Breaking through to the Origin Core Realm at such a young age only Senior Martial Brother Yin whos entered the Sacred Land can be compared to you.

The nine geniuses were all curious about Zhao Fengs identity.

Amongst them, there was one male and one female who were at the Origin Core Realm.

The male was skinny while the female was pretty and dressed in white.

The two inspected Zhao Feng with twinkling eyes, and although they were surprised at Zhao Fengs cultivation given how young he was, they didnt think much about it. They were at the Origin Core Realm too, so they were at the same level.

Zhao Feng started to interact with these geniuses with interest. After all, all of them came from the peak two-star sect that was the Golden Mountain Sect, and their inheritances and techniques surpassed normal two-star sects.

With Zhao Fengs soul-strength and comprehension, he learned a lot from them.

After that, Zhao Feng was to spar with the nine.

The Golden Mountain Sect had a special martial arts field that could restrict the power of people at the Origin Core Realm from leaking out.

All the seniors of the Golden Mountain Sect watched in secret.

A few half-step Origin Core Realms asked Zhao Feng to spar with them first.

You guys, go test his strength.

The skinny male at the Origin Core Realm said in secret.

It was obvious that those at the half-step Origin Core Realm were not a match for Zhao Feng at all, and they all fell down with just a touch.

The half-step Origin Core Realms didnt even get to touch Zhao Fengs clothes.

What speed!

The skinny male and white-clothed beauty looked at each other, and their expressions changed slightly. Only these two could barely manage to see how Zhao Feng moved.

After defeating the half-step Origin Core Realms, Zhao Feng found that it was getting boring, so he suggested a fight against the skinny male and beauty in white together.

Hearing that, the geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect felt humiliated. The skinny male and beauty in white both let out a breath, but they were angry at the same time.

Facing Zhao Fengs speed, their chances of winning in a one-on-one fight were miniscule.

The result of the fight surprised everyone.

Plop! Plop!

The two Origin Core Realm geniuses were instantly defeated by Zhao Feng.


A blur of purple lightning and wind swept across the two.

Purple Destruction Wind Lightning? Could it be the inheritance of that Wind Lightning Emperor from ten thousand years ago?

The Elders of the Golden Mountain Sect clicked their tongues.

The strength that Zhao Feng displayed was too great. There probably werent many people under the Great Origin Core Realm that were his match.

Those that are related to Duanmu Qing are indeed not simple.

Old Li sighed, and he couldnt help but feel regretful.

The difference between Zhao Feng and the geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect was just too big. That meant that his intentions had failed. The two groups werent even on the same level, so it would be hard for them to form any kind of friendship.

While the geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect felt humiliated, they all respected Zhao Fengs strength.

Even Senior Martial Brother Yin, the strongest genius of our sect, might not be his match.

The beauty in white looked toward Zhao Feng with admiration.

For the next couple of days, because the difference between the two sides was too big, there werent many interactions between Zhao Feng and these geniuses.

The beauty in white tried to go out on a date with Zhao Feng once or twice but always ended in failure. Zhao Feng was focused on cultivation. However, the image of a quiet, elegant, and goddess-like female with a pouting expression would occasionally appear in his mind.

Liu Qinxin wore white in the past as well, and as time passed, the memory of her became clearer.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath as a rare sign of intense emotion appeared in his eyes.

With a thought, he appeared in the Ancient Dream Realm once more.

Ten breaths thirty breaths sixty breaths ninety breaths.

The pressure Zhao Feng felt became greater after ninety breaths.

Ninety-five breaths ninety-seven breaths ninety-nine breaths.

A hundred breaths.

Zhao Feng was like a stone sculpture that had existed for thousands of years ingrained into the ground of this desolate land.